Top 3 49ers News (Week 8/22/19) Bosa, Buckner and Garoppolo

Top 3 49ers News (Week 8/22/19) Bosa, Buckner and Garoppolo

Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today, going to be
talking about the San Francisco 49ers as always. Doing another Top 3 video.
This time, talking about the biggest news for the 49ers for week of August 22nd,
2019. Some big ones I would say. There’s some status updates for like Garoppolo
for the preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs. You got Nick Bosa.
His timetable to return for week one against the Tampa Bay Bucs. John Lynch
has made a statement saying he might comeback, he might not comeback.
I’ll talk about that in a second. Hopefully you guys do enjoy this video as much
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Niner Faithfuls. Let’s just get this video started. Top 3 news for the 49ers of
August 22nd, 2019. Number three, the status of Nick Bosa for week one. John Lynch
has stated that Bosa will be a 50-50 chance of coming back for this game
against the Tampa Bay Bucs, which is not very encouraging to be honest with you.
He’ll probably end up playing, but at the same time, to say it’ll be a 50/50 chance?
I don’t know. That this just doesn’t sound good or maybe they’re trying to
lie to the Tampa Bay Bucs and not give them any intel information about Bosa
playing or not, but still. To have an injury history like him. To not be able
to play the whole preseason game at all, I think that’s a pretty disappointing
and pretty concerning in my opinion. Is this guy going to be an injury prone player,
which I hope we don’t have really because the 49ers we’ve had a lot of
problems with that. I don’t want to use people as injury prone yet because he
hasn’t really gotten hurt in a real NFL game, but hopefully everything can be
alright come regular season and Bosa can stay as healthy as possible. As of right
now, it is a 50/50 chance. Dee Ford, he’s not going to be playing the preseason and also, he should be ready by week 1. There’s no restrictions or anything like that
after the preseason. Don’t want to risk any injuries like that. I can understand
why they wouldn’t want to play him. I think he’s like a finger injury from
what I recall during practice in training camp. A little bit concerning,
but at the same time, I think he’ll be okay
coming into the 2019 regular season. This is coming from All
the links for all the things I talk about will be in link in the
description below if you want to take a look at the articles, but here to do a
quick summary for you guys on the biggest news. So far Bosa, 50-50 chance come regular season and hopefully he does play which I think he will.
Number two, DeForest Buckner’s motivation. I’m talking about him being snubbed from
the Top 100 players list that came out this past summer. I don’t know how you get 12
sacks, be one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL, make a Pro Bowl
appearance and can’t make the Top 100 list. That’s pretty disappointing and
pretty upsetting to be honest with you. That just shows some of the players they
don’t know what they’re talking about when they’re making this list because
this is compiled by players. It’s not by fans, coaches or anything like that. This
is by players alone and I don’t know. It looks pretty controversial in my opinion,
but every year, it’s not really a good list of be honest with you. It’s not
really anything to go by, but I mean to not make an appearance at all in the Top
100 list? That’s just a disservice to him in my opinion and I’m pretty sure he
has a lot of motivation coming into the season to prove people wrong. He’s going to
be using this motivation. I can’t wait to see what he does in the regular season.
Rich Scangarello, our former offensive quarterbacks coach now the offensive
coordinator for the Broncos, he was giving the Broncos offense some trouble in
terms of the offensive line and what-have-you. He’s a very disruptive
force and he has a lot of help coming in to the 2019 campaign with Nick Bosa, Kentavius Street, Arik Armstead hopefully he’s better, Solomon Thomas he’s looking
pretty good so far in the preseason and Dee Ford. He should have a lot of beneficial
help and he’ll get even better this year than he did last year in my opinion. A
lot of great things for Buckner and hopefully he uses this Top 100 list,
which is a pretty dumb list in my opinion to as motivation to be better
and hopefully be an All-Pro this year. The biggest news for August 22nd 2019
for the 49ers is Jimmy Garoppolo status against the Kansas City Chiefs this
Saturday. Alright, so Kyle Shanahan has stated that Garoppolo is slated to
play one half of a game this preseason game this Saturday, which is kind of
surprising to be honest with you just because of the fact that I don’t know. I
mean you play as a series or two. Maybe a quarter, but to play a full half? I think
that’s kind of crazy right there. It’s really dangerous and we know what
happened last year with Garoppolo when he tore his ACL. He was playing the Kansas
City Chiefs. So hopefully everything goes well. This could be good and bad for
Garoppolo in my opinion. It can be mostly good barring any injury problems or
anything like that, but for the most part, I think he needs a little bit more reps
during the preseason just to get the football rust out of his system and
what-have-you because the game against the Broncos? I thought was just complete
football rust. He hadn’t played since week three against the Chiefs last year.
Coming back to that, to getting bull rushed by Bradley Chubb and company
and throwing an interception. Needs a little bit more practice during regular real
season games I guess you want to call it. I know it’s the preseason. They don’t count, but
to play in a real opponent that’s going to hit you a little bit, I think this is a very
good opportunity for Garoppolo just to get back into football shape and
hopefully get ready for the regular season. So I understand what Kyle Shanahan is coming from, but I think a full half is a little overkill in my opinion.
Hopefully they just do one quarter and then call it a day.
15 minutes, I think it’s enough time to see where your quarterback is
standing coming into the regular season. That’s just me, but Shanahan so far
looking like he’s going to play a first half, but you never know. Subject to change.
As of this article, they’re saying that he’s going to play for
a full half just to get him into football shape. Hopefully minimize the
turnovers and what have you. That was the only concern that he had for the
Broncos game was throwing that one interception. That’s it guys. Biggest news
for the 49ers this week. A lot of injury updates. A lot of Garoppolo stuff
going on for the 49ers this past week. Hopefully you guys did enjoy this.
Please let me know any reactions to these news. I’d like to hear what you guys
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Bye guys. Love y’all. Y’all have a great rest of your night. Go Niners all day!

11 Replies to “Top 3 49ers News (Week 8/22/19) Bosa, Buckner and Garoppolo”

  1. Let's hope Jimmy G stays healthy in this game against the Chiefs and the rest of the guys stay healthy this season.

  2. Need Thomas Goodwin Vernett Samuels one the safeties the. Whole o line protect Jimmy G to have good year don't need the cornerback opposite of Sherman to be weak need a great year for the whole defense for the 49ers to go 11-5 go niners

  3. Is there anyone out there cares about Verret updates and timetables? For a while it was Bosa Bosa until we finally got one report on Ford and Richburg.

  4. Great pod. I just want Jimmy G to stay healthy and for him to gain that confidence back. Bosa should be ready for week 1.

  5. Good job DB. Hopefully Jimmy G throws 2td's quiets the haters and is out by the 2nd quarter. But realistically as long as he works off some rust and does not get hurt we are all ok.

  6. Not going to get to excited about pre-season games, lose or win..or even the first two or three games of the season for that matter. When they get ALL their starters playing..THEN we will see where the team is at…playoff contender or just another 're-building year'

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