Une journée au Zoo sauvage de Saint-Félicien

Une journée au Zoo sauvage de Saint-Félicien

-Hey there!
My name is Chantale Bolduc, and I’m here to tell you about
my region, Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, more specifically,
the Zoo sauvage of St-Félicien -What’s fun, actually,
about working here at the zoo, is that we’re outside a lot,
with the animals… and we’re surrounded by nature. So as a zookeeper here, when
we get here in the morning, our main jobs are
to go and see the animals. Check and see
if they’re healthy. We go and check on
all of the habitats… where they’ll be
spending the day as well. We check to make sure there’s
no risk of the animals escaping. and make sure that
it’s safe for the public. -Normally after that, because
of our enrichment program, we will either go and hide
some food or bring them toys… such as a ball or a barrel. We have a different program
planned each day… so we set those up
for our animals. After that, we will
let them out for the day… and then the visitors
are ready to come in… and observe our animals. -Well the Zoo sauvage of
St-Félicien actually had… its 50th anniversary recently. So we were really one of the
first in our field, I would say, in Quebec and even in Canada
and North America. We’re currently one of the
top 10 nicest zoos in the world, which is saying something so… that’s what makes
the zoo well-known, our years of experience, we’ve fine-tuned everything,
the habitats, being able to offer
such large habitats, to really allow them to thrive,
as much on a physical level… as a psychological one too. – Yeah, we try to keep
the animal’s natural instinct… as much as possible, the less we have to intervene,
handle them… or whatever it may be, the better it is for us. Obviously sometimes
we don’t have a choice, veterinary interventions, sometimes at more
difficult births… we don’t have a choice
but to intervene but yeah, the idea has
always been to keep… that natural side of the wild, and of the animal so that
people can actually see them… develop and grow in their
natural environments. Yeah, you know, obviously
when we feed them… every day of the year, there are definitely ones that
we build a relationship with, but you always have
to remember the idea that… these animals are wild… and we don’t necessarily want
to tame them. But yes, there’s definitely
always an emotional connection that develops
with the animal. We get here in the morning
and we’re excited… to see our animals and
talk to them. That’s really what it is,
I think, that the majority of zookeepers
care about. We’re excited to see
our animals, we want to take care of them, we want them to be healthy… so that’s really what we love
and the visitors too of course! We love talking about
our passion so… to be able to be with our
animals and talk about them… with people who come and visit
the zoo, we’re happy! It was kind of my plan
to come back to my hometown, and settle down. I’m from here and I wanted
to stay here… so I’ve been lucky that zoo
opened its doors to me, close to home. -We’re going to give them
a nice little treat! -There’s a nice hiking trail
which really allows people… to come and enjoy the outdoors, to come and walk aroun
in nature… and to also be able
to observe animals… they’d never be able to in the
wild other than here at the zoo. – But yeah, it’s a
pretty demanding job. You could probably compare it to
someone working in construction. So, at 8 in the morning, we’re
outside and we’re here until 5. We obviously go inside
a little bit but overall, it’s very much an outdoor job. Obviously when it’s a
nice spring day or summer day, we love our jobs, but to be working here outside
on days when it’s minus 30, sometimes, we’d like
to have an office job, but there’s always one little
thing in our animal’s day… that makes us think that we
wouldn’t trade it for the world. -Yay!

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  1. Super  votre vidéo –     je suis allée au zoo de ST  FELICIEN  en  été  2014 et j'ai filmé votre parcours et quelques animaux.. Il est vraiment très sympathique votre zoo – mes vidéos sont sur YouTube.   Compliments,   et continuez  bien  MK

  2. J'habite à St-Félicien et je vais quand-même souvent mais pas ses derniers temps… je confirme ses une très belle place 🙂

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