Tour de France 2019 Stage 10 Highlights: Saint-Flour – Albi | GCN Racing

Tour de France 2019 Stage 10 Highlights: Saint-Flour – Albi | GCN Racing

Stage 10 of the Tour de France will take a
riders 217 and a half km from Saint Flour to Albie before we get into today let’s have
a look back at yesterday came into the finish it was a Sprint between Tiesj Benoot and is
breakaway companion South African champion Dayl Impey who took a phenomenal victory and
his first Tour de France stage win for Mitchelton Scott. Julian Alaphilippe held onto the yellow jersey
and will take a 23 second advantage over Giulio Ciccone and 53 seconds over fellow countryman
Thibault Pino into stage 10. The Saint Flour to Albie stage had four categorised
climbs along the route the Cote de Mallett, the Cote de Chaude Aigues, the Cote D’Espallon
and the Cote de Mairic coming with a 53 km to go. The stage on paper with the climbs early and
a rolling finish it look like it would be one for the sprinters. rolling out of the start great sunny day for
the riders again with temperatures hitting 28°C. The breakaway group though was established
with 213 km off the stage remaining Tony Gallipan Natnael Berhane, Anthony Turgis, Mads Wurtz
Schmidt with Odd Christian Eiking were the original members, Michael Shar of CCC was
also keen to join in on the action, And made it six riders at the head of the race, from this point you do expected a fairly standard
day on a stage such as this in the Tour de France but as they went on it would become
anything but. As we headed towards the intermediate sprint
with 95 km to go and it was Odd Christian Eiking of Wanty Groupe Gobert took maximum
points, out of the peloton behind Bahrain Merida again trying to lead out for Sonny
Colbrelli who got the better of Peter Sagan on this occasion, but it would be just one
point that he would Chip away in the green jersey competition. with 68 km to go the breakaway goal were holding
just over a minutes advantage but this would be the point where a fairly easy if stage
started to become difficult for many GC contenders Luke Rowe the master of the crosswinds put
the hammer down ably assisted by Marcus Burghardt of Bora Hansgrohe, King of the mountains leader
Tim Wellens and FDJ’s Sebastien Reichenbach were among those riders caught out while in
the breakaway group Schar was trying to encourage his breakaway companions to keep pressing
on EF Education First came to the front and put the Hammer down led by Simon Clark Inside 38 to go and thepeloton was starting
to splinter, behind George Bennett of Jumbo Visma trying to come back from picking up
bottles, but the yellow jersey himself came through to the front and this move would be
the catalyst that would spell disaster from many of the GC contenders in this years Tour
de France. At the front Aliphilippe, Thomas, Sagan, Quintana,
Dan Martin among others were putting time into Richie Porte Jacob Fuuglesang and Frenchman
Thibault Pinot who had gone into the stage in third overall. George Bennett was the man that was it really
losing time you was cutting a lonely furrow out on his own at 1:51 Aleksei Lutsenko had brought to the Porte
group to within 12 seconds but this would be as close as they got. As they went within the final 10 km of the
stage with many of the sprinters making the front great they put the hammer down and Thibault
Pino was now losing over a minute. Team Sunweb came to the front to try and lead
out for Michael Matthews, with Caleb Ewen and Sonny Colbrelli both close to the front
and gaining time, As they came into the finish it was still Sunweb on the front but it would
be Wout Van Aert of Jumbo Vismawho came through with Ellia Viviani on his wheel with Wout
having the power to hold off the Italian and in his first Tour de France took his first
victory. A phenomenal sprint there by Wout Van Aert
who just had the power to hold off the fast finishing Italian, it would be a one minute
and 40 seconds lost and even more of a disaster for Mikel Landa behind losing over two minutes He is Wout of this world is the cyclocross
sensation who takes his first Tour de France stage with Viviani and Caleb Ewen finishing
second and third Matthews, Sagan Phillipsen, Colbrelli, Trentin, Naesen and Van Avermaet
make up your top 10. Julian Alaphilippe looking good in the Maillot
Jaune as he now leads Geraint Thomas by a minute and 12 seconds with Egan Bernal at
1:16 Kruijswick, Mas, Yates, Quintana, Martin and Pino all winners on a stage that could
spell disaster from any favourites of this years race. After a welcome rest day the riders are back
on the road for stage 11 167 km from Albie to Toulouse just one category three one cat
four climb along the route and Intermediate sprint at 87 km covered, looking at the stage
profile it could be a day for the sprinters. keep up-to-date with all the action here on
GCN racing.

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  1. Amendment: Thibaut Pinot of course was in the second group on the road and dropped to 10th. Would you rather win a stage of the Tour or the World Cyclocross Championships?

  2. The only reason that happened to Bennett is because his team sent him to get bottles. The best placed of their riders. Sent him for bottles. I can't believe this team, the same way they ruined Roglič's Giro.

  3. thank you GCN for the highlights, would it be too much to ask for a summary of the jersey's competition, not just the GC's? Thanks!

  4. Surely that EF train at 2:42 was chasing the front group after the gap had already been established. Uran ended up on the second group with Pinot and all of the other EF riders finished in the last group.

  5. Can you guys please send your mates over at GCN Italia a little voice message on how to pronounce Caleb Ewan, they (along with every other professional Italian commentator) are butchering not only his first but also his surname as well! I tried leaving a comment with a phonetic pronunciation to no avail.

  6. Natu 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥🥰🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷keep pushing bruh l won't you to win stage bruh

  7. great to see u natnael brhane
    you are the winer
    lm proud you
    you are excellent
    keep it up
    and God bless you
    he is from eritrean country

  8. Genuinely can't overstate how good these are.

    Brilliant footage and really professional recaps, significantly better than the Eurosport ones I've previously relied on when I miss a stage.

  9. GCN. Question. First rest stage tomorrow. Take an educated guess! Where would Froome be placed now if he was riding?

  10. Pronunciation of Tiesj Benoot.
    Tiesj sounds like sheesh, so 'Teesh'
    Benoot: oot is pronounced like oat, 'Benoat'

  11. One of the reasons I really like the GCN highlight compilations – apart from the fact that I understand what happened, contrary to most other shorts – it's the creative name mangling. In this aspect, Simon has been a letdown the last couple of days. So I'm really happy that Marty proves a fierce competitor for Dan. The naming of the four "coats" that were crossed today – worthy of an anthology. This makes your shorts interesting and fun to watch.

  12. After putting the hammer down so much glad to see van Aert NAILED IT
    All kidding aside GCN great highlights!

  13. it is obvious this guy has no idea what he is talking about and is clearly reading a script. He has not idea what he is talking about.He might as well be talking about the Women's curling match in Siberia.

  14. Natnael Brhane🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷

  15. Jumbo Visma are the undisputable winners of the first part of this Tour de France. Let's see how they perform in the mountains. Ineos leaders are ideally placed, provided that Alaphilippe doesn't crack too soon. Yates and Quitana are already far back even before the ITT. Ideal scenario!

  16. Out of the country for a few days and no Wifi even. Nice to get these and catch up with out the previous pain one endured chasing highlights over the years. Thks again.

  17. Another great recap. Good pushing up today. The sprint was every man for himself. And the last town/river shot in France was wonderful.

  18. Thanks guys for the daily updates. I travelling overseas at the moment so can't get access to Eurosport unfortunately. Your updates just hit the mark . The editing and commentary are spot on.

  19. Great to see how eager Steven Kruijswijk looks forward to watch how his teammate is doing, and joins the celebration!

  20. to late to sprint by elia viviane. no rooms enough to the finish line. if the finish line will more longer maybe viviane.

  21. WOUT!!!!
    VAN !!!
    I watched late today because I was busy during the live broadcast
    HOW ABOUT WOUT ??!!??
    That was an INSANE stage
    I’m so happy with these results through ten stages
    Vive La CXFACTOR!!!!

  22. I thoroughly enjoy and respect what you do GCN. For this segment, I think it does not really show or explain the mere moments that made all the difference in this stage that should have been boring, but ended-up considerably shaping the GC. Tour de France, heroic riders, what a show!

  23. Disappointing tour so far for the Aussies. Porte out of contention and the Aussie sprinters having a series of near misses.

  24. "He is Wout of this world"

    That is a nice double play on his name, was that the intention?
    "(W) out of this world" is the more obvious one.
    But is his Dutch that good that it also was a play on his name.
    Van Aert, is old fashioned for van aarde which means "of (or from) the earth" (or world).

  25. I am rather delighted that this presenter has chosen to drop his England boxing match style voice for these recaps.   He speaks almost normally now.  Simon and Dan do it better.  Matt might do it the best.  Yet, if you are listening GCN genies. i imagine many viewers will prefer a normal voice.  This guy is trying to get there.. Please encourage him.  I feel no one who watches you needs excessive intonations to see the important bits.

  26. The photo finish of Stage 10 shows how important a well timed and executed bike throw can be. Wout van Aert's bike is 6" ahead of Elia Viviani's as they cross the line, but his body is actually behind Viviani's by a few inches, with his center of gravity much farther back on his bike than Viviani's. What total talent!

  27. Anyone see tour 9 highlights at the end – team mate handing an open can of drink to the rider and trying to put it in his jersey. That was his dope collection ! I guess there all still doing it. At least it’s even.

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