Usain Bolt’s #DizzyGoals

Usain Bolt’s #DizzyGoals

(dramatic music) – So, this is Usain Bolt. I’m doing the football
challenge for Global Goals. So let’s go. (Usain laughs) – [Voiceover] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Three more. (Usain laughs) Eleven, three more. Turn around. Go take a penalty, take a
penalty, take a penalty! (Usain laughs) (crowd cheers and laughs) (Usain gasps and laughs) – Hold on, I can’t get up. Hold on. (laughter) – [Cameraman] How easy was that? – That was not easy. (breathes heavily and laughs) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music) (techno music)

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  1. if these global goals are seriously implemented they can change the world and us in the third world countries can benefit greatly .lets work together to achieve these goals

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