UFC 197: Jones vs Saint Preux – Extended Preview

UFC 197: Jones vs Saint Preux – Extended Preview

[ dramatic music ] Mike Goldberg:The undisputed,
light heavyweight champion.
Male Sportscaster:Breaking
news just in to Fox Sports 1,
the UFC has stripped Jon Jones
of his light heavyweight title
and suspended him indefinitely.Female Sportscaster:
Jones was allegedly involved
in a three-car accident
injuring a woman.
He fled the scene.Jones:I let a lot
of fans down,
a lot of kids around
the world down.
I’ve changed and I’m
a better person. I stand here, five months sober,
feeling amazing. Thank you. I have to redeem myself.And the only way to make
it right, in my opinion,
is to be a better example of
what it means to be a champion.
And get this belt back. Mike:Jones is the youngest
champion in UFC history!
I think the big question
is going to be,“Is he mentally ready
to compete at this level
after the journey that
he’s been through?”
Jones:Mind, body, and spirit
is in the right place.
I’m living the way
that I had always seen myself being capable of.And it feels tremendous,
and I think it’s really going to
translate into more dominating
performances, longer career.
You know, potential is
the biggest thing to waste. Hill: Physically we see
him and he looks amazing. I’ve heard a lot of my opponents
in the past say things like,“I felt like I was fighting
a bear in there.
I didn’t realize
how strong he was.”
-Joe Rogan:Man!
-Mike:Wow!Cormier just taken down
for the first time
in his MMA career.Jones:And now that
I’ve been power lifting,
this new level of
strength is ridiculous.
[shouts of encouragement] Jones:I find it funny that
I have the most submissions
in Light Heavyweight history,because I never had
a jiu-jitsu coach.
And now I have these
jiu-jitsu coaches,and I’m really excited to see
where that takes my game.
-Joe:He’s tapping!
-Mike:It is all over!Kenny: Jon Jones never lost
his belt in the Octagon. No one ever beat
him for that belt. Bruce: And… still! The undisputed UFC Light Heavyweight
champion of the world! Kenny: Jon Jones was supposed
to fight Daniel Cormier for his belt at 205 pounds,Daniel Cormier got
injured and now,
Jon Jones will be facing
Ovince Saint Preux
for the interim
Light Heavyweight title.
You know, I talked to my coaches
about it and they say, “It’s not the smartest
thing to do… to take a last
minute fight.” But, they said, “Do you believe
you’re the best in the world?” I said, “I do.” They said, “Well, go
out there and prove it.” -Mike:It is all over!
-Joe:That’s it.What a spectacular,
flawless performance
against one of the most
dangerous guys in the division.
Mike:That kid is
something very special.
-Mike:Ovince Saint Preuxfinishes Patrick Cummins!Saint Preux: You know,
April 23rd is gonna be unreal. Everybody is gonna
have their eye on me. Announcer:What an
opportunity he has here.
Saint Preux:
People say something about
being the underdog,
and I’m like,
“I’ve been there
done that before.” So… There’s no way
you can break me.My parents were born
and raised in Haiti,
came to the States
because they wanted
a better situation
for their kids.
I got something
that’s instilled in me.
This is in my DNA. This is
how I feel about everything.
Prove everybody
effin’ wrong. Mike:He’s out!-It is all over!
-Joe:Oh, wow.Mike:Ovince Saint Preux!Kenny: When you look
at the 205-pound division, if there’s one guy out there
who can compete with that same athleticism that Jon Jones
brings into the Octagon,it’s Ovince Saint Preux.Commentator:Oh!
Big shot there from OSP!
Kenny:This is a guy
who is a former
Division I football
player in college.
He is very powerful.
He is very fast.
He’s also a very tricky
southpaw as well.
Commentator:Oh nice left
hand there from Saint Preux!
And another one!Kenny:He brings in
a lot of special talents,
that could give Jon Jones
a lot of problems. He’s very unpredictable.You know, him being
a little bit of a rookie,
and kind of green
in a lot of positions
is what makes him
dangerous, you know. He’ll just try anything,there’s really no set
patterns to his attacks.
[grunting] Saint Preux:
I’m an unorthodox fighter.
Now is the time
for me to actually put everything in full effect. Joe:Nasty left hand
from the top, that could be it!
That’s it! That’s it!-Joe:Wow! Power!
-Mike:OSP!Eric Turner:We’re
gonna break Jon.
And that’s not to say
that he’s easy, that’s to say I believe
in Vince very much. This is what you want, right?
This is the championship! This is what we’re aiming for.Vince can knock anybody out.He’s broken two arms with kicks.He’s a killer.
He’ll knock your face off. So, with DC I think he could
take a few more punches.If he takes a punch from Vince,
he’ll go to sleep
-and look up at the lights
-Boom! Look, man, pretty much
every scenariothat I’ve been through
in my head,
at the end of the fight,
I’m getting my hand raised.
[indistinct] A long time ago, my dad
told me, “Never fear no man.”And that’s me,
I’ll never fear no man.
I don’t care if you’re Goliath,
you seen what happened to him. Jon:Shogun got caught!
Saint Preux has stunted Shogun!
Not even sure where he is!A quick knockout
for Ovince Saint Preux.
It only takes one stone. Jones:Getting this interim
title is just one step closer
to legitimizing my feelings
as being the actual champion.But, my reason
for winning this fight
is so much bigger
than the title.
I’m really fighting my legacy,
and I have to redeem myself.
Joe:The greatest
pound-for-pound fighter
in the world!Henry Cejudo:On
August 19th of 2004,
I left home. I left my family,
left my friends,
left everything behind
to chase a dream…
and on August 19th of 2008,
exactly four years later, Henry Cejudo became
the best in the world.I won the Olympics.
I accomplished my dream.
Every opponent that I saw,
every opponent that I faced
was a stumbling block to my path
to becoming the best,
and that’s the way
I see Demetrious Johnson.
He’s in front of me.He has something
that I believe I should have,
and I’m here to dethrone him. I’ll give you praise. Congratulations, you’re
an Olympic gold medalist. I’m looking forward
to fighting you April 23rd.I don’t think he’s ever
fought an opponent
that’s gonna bring it
like I’m gonna bring it.
Mike:This is definitely
the toughest test
of Cejudo’s young
mixed martial arts career.
May the best man win. -Joe:Oh!
-Mike:Oh!Rocked him, and it is all over!-Joe:Unbelievable.
-Mike:Demetrious Johnsonremains the UFC
Flyweight Champion.
Joe:Wow!Johnson:There’s always
a bigger fish in the sea,
you know, right now,
I just haven’t came up
against that big fish.When Demetrious “Mighty Mouse”
Johnson defended his title against John Dodson,
you saw perfection.He just showed
his amazing technique,
his amazing
mixed martial arts IQ,
his fight knowledge,
and his ability
to be completely unpredictable
and absolutely control
the rhythm of the fight.Johnson: We don’t
have game plans. We go out there,
and we just fight,and I’m able to pick up
on their bad habits
and their tendencies
to be able to put them away.
Mike:Final seconds
of this fight.
-Joe:He’s spinning for the arm.
-Mike:Can he get it?[crowd cheers] -Joe:He’s tapping!
-Mike: It’s all over!
-Mike:Johnson by submission.-Joe:4:59.
-Mike:4:59. Oh my!When Demetrious Johnson defends
his World Flyweight Titleagainst Henry Cejudo,
we are seeing
the pound-for-pound
best fighter
in the world today,
in Demetrious Johnson,
against perhaps the most
significant threat
he has ever faced
inside the Octagon.
A true Olympic
gold medalist in wrestling,
who has some absolutely
sensational striking technique.
-Mike:Oh my!Joe:He has some
beautiful Muay Thai,
and good luck
taking that guy down.
Good luck.You’re talking about a guy
who is the elite of the elite
when it comes to wrestling.Once you’ve wrestled,
everything in life is easybecause you come from
the toughest sport.
I mean, you go up against
a guy with a high MMA IQ
or reaction Q, like myself,
it changes the game. Joe:Styles make fights.It’s probably water
and oil, this fight.To me, it’s about simplicity,and I think for him,
it’s more about creativity.
If Henry Cejudo could turn
this into a wrestling match,he should have,
at least on paper,
a significant advantage
in that department.
If he can do that,
it is possible
that we could see
a new champion.
Cejudo:If there’s some
advice I would tell DJ,
it’s like, “Train, man.”And I hope he has
his best camp ever.
So, there’s no excuses. Really? Like, name one [bleep]
excuse I’ve ever made in my whole entire life.
The champ doesn’t make excuses. Cejudo:I want him
to be at his peak.
As a competitor,
I want to challenge myself.
I want to see how far
I could take it.
Johnson:I have
no doubt in my mind
that Henry Cejudo is gonna
be more prepared for this fight
than he was for the USA
Olympics, which is fine.
I want that.
I am a date kind of guy.
You tell me what date
that Demetrious Johnson
needs to be at his best.We’ll go in there,
and we’ll handle business. I’m an Olympic-caliber athlete.This is guy who’s
a better wrestler,
this is a guy who hits harder.Johnson:That’s fine,
you know. Yeah, you hit hard.
Good for you. Kudos. And we’ll fight, and then
if I blow you out the water, then I’m gonna go home,
[laughs] relax, and get ready
for the next one. Cejudo:I’m undefeated.I’m fighting the pound-for-pound
king… supposedly.
But I know if Henry Cejudo
does his best,
I don’t think there’s
a man on the planet at 125 lbs that could beat me. Johnson:I have my clinch game.
I have my standup game.
I have my kickboxing,
my Muay Thai.
I can do it all.
I love to fight.
I love to compete.
I am motivated to win. I will become
the best in the world.There’s no ifs
or whats about it.
I will do it.“And new…”

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  2. this nigga dont give a shit about anything except gettin that belt back. all that bullshit about ive learned my lesson is all lies. all that "rehab" and "motivational" speaking is all bullshit hes only sober because he really wants that fukass belt and sad to say hes going to get it. im still rootin for DC tho

  3. OSP will win over John then he will knock out DC after that Anthony Johnson will knockout OSP and become the champion then in John Jones will fight DC for another shot at the title and he will destroy DC and he's going to fight Anthony for the title . I woke up At the point so sorry guys I don't know who will win Jones or Johnson …..

  4. This is actually hard to call. OSP ir pretty dangerous, but we haven't seen Jones for a while now. Can't wait for this one should be a great one.
    Bold call tho – Jon Jones via ninja murder shit kind of i don't know it yet choke elbow

  5. I am getting this feeling that JBJ will be tested.

    Cejudo sounds pretty confident. I don't know who to believe tho.

  6. Look at this fucking marketing scheme by the UFC… Over here it's "OH OUR DANIEL CORMIER GOT INJURED OK?"
    They know Daniel does work for FOX and is a loud guy who will not that let that go unnoticed where as RDA is a chill guy and probably hasn't even seen something like that…. Fucking UFC, Fucking Dana White! You guys got bitch slapped from the other side by Nate Diaz! hahah! Thanks for reviving his career mother fuckers!

  7. at 2:07

    What his coaches REALLY said was "Dude this guy will walk into your kicks like a blind lady in traffic! He has NO wrestling ability! Hes a fucking white belt! You will submit him or dig him 6 feet into the Octagon with Ground&Pound!"

    But if Anthony Johnson was ready and answered the call, Jon would be like "My coaches said it's not smart to take this fight right now I must prepare all over again for Mr.Johnson, thank you for understanding!"

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