Uber’s Bozoma Saint John on the Impact of Her Husband’s Death | Black Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

Uber’s Bozoma Saint John on the Impact of Her Husband’s Death | Black Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

So when my husband was
diagnosed with cancer, it was just before
[INAUDIBLE] fourth birthday. And we were shocked. You know? Unfortunately, neither of
us are strangers to cancer in our families. Both of our mothers had
already battled breast cancer. And so to us, it was
shocking that there was anything wrong with him. And then for it to be
such a shocking cancer, you know, one that was
developing quickly. And very quickly, we found
out that it would be terminal. Whereas with my mom and
his mom, there had been, you know, plans– radiation, and
chemo, and surgery, and whatever needed to happen. And there were not
those options for him. Well now it’s really
important that I’m urging because I
understand what it really means to live everyday fully. We’ve already gone through
the moments of having to live every day in its entirety. You know? And so now I don’t wait. If we want to do something,
we make sure that we do it. You know? Or that I wanted to take
[INAUDIBLE] out places with me. You know, that like,
I’m traveling a lot and go to a lot of
events and all of that. And I don’t, you know,
put her to the side, and wait, and say,
oh, when she’s older. You know? There’s– I don’t
know that that’s true. So I’ve got to do it right now. And so every time we want
to do something, we do it. Because we don’t want to
wait for some magical time in the future to
make the memories.

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  1. Live life thankful for everything you've got. Nothing is owed to us, including life, one day we're here, the next day we are not. Stay healthy but eat what you crave, follow your calling, love and be loved… etc, for one day we may no longer have the oppertunity to.

  2. Beautiful message. Today I gave my mom her Mother’s Day gift because TOMORROW IS NOT PROMISED. I’ve recently have been telling myself not to wait, just do it now!

  3. They look so beautiful you wpuld never know they were battling such trauma…..black girl magic ((inside you're dying outside you're lookin fearless)) ((Tupac)) voice !!

  4. Beautiful message from a family of beautiful Goddess's inside and out…God Bless you for being brave and courageous with your mom and daughter….and for the loss of your husband…🙏💖🙏💖🙏💖🙏💖🙏

  5. This is an example of interracial love not black love. Her dark skin doesn't trump him. Acknowledge the two different races. Title was very misleading.

  6. Her Mother is goooorgeous!!! Wow!! And yes live each day to the fulllest life is fleeting

  7. I love that her daughter immediately goes to comfort her as she knows she's speaking about something hard

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