Victory Day in Kharkiv – Police make residents take off St George Ribbons

Victory Day in Kharkiv – Police make residents take off St George Ribbons

9 May Victory Day Police prevent Kharkiv residents
wearing St. George Ribbons
from going to the Glory Memorial …Minister for Internal Affairs. – Minister for Internal Affairs? I doubt it.
– Look on the Internet. – OK, let’s not discuss it here. – Please do what we have asked. – Please… – I can’t take it off
or I’ll offend my country. … My grandfather fought in that war… My father-in-law…
My uncle died on the front-line… And I must be ashamed… on that day… – No one says you must be ashamed…
– I served in the Soviet Army… I didn’t just go through the motions. I served in the Soviet Army,
which I respected. And I gave my oath of allegiance
to the great state – the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union.
There used to be such a state. And no one should insult… – You should respect the law.
– It’s not against the law. No such law. – Tell me, is there freedom of speech at all,
or only in the constitution? – There’s an Anti-Terrorist Operation on.
Do you know that? – Do you see any terrorists here?
– No, I don’t. – Then go after the terrorist
who says he’ll “help” us take off the ribbon. Ensure his safety. His safety. – That *sshole Lyashko and others
make statements… No, these are our symbols, our symbols… – I won’t let you go there.
– On what grounds? – I’ve answered all your questions.
– No you haven’t. Is St George Ribbon forbidden in Ukraine? Our Ukrainian Guards
used to wear such a ribbon. Shall we renounce our granddads then? – The fact is… that we… today… – I don’t give a damn about all those
Yatsenyuks, Waltzmans [Poroshenko]… I don’t give a sh*t about them all.
I’m speaking plainly, as it is. About that junta, which staged a coup here, which is raping the whole country and which has set us, brothers Slavs,
against each other in Donbass.

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  1. What a bunch of ukrop nazi idiots!  It is not conceivable that all of ukrain are morons, stupid dolts who follow a fascist code of laws.  It is regrettable that the US put in power in Kiev a group of nazi scum.  It shows how bright US politicians are!  Intellect on the level  of baboons!

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