Tryouts with the New York Giants (Episode 4) | NFL Undiscovered 2016

Tryouts with the New York Giants (Episode 4) | NFL Undiscovered 2016

All these people who are playing
football outside of America, they have no way
of making it to the NFL. The past two seasons,
I’ve been working as a postman. Well, that’s the dream,
sign that contract, get my name on the back of the jersey. It was important for me
to get these guys with somebody who I know personally
will take care of them. The NFL success rate,
less than 20 percent. [NFL UNDISCOVERED] [NEW YORK, USA] Today we’re in New York. [ANTHONY DABLE AGE:27 POSITION:
We’re going for our workout
with the Giants. Yeah. Right, I didn’t imagine that
they’d grab me, like, that quick, so I am excited. I’m controlling it but I am excited. [OSI UMENYIORA
They couldn’t wait. You know, the people couldn’t wait,
the teams couldn’t wait, they want to see them now. So you got to give the people
Good nerves, good nerves. Well, they’re all
the positive kind of nerves. You know, like pretty game nerves,
kind of, yeah. So I’m looking forward to it. [Behind closed doors, Anthony & Harry
workout for the New York Giants] It was very kind of like
stop-start like. Very, like it happened,
everything was very snappy. By the moment we finished the warm-up, there was people running on like,
“All right, catch the balls.” And then we caught like
four or five balls, and it was, “All right, runner out.” 140 yard, 240 yards, and then seven or nine routes
and that was it. Like, in 12 minutes, it was done. Yeah, I think that cool butt
must have gone a little bit. I think dropping a ball,
could have been better for a 40, like, could have been like
warmed up a little bit, but they rushed,
like, can’t do everything. Thought I did okay. There was quite a lot people watching,
far more than I was expecting. Give yourself a mark out of ten. Like between 12 and 13. [Nervously they wait for news with Osi] Everybody came out, you know,
the owners, the GM, everybody, the head coach,
everybody came to see them. So there was a little bit of nerves
there, as you can expect. Imagine what these guys are going
through mentally right now. But they did very well. Definitely didn’t embarrass themselves. Me and Osi have been talking
for the last like 10 months [ADEN DURDE NFL COACH]
about there isn’t really
a kind of set pathway for people that haven’t been through college
that are outside the US. Anthony catches the ball well.
He is extremely raw. Like, he is raw and he in route running. He is understanding the game
but there are things you can work on. They’re both at different stages
in their development. Harry, I think needs the next
few weeks to get ready still. He needs to develop physically
and mentally. I think Anthony believes
he can play in the NFL. That’s his trait that you can’t,
you don’t just train someone to do. Working out for an NFL team
in front of an NFL head coach in an NFL facility like that,
they’re things you can’t recreate. So this experience, whatever
the outcome is, is amazing for them. They said they really liked my film,
they really liked it. And they said I had a great workout. And they said at this moment
they can’t offer me a contract. It’s not to say they won’t
offer me a contract, just to say right now they can’t. But we have other workouts coming up. They’re offering me a contract,
so I’m gonna say yeah. Like, we’re going back to Florida
but I got to sign and go with the recruitment guy and take my size
and everything for April. They took me upstairs to the office and they were like
we want to make you a Giant. And yeah, I was crazy. Yeah, that’s crazy, crazy, man. That’s crazy. I don’t know what else to say. I’m really proud of him,
I’m extremely proud of him. That’s crazy. That’s crazy. I’ve been waiting for my
entire life for this moment. It’s crazy, it’s happening right now. [Anthony calls his mum
to tell her the news] Hello, mama. She thought I said it’s finished. So she had no reaction, I was like,
“Did you hear what’d I say?” And then she was like, “No.”
I got signed. Whoo! Bonjour, mama darling. Dream come true. Yeah. [NEXT TIME ON NFL UNDISCOVERED]
After finding Anthony and Harry, we knew we had to find somebody else. I have never seen
someone run so fast in my life. It’s the quiet ones, those are the one
you have to watch out for. [NFL UNDISCOVERED]

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  1. They gave them short workouts because they didn't want to waste time with these long shots. Unfortunate but true. There are 1000s of players on a comparable level to these two so the Giants werent going to do a two hour workout for some scrubs.

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