Vianney (LIVE DRAMA TRAILER) – Saint Luke Productions

be a priest Jean Marie
be a priest and save many many souls there’s very little love of God in that village you will put some into it the clouds of change were coming upon a people in the land that were asleep in the comfort of neglect you have shown me the way to Ars I shall show you the way to Heaven well he won’t last long
give me your heart your sacred heart for the
salvation of souls what in the hell you can’t be serious no sleep for you Vianney I’ll keep you awake all night I abandoned my child
I lied about my employer and sent him to jail
I’ve met with a man secretly for three years
I have so much hatred and anger I murdered wife
I had an affair with my husband’s friend
I stole everything they had I worshipped the Emperor as a messiah help me help me help me help me help me fill me with your Holy Spirit
speak through me Vianney if there were three men like you
like you my kingdom would be destroyed you have taken more than 80,000 souls from me
and I absolve you from your sins in the name of the Father
and the Son and the Holy Spirit amen
we have been defeated go and sin no more bring the gripping live drama Vianney
to your community call 360.687.8029 or visit us at

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