Tre’Quan Smith, Taysom Hill and more from Day 12 of Saints training camp

Tre’Quan Smith, Taysom Hill and more from Day 12 of Saints training camp

Amos Morale III Luke Johnson from the Times-Picayune out here the follow-up day from the Saints first
preseason game they were back on the practice fields a little bit of a light
practice a lot of situational work but uh it’s probably good news because they
had a few guys back yeah they had a Manti Te’o back out here today
Cameron Tom some guys we haven’t seen for a while you know I don’t know if
we’ll see him back out here tomorrow when whenever they they start practicing
in pads and doing some more contact stuff but they were at least out here in
helmets today which is a good sign a couple guys were missing
you know we reported earlier today that PJ Williams had a bruised rib Mitchell
Loewen’s dealing with some stuff he was not out here we didn’t see Josh Leribius
either so a couple guys banged up from the game couple guys back it’s standard
addition subtraction in the NFL yeah obviously I guess the breaks of
training camp you could say but uh one of the things you know we did get a
chance to catch up with probably the the star of the preseason game and Tre’Quan
Smith made that spectacular catch got some good yards after the catch set up
that Taysom Hill touchdown run obviously uh what did he have to say
well yeah Tre’Quan was was kind of busting his own chops
yeah look he he made some really great plays last night and that play you were
talking about he he made a lunging catch and then he he kept his balance and
picked up a couple extra yards and he really showed some of the kind of
explosive potential that he has but after the game when we asked Sean Payton
about it was more about not being in the right spot and his alignments and then I
think he said something to you today about a fun film session for him oh yeah
he mentioned that he thought the film session was gonna go a lot better than
it actually did said there were a lot of things they wanted to correct him on so
you know he’s just gonna get out here and uh work on those but I mean
obviously you know the other talk was Taysom Hill fans got their first chance
to see him after you know you know really good offseason and you know he’s
kind of been up and down in training camp but you know it’s something
somebody that the Saints clearly like and uh you know really want to see yeah
and one of the interesting things I thought from from
Taysom Hill’s media session was that you know he is he’s going to look
to run sometimes and take advantage of his athleticism and and he’s gonna pick
and choose when he is going to try to make a guy miss like he did on his big
21 yard run and and when he’s gonna try to get down but the Saints did call a
couple design run for him that called some read options for him which we don’t
yeah we haven’t ever seen a Saints offense do that because it’s it’s been
Sean Payton and Drew Brees here for the last 12 years but it’s an interesting
wrinkle and yeah it’s it’s funny it’s fun to watch you know these offensive
minds just come up with you know new tricks with their new toys out there
all right well the Saints are obviously back on the practice field tomorrow
morning same usual time a little bit more on the regular schedule and we’ll
be back out here so for Luke Johnson Amos Morale thanks for watching

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  1. They're not correcting Tre'quan Smith because they think he's bad. They're doing it because they know he has the most potential, and may be one of the main future pieces of the offense

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