At Christmas, welcoming Jesus into your
family or in your heart you receive the peace and blessing of Jesus. At the heart of this year you have received a lot of graces, even if you are not preview. So start living these graces
and explain to others what you have received, do not be afraid of the Holy Spirit
will help you, always be happy and full hope. December 25, Mary brings us Jesus
… it’s time to open your heart … to open your heart, you have to sing happily … Do not forget to give time to the Creator
… the things of the earth give you little joys while Creator brings you:
“eternal life”. you dream of changing your life, you dream
to give meaning to your life. Marie in Medjugorje, offers you this change … attention it is marie who says it it’s not an idiom … be ready to change your life completely … hang on you Marie will do the cleaning in your
life. Start with old messages, randomly why not … take all at the first degree, which means that if Mary asks you to pray to the Creator, you pray to the Creator, if Mary asks you to pray to her intentions you pray to her intentions … to start praying for all intentions, take the prayer intentions in the commentary of 3, sister emmanuel … if you are a foreigner, pray to all good intentions, for example for the sick, the orphans, the poor, the disabled, old people, children rape, for priests too … Mary also tells us that these messages are also made for people in the future who will want to convert … Mary tells us that she is with us, this
which means that no matter the fighting that you will lead, you will have the victory, the
victory of God, because Mary is with you … Mary in Medjugorje has given you many gifts and graces because you have the impression to go to the Blessed Virgin while
she is the one who picks you up and she makes you gifts, which you do not see
… do not waste those graces, enjoy to change your life completely, he
is not too late to choose God. God will see your efforts and he will bless you
and will make you a hundredfold … choose holiness, ordinary holiness … this
holiness it’s just placing God in the center of your life … The time of the apparitions of medjugorje is
a time of waiting and thanksgiving is a time to receive graces and to
to receive them it is necessary to apply the messages of Mary, applying the messages and throughout your spiritual evolution, Mary will give you the graces you need … Mary was sent to us by God, for
that she lead us to him. If you are far from him, you will not receive
not the joy and the graces that God wants you give … And above all do not forget to follow the 10 commandments Sun dancing in Medjugorje … Many pilgrims go to Medjugorje and some have the grace observe and even film mysterious phenomena Some are kind enough to share them on YouTube So that people who can not go to Medjugorje can enjoy it this video was taken in September 2017 … 25 miraculous photos of Medjugorje … There are many pilgrims and they come from all over Europe to Medjugorje Maybe even from all over the world … The phones, cameras, camcorder are democratized … So we have a lot of pictures and videos … Sometimes the Blessed Virgin gives us the grace of a miraculous picture And here I am able to regroup some … Look rather … Back pain … On the video, we can see the clairvoyant … she has very bad back … Indeed it has been several times that she has had back surgery, and despite that she suffers from the back … Before the apparition, there are people who help him to stay on his knees … During the apparition the pain disappears totally and when the end of the apparitions comes, the pain comes back … You can see it on the video … Photos of pilgrims caught in Medjugorje … We can see the Blessed Virgin Mary carrying the baby Jesus in her arms In this other picture we see the silhouette of Mary, in the sky … We see the bright cross of Jesus in the sky … And you can discover other photos of the same type … look rather … Sign in the Sky 2017 … In Medjugorje, every second of the month, a seer has an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary. and she leaves a message for anyone who wants to follow her and help all those who have not known the love of God … On June 2, 2017, the day of the apparition, the pilgrims present in the village of the Queen of Peace We could film for our greatest pleasure the dance of the sun … Mary indicates that these phenomena are precursory signs, before the big sign visible and permanent, which she promised to show at the end of the apparitions … The servant of God: Audrey Santo …. Audrey Santo born December 19, 1983 and died April 14, 2007 also called the “little Audrey” by the visitors who came to visit him … She almost drowned on August 9, 1987, at the age of 3, in the swimming pool of her grandmother. She was taken immediately to the hospital, where the doctors gave her too much drugs, which plunged her into a deep coma, which she emerged after 3 weeks, in a catastrophic state … Indeed Audrey was reduced to the vegetative state she was able to move only the eyes and a little bit the fingers … Some time later his mother, Linda, took the heavily handicapped body of his daughter on pilgrimage to medjugorje Where, she was present during an appearance of Mary “Queen of Peace and Reconciliation” Audrey seemed conscious during the apparition and nodded as if to say “yes” Linda, her mother realized that Audrey was communicating with the Blessed Virgin and that she had agreed to become a “soul victim”. Audrey was not cured of her physical illness in Medjugorje, but she received a infinitely greater grace … that of obtaining the healing of those who confide in it. Eucharistic miracles, Audrey’s stigmata, perfumes of roses and facts supernatural beings have surrounded his person since the years 1989. Did not she know that the local church did an investigation on this subject, excluding that it was … a deception. His case reminds the world of the inestimable value of human life whatever state the person is in in our society that advocates the culture of death, through abortion euthanasia … and killing human embryos … Audrey Santo and her family, on the contrary, chose life Medjugorje, April 25, 2009 .. the inhabitants of the region are accustomed to mysterious phenomena … Indeed, in Medjugorje, there are many signs of heaven that pilgrims can see … Here we can see the sun dance … Pictures of Medjugorje In Medjugorje, high place of Marian apparition in Bosnia … Where pilgrims from all over the world come to pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary … Pilgrims make many pictures and some are miraculous … … here are a few dozen … Miracle Medjugorje … Among all the miracles of Medjugorje, there is the statue of a seer who is shining at night, in his house on Monday 23 September 2013 Indeed, at 21H20, the statue, 40 years old who is in the house of Vicka, a clairvoyant began to shine, in the darkness. The statue is like phosphorescent, this statue is the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes We know she arrived at Vicka, coming from Italy in 1983, 30 years ago … It seems that the more we pray more it lights up … Thousands of people have marched in the house since the news circulated … Another phenomenon in Medjugorje, the tabernacle shines during a Mass in Medjugorje … May 28, 2015 … Look at the pictures it’s impressive .. Dance of the sun, in 2015, in Medjugorje … In the sky of Medjugorje …. … in Bosnia … a mysterious solar phenomenon was filmed by pilgrims … … the sun is blinking … the inhabitants of the region are used to these phenomena …. that of the sun is called: “Dance of the sun” I think the blue color is from the camera that was used to film … can be a cell phone … look at the images … The photos of Medjugorje … Here are some photos taken by pilgrims in Medjugorje … they are really amazing … look rather … Miracle of God … In a group on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje, 9 people witnessed this phenomenon … On March 2, 2010, at 4 pm, a black disk appeared on the sun in Medjugorje … observe the phenomenon … Photos of Medjugorje taken by pilgrims we can see the silhouette of Mary in the sky …. we can still see the silhouette of Mary in the sky … Look at these pictures, it’s pictures taken by pilgrims in medjugorje In the sky of Medjugorje … In the sky of Medjugorje … An American couple coming from a city near New York filmed this remarkable sequence in Medjugorje … On June 25, 2006, at the 25th anniversary of Marian apparitions in Medjugorje … a couple was able to film this video … I recall here that the images that I propose, are images taken on the canvas … like any information taken on the internet, you have to keep in doubt … you have the freedom to believe or not to believe … it’s obvious that for any video, I can not call, to check information … I can not see myself calling in India, I do not know who, in a language that I do not know do not know, to check an information, I’m not a journalist If you are interested in a subject or a video, you have the freedom to to inquire by yourself, you are free … Miracle of God … August 2014 in Medjugorje … Here now, God in Heaven … … or rather Marie … The Sun Dance in Medjugorje, look at it is impressive … In Medjugorje, the healing of daren Daren is a 24 years old Irishman … He often comes with his mother, Catherine to Medjugorje … for more than 10 years, Daren is in a wheelchair … Indeed, Daren suffers from a genetic disease, which causes a disability intellectual and physical for which there is no medicine … The disease leads to a growing deterioration of all its abilities … 2 weeks before the age of 16, the doctors informed her mother Catherine that diagnosis: “his life expectancy was 21 years …” Daren and her mother have been coming to Medjugorje for years … often they stay for months each time … they come every evening to pray the Rosary before Holy Mass … Since 1998 she has been on pilgrimage to Medjugorje, twice a year … After the appearance of June 2, 2016, the Queen of Peace has reserved a special grace … the seer approached them and handed Daren a rosary … she said, “This special rosary is for you” Back home, Daren, as he sometimes did to try to crawl to his wheelchair. But when his mother helped him, he got up and started walking … At the hospital, the doctors were shocked to see Daren walk … Since then they began to gradually strengthen his legs until he stops using his wheelchair … In September 2016, he managed to get up to the blue cross and to thank the Queen of Peace and his mobility continues to improve day by day … Lodovico Pedone certainly I do not pronounce very well since I’m not Italian … is an italian … He is a former terminally ill patient who has been on pilgrimage to Medjugorje … In 2012, he escaped death miraculously …. After his pilgrimage, he went home … and the doctors have never been able to explain, how … he was able to heal and how that could have happened … But shortly after his recovery, he started to happen something really amazing … Indeed the man every 25th of the month, cried tears of blood … For the record, the 25th of the month is where Mary appears and leaves a message to the world whole, so that people can convert … The man also admitted that his hands after returning from Medjugorje … bore the stigmata … We also tell, when that happens, there is an intense smell of roses … Regularly, he goes to Medjugorje, to thank the Virgin You can see the stigmas on your hands …. we can see the stigmata at the feet … On the other hand, whenever he can, in his prayers, he thanks the Blessed Virgin of Medjugorje, to have healed her … A column of smoke escapes from the cross … You found this video really … nice … then in the white area … you can see more videos and in the red area see the last video … You can encourage me by subscribing … follow … the red arrow …

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