THE MINISTRY OF THE FIFTH GRADE WARNS YOU: The intro of this video contains free embarassment, if you’re allergic, skip it right to Spidey transforming into Aiolia Using the technique: Dribblaldinho’s Meteor Seya tricks and runs around the Mask of Death, Cancer’s Golden Knight Leaving Shiryu fuc*… hmm… …Leaving Shiryu along and running towards Leo Temple wha… What is he doing there? “Ah Seya, come and help Athena!” “She’s in danger, Seya” “Ah Seya, Athena was hit by an arrow, Seya!” Ahh go and ask for Shurato’s help. I’m gonna take some time for myself Let’s see… “Manchete’s Network! You in first place” Ah it must be merchandising Hello? HE HE HE HE HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Oh damn you! and let’s go ’cause it’s almost time for the Inspector Again?! Listen to me, Saga! A knight can’t be tricked twice with the same prank! Ok?! “Eh Shiryu” no, Sir “Listen close, Shiryu…” It’s not Shiryu! “How many times have I told you not to use the Rising Dragon technique on the shower, Shiryu?” “We have a damn waterfall for that!” “Go get a new heating element and bring me my Moisturizer!” “Because, lately, my skin has been too dry, Shiryu” I think I’m gonna puke How can I unhear that ? I better call hairy, otherwise he’ll be in trouble Hello, Shiryu? “Seya, where are you, Sugarfoot?” I’m solving something here, listen, that crazy old man is pissed off with you! “Forget that, come over here, soon Saori is gonna find out if there’s bread in heaven!” “Is there bread in heaven? Ouch! … And then he died” Ok, on my way! What’s up ?! Damn I forgot my cloth “No problem. I always fight shirtless so I can show my tattoo, here !” “Come and let’s find naked, Seya! ” “What are you talking about, Willis?!” “Ah, let’s go then” TO BE CONTIUNED… BETTER NOT… What’s up, guys? This is the Nerd Hole I’m Athena If after this you don’t subscribe to the channel I give up! So let’s check out how I transformed Spidey into Aiolia! Here’s the poor Spidey toy I bought for 15 bucks and let’s check out, at once, how I transformed him into this Aiolia before I embarass myself again I also made a cool base for you, guys What the hell is this music?! Oh my God! Someone cut the music! I’m Spidey, I’m Spidey! I kick the ass of guys that rob old ladies on the market Let’s go now, guys. I’m joking with Spider-Man, but I’m a big fan of his you know I joke with everything, right? I dismembered him to begin with this Spider-Man toy is really cool, I paid 15 bucks for him, as I said before He has a nice body, well shaped the problem is the textures of his suit so as you saw, I took off his arms and legs and so I added epoxy mass to cover all this texture Here is Massacration! Metal !! Now we’ll keep on adding mass to his legs and I’m gonna start making some details while the mass is still wet and a little soft starting to make the depth details of his future cloth this video is gonna be a bit faster, guys because I also made the base and this toy really gave me a lot of work So I gonna try to show you a bit fast to you. You can see I used cardboard paper for making some parts of the cloth and some other parts I’m gonna make with epoxy mass and biscuit I decided to speed it up. I’m not used to speeding the video up but this one has too much content, there are some parts I thought was cool to show you so I decided to speed it up and not cut too much after editing So now I’m making some details with that famous epoxy worm, right? I swirled it up, at the ends it swirls and here I’m placing it this way so basicly, this cloth is just that I made some depth details with a stiletto and then I’m gonna make this part which is in relief, placing this strings of epoxy mass you can see that I made this shoulder plate with cardboard paper all this black and white thing is cardboard paper and the gray is epoxy mass so now I’m placing the abdomen, detailing the muscles now I added a little ball for making that green ball he has on his belt and there what you see is me, using a biscuit, a biscuit mass somewhat dried, ok? I made a biscuit sheet and I cut the collar and this part, his cloths’ skirt I’m also making with cardboard paper, I always use the own epoxy’s box and it works… it’s hard enough. It works well just a hint for the cardboard paper: don’t press it too hard, otherwise it folds and wrinkles you have to do it softly so it stays curvy and doesn’t actually fold Now with biscuit I’m making those details on relief at his chestplate You see, guys, this video is running on full speed, because otherwise we’ll run out of time I have noticed that you like the videos that are a little shorter so we’ll try to make it in less than 10 minutes so it doesn’t get boring I know that some of you like to watch the techniques real calmly but for that I’ll recommend other videos I recorded that were a little more detailed ’cause basicly what I’m doing is the same thing I do in all videos the differences, really, are the shapes that this toy I’m working on has so let’s go, as you could see, I’m working on the helmet now, making the details with epoxy mass and now I’m using a biscuit sheet that I prepared previously, almost dried for making the cape I gave it some pressings so it gets a more natural look and I went back for the head part, when the first part of the helmet dried we can’t do it all at once, guys you have to take it easy, waiting for it to dry and I started making the hair after the frontal part was dried there you see I’m spraying the primer I’m also spraying the golden as well as the primer before the white color on the cape all at full speed you see that I’m already painting his face and about the colors, I’m using a metalic blue. I messed up! I’ll paint with the matte blue later you see that this golden kinda works, but that is not the ideal if you want to paint a Golden Knight, I recommend using a mirrored gold color it’s like a chrome gold. those guys that paint car wheels, they know but I couldn’t find around here and buying online would take too long… and I couldn’t wait but there’s a golden painting that’s prettier than the one I used and that’s my hint Now I’m painting with green where are these details at is forehead and at the belt there I’m drawing his eyes. I’m gonna draw them closed Oh! One thing I remembered now: many people ask me to apply bitumen for that aging and realistic look It’s cool and all but in anime toys I don’t like to use it I prefer leaving it cleaner. It’s just my opinion about it. I like a clean look I also rememberd that the Leo Knight has some orange tones on his cloth but as I did not have the proper painting, I prefered leaving it like this so I don’t mess up some times less is more and that’s it and now I’m painting the cape blue, as the cape has two colors on the inside it’s blue and on the outside it’s white so now we’re going to work on the base. The toy is done. I think it’s cool! and let’s try to make a cool base too I’m not used to working on bases, but this time you’ll see me doing something different I got those rolls of paper towel like the ones from hygienic paper but bigger then I added biscuit and I pressed and pressed again for the marks on the pillars I’d like quickly to take a moment and thank some friends of mine that have participated on some videos and being embarassed with me the Tiago, and there’s also Marco and there’s Guilherme Leote who has been making the English subtitles for our videos Very well, Mr Yo and Jonathan who’s been making some special effects and there’s our 100 k plaque. I never get tired of thanking you, guys. So thank you again I did a live on Instagram unboxing the plaque and everything. It was crazy. We almost broke the plaque but I’m not showing it for no reasone. We’re gonna use its box let’s cut the youtube box for our diorama I cut that black part and placed the biscuit on top of it so it would dry more straight and I’m making the marking on the floor with that base I use when I’m painting and you can see that on the pillars I’ve made some cracks It’s really easy I just used the stiletto to take part of the mass off and basicly that’s it. I made some grooves on the floor and now mounting the cardboard paper from yout… no that wasn’t the youtube one that is from the pizza I ordered that day or the day before that it’s even greasy… What a mess Look, here I’m making some details with E.V.A. and epoxy mass writting Leo and then I glued, actually I didn’t, I just put it there to see how it’d look like there I’m separating it with the stiletto and painting with the primer. I’m gonna leave the gray color of the primer as it is and here I’m making that aging process on the base contrary to what I said about the toy I think it is interesting and that’s what I’m doing I’m painting with black diluted on water and brushing it off with a cloth at first I even thought that the black tone was too dark contrasting with the gray so I started lightening it with that dry painting technique I’m putting everything in place this black background came inside the box protecting the plaque and I’m using it for a stary background and now I’m gonna use my usual super glue, place it and pray it stays still I’m not gonna keep touching this toy, so the super glue will be enough and there’s our toy. I hope you all enjoyed it and let’s show some nice recordings of him now. Here it goes!


  1. vc e foda cara parabens pelo trabalho ate a musica no final fico show ! agora devia fazer de outros animes tbm

  2. Tive que me inscrever e dar like neste vídeo, não só por que sou fã de CDZ, mas por que você é um gênio, um artista plástico criativo.

  3. Ficou super fenomenal, ganhou mais um inscrito, traz os outros cavaleiros de ouro também, abraços!

  4. Adorei. Simplesmente fantástico a ideia de usar como base um boneco pra transformar em uma outra coisa. Teu trabalho tb é muito show.

  5. Meuuuu! Cara tu é genial! O boneco se jura que é daqueles que se compra em sites japa!

    Ps. Mesmo com não dando pra ver seu rosto parece que é gato pra Krl, não deu pra ignorar esses olhos…

  6. No hablo portugués pero eres un genio mano sos genial todo un artista saludos de Guatemala

  7. Merece 1 Mião de nesse Buraco Nerd, tu é muito talentoso cara, parabéns, tenho vários desses bonecos que já perderam as pinturas originais, seria ótimo transforma los em outros.

  8. faaaaaaaaaaaaaa blow my mind my brother … greattings from argentina 😀 eu no falho muito bem mais entendo cuando falha ;:V

  9. Conheci agora seu canal, simplesmente épico, CDZ é muito bom e você mistura isso com sua maneira de criar arte, parabéns, +1 inscrito !


  10. Parabéns pelo seu trabalho, conheci seu canal à alguns dias atrás e já estou consumindo todos seus vídeos. Tem humor, tem arte e dicas. Você é um profissional de mão cheia… 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  11. AIOLIA é tão forte que fica até com os olhos fechados não se importando com o inimigo, parabéns pelo vídeo

  12. Parabéns pelo Trabalho, Meu filho tem 4 anos e já esta viciado em Cavaleiros do Zodíaco, somos do RS e não tem mais cavaleiros a venda como antigamente. Hoje é meio milhão cada boneco, se eu soubesse tinha guardado todos os meus. shuahsuash Parabéns pelo trabalho. O brasileiro tinha que ser Estudado pelas ideias e talentos. Abraço e sucesso!

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