Raffles Hotel, Shenzhen, 8:22am
Friday 26 July 2019 Hello! How are you? Very well. I’m chatting with the family. How is she?
Really good. So this is my room. Honestly, the view is magnificent. Really top! Today will be a long day because we’re on the move and travelling is always tough when you have to move from one city to another. Let’s head downstairs. For breakfast, Edi always take an omelette made with one egg, with cheese, tomatoes, ham and onions. He waits there at the table so he can get his breakfast quickly. Thank you very much ! Maté time, 8:53am
Friday 26 July 2019 First a bit of cold water, and then hot water. The cold water is to avoid scalding the herbs. If you burn it, the taste is very strong and bizarre and it’s no good. Nature is very special to me. It’s magnificent. In Paris, I drink mate with Angel Di Maria and Leandro Paredes. Kevin Trapp also likes maté. Alphonse… It’s nice. It’s traditional, it’s our culture, but it’s like a friend, when you are calm and relaxed, just you and the maté. From Shenzhen to Macao, 10:30am
Friday 26 July 2019 We’re going to Macao with the team. There are more and more players that speak Spanish here now. Are you teaching them French, or not yet? Sometimes I explain what’s going on… But I’m not the right person to teach French. There are things I can explain and other I can’t. Pablo do you speak French? Un poquito! It’s more expensive now. I’m going to sell it. No, you can’t sell it, it’s for you! It depends. What did you write? One day you’ll look back and say, ‘Ahh, Edi wrote that…’ A day with Cavani. Let’s have a look at the room. Is this the life of a footballer? A lot of travelling, a lot of hotel rooms. That’s it! Sometimes you enjoy it, but sometimes it can be tough because we can spend a lot of time in hotels, in aeroplanes, in coaches, but it’s also true that we are very lucky people because we get to do what we love, which is football, but then there’s the other side and you have to try and find the right balance to feel good and perform, both mentally and physically. This might be the year you score your 200th goal for Paris. Do you think about that? It’s normal for us forwards that goals are very important to us. It’s goals that give us confidence and strength and it’s also our way of giving something to the team as well, sometimes the opportunity to win a match. But right now I want to focus on preseason and preparing well for the new campaign and everything I have to do with my team to be at my best. If the goals come too, then that will make me even happier, but the most important thing is the team. I speak with my family sometimes about life after football, after my career and I don’t know if I will travel a lot and visit different countries because I love my country and I love being home. But football is a chance to visit different places and I want to enjoy because I don’t know if I’ll do as much travelling as now. Macao 5:41pm Did you see the little match? The coach didn’t give the penalty. He said it was offside. There look, he didn’t give the penalty, two penalties. He didn’t go to the VAR. Edi is always asking for a penalty, but I had the VAR and they told me it was not a penalty so I didn’t need to have a look. It was clear. Kylian, who won the free-kick contest at the end there? I don’t know, I had a contest with Marco and now he owes me something. But Edi scored a lot of goals. Edi! Edi! How many goals to score at the end? Four! He won and you ? Three! Three? Never! Hotel Sofitel, Macao 10:41pm We going to have a little massage. The day finishes now with a massage. I hope you enjoyed spending the day with me. A kiss for everyone!

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