Top 3 49ers News (Preseason vs Chargers, Injuries, Roster Cuts)

Top 3 49ers News (Preseason vs Chargers, Injuries, Roster Cuts)

Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today, going to be
talking about the San Francisco 49ers as always. Doing another Top 3 video.
This time, talking about the biggest news for the 49ers of August 30th, 2019.
Going to be talking about the preseason game against the Chargers just a little bit,
although I didn’t really watch too much of it just because of the fact one, Jimmy
wasn’t playing, but two, last preseason game. You know it’s not really the
biggest difference. This is more of a people that are really trying to make
the last final stand on the roster bubble. I had to go to work very early on
today on Friday. So it didn’t really have time to watch the game at 10:00 p.m.
Eastern time. That was really late for me. Didn’t get a chance to watch it, but
hey. I did follow it a little bit. I’ll talk about that in a second. Some transaction moves. Some injury updates, all that cool stuff. Going to be talking about it
right here, right now. Apologize for not having a video out on Thursday, but I got
a video out pretty much every day until next Friday. From Friday today all the
way to the next Friday, going to be talking about some final predictions this
weekend and then Monday to Friday, going to be talking all about the 49ers and Tampa
Bay Buccaneers game, week one. Should be an exciting time. Hopefully you guys are with me.
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we’re all good. We can talk about some actual stuff for regular season ball. Yep
that’s it guys. Let’s get this video started. Top 3 news for the 49ers of
August 30, 2019. Number three, the preseason game against the
LA Chargers. Yesterday did not have an opportunity to watch this game. Heard
some things that happened. Jeff Wilson Jr. was probably the biggest star of this
game. He’s really making his case to make this roster. In my prediction video,
I did not have him making this team just because of the fact there was a lot of
players that I thought were really deserving of the spot, but it’s looking like
a lot of players are going to be on IR this year. So far you got Kentavius Street, Jerick McKinnon. I’ll talk about them in a second. Wilson he is giving the 49ers
coaching staff I think a little bit of time to think about what’s going on.
Hopefully they’re thinking about it right here, right now as of this video to
give him a roster spot because he’s done a really good job this year. Making a big
leap from the regular season 2018 to preseason 2019. I know it’s only
preseason, but very promising and also, he has a lot of help if he’s going to be on
this team come week one. You got Tevin Coleman, Matt Breida, Raheem Mostert, Kyle Juszczyk. Also you have a pretty good talented quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo.
Receivers, offensive line, looking like a really good run
blocking line. That’s very beneficial to him. I expect him to make a big leap if
he does make this roster in 2019, which I believe he can. Also some other things.
Backup quarterback situation, I don’t know what’s going to be happening to them.
They both will be making the roster I think. I don’t think Beathard or Mullens are going to be cut, especially Mullens. I mean who would cut that guy?
He’s freaking amazing. Beathard, I don’t know yet. I’m pretty sure he’s going to be on this
roster just because of the injury history of our quarterback. Got to keep him on this team,
but who’s going to be the definitive backup? For me, it’ll be Mullens. I’m
pretty sure all you guys would say Mullens, but you know how Kyle Shanahan is. He has a big heart for Beathard just because he drafted him in the third round in
2017. We’ll see what happens, but other than that, nothing too crazy. Some injury
updates. I will be talking about that probably right here and right now.
Number two, injury updates for this team. Some guys that I’m going to be talking
about right now are like Jalen Hurd, Kentavius Street and Jerick McKinnon. First
off, let’s talk about Hurd. He looks questionable for the game against the
Bucs. Hopefully he can make an appearance if he’s fully healthy as much
as possible, but if he’s a no-go. If he’s not ready, then please do not start him
because I do not want lingering injuries happening for the Niners this year. That
would not be fun because that’s been happening for the past couple years. So
Hurd, don’t know yet, but he looks questionable as of this video. Street, big
fan of his. He had a pretty good showing in the preseason. They might send him on
IR apparently from a couple of days ago from all sources. That can open up for a
roster spot. Guys like Jeff Wilson can make it. Guys like Damontre Moore, the
defensive lineman, stuff like that. It’s a good opportunity if they put him on IR
to give another person a chance to make the roster. Also Jerick McKinnon, he looks like
he’s going to be on the IR list as well. Very disappointing. I mean I wanted to
see him play at least preseason or regular season, but he hasn’t had the
opportunity to play yet. We haven’t seen him play on television. He’s been
practicing a little bit during training camp and what have you, but during the
stuff that we can watch on television, he has not been able to make an appearance
yet. Kind of disappointing. Look like the 49ers, they might be regretting
their contract that they gave him a couple of years ago. It is what it is, but
luckily we have a good burning back rotation. So not too worried about that.
Some injury updates. Couple of people going on IR most likely. Hurd, I’m not
sure yet, but it looks pretty questionable according to the injury
report that will be coming out for the game against the Bucs. Number one, the
biggest news so far for the 49ers as of August 30th, 2019 is some roster
moves. They cut a couple of players to trim down for the 53 man roster.
There’s going to be more on Saturday, but for right now they made a couple of cuts
as of this article right here on They made nine cuts. I’m going to be
naming them right now. defensive lineman Jay Bromley, cornerback Chris Campbell,
defensive back Jordan Holland, cornerback Dontae Johnson. He’s getting cut. He played
for the 49ers as you all know a couple years ago, but they’re not going to keep him
under this regime with Kyle Shanahan and Robert Saleh. Offensive lineman Wesley
Johnson, tight end Tyree Mayfield, cornerback Quinten Rollins, running back
Brandon Wilds and tackle Sam Young. I thought Young was going to make this team. I
had him on my prediction list as more as a depth player, but hey. He’s not going to be
on this team. So got one player wrong so far for the roster cut. By tomorrow, we’ll
see what happens in terms of the rest of the players. For the most part I think I
got a pretty good idea on who’s going to be making the roster. Please watch my
prediction video. Other players that got cut, Malcolm Smith. That was probably the most
notable guy this whole week. Finally got cut. As much as I don’t want to see
players get cut, he just hasn’t been healthy. He hasn’t been playing well. Also
we got some very young players that could do really well. Elijah Lee and
Dre Greenlaw. They’ve shown a lot of promise. I think you go with the younger,
healthier guys than the veteran guy that’s been hurt all the time and pretty
much been a Super Bowl MVP fluke because after the Super Bowl MVP year with the
Seahawks, he hasn’t really done anything for either Oakland or San Francisco. Kind
of disappointing, but hey. It is what it is. You can’t do anything about that.
Smith if you’re watching this, I wish you the best of luck in wherever you go
next in your NFL career. Pretty much it you guys. Just wanted to talk about some
news right here. Tomorrow I’ll probably have a little update on the 53-man
roster. Also going to be doing some predictions for the offense and defense.
Just final statistics, final record predictions. All that cool stuff for this
weekend and then Monday through Friday, I’m going to be talking all about the 49ers and
Bucs game. I know having a lot of videos out for just one game, but regular season?
Very exciting time. I’m pretty sure you guys are excited as well. Going to get to it
this week. Yep that’s it guys. Any reactions to these news. Please let me
know in the comments below. If you guys like this, please “Like” and Subscribe.
That’s going to help me out a lot. I’ll be catching you guys are tomorrow on a Saturday.
I’ll see you all then. Bye guys. Love y’all. Y’all have a great rest of your
day/night. Go Niners all day!

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  1. Moore set up camp at the QB all preseason. He better make this team.
    I was a little surprised we cut Dontae Johnson after he balled out this preseason & with Verett hurt at #3 CB. Never liked Dontae but he also never looked so good.

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