Tropical Update with J7409 Monday Evening 8/26/19

Tropical Update with J7409 Monday Evening 8/26/19

hi everyone thanks for checking out the
tropics with myself jewel for J7409 weather I appreciate it a lot if
you haven’t subscribed please do so and click the bell to ensure that you get
daily weather forecast severe weather that may be coming your way all tropical
updates all the time I’d appreciate it so so very much I’m not going to go into
everything I did this morning we’re going to get right to it now we do have
tropical depression 6 as I said this thing would form up over a week ago and
sure enough it is a depression now probably it will be tropical storm
earned by probably sometime in the near future that’s what I’m thinking right
now it’s got 35 mile-per-hour winds the minimum central pressure 1010 millibars
if you’re tracking 31.7 north 72.5 west and it’s moving very slowly to the east
at two miles for two knots i should say two miles per hour then we have Dorian
down here the big story Dorian is a little storm but wherever she goes if
she goes around you you’re going to know it the winds are still around 60 miles
per hour but it does have much higher gusts minimum central pressure 1002
millibars 12.7 North 58.8 west Dorian is moving west northwest at around 14 miles
per hour here’s a quick look at depression number
six right now you can see there’s Bermuda out here here’s my coastal right
in here I don’t know if you can see that little X or not the bestest spot that
it’s at this afternoon I’m going to kind of hang around just a little bit
tomorrow and very very slowly in these areas it’s kind of stalled out but we’ve
got some pressure systems it’s gonna make it speed up and move on out headed
up towards the Canadian area right in here as you can see so with that all
said and done I want to just put this in your ear don’t be
surprised if coming up within the next seven to ten days we see another
depression come off the coast of Africa we’ll wait and see if that happens this
is just what I’m thinking about things that I’ve gone over if so that would be
a name burnt fur and fur man okay but I think this one will turn into tropical
storm fern in just a few days and now the big story durian here we go here is
the path from the National Hurricane Center now as it has been updated and
it’s looking more and more like what I said in my video this morning will
happen there’s two scenarios that can happen folks all right it can go just
over a little bit of the dominican republic or right in between this Panola
and puerto rico if it does that bad news for here something will come out of it
whether it’s a tropical storm or whether it develops to be more we’ll have to
wait and see now if it were to go over the larger portion of the dominican
republic it would take the meat of it away it would probably disappear so low
that it probably would not generate except to in a tropical depression but
right now it’s looking like still going to be a tropical storm we’re gonna check
more of that out right now here’s x marks the spot
everything in blue is a tropical storm warning everything in yellow is a
tropical storm watch and I don’t know if you can see it or not but if you look
really close there’s tink right around in here this is around the area of st.
Lucia you are under a hurricane warning at this time now I do want you to take
note of something the cone is very small right as of today down in here the cone
does expand where it can go either way it can do either way could bounce over
here further in – mr. Enola okay or it could come
further out this way I really don’t think it’s going to be a big threat
safar is hitting a big impact on sand one up in this area I think it’s going
to go just a little south of Puerto Rico yeah you guys will get a little wind
you’ll get a little rain but nothing that you can’t handle unless things
change I will keep my eyes on it but it’s looking like as we blow this map up
just a hair here where that line from the National Hurricane Center has this
hurricane going when it will be a hurricane for sure
it’s just over that little bit of land as you can see that’s a bad thing for
the US okay when it comes to Florida when we bring this down and you can see
how the cone is going to open up now if you look at all of the models you have
to go where the biggest cluster is where the most cluster is in the end of the
lines is what more than likely the scenario will play out to be there is
one that has us coming up into Florida and then out in the Gulf all the rest
have it coming up into Florida and maybe a little further inland than it looked
this morning but then going back kind of up around excuse me up around Orlando
and out so I’m gonna have to watch this area right in here really really really
closely but I did want you guys to see this so you can see it a little bit
better here and for everybody down in Trinidad and Tobago it’s looking pretty
good for you right now we’ll blow this up one more time for all my friends on
the islands you can see a little better now
this is what’s happening and as you can see st. Lucia all of you guys are under
a hurricane watch at the moment now no I’m not going to read all of this to you
but I am gonna read some of it because it’s important and you need to know but
before I even get onto that already in some of the work that has been put out
the National Hurricane service for everyone in Florida by Saturday it’s
night I’m thinking if when it comes up that way whatever it may turn out to be
whether it’s a tropical storm whether it’s a hurricane or whether it’s dropped
down to a tropical depression whatever it may be you’re going to get some stuff
out of it I think probably a tropical storm let’s hope that’s what happens but
there is that chance there’s not a lot of sheer wind if there’s not a lot at
that time it is it’s going past the Bahamas it could turn back into a
hurricane we’ll have to wait and see only time will tell and I can’t give you
that answer now because it’s too far away but I do want to point out that the
National Hurricane Center is already putting up that Fort Pierce West Palm
Beach Fort Lauderdale and Marathon Florida you are going to get something
of what it may be I do not know we will find out later in the week now hurricane
watch in effect for st. Lucia tropical storm warning and effect over Barbados
more nique Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines tropical storm watch is
in effect for Dominica Grenada and its dependency Sabah and Saint eastes us
also Puerto Rico now the hurricane watch means you’re going to get something
within 24 hours of tropical storm warning means you’re going to get
something within 36 hours this is important right now okay durian is
moving toward the west northwest around 14 as we know now this motion is
expected to continue through tomorrow night followed by a turn toward the
northwest Wednesday now on the forecast track the center of durian is expected
to move near the windward islands of evening and tonight and moving to the
Eastern Caribbean Sea tomorrow now Dorian is forecast to pass near or
south of Puerto Rico on Wednesday and approach Eastern Hispaniola by Wednesday
night now the winds are around 60 the gusts are higher and strengthening
forecast during the next few days and it’s looking like Dorian could very well
be a hurricane strength storm when it passes through the northern windward
islands on Tuesday and it is expected to be a hurricane when it moves near Puerto
Rico and eastern Hispaniola so keep that in mind I’ll give you some dates and
some times there now this is very very important the rainfall has changed we
don’t need no mudslides going on okay but we could have some doings expected
to produce a total rain accumulation of three to eight inches in the windward
islands from Martinique to South Vincent including Barbados isolated maximum
totals of 10 inches are possible across the northern windward islands rainfall
totals of 1 to 3 are expected from the Grenadines to south coordinator and
across Dominica and rainfall totals of 2 to 4 inches with maximum totals of 6 are
possible across Puerto Rico and st. Croix hurricane wing conditions they’re
possible tonight my friends and early tomorrow
within this hurricane watch area that means down around st. Lucia tropical
storm conditions are likely in the warning area by late today and tropical
storm conditions are possible within the tropical storm watch area in the Lesser
Antilles tonight or tomorrow and in Puerto Rico on Wednesday well if you
fish in that area please stay until the storm is over ok swell generated by
durian will begin affecting portions of the Lesser Antilles tonight and continue
through tomorrow these swells could cause a life-threatening surf and rip
current conditions so that is what the gist of all this is for everybody down
on the islands I’ve told you what also and showed you also what it looks like
it’s going to do is come up to Florida now of course all of this can change
nothing’s wrote in stone but I picked it out this morning I picked up on it I put
all my stuff together I can Peter the bunch of stuff I tried to get
the word out it’s too early for me to pinpoint anything down whether you live
in Florida Georgia Alabama wherever South Carolina is too early I can’t give
you a specific now but as the days go by give me at least till Thursday maybe I
can nail it down a little better for you then I have to have a few days to go by
so I can check out the shear winds and they be accurate so when I give you an
answer it is a correct answer and true answer to the best of my knowledge so
with all that said and done all my people down on the islands god bless you
I love you you’re in my thoughts and prayers everybody up in the Dominican
and in Puerto Rica the Bahamas and also in Florida we’re going to watch you
please keep your eyes on this it’s once again a small storm but if it goes over
you you will know it take care have a good and a safe evening peace loving
kindness to all please share this information with your friends and family
to help me keep others safe thank you so much for watching

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  1. Jewel… have been following you for a long long time… love You… and your brilliance ❣️ I live in Vero Beach Florida… I believe if I listened correctly… there is a possibility that we will be getting a possible cat 1 Hurricane possibly 86 miles an hour… I have a mom almost 89 years old that lives down the street.. I will have to get her to my house before the storm to keep her safe… thanks sooo much for all your hard work and ❤️ love❣️Christine from Vero Beach Fkorida💓💓💓

  2. Hey Jewel I got a question, is there ever going to be a way to stop a hurricane in the near future?

    What are your thoughts?

  3. Going down to Marco Island Florida this weekend. Will I be impacted? Southwest Florida at the tip and Gulf side 😬

  4. Prayers and blessing's Stay dafe All those in the track of the storm.Love peace and kindness! Thanks Jewel for the update really appreciate it. 😘💝

  5. Dorian go away …it's very calm right now in St.Lucia…makes me nervous I can't sleep , praying for the other islands as well.🙏 Thanks for updates!💞

  6. Wow! been busy canning. Just got on my friend J. 👱‍♀️👱‍♀️Hope all is well. Thank you for the weather updates. always very appreciative. Blessings my friend🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ and everyone in the chat room. Be safe EVERYBODY….

  7. thank you so much for you videos. I live in central Florida and when there is a hurricane I look for you updates. I appreciate you and what you do.

  8. Thanks J7409 weather again! Helping moi look and track Dorian closely! The storm may be headed in my direction! Thanx again!!! 👍🏼⭐️

  9. Thank you Jewel for you.
    I love your channel-when it comes to the Weather especially storms and hurricanes it’s J7409.👍🏻
    I am SE Louisiana
    I pray God Jesus to breathe dry air on Dorian to keep away from land.
    Love, peace and kindness to you.
    God Bless You.

  10. hi J, and thank you for your tireless weather reporting! although I live in CT. My dad resides in Brandon, FL. so naturally I get a little ancy when these events occur. Hopefully this will turn right and be a problem for the shipping lanes! thanks again

  11. Thanks jay all I have been doing is watching and it seems like it’s taking forever to move hahaha can’t wait for the next update

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