Top important Christian saints

Top important Christian saints

The saints are people who in life, performed
many charitable works and miracles. By their merits and their high spiritual level,
it is believed that many of them reached an enlightened state. The Catholic Church has about 7,000 of them,
declared saints by the high ranks of that religious community, in a process they call
canonization. Let’s see “The most famous Saints in the world”: San Francis of Asis
Some ancient writings assert that this Italian man could talk to animals and had special
dominion over wild beasts. He was a very austere person and had a fairly
simple lifestyle. He experienced the stigmata throughout his
life and died a victim of the constant bleeding of the wounds, which he said were divine signs. He was the founder of the Franciscan Order. Saint Anthony of Padua
He was a priest belonging to the Franciscan order. He is also known as “the doctor of the church”. In life he performed innumerable miracles. It is believed that he could communicate with
animals and is “the patron of lost causes”. His canonization was “the second fastest in
history”: 300 days after his death. Santa Marta of Betania
She was a woman believed to have given Jesus lodging. She is venerated by thousands of housewives,
domestic servants and hoteliers, all over the world, and by several religious communities. Her commemoration day in Catholicism is the
29 of July. Santa Teresa of Jesus
She was a nun who founded the Order of Discalced Carmelites. In 1970, she was proclaimed “Doctor of the
Catholic Church”. She was noted for her writing skills and for
the mystique with which she executed all his works. She was canonized on the 12 of March of 1622. San Ignacio of Loyola
He was a nobleman of Spanish origin, and a fervent believer in the Catholic Church. He founded the Society of Jesus in 1534 and
was one of the most influential people in the sixteenth century. He was canonized on March 12, 1622. He is also venerated by the Anglican Church. Santa María Magdalena
She was a woman known to be one of Jesus’ disciples. Many claimed that she was a prostitute, but
according to some historical sources, she was a devout woman who learned the spiritual
teachings along with the apostles, and there are even apocryphal texts that indicate that
she was the very wife of Jesus Christ. Her party is celebrated on July 22. Saint Thomas of Aquino
He was a theologian and philosopher of Italian origin, who has been one of the highest representatives
of theological postulates worldwide. He is also known as “Angelical Doctor”. He was canonized on July 18, 1323. He is one of the saints who is most sought
after in the period of school exams. Saint Juan Bosco
He was a priest, teacher and writer of Italian origin, who in life did many works for the
welfare of thousands of young people in his native country. He founded the Salesian Congregation and the
Association of Mary Help of Christians. He was canonized on April 1, 1934. His work at the social front lasted through
time, and his legacy remains intact.  
The Virgin Mary She is one of the most important figures of
Catholicism. Her origin is not known, but she is worshiped
by different religions throughout the planet, and there are hundreds of manifestations of
this feminine figure who gave life to Jesus and is called “The Divine Mother of God”.

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  1. Saint Francis of Asis? Gawd you guys if you people at tutovarieties can't program your robot voices to pronounce the name properly, don't bother doing the video. His name is Saint Francis of ASSISI. How disrespectful can you get!!!

  2. We Catholis know the origin of the bless mother of god. The immaculate conception. And our lord didn't have a wife. What a heresy

  3. Terrible robot voice… please redo with a real human being… especially hoping for someone who knows what syLLAble to emPHAsize… yikes..

  4. there is also saint charbel from lebanon he have the most miracles in the world he have so many miracles more than any saint🙏🙏

  5. This not entirely Catholics we are able sift through this and know what is true and false. Jesus did NOT have a wife. Mother Mary was born by two human beings Anne and Joachim. We pray for who ever produced this video to get enlightened.

  6. Saint Teresa of Jesus didn't found the Carmelites she reformed the order. We know the origins of the Virgin Mary its called the Immaculate Conception is the conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary free from original sin by virtue of the merits of her son Jesus Christ. tutovarieties if you going to a video on the Saints of the Catholic Church you need to get your facts straight before you post your video.

  7. Saints is not a god
    The Holy Bible says you should not make a statue in my image it should not be worshiped the Bible says that idolaters will go to Hell

    Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven

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