Town Crier Windsor on St George’s Day 2013

Town Crier Windsor on St George’s Day 2013

Oyez Oyez Oyez
Citizens of Windsor and visitors
from both far and near This day above all other days
is a great day to be here. For today is Shakespeare’s birthday
and St.Georges day besides when we celebrate this sceptred isle
this other eden, demi paradise It is good to be in Windsor
though not always blessed with sun We know how to brew a decent pint
and how to have some fun So enjoy your day here in Royal Windsor
and as the great bard says…
The world is your oyster
heaven grant you many many merry days. God Save The Queen

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  1. He's awesome! I've been studying British culture and I was lookinf for info about a town crier. What a strong voice. Can't wait to visit London and take a photo with him!

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