Tribes ‘IF’ These peoples exist?

Tribes ‘IF’ These peoples exist?

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Humanity We are one of the most prevalent creatures
on planet earth We have controlled our environment in such
a way that we stack ourselves into high rise condominiums and live in densely packed congested
cities. But
There are those that do not! We have seen the peoples living in remote
areas and regions From the tribes of Papua New Guinea to the
lost tribes of the amazon, there are humans who live on the edges of modern civilization. Their lives harken back to a way of life long
forgotten by those that live in the urban jungle. There have been many mysterious groups of
humans that are said to have existed. In this video we at these groups and ask if
they existed? The first group we are going to take a look
at are known as the Toda. Toda people make their homes in the Niligiri
Mountains in the south of India. When Britain controlled India under the raj
they became fascinated by the Toda. Their appearance was unique for the region,
they were of fair complextion with light eyes. Their likeness was said to resemble that of
ancient Greek statues. They also wore unusual clothing for that region. They wrapped themselves in cloth much like
the highlanders of Scotland. They had an unusual language known as Dravidian. As a society they were a polyandry this is
when a woman marries all male family members. As a people they are considered a modal for
sustainability and commitment with nonviolence. The next group of humanity we will look at
are even more mysterious. The Yamnaya. These nomadic people swept across Europe some
5000 years ago. Originating from the Pontic Caspian Steppe
they took technology and their ability to tame horses with them. They were accomplished workers of bronze and
used wheeled wagons to travel. They traveled so wide and far that a large
part of European DNA is from the Yamnaya and some say we can thank them for our ability
to digest lactose and drink milk. In Our third group we look at a tribe that
is harder to believe. The Blemmyes. This people were said to be a nomadic race
that existed from 600BC to the third century. It was said that they had no heads, instead
they had a face on their torso. They were said to be cannibals and have been
mentioned in literature for centuries. They are often depicted as blood thirsty and
violent and it was even said they were employed to guard the temple of Solomon. The truth however is a little less spectacular,
they often worked as mercenaries against the Roman Empire. Over the centuries they fought for many different
kings and queens. As a culture they practiced sun worship. Their religion was centered the temples of
Kalabasha and Philae. This is where a lion like divinity called
Mandulis could be found. From a tribe that was said to have no heads
to a tribe that was to have the head of a dog. Known as Cynocephali these people had normal
bodies with heads exactly like those of our canine friends. It was said that although they could understand
speech they did not possess the ability to speak. They were said to be savage in nature, living
to hunt and kill. This people it is claimed lived around 400BC. Reports from the time said that they originated
in India near the Indus River. They ate only raw meat and survived by hunting. They were reported to be masterful warriors,
with claims that they could not be defeated in battle. It was also said that they lived up to 200
years, which would be amazing as they resided in caves and did not bathe. One of these dog headed people holds an important
role in Christianity. Saint Christopher the patron saint of travelers
is often shown as a dog headed man. In his story it is said that upon meeting
Christ hew was changed into a normal man on his baptism. But more religions than just Christianity
have dog headed men as part of their pantheon. From ancient Egypt to medieval Germany they
have stalked our history but are the real? Let me know what you think in the comment
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  1. So is there a theory of that's why men love longer now and dogs age quicker seeing how mush scientist believe early humans mostly died in their 20s and the dog people live for a few hundred did we switch roles or something I need more

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