Top 6 Worst Religious Cartoons

Top 6 Worst Religious Cartoons

Well, here we go. When cartoons have a religious agenda, This could often result in a flaming, catastrophic, citywide disaster that can be seen from space. The cartoons might be transparently manipulative, void of any plot or just plain nonsensical! So let’s check out the top 6 worst religious cartoons. And if these cartoons do mean something to you personally, that’s great! It’s just my silly personal opinion, and I’m glad you can enjoy these cartoons. Anyway, let’s do this countdown. The tales of “Jot”. In a twisted, contorted universe of eternal darkness comes a white circle. And this white circle is going to… teach you about God! Okay, to start with, it’s nearly impossible to even hear what these dots are saying! Because Jots’ bagpipe theme song is constantly blaring on in the background! Also, the animation makes it look more like a dental hygiene cartoon. I keep expecting a giant toothbrush to come out and start attacking these things. Jot is pretty bare-bones really. It teaches kids about being…obedient to their respective religious figures and not questioning them. Because literally God forbid that you question what you’re taught. And always making time for worship on Sundays, But at the same time, sometimes it forgets about its little religious undertone and just starts getting trippy. Jot is at the start of the list though, because the voice acting is… almost possible. By the standards of a religious kids cartoon anyway. Jot is a bad cartoon. God strike me down if I’m wrong! Are you going to do that every time I review one of these? And for number five… Dorbees. You might remember this unsightly scourge upon humanity from the ugliest cartoons list. Well to top it all off, it turns out this deformed abomination is also a religious cartoon. In fact, some speculate it was trying to cash in on the Veggietales craze at the time and failed spectacularly! But you know what despite Dorbees eye-bleeding trainwreck animation, the message is actually… kind of subtle. It actually doesn’t bludgeon you over the head with it’s god worshiping moral like a sledgehammer. Maybe my standards have dropped dramatically through the toilet, but at least the creators were trying to put something together with some artistic thoughts and a real plot. I mean, I still can’t figure out the story beyond two kids wagging school to go to a spooky house. But at least it was original. At least every single song doesn’t have to do with worshiping Jesus. If Dorbees wasn’t among the ugliest animation of all time, then I would actually call this an okay religious cartoon. And the 4th worst religious cartoon is… Donkey Ollie. AKA: The Evil Donkey Show! The first thing you may notice is that the donkey looks like something out of a David Lynch movie with a frightening uncanny distorted horror face. And the voice acting is that special level of broken where there’s zero chance of identifying the gender! Yet alone the emotion of the character. Not a SINGLE part of that inflection was correct. The Evil Donkey Show was apparently based on the new testaments, but they seemed to have just skipped straight to Revelations, as all these creatures look far more like Satan’s minions! Even Jesus looks like his forehead has been squashed by a monster truck! This deformed 3D toilet swirl is almost making me pine for the days of animated mockbuster’s! And now that the kids are visually horrified, the creators decided to put on an endless loop of annoying cheesy sing-a-longs just to make sure every student is begging to return to their classroom! Oh, thank God at last… I didn’t know I’ve been waiting for Farmer Johnny though until I saw it, but here it is! Farmer John’s Corner! Truly it is an amazing magnificent masterpiece! There is no light without Farmer John! Admittedly this live-action skit is more entertaining than the actual show. Donkey Ollie has badly written songs, annoying voice acting, it’s just plain ugly! Well, look at it! It is! And the 3rd worst religious cartoon is… Ewe Know. Well the message is slightly more subtle this time, but the singing in the intro still sounds like broken bagpipe torture being blared into your ears. This intro is so… annoying, it ALMOST fits into Angela Anaconda territory! Like most religious cartoons, the animation looks like someone sneezed onto a paper with animation simple enough to make 12 ounce mouse look highly colorful, stylized, and thoughtful. At least it was secular and wasn’t trying to shove morals down our throats all the time. And to top it off, it’s boring as sin! I could not make it for a full 25 minute episode without having to stop and look at the paint drying for a few minutes to entertain myself. At least there’s some progress with paint drying! At least we know it’s leading to a dry wall! The story is basically that the sheep often stray from their path, but the great shepherd rescues them and teaches them valuable lessons, and it is every bit as “fascinating” as it sounds. Ewe Know is simply a poorly animated, badly sung, land mess of animation that happens to top off is Gargantuan pile with religious messages! Not that there’s anything wrong with religious messages… And the second worst religious cartoon is… Booples. No, not you Boo. Boo-PLES. Found on good old GodTube. What, you didn’t know about GodTube? I can’t make this stuff up! There is actually a religious Youtube site named GodTube! And these… VOICES. These voices are so cataclysmically tragically awful, that they make every high-pitched zero budget English anime dubs sound SUPREME by comparison! Just listen to this line delivery! What even WAS that??? I’ve heard Filipino call centers with a firmer grasp with the English language than that! He sounded more like he was leaning over a toilet puking than delivering a line. I mean, what is this? What even is this??? You heard it right folks! David focked Goliath. Everything about it, everything about Booples, the graphics, the sound, the content! EVERYTHING is of such abysmal quality that I just don’t know how to stick my expectations any lower! I’ve been far more intellectually stimulated by Barney episodes! I long for the day of Barney episodes! At least that was trying to teach morals creatively without a religious propaganda behind it. They even made a freaking MERCHANDISE line for these Boople things. That means that at least one person in the world is actually willing to pay real money to watch these 2 cent flash animations! The unbelievable laziness of the drawing! “We can’t be bothered to animate them standing, so let’s just stick them in their walking animation!” “No one will notice right?” “Then we can just stick a black circle where their lips are to indicate they’re talking!” BRILLIANT! Someone fire these people! Booples manages to feel both unbelievably lazy and unbelievably exploited at the same time! And before we get to number one, just a couple of quick honorable mentions. Veggie Tales. Veggie Tales is just hard to comment on. It’s slightly more subtle with its religious propaganda and some of the episodes don’t even discuss religion. They sometimes parody other aspects of popular culture like Batman. I was never a fan of the CG style, but this show does have a steady cult following. Davey and Goliath. This is also an honorable mention because I actually found this cartoon FAR too decent quality to be on the list. The voice acting is surprisingly tolerable for a religious cartoon! And the morals aren’t shoved down your throat like every single other religious cartoon. Cherub Wings. Remember don’t just teach kids religion, but give them nightmares too from your Dark evil discombobulated CG! And with those said, here we go. And without a doubt the number one lowest religious cartoon is… The Animated Adventures of… Bibleman. No, I’m not making that name up! Someone out there actually decided to name their cartoon Bibleman! Imagine if Captain Planet somehow became 500% cheesier and even more hand fisted with its message. Our hero… …Bibleman has one goal, to lead kids to Jesus. His weapon, “The Word of God”. It looks like a sword to me, but the show claims this pointy metal thing is “The Word of God”, so I don’t know let’s just run with it! Never before has a studio failed so badly to appeal to the young hip crowd. Our hero Bibleman is joined in his fight to convert children to Jesus by Biblegirl and together they make Bible Team. Ugh… How could one person be this out of touch with reality? Did the creator of this show EVER talk to someone under the age of 40? Did no one in production ever have the politeness to say to them, “This is a stupidest idea for a cartoon ever”? But the evil Dr. Fear attacks our heroes with “The Dreaded Science” in order to get the kids to… …question their faith! And Dr. Fear is joined by the devious Baroness! Her goal is to get kids to debate among friends and family about God. Oh, no! anything but debate… And most terrifying of all, the evil Master of Maybe! This devious villains goal is to make kids… question and doubt their faith in the gospel! Oh, no! I’ve got to be honest. I have never so much wanted the villains to win in a cartoon! The Animated Adventures of Bibleman is the most dim-witted, transparently manipulative, idiotic garbage the kids have ever been fed. I don’t care if Booples is lazy! Even it wasn’t this intent on twisting a child’s mind! I consider The Animated Adventures of Bibleman the #1 worst Religious Cartoon! But as long as they’re not forcing it upon others, I think a person should be allowed to believe whatever they want to. While I’m not a religious person myself, I think kids should always question their world, question what they’re being told, and try to come to their own conclusions. But if a child understands to give gender behind these cartoons and can still enjoy them, I’m glad they can get some joy out of these. Do you think I missed a particularly bad religious cartoon? These cartoons can be pretty tough to find. But if you know of one I missed, feel free to leave it in the comments! And as always, thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time! Subtitles Created By: Igorio Mazzi

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  1. Children should be taught that they are allowed to question faith, completely agreeing with religion means that you trust it too much and your relationship with it hasn’t been strengthened enough. This is true with ANY religion, as far as I’m concerned, but especially Christianity

  2. whooooos daaaaa greatest dorby in the world whos loved by every boy and girl and yak… its mr poe!

    i remember hearing about dorbys on sabersparks gathers pond video

  3. 1:02 Look at the Looney Tunes animation! It looks like he’s doing something just like the Road Runner! Meep-meep!

  4. I’ll bet most of these low-grade Christian shows were made by the kind of bible-thumpers that Stephen King likes to villainize and/or kill in his stories!

  5. So Mr PhantomStrider, you say that you think people should question their religious practices, and think about what they are being taught?
    Well, as a practicing Catholic, I…


  6. why does bible-man look like Hawk Moth if he changed his evil ways and decided to become a full on mormon while turning his miraculous into his cross sword

  7. "Ok we have Bibleman's arch nemesis now" says an idiotic worker. shows picture of a rainbow person "yeah he's called evil gay person."

  8. From what I've seen, Superbook (2011) is a pretty good religious cartoon. It has good characters and plots and id better than what I thought it was going to be. I think that's how a religious cartoon should be. It can have a religious purpose, but it still has to be enjoyable.

  9. for gods sake im catholic and ive never heard of a show called "bibleman" that cartoon is so bad it should be a sin its self

  10. ok i agree that most if not all of these are really bad but i really cants see anything wrong with teaching kids morals like dont steal and you get the point

  11. see the original bibleman, its corny but its good heres the link:

  12. I am a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints! What is your religion?😀

  13. You are going to hell for putting veggietales here and yes i know it is a honorable mention but he's acting like veggietales is awful

  14. I know this video is old but, You forget the Jehovah's Witness Cartoons. Teaching kids like Shame Children of LGBT Parents, Magic bad and so forth.

  15. Why are all of these Christian?
    Their are other religions that make horrible cartoons!
    Example: the Jewish cartoon called "queen of Persia" (yes you read that right!) About Purim, and others made by the same studio

  16. The live action Bibleman was a little silly, but was enjoyable to me as a kid….. I merely saw a snippet of the new animated one in a bookstore and knew it was garbage in comparison, so you're totally on point with that one!

  17. every time i went to bible school/church, we would always watch veggietales and i didn't even know it what a religious show until this video

  18. Would it kill them to do good animation. Like it doesn't have to be tons of images per second (I don't mind flash animation as long as its somewhat pretty), but something that doesn't have bizarre sound effects and doesn't look creepy and lazy.

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  20. I haven’t fact checked this yet, but apparently VeggieTales was originally Jewish, but then purchased and marketed as a Christian platform. I mean, not once in any show do they talk about Jesus or any story from the New Testament. And I may have grown towards a more atheist and secular viewpoint with life, veggietales will always hold a place in my heart. It was entertaining and catchy,, I hardly remember any religious aspects, just some veggies

  21. ehhh the only problem I really see with Bibleman as a character, is that he uses bible verses constantly and that somehow works? Here's a better bibleman plot. So satan's demon rise up from Hell and Bibleman is an angel sent down by God disguised as a superhero to protect the innocent. That would be waaay better.

  22. 8:47 "I was never a fan of the CG style"
    well if it helps to know, VeggieTales had an excuse, at least when it first started. It was actually the first direct-to-video series to be entirely animated in CG, and one of the earliest CG animated series period (coming out in 1993). Big Idea were basically pioneers in that area – not to mention their small budget at the beginning – so you can't really fault them if VeggieTales didn't look like, say, Toy Story. And hey, at least it's animated better than Dorbees or Elf Bowling.

    Also re Bibleman: I won't lie, I wouldn't mind a Bibleman episode where Larryboy makes a cameo and uses his plunger ears to beat the shit out of Bibleman

  23. Jesus Christ, I need to see how horrible Bibleman is, it looks even cheesier than the Captain Bible game (look that up), and shows like that are a reason Veggietales was created, as a Christian response/answer to all those cheesy Christian shows from back then. Speaking of Veggietales, it was actually good, I still love that show, its movies, think it's really good and a proper example to do a religious show, and grew up with it along with other shows I enjoyed like The Beginner's Bible, The Storykeepers, an animated story of the history of Saint Nicholas, and Davey and Goliath's good in my eyes too. I say a good/proper religious cartoon, or one with religious themes, is one that can appeal to Christians and atheists or something, that doesn't make it so non-Christians feel unwelcome.

    I also saw part of Cherub Wings and whilst I thought it was fine at the time, good God, has the CGI aged poorly. 8(

  24. Rewatching some of your older videos and it made me think of an interesting factoid. Apparently, back when Pixar was making Toy Story, they called up the Veggie Tales creators and had them consult. So, even if you don't care for the show, you can respect the impact it had on your childhood, even indirectly.

  25. "I have never so much wanted the villains to win in a cartoon!" I felt the same when I found out about the Teen Titans Go episode where Control Freak plans to get the show cancelled.

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