Trois Parisiennes en visite à l’École Rouge & Bleu

Trois Parisiennes en visite à l’École Rouge & Bleu

Hello everyone and welcome here to
the Red and Blue School in Mantes la Jolie. A school where 64 children
have joined the program established by the Paris Saint-Germain
Foundation – Children First. The kids are aged betwen are between
seven and 11 and they come here, to the Val-Fourré district, and
today, for their first day at school they have a very, very special start
to the school year because three players from Paris Saint-Germain
have come to visit them. They are really role
models for the children. We are models at our level,
but here are three players and it’s really on a higher level because they
see them on TV, they idealise them. For us, it’s really strong,
and a real plus. And it’s good to see that this
kind of project is progressing, especially within the club.
As a result, I am happy to be here and to accompany them
in these sporting activities. Playing with the children is really
good, and we have enjoyed ourselves. She’s right, it’s a great
school and these activities are great for the kids and us! That’s it for today,
for this very special day at the Red and Blue School in Mantes la Jolie,
with indoor and outdoor activities. In short, it sums up what they do all
year round with all these children. Anyway, we’ll leave you to it. We’re
going to continue to enjoy this day at the Red and Blue School !

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  1. Très belle initiative, bravo.
    Petit bémol, vous avez fait une faute d'orthographe et si vous accueillez des enfants, ça la fout mal. Ça devrait être l'École Rouge & Bleue, avec un "e" à bleu ^-^

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