Vision of Heaven and Hell, part four. The spectacle of these sinners’ torture was
unbearable, and several times I closed my eyes. Once, when I could not stand the sight anymore, I turned my head into the darkness, but there, horrible black monsters with fiery eyes and wide open jaws were waiting. Roaring, they flew around us with bewildering
speed. and their hellish shouts sounded like
terrible thunder. The angel sensed that I was at the limit of my endurance and
said to me, “do not be afraid! These are demons and we
are disturbing them. They are irritated by our presence, but dare not come closer.” The angel continued to talk, “you saw, Dushan, how mortals who do not believe in God are tortured. They are not the only ones who are to be tortured
in this way forever. This also will happen to those who renounce
God, who prayed to a false or fictitious God, and to those who cherish and see their
God in their checkbooks, houses, summer homes, cards,
jewels, unruly life or in their bellies. With them will be tortured those who do believe
in God, but are afraid to acknowledge him publicly. To eternal torture will be sentenced those
who do not respect their fathers, mothers or relatives. In addition to these sinners, those who preferred sin to the honest life
will be thrown into this fire, liars, perjurers, swindlers, adulterers, the greedy, those who laughed at others, who were malicious, who were envious, who were evil, and many others like them. If you do not want this to happen to you, repent and confess your sins when you return to earth.” All the resurrected people I saw earlier
were now gathered into three large groups. In the first group, on the right, were people with bright and smiling faces. To their left, in a second group, stood a much larger group of people with sad and dark faces. To the far left, in the third group, were countless people with very dark and evil
faces. After I saw these people, the Angel explained, “those on the right with bright and happy faces are righteous
people. A divine reward awaits them because they earned with their honest earthly
lives. Those in the middle group, with darker faces, are naive sinners, those with small sins. One should pray to the Lord for them, and in their names do good deeds so that their sins will be forgiven. Such prayers and good deeds are most beloved
by God. These on the far left are grave sinners. They are disfigured according to their sins and they will be thrown into the eternal flame.” The grave sinners looked horrible. Their bodies were swollen and wound covered; filthy pus dripped from their wounds while broods of snakes and worms ate their
decomposing bodies. Their swollen tongues hung from their mouths, unable to be pulled it back inside. Each sinner held something to denote his earthly profession. Bakers held breads, butchers held cleavers, criminals held bloody knives and revolvers. Millers and merchants held scales and other measuring tools which showed how they had cheated. One could see that some short weighted goods and became rich that way. There were physicians who asked for bribes before treating patients and left to die in pain those who could
not afford to pay. I saw sorcerers and fortune tellers as they prepared their magic, extinguished coal, read coffee cups, palms or cards with the intent of breaking up marriages, separating loved ones or joining those who did not love each other. They acted for money, so in addition to their magic paraphernalia
were piles of money. Punishment fell upon those who asked for money
in return for employment or blackmailed some women or girls into living promiscuously with them in return
for a job or better position. I saw rakes, promiscuous women, and women who killed their own children so they might live promiscuously with other
men. Here, too were cases of grave incest where fathers
led promiscuous lives with daughters, mothers with sons and brothers with sisters. The promiscuous, like other sinners, were disfigured
with large swellings and open wounds. Their enlarged sex organs reached to the
ground and upon them, in the pus, crawled snakes and worms. These were most horrible scenes! I was particularly surprised to see members
of the religious in this group. Bishops, priests, deacons, monks, and nuns looked much like criminals, the greedy, the
promiscuous, the cheaters, perjurers and other sinners. As he read my thoughts the angel said, “do not be surprised, Dushan, that they are in the group of gravest sinners. They voluntarily took an oath before the cross and the Bible to faithfully serve our Lord and to
follow Christ’s path. They pledged to preach and by their good example, to lead people on the Lord’s path and into churches for their salvation. However they did just the opposite; They preached one thing and did another. They shortened sermons, liturgies, baptisms,
wedding ceremonies, funeral services, requiems, blessings of
water, cutting of the Slava cake and other religious services. They became greedy. They took more money from the poor and from
believers than from the rich and the influential people
in society. They liked adultery, cursing, drinking,
eating, gambling, summer homes and cars. They were hypocrites and envious. They disparaged one another to elevate themselves. Their actions turned away many good people
who came to pray and who wanted to come to pray, but who, disgusted by what they saw, left their religion and with it their Krsna Slava and other religious customs. Remember, Dushan, to divert someone from religion is equal to murder. If these clergymen had served as good examples, the people would have come to God and they would have been saved. Consequently, these clergymen are charged with the many sins of these people who left the faith in addition to their own
sins. They must atone for both. Those, however, who show the right way to a sinner so that he repents and becomes a true Christian will be pardoned and many of their old sins will be forgiven. These sinful clergymen ruined many souls, so God puts them together with the greatest
criminals, blasphemers, adulterers, the greedy and other bloodsuckers. You saw, Dushan, how the righteous and the sinners look, and exactly as you have seen them they will
appear before our Lord Jesus Christ at the last judgment, where they will be judged according to their
deeds. The righteous people were also labeled according
to their professions Bakers, butchers and merchants held their scales, but their measurements were to the advantage
of buyers. They gave to charity, they pitied the unlucky, miserable and hungry; they provided them with food and drink. They housed travelers for overnight stays, were
religious, and obeyed all of God’s commandments. Their sins were forgiven by remorse, by fasting, by prayers by taking Communion, by giving alms and by doing other good deeds. They forgave others, and God forgave them. Among both the sinners and the righteous, I recognized
my relatives and friends, But my angel warned me, “Dushan, you are forbidden to tell by name how your relatives and friends look. You may describe only in general terms how the righteous and the isinners look.” After these words of my angel, the archangels sounded their trumpets and the spectacle disappeared. My angel then explained that on the day
of last judgment, all living will join the resurrected and will be transformed to look like the resurrected with their deeds written on their foreheads. Then the archangels with their trumpets disappeared, and only my angel and I remained in the cloud. Alone, the angel continued, “Dushan, you are an honest man, you have a compassionate and kind heart, which keeps you from doing evil things to
others. You hate liars, thieves and hypocrites. You do not make fun of anyone. You could not be bought with all the money in the world. You believed in God only superficially and you did that only as you remembered it from
your childhood. You do not follow the theory that man descended
from monkey, but you have avoided persuasions, because you did not know anything about God. You have many bad habits and many sins. You like adultery. You would like to have every woman who was
not your relative. You were pretty successful in that through your singing and by reading coffee cups. You lied only when you cheated on women, particularly your wife, to whom you even swore to convince her of
your fidelity. You saw what happens to the promiscuous, how they decompose alive and are subjected to torture. You saw what happened to fortune tellers. Therefore do not read coffee cups anymore. Respect every young woman as your sister and every older woman as your mother, every young man as your brother and every older man as your father. You must stop all cursing. Pray and ask God to forgive your sins. Love people, hate only their bad deeds. Forgive others if you want your sins to be forgiven. Your righteousness and kindness outweighed all of your sins. You must take Confession and Communion in one of the Orthodox churches of christ. After you confess and take Communion, the body and the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, God will forgive your sins. Starting today, sin no more. and cross yourself in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” At that moment, the angel crossed himself as an example to me. “In your prayers call upon all Saints and your Krsna Slava, the Apostles, Prophets, Angels, Archangels, Cherubs, and the Seraphs,” he said, and above all, and in the first place, the most holy, the most innocent, and the most blessed mother of Jesus, Maria, since her glory, honor and sublimeness are greater than that of all the angels in
heaven. She is the quick helper to all who call upon her with veneration for help. Also, remember this, Dushan: every sinner who is sincerely remorseful, who prays to God for forgiveness and the calls upon all of us in heaven will be joined by all of us in that moment. We will pray together with him to God our
Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit that his sins be forgiven. In heaven, then, will reign great joy. From now on you must celebrate Saint Paraskeva, your Krsna
Slava, whom your father also celebrates. She prays for all who celebrate and respect
her. Dushan, I repeat what the great apostle Peter told you earlier, use the rest of your life for your salvation. You can save yourself only if you fast, pray, take Communion and if you do good deeds. You must obey God’s commandments as laws by which you must live until your death. For three months, you are not to tell anyone what has happened
to you today; after that you may tell your family and some
of your friends. Remember, this also, when you pray to God be calm and talk humbly; when you fast, do not be sad and depressed but be cheerful and smile. No one needs to know your obligations. Continue to be sociable. Be joyful, be moderate, and control yourself
by your willpower. With those who cry, cry, and try to comfort
them. Obey laws and fulfill your duties to your
country. Pray to God and put Him above everything else. If you need spiritual advice or spiritual
help ask the Church of Christ. After we part, you must immediately go to
the monastery, Zica. In the church you will see the place where
icons, candles, books and other things are sold. There, on the shelf by the door, are the books. Buy the first, second, third and fourth book
in that order, and when you return from the health spas, take
the one in your collected works of Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic. That book is the Bible’s New Testament which you tried to read but gave up too quickly
because you did not understand the importance of the opening genealogy. In the future you must read that book regularly.” After these words, Saint Archangel blessed me
with the side of the cross and disappeared

100 Replies to “VISION OF HEAVEN AND HELL part 4”

  1. @Chrysalis990 What do you call someone who puts that rapist and child abuser in jail and takes away his liberties and punishes him? You call that man a JUST JUDGE! You have no right to defame Dushan Yovanovich who is now in heaven enjoying his eternal reward!

  2. This is a very profound story which I believe is inspired by God, but in no way is not the personal contribution of Dushan, he could not have known where the West in heaven was, or he could not have heard that the Orthodox Church is the Right one, as they do not believe in the immaculate conception they deny Jesus as God , therefore the Holy Trinity. But They are also welcomed in heaven and they are also trying for salvation, though Disciples are, Apostles and Saints they will never be.

  3. Ahh ic this is orthodox theology. Works=salvation. Well a lthough i cant agree with that, i do accept that it is wise for all of use to examine ourselves before God and make sure of our eternal state, and spiritual wellbeing.
    All Christians believe in repentance of sin.

  4. @thirdeaglebooks – In one of yr Videos u described how some atheists go to heaven – but this video clearly shows that atheists go to hell. Can u pls explain ???

  5. For all you poor people who are subjected to this terrorism,listen up. Brimstone (Thion) means to purify, ward off desease and cleanse. Torment (Basanizo) means to try metals by the touchstone. This is spiritual terrorism. The Lake of fire is the brightness of his coming and in his presense you are healed. It is good news. Flee Babylon

  6. Orthodox Church and Catholic Church both have same valid Theology. What sets them apart are "administrative ways of doing things". But Sacraments are equally valid before God. Very soon this Schism will disappear, and will be together, as One, as it was before.

  7. @MrMilitantviper Anyone who refuses to take the mark of the beast and is subsequently beheaded will go to heaven. Google: "baptism of blood".

  8. @jofo817 You need to read about the Angels in the book of Revelation pouring out God's seven bowls of wrath upon the earth. Read especially Revelation 14:10.

  9. @Gemeni3insane– Say the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be. And also, the Act of Contrition, specifically, for the forgiveness of sins. But don't forget to go the Sacrament of Penance. It is the only ordinary way to have sins forgiven after baptism.

  10. @Nekanie You're contradicting Luke 10:25-27. ""Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?"…"And he answered, (the greatest and chief law) "YOU SHALL LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL, AND WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH, AND WITH ALL YOUR MIND; AND YOUR (Secondary and a byproduct of doing the first) NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF."

  11. And above all , pray to mary , you are crucifying are Lord Jesus once again . The only way to the Father is through the Son . Above all and most important is our Lord JESUS CHRIST . This false vision is going to mislead many souls .

  12. There is no entity in the sky saying: "This man or woman goes to heaven for having done wrong, those other people go to heaven because they practiced good deeds." Souls are like balloons. If the balloons have ballast unable to climb into the air. The same goes for a soul whose psyche is troubled by the sins he committed and cannot forgive herself. The tortured souls so disturbed and disfigure themselves and turn into monsters of the lower astral planes.

  13. Its evil to think that there is torture after this life for any human being. Think before you accept any book or story. There is no judge here on earth worthy of the power to condemn. Once you die you enter the next level of learning, not heaven or hell. There is a million other galaxies in this one universe… STOP BEING SELFISH EARTHLINGS!!! BTW – what did your Bible tell you about Mars? Saturn? Jupiter? Nothing? Its probably bc God didn't need a book during creation. Why need it now?

  14. @Sirlance5577 I'll give you an example of the brainwashing some of us have been under. This is the same brainwashing that was created during the Roman Empire and exists today. Some of you people think there are wandering spirits here on Earth… ITs crazy!! People believe more in ghosts and dead spirits than they belive in the tooth fairy… But, really, if you THINK ABOUT IT… All the former slaves would be whooping White folk's asses. When you die – you leave Earth Plain and Simple. Be Good.

  15. @AnnoyingTypoSyndrome Yes, I agree with you about the old testament. I was repulsed by it as a child and to this day I am repulsed by it. Not only death threats, and other threats, but actually murdering so many people, innocent people and children and doing other disgusting, horrible things. Perversions, incest, eating feces, eating cake made with feces, Isaiah walking around naked for three years, all kinds of sick tales. It is not the word of God but a corrupted, satanic way to trick people.

  16. @ljhanna777 Personally, I have found Jesus in the Eucharist, because, as far as I know, only the Catholic Church teaches that Jesus is really present, body, blood, soul, and divinity in the holy Eucharist. Some people tell me that the Lutherans, Episcopalians, and Orthodox also profess that Jesus is present in the Eucharist. You can research that for your self on the Internet.

  17. @hippotizer "The Bible makes it clear that no works and no saints will save you"? This is a total lie. Where does the Bible say that? In fact, Jesus says just the opposite: read Matthew 25, verses 31 through 46. In this passage Jesus describes judgment day. He says that we will be judged SOLELY on the basis of good works. And, who are you accusing of putting " Saints, Angels, Cherubs, Seraphs and Mary above Jesus". Certainly nobody in this video. Certainly not Dushan. Certainly not the Angel.

  18. @greatsmither If you've been baptized since then it only matters that you are now baptized. Generally people are baptized as soon as possible so they do so before their untimely death. You can't baptize a corpse. You are "currently" baptized aren't you?

  19. ok, don't kick me out. I thought you might be proud of me doing some home work and turning in some of my findings. The planchet keeps moving around in the same place over and over and i don't know what it means. I thought you might be able to shed some light on whatever this thing is trying to comunicate to me. 333 is a good number the board just keeps adding one more 3 so it should be good. Nothing evil can come through mine because it is blessed. But ill do what you say. I got rid of my tv

  20. Im afraid im in a tail spin with you and that your going to kick me out no matter what. so maybe ill put it away but i was told to never burn it. Plus if you kick me out and i burn it i have nothing. And all in infomation it knows, wow, it even spelt my aunt middle name correctly. And I never heard of anybody on the news being hurt by one. Whatever the case, please let me continue to attend class and contribute. Thanks TEAch

  21. @tmrobins Anyone who would bless a Ouija board is of Satan and the devil. You must burn your Ouija board. Ouija boards are doorways to the satanic. They will bring demons into your life. This is the last time I will let you refer to that evil contraption on my videos. If you have not burned that doorway to evil by your next post, you will be blocked. Getting rid of your TV was a good idea. Burning Satan is even better.

  22. @tmrobins Of course, Satan told you not to burn his Ouija board. When you burn Satan's Ouija board, take a photograph of the fire. Sometimes God will allow the demon to manifest itself in the fire and you may get a picture of Satan.

  23. Ok, i thought and prayed on this and i know where there are some fire pits. I will go there tonight and do what you said. I will take photo and send to you as proof. I will try to be a better student in the future and get back on track because maybe ive been off for the last couple of month. God bless you Third Eagle

  24. @jessdoublediz I don't know what your denomination teaches, but Jesus himself taught that we will be judged solely on the basis of our good works. Please read Matthew 25:31–46.

  25. @august629 The Bible never gives physical locations for the spiritual realm, although heaven is always referred to as “up” and hell is always referred to as “down”.

  26. @jessdoublediz Then explain us, why the pastors are teaching the gospel? Teaching the gospel is a work, nothing else. The entire bible is a work, without it NOBODY will know about Jesus, we know about Jesus because of the work of the apostles. Fruits in the bible are the SAME as woks, and the entire bible teaches about them. If someone is telling that works don't save he does not know ANYTHING about the bible

  27. Everything is about Jesus. You must worship Him and Him alone as your Lord and Savior. The scriptures are clear about this. Nobody can come to the father but by thru Him. We are not saved by works but by the blood of Jesus. By His grace. Remember that He already paid the price for our sins. You must believe that what He did was enough. Just accept it. When you really ask the Holy spirit to come in to you and change you and He will. You will start becoming more like Christ. Seek him always.—

  28. and trust him with ALL your heart, soul and mind. Live for Him and not for you. Like I said it is ALL about Jesus. God demands that we worship his son for what he did for us and will accept nothing less. He does not take sides or grade on a curve. Everyone will be judged the same. Do not worship anyone or anything else but Jesus. Ask for forgiveness and confess your sins evryday. Forgive everyone that harms you and hold no grudges. Jesus is faithfull to His word. He is coming SOON. God Bless!!!

  29. @timtglf Explain us why are you teaching the gospel?, according to you it is NOT necessary. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit, furit hre is the same AS WORKS. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.

  30. @timtglf: "I glorified You on the earth, having accomplished the work which You have given Me to do". The word of the Lord. Even Jesus is teachind aboud works

  31. @riccuellar Not going to debate or argue with you on the gospel. Jesus will judge, not you or I. I do believe I said everything correctly as someone earlier posted questions as to how to get saved… We are saved by Grace not by good deeds, but when we commit our lives fully to God, we WANT to please him and do his will. As such, our good deeds are a gratefull response to what God has done, not a prerequisite to earning his grace.

  32. People don't let anyone tell you that you are saved by your works. That is a lie of satan! That is what muslims believe, that their good deeds will out weigh their bad deeds. Jesus paid the price. That is what the cross is all about!! That is why he was beaten, spit on, whipped, nailed and pierced on the cross. For our sins. There are not enough good deeds or works we could do to justify that! That is why all our works are as of filthy rags.When you love Him and have the spirit you want to…

  33. @timtglf I sure hope you don't mind if Jesus tells you that you will be saved by your works. Read Matthew 25:31–46. Jesus describes the last judgment and he makes it clear that we will all be judged SOLELY on the basis of our works. If you don't want to take Jesus' word on it, read Revelation 20:12 and Revelation 20:13. Again, St. John makes it clear we will be judged solely on the basis of our works.

  34. @timtglf Explain this: "faith without works is death" this is written in the BIble. Also "But someone may well say, "You have faith and I have works; show me your faith without the works, and I will show you my faith by my works." Th entire bible is teaching us about works, Abel found grace from God because of HIS WORKS not the opposite as you claim. In the day of judgement if we don't have works (fruits) we will be thrown in to the fire

  35. @timtglf Are you sure that this what muslims believe? have you red the Quran? Muslims don't believe that Jesus is the son of God, neither that he was crucifed, among many other blasphemies

  36. To Riccueler and third eagle; Please read all of Romans again as it is an awesome book of teaching about works, deeds, faith and God's grace. Not even Abraham was saved by his works but by his faith in God that was credited him as rightesness. Romans 10, That if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Any and all good works comes from the Holy spirit and not us anyway. So that we not boast. I'm done. pray for us!!

  37. @timtglf You have faith and I have works; show me your faith without the works, and I will show you my faith by my works. Expain it. And this "Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire". Stop misguiding people, you have no clue avbout the word of the Lord, not about muslim neither and you write you know, stop it!!

  38. @thirdeaglebooks True, but our own works are as of filthy rags. every true gift is of the spirit. Why are you guys arguing with me when everything I have said comes straight from the gospel? The other guy tells me I don't know anything about the bible or muslims either?? I said that muslims believe that it is all about good works. They have to have more good works then bad works to enter heaven. This is true, and I bet you know that. I said nothing about they don't believe in Jesus as the son-

  39. of God because I thought that was obvious! We will be judged according to our "works" but we are not "saved" by our works. We are saved by the blood of the Lamb of God. Now Mr Tapely, If you re-read everything I said you have to know that I said nothing wrong….

  40. Check out some of your local parishes. Once you find one like tell the priest after mass that you need to be baptized. They do adult baptisms around Easter, you may still have time for this year. If you're already part of some parish tell your pastor need baptized. It his responsibility to tend to his flock so he will be happy to help you.

  41. @elmensagero1 What Bible do you read? Is it the satanic bible? The satanic bible says you can do what ever you like. But, if you are interested in finding out what our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ says, read the parable of Lazarus and the rich man in Luke 16:19-31. Jesus says that the rich man is suffering torture in hell (Luke 16:23) and he wants Lazarus to put one drop of water on his tongue. You need to get hold of a Christian Bible.

  42. Does Jesus Christ ever come in to play in this story? He is the way the trueth and the life. Noone comes to the father but through him. We CAN NOT save ourselves. Our ritgeousness is as filthy rags. We are not saved by works. We are saved by Gods Grace.

  43. @thirdeaglebooks, any works we do Jesus is going to judge them to see if they are worthy of a reward. He took all our bad works to the cross.the lost will be judged for their sins. If you can posibly save yourself then you don't need Jesus. Physician heal thyself!

  44. @jhartist123 Did you read Matthew 25:31–46? You have a pretty philosophy, but it is not in the Bible. Jesus said we will be judged solely on the basis of our works. I'll take His words over your philosophy any day!

  45. @elmensagero1 All of Jesus's parables were actually events because if in one sense it was true but in another false than it would be a partial truth. Since their is "nothing false" in Our Lord that is impossible, so from all angles it can be seen as truth. For example the story of prodigal son would been actually about a rich man and his two sons. But it also fits people on a smaller level like when people fall away from the church. But it can also fit fallen away churches that rejoin the body.

  46. @elmensagero1 Mhfm did a really, really video of the topic of Hell. Here check it out.
    The reason Lazarus begs for even a single drop of water is because it would at the very least some relief. But its all in vain, never in all of eternity is a damned souls suffering reduced. Never does their torment become more tolerable because endurance is an earthly mercy from God. You wont see Gods mercy in Hell, ever.

  47. OK… I stopped believing this when the narrator said to Dushan to make the sign of the cross! What a load of crappy lies.

  48. Study Jakob Lorber, Mayerhofer, Swedenborg, I would say. Those were prophets of the Lord! And be aware of visions. The devil can also appear as an angel of light and deceive. He can show or tell much truth only to mingle in a few detrimental lies that keep you from finding the LORD.

  49. I don't understand why Jesus followers argue amongst one another. What is the greatest commandment in the bible? stop arguing of who knows this and that from the bible. If you love Jesus with all your heart, then Rejoice with one another, be happy and glad that you have been saved by Jesus and have him in your hearts. Share the glory of Jesus name to others. Stop the fighting.. There is only one Jesus Christ "The Way The Truth and the Life" Our Lord, GOD, and Savior..

  50. @wickidjuggalotus85 Mary is spelled "Maria" in some languages. God does not have a wife but Jesus, the Second Person of the Divine Trinity, had an earthly mother.

  51. This is either a false vision or a deceiving vision from Satan. We are never to call upon anybody but Jesus/God in our prayer or anything at all. But I actually liked the hell part.

  52. @thirdeaglebooks I am not the type of person who profes verse after verse. The Bible is a spiritual book and must be read in spirit. Its not an acedemic book you can go around pointing pages and chapters. As long as you continue to look upon the bible as an acedemic book you will never enter the spiritual realm and gain understanding. Read the scriptures yourself and stopp asking people to prove their point. find out for yourselves, everything is writen in the scriptures.

  53. @Juliet900 I have read theScriptures. That's why I know that nowhere in the Bible does it say "we are never to call upon anybody but Jesus/God in our prayer". That may be your own personal rule but it is not Biblical.

  54. @kenlee514 God Himself said the very first "Hail Mary" through His angel, Gabriel (Luke 1:28): "Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou among women". The next part of the Hail Mary prayer is also Biblical: " and blessed is the fruit of thy womb" (Luke 1:42). Why did God "pray" to Mary? Because prayer is not always worship; it can also be praise or petition. God praised Mary and asked her to be the mother of His Son. Mary said "yes" to God's petition/prayer!

  55. just remember mate mary stood at the foot of the cross with jesus and to call praying to the mother of christ is just stupid , mary is the immaculate conception and respect is due

  56. The word "Woman" is Mary's title. When Jesus calls her by this title he is actually honoring her office. It's like at a Presidential news conference, the reporters always address the office holder as "Mr President" rather than "Mr Obama", because it shows MORE respect, not less respect. The same with Jesus and Mary. Mary, the "Woman", is found in Genesis 3:15, the first book in the Bible, and in Revelation 12:1, the last book in the Bible. She is the "Woman" who will crush the head of Satan!

  57. jesus christ is without sin isnt he so he just didnt want anyone any woman mary from the very get go of creation was the woman who fled to ther desert in the bible who bore the saviour FACT,MARY IS THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION WHO WAS NOT AND IS NOT AN IDOL PAL how can the mother of JESUS CHRIST be an idol we catholics HONOUR RESPECT MARY FOR BEING SO , THE CATHOLIC C

  58. oh my jesus forgive us our sins save us from the fires of hell lead all souls to heaven
    especially those in most need of thy mercy
    blessed are the holy wounds of our lord jesus christ for they have healed the pains due to to our sins
    and blessed is his precious blood which washes away our iniquities
    this one of the fatima prayers

  59. angels dont lie mate , mary never lies , mary was and is the immaculate conception and was in gods plan from the very very get go and to just label as just another woman is naive , not the way the rosary will crush the head of the devil and it will wait and see the devil hates the rosary he fears it the rosary is not about mary its all about the life of jesus read the mystrys

  60. Pope John Paul ll was a Saint. The Catholic Church is the One True Faith and we Catholics do not worship idols. Satan fools a lot of people; pray that you won't be deceived by his lies.

  61. many christians say that they went to heaven and JESUS told them to warn the catholics to stop bowing down to idols, and to stop worshipping mary. you catholics are wrong the bible never said that we should worship mary, only JESUS was crucified not mary.

  62. The Bible says that "all generations will call Mary blessed" (Luke 1:48). Catholics fulfill this Bible prophecy better than any other denomination. Catholics do not worship Mary. That is a lie from the pit of hell. We pray the "Hail Mary". God Himself said the first "Hail Mary" through His messenger, Gabriel (Luke 1:28). Read your Bible.

  63. every christians know that JESUS already exist before the world was created. mary never exist before the world was created. how can mary who is mortal and does not have supernatural powers, perform miracles, predict the future, etc like JESUS. how can you worship her and pray to her? mark3:31. mary does not do anything. some christians say that they saw mary in heaven and that she is like every other women in heaven and that she is not happy that people worship her on earth

  64. You seem like an honest person, so tell me, do you know ANYONE who says Mary existed before the world was created? However, please don't try to tell the thousands of cripples who left their crutches at Lourdes that praying to Mary does not cause miracles. And, whoever says that Mary is like every other woman is lying. The Bible says that Mary is "Blessed among women". No other woman in all of Scripture is so honored. Be very careful: when you try to degrade Jesus' mother, you do Satan's work!

  65. the saddest thing about this, is the fact that I just lost a relationship with someone who does everything said in 6:26 it actually made me feel really sad inside. @thirdeaglebooks thank you so much for uploading this and please, if you found anymore stories that relate to this, please upload them as well.

  66. 11:24 – Here it says. "You must take Communion and Confession in one of the Orthodox Churches of Christ." So is it okay for Catholics to receive Communion and take Confession in the Orthodox churches? Also, the Angel doesn't mention anything about doing the Rosary or wearing the Scapular.

  67. Catholics should receive at a Catholic Mass. The Orthodox Bishop, in this instance, was advising another Orthodox.

  68. So Mr. Tapley, let me get this correct, Orthodox Christians don't need to do the Rosary or wear a Scapular/Miraculous Medal?

  69. After the Antichrist comes to power the only division will be between those who take the mark of the beast and those who refuse. Those who refuse will come to understand that their only weapons against the Antichrist are Mary's Rosary and Scapular.

  70. So what about the Miraculous Medal? Is it not considered a weapon as well? If not, what is the purpose of it?

  71. Just imagine if the government of the USA were to act according to this scripture they would make laws that would feed the hungry, house the homeless , aid the sick but not waste money on war. Since a government is a reflection of its people and if America were a Christian nation that is the kind o laws we would prefer. So which party woulld be the goats and which the sheep..

  72. Yes, but not impossible. Good works are the result of faith. Jesus said: "if you love me keep my commandments".

  73. We have all sinned. But how wonderful it is to ask for forgiveness, and how wonderful it is to forgive. Forgiving is a sign of being humble before the Lord. Satan will try to convince a person not to forgive. We must forgive. Blessed John Paul, went to the man who shot him, and forgave him. Pray the Rosary daily, you will be forgiven your venial sins.

  74. The only writings I am concerned about here are the claims that our works is what saves us. It literally states (8:20) "their sins were forgiven them by remorse, fasting, prayers, giving alms ($) and by doing good deeds!" Jesus is the only way to heaven and salvation. Also there is one mediator between God and man and that is Christ Jesus, so praying to the Saints who have passed on already does not seem in line with biblical teaching either.

  75. Jesus makes clear that we will be judged SOLELY on the basis of our works. Read Matthew 25:31-46 and Revelation 20:12-13. As far as the saints praying for us read Revelation 8:4.

  76. God Himself said the very first "Hail Mary" through His archangel, Gabriel (Lk 1:28): "Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou among women". The next part of the Hail Mary prayer is also Biblical: "and blessed is the fruit of thy womb" (Lk 1:42). You need to understand that prayer is not always worship; it can also be praise or petition. God praised Mary and asked her to be the mother of His Son. Mary said "yes" to God's prayer! Try to get over your anti Catholic bigotry.

  77. Have you read the writings of Maria valtorta? It's in YouTube , please check it out and tell me what you think. Thank you Mr. Tapley

  78. Read this today…"When we die and it comes time for God to judge us, He will not ask; "How many good things have you done in your life?" Rather, He will ask; "How much LOVE did you put into what you did?" (Saint Teresa of Calcutta).

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