Top 10 Best Hamilton Songs

Top 10 Best Hamilton Songs

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  1. Let’s make a chain!

    The lucky song is…………….

    NON – STOP

    I’ll start in the comments

  2. My list:
    1: guns and ships
    2: dear Theodorsia (It made me cry)
    3: Alexander hamilton
    4: helpless
    5: satisfied
    6: take a break
    7: its quite up town
    8: non-stop
    9: the world was wide enough
    10: the story of tonight (reprise)
    A lot more but only 10 for now

  3. Where is Guns and Ships?? Did anyone forget how amazing Lafayette rapped? I have to say no to this. Sorry.

  4. I just have to say, Aaron Burr was not the bad guy, when you think about it, it’s kind of Hamilton. Hamilton was kind of a bad guy. Please, prove me wrong

  5. why isn’t guns and ships here? not only do you have the amazing rapping, but also my favorite bit in the entire musical where washington sings the last bit it’s beautiful

    lol i thought i was the only one at first but apparently everyone else thinks it belongs here too

  6. Their not really in order
    1. Guns and ships
    2. History has its eyes on you
    3. Stay Alive
    4. Alexander Hamilton
    5. Right Hand Man
    6. Aron Burr sir
    7. My shot
    8. Room where it happened
    9. Yorktown
    10. Non stop

    Honorable mentions
    Meet me inside
    Your obedient servant
    The Adams Administration

  7. my list:

    10: all of them
    9: all of them
    8: all of them
    7: all of them
    6: all of them
    5: all of them
    4: all of them
    3: all of them
    2: philip’s rap from take a break
    1: we know

  8. Some of the best songs where towards the end and you cant change my mind my absolutw favorites are
    Ten things
    Stay alive
    Who lives who dies who tells you story
    Its quite uptown

  9. 10: Guns and Ships
    9: Guns and Ships
    8: Guns and Ships
    7: Guns and Ships
    6: Guns and Ships
    5: Guns and Ships

    4: Guns and Ships

    3: Guns and Ships
    2: Guns and Ships
    ( 0: AND PEGGY! )

  10. Jesus Christ this was GOOD!!! I usually watch your RPDR vids, but THIS this gave me chills. Fantastic work Lady!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾❤️

  11. You didn't even give It's Quiet Uptown or Who live, who dies, who tells your story a mention, and those are easily one of the most powerful emotional songs.

  12. Top 10 Hamilton songs:

    1. Every
    2. Single
    3. One
    4. Of
    5. The
    6. Songs
    7. Are
    8. Equally
    9. Amazing
    10. Wait For It

  13. i haven't watched this but from the comments apparently guns and ships didn't make it to the list sooooooooooo this list isn't valid thank you

  14. My list
    10: Right hand man
    8:The Election of 1800
    7:My Shot
    6:The Ten Dual commandments
    5:One last Time
    4:The world was wide enough
    3:Who lives,Who dies, Who tells your story
    2:Aaron Bur,Sir
    1:Alexander Hamilton

  15. I’m sorry but I gotta say I am non stop complaining that non stop is not on this list not even on honorable mentions

  16. 1 You
    2 Can’t
    3 Rank
    4 them
    5 they’re
    6 all
    7 amazing
    8 guns and ships
    9 satisfied
    10 who lives, who dies, who tells your story

  17. my list
    10: Everything
    9: Everything
    8: Everything
    7: Everything
    6: Everything
    5: Right Hand Man
    4: Stay Alive reprise
    3: Wait For It
    2: Yorktown (The world turned upside down

  18. How did I know which song was gonna be first?

    Edit: how did I comment this correctly before I even saw which one they picked?

  19. Y'all left off the sad ones…….. whyyyyyyy. Nothing beats Stay Alive Reprise, Its Quiet Uptown, The World Was Wide Enough, Who Lives Who Does Who Tells Your Story

  20. My top
    10:stay alive reprise
    7:election of 1800
    6:who lives who dies who tells your story
    5:the room where it happens
    4:one last time
    3:guns and ships
    1:wait for it

  21. the list was very good, but what I would change would be the first place "My Shot" could stay in second, and be 11 places, the first song should be "Who lives who dies who tells your story" because it is a very powerful song since it closes the musical, gives prominence to Eliza a very important character, and it is super moving, if you did not cry with her, are you human?

  22. When im at school and my teacher says, “Today we are going to lea n about Alexander Hamilton.” Friends: Oh No….. Me: starts singing every lyric to Alexander Hamilton

  23. My list:
    10. The election of 1800
    9. Alexander Hamilton
    8. Wait for it
    7. Dear theodosia
    6. The battle of yourktown
    5. What’d I miss
    4. The room where it happens
    3. Non-stop
    2. Satisfied
    1. YOU’LL BE BACK!
    Yeah, I know that I’m 2 years late. Don’t judge me.

  24. They are making fun of the people who can’t be/afford being in the room where it happens. I’m going to have to say no to this

    Yes I know I stole this don’t hate me

  25. #10- Alexander Hamilton
    #9- You'll Be back
    #8- The Election Of 1800
    #7- One Last Time
    #6- The Room Where It Happened
    #5- Helpless
    #4- Wait For It
    #3- The Schuyler Sisters
    #2- Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)
    #1- My Shot

    – Satisfied
    – Dear Theodosia
    – Non-Stop

  26. I’m sorry but obviously you were not in the room where it happened because you seemed to have thrown away your shot since you seem to have not put guns and ships on this list

  27. SO they had you'll be back and the schuyler sisters but not satisfied, guns and ships or who lives who dies who tells your story or that would be enough?

  28. No offense, but “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?” should have AT LEAST been an honorable mention😒

  29. Farmer Refuted is sooo underrated, at least in my opinion
    What is your favorite song (besides all of them) Comment!
    Mine is One Last Time or Wait for It but they are all amazing in their own way

  30. My top ten some songs I really like that didn’t make it are “Alexander Hamilton”, “I know him”, “my shot”, cabinet battle number one” my number eleven would be blow us all away
    10:guns and ships
    9:your obedient servant
    8:battle of Yorktown
    7:Aaron bur sir
    6:non stop(over listened to it but it’s still good)
    5:story of tonight reprise
    4:dear theodosia
    3:wait for it
    2:room where is happened
    1:what’d I miss

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