Todd White – There Is Hope in Jesus

Todd White – There Is Hope in Jesus

There is hope in Jesus – Todd White I got saved. I realized I needed to work. I mean, people were like, well yeah. Well you don’t understand. I didn’t know I was supposed to work. I thought that like I was just supposed to
have jobs to get money to buy drugs. Like that’s what I needed money for. So I manipulated, maneuvered, stole from everyone. And then when I got saved I realized I was
supposed to do a job and actually work. I mean there are people that are functional
addicts, I wasn’t. I was dysfunctional. I wasn’t a functional addict. There are people that can use drugs and use
alcohol. There are people that can use pornography
and function. They can keep it hidden and no one sees it,
and they can live kind of a nice life, and do pretty well. They can make a good living, and they can
have a family, and they can have a house. But they don’t have peace. I’ve met a lot of people that have a lot of
things and do a lot of things, people with planes, and jets, and buses. Like I’m talking a hundred thousand foot square
houses, kingdoms. They don’t have anything. But when I went and got my job I was so excited,
we didn’t have nothing. It took everything we had just to buy a pair
of boots for me to get a job. And on my first day of work, I went to work
for a pipe laying crew. I had no idea what I was doing, nothing. But I went and told ’em, I’m not working for
you I’m working for Jesus. And I immediately was labeled a lunatic. I’m not kidding. Like for real, right? They thought I was crazy. Even though, even though, like we’ll talk
about God, but it’s different… See talking about God and living the way that
Jesus has called us to live are two totally different things. You don’t get persecuted for talking about
God, and I mean if you do it’s really not much because if you’re not living it, it really
doesn’t matter. And you won’t talk about God too much to get
persecuted because you don’t have a relationship with Him. You can talk about Him and get persecuted
for it, and be careful and be quiet and put a basket on your head, and never share your
faith again because you got hurt by people. Or you can give your life, surrender completely,
be sold out and die to you, and life unto God and be changed to righteousness and have
your life be overwhelmed with what right standing with God looks like. [microphone falls]
Am I okay? Oh, this fell off. I’m not okay at all. Are you trying to tell me? It is? Totally wrong, sorry. [crowd laughing]
You guys alright? Sure? Because right now I’m lost. Look, now I’m found, okay. It’s alright. Am I online? See? Can you hear me now? Better. Let me start over, so…
[crowd laughs] But when I got saved I didn’t understand I
was supposed to work. I didn’t understand I was supposed to. Then all the sudden, bang, the lights turned
on. Like, like Jesus, Jesus did more than just
give us, like Easter holiday. This is the hardest time of the year for me
to preach. Because lots of people only come to church
on Christmas and Easter. My whole life that’s what I thought Christmas
and Easter was, just that one time I gotta go to church, be bummed out man, gosh. That’s stupid, like get done already, I want
to eat. I’m not kidding. Like come on man, people are here, there’s
this guy came wearing a microphone, got like a mop on the top, crying like a baby, gosh,
I need to eat. I thought, I thought that, I thought that
church was just this place where, where you would go a couple times a year and maybe not
really understand the guy at the front. And I just went to like appease people, just
to appease grandma, or whatever, just go, and yeah I’m here. I fall asleep, pass out, I’d get high before
service, I didn’t care. I had no idea. Man, I was a detriment to society, I was a
detriment to everybody, I hurt and destroyed everyone in my life. It was all about me. I hope you didn’t come here hoping to get
through just to get eat, cause we’re gonna be here for a while. I’m just kidding, I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I want to eat too. I went to work and I gotta job and, Brad was
one of the guys on my crew, he was the front-end loader. That was, that was thirteen years ago, man. Amazing, bro. Crazy, right? I remember telling everybody about Jesus,
and they were like, alright, cool. And Brad, you know what, always had a smile,
he always. He came and helped. And your mom and your dad loved Jesus, man. She owns that shop out in east York. But I remember, you remember Tony, I met Tony
the first day, and I’m like, Jesus loves you, he’s like, yeah, whatever. And he’s the funniest guy, and he’s like the
joker, the guy that makes everybody laugh. And I met my foreman and told him how amazing
Jesus was, he’s shut the blank up. And it wasn’t good, it was bad, he wasn’t
happy, he wasn’t excited. And for those of you that don’t remember the
story about Elwood, when I met Elwood, he hated me. I would tell him about Jesus, shut the blank
up! He’d scream at me, rage at me, man, he’d unload
on me. And all I could think about was, man, I see… See, the deal is this, is that when you share
your faith with somebody and they don’t see, they’re blind. It’s like going to somebody that really can’t
see and saying, how many fingers do I have up? And then you get mad when they can’t give
you the right answer. You know we live in a world and we’re supposed
to be the ones that see, but if you don’t see then you’re blind. And you’re leading the blind. And if the blind lead the blind both will
fall into a pit. And the only way that your eyes get opened
is that Jesus would come and possess your heart. He doesn’t just, it’s not just like, well
okay God, I’ll give you a little bit. It’s not that at all. You can’t just give God a little bit, you
give Him all or you give Him none. You’re either for Him, or you’re against Him. You either gather or you scatter. Like half-hearted Christianity, isn’t Christianity
at all. Because when you come to Jesus, He doesn’t
like, He doesn’t like come and fill your old heart. He doesn’t come and, He comes and gives you
a brand new one. He tears the old one out, He gives you a brand
new heart. And the thing is, is when you see that, when
you look in the mirror you don’t see who you used to be, you see who God says you are. See Jesus, I love this, I was reading it this
morning, it’s in Luke 24. And He, He was walking with the disciples,
He’s walking with these guys, and like He comes to them, and they don’t even know it’s
Him, He’s resurrected. And then Jesus is like, okay, and He opens
their minds to the scriptures. I was fascinated. I mean I’ve always been fascinated by the
fact that I’m reading something, and I’m like, oh my gosh, whoa, like God this is amazing! Wow! And I tell somebody and they’re like, yeah. But to me, ten seconds ago I would have said,
oh yeah, okay. But right now, cause God opened my heart,
and opened my understanding, I was like, oh my gosh, this is amazing! Crazy awesome! I don’t know if you remember, bro, but I would
sit in the, in the trench, on the end of the sewer pipe after we pulled and everything,
and you’re, you guys were tamping it out, and I’m sitting on the edge reading my bible. Every day, all day. Remember? You guys were like, ohhh you, you’re a lunatic,
you’re crazy, you’re gonna die, man. I would have my little fifty cent New Testament
because I lived my whole life, a lie. I lived my whole life, I lived a lie and I
didn’t have much money, but it was only fifty cents. Cause the little New Testament from the Christian
Life bookstore, and now it’s Lifeway, but I put duct tape all around the outside cause
it would fall apart. And I’m in the dirt, and I’m in the mud, and
I’m in the yuck, and I’m sitting on the edge of the pipe, and I’m like, God! Show me who you say I am! I don’t want to live like the world lives! I gave my life to you, don’t let me function
like the world functions! Let me be a light in the darkness. God if you show me who you are, I will blaze
an inferno everywhere I go. And nobody can talk me out of it. And nobody can reject me, cause I promise
you, people tried to reject me. Family tried to reject me, it doesn’t matter. I’m in love. You need to be in love. I’ve found something worth dying for, man. What you have, is it worth dying for? I’ve found something worth living for, but
I’ve found something worth dying for. For I can be possessed by the living God,
the one that created me. The one that created everything. And the bible says that I am fearfully and
wonderfully made. That God knit me inside of my mom’s womb. When I was in there, whether my mom was ready
for me or not, God was. And He knit me there, and He formed me there. And the [?] God, formed me, knit me, I didn’t
know that. Took me thirty-four years to find it out
Took me getting shot at. Man, who are you living for? And if you’re just here for Easter, who you
living for? Cause I guarantee if you’re living for you
it is not satisfying. It’s not helping you, it’s hurting you. Not just hurting you, it’s hurting others. Do you understand that everybody who you see,
it doesn’t matter who they are, they’re eternal? They’re either going to go to Heaven, or they’re
going to go to hell. Well, I don’t believe that, I believe this
world’s hell. That’s the only reason you believe that’s
because you don’t read your bible. Cause Jesus talked about hell more than anything,
and this is not a scare you cause you’re going to hell thing. It’s not about fear. See, an enemy threatens, threatens people
with hell. But a friend warns, because they don’t want
them to hurt, and they don’t want them to go. Like if you were going by someone’s house,
and that house was on fire, and you saw flames coming out the window, and you were driving
down a street. Which one of you, which one of you if you
saw a little three-year old or four-year old kid screaming in a window that’s, that’s within
arm’s reach, wouldn’t stop your car? Which one of you? All of us would, man! All of us! Oh my gosh, I gotta save the kid. Why? Cause the kid’s innocent. He’s innocent. Gotta get him out! Snatch him out of a burning building! If you knew that people’s buildings were burning,
wouldn’t you tell ’em? That’s what I’m telling ya! Your building’s burning, man! People’s buildings are on fire! Man, life’s not promised, it’s here today
and gone tomorrow, you are a whim, you’re a vapor. You’re here today and gone tomorrow. What are you going to do with the life that
God gave you? This isn’t religion. Religion can’t make you live unto God, religion
makes you live by rules and try to bind them around other people’s necks and then make
them twice the son of hell as you. That’s what religion does, that’s what Jesus
told the Pharisees. He says, you travel over land and sea to make
a convert just like you, and you make ’em twice as much a son of hell as you. Jesus told the religious leaders that. Because religion can’t save you, going to
a church building on Sunday can’t save you. That’s not what saves you from fire. Men, were burning now, we’re hurting here. We need a touch from Jesus. We need the gospel. We need the living flame to come inside, consume
us, and crisp us from inside out. I want to be convicted when I see somebody
that’s hurting. I’m going to tell you a testimony. Just a couple months ago, I’m going, I’m going
to a conference, I’m on my way, and I have to speak. I’m heading there. And all the sudden traffic’s locked up, and
I’m like, oh my gosh, like something’s really bad’s happened. I love to be on the scene of something bad
because I’ve got something better than good. I love to. So I get on the scene, and I get up there
and the guy comes over to my car cause I’m like what happened? He goes, stay away man, he’s gone, man. He’s gone. I said, what do you mean, he’s gone? Stay away man, don’t go near it, man, just
stay away, man. Just don’t go over there. I’m like, oh my God, are you kidding me, it’s
why I’m alive. I gotta go over there. And I ran up to the car, and it smells like
alcohol, and it’s horrible. Horrible. And it’s just one of so many. And I show up and I get there and all the
sudden there’s a guy that has hit the median, hit the side, hit the median and hit the side
again. And he flew out the passenger window, his
leg is locked in the steering wheel, and his face has hit the pavement on the other side
of the car. And he’s bleeding out everywhere. What are we going to do? He’s an alcoholic, he’s drunk, he’s drinking
and driving. So many people have so many issues with drinking
and driving they wouldn’t even go near that. Cause many just see, that’s what he’s gonna
deserve. That’s what he deserves. Man if you want what you deserve, go to hell. Cause none of us deserve Heaven, cause Jesus
paid a price to give us something that we didn’t deserve. Grace is getting something that you didn’t
deserve. But grace is also the ability that God gives
you to live like Jesus lived, to walk like Jesus walked. Not to claim glory to yourself, cause even
Jesus didn’t claim glory to himself. And I said, hey man, can you hear me? He’s gurgling up blood, and spitting out blood,
and his brain is, he’s just messed up. I said, can you hear me man, please talk to
me. Do you know Jesus? Uh, uh, he’s gurgling. There’s other people by him, they’re like,
oh my God, they didn’t know what to do, they’re freaking out. I know what to do, I gotta give him the gospel. I gotta give him the gospel. There’s nothing in it for me. I’m not trying to make a claim to fame. I’m not trying to make a name for myself. I was trying to be who God says I am. I’m gonna walk over there and I’m gonna live
with resurrection hope, resurrection power. I’m gonna walk like Jesus would walk. Now I’m fully expecting this guy to look at
me! Look at me, man! Look at me! ehhh, ehhh, ehhh, ehhh, he’s gurgling. He turns and he lifts his neck. I said, do you know Jesus? He says, yeess. He forgives you, bro. He forgives you. He’s just looking at me with blood and tears. [?]
I love you, man. Thank youuuu. The cop comes up, get the blank away! No, I’m not getting away! Are you kidding?? Where’s the Christian that would live this
thing, man? Where’s the Christian that wouldn’t bow to
adversity, and what people think, and what they say? What are we doing? Do we just want to remain comfortable and
not do anything with the gospel? No! This isn’t just for evangelists, man! It’ for every believer that walks the earth! It’s for everyone that would say, I love Jesus! It’s not just for preachers! Cause I’m not [?] this, I’m walking up to
a car, I’m not a preacher at the car! I’m one that loves God with all my heart,
with all my soul, with all my mind, and I love my neighbor as myself. And Jesus gave the definition of neighbor. And He gives this definition of this man that
no Jew would associate with, ever! No Samaritan would associate with, ever, and
gives this example. And He gives other examples of other ones
that walked down the road. A worshipper, walked down the road. A priest, walked down the road. And a dog stops. A Samaritan that’s called a dog because they
were outside the Jewish faith. He stops for this man. Oh and He has compassion on him. He sits there and he bandages up his wounds,
and pours oil on, which is, which is symbolic of the Holy Ghost. He gives him what he needs, and he takes him
on his horse, and he takes him and he actually does something with the gospel. Cause not just healing, but Jesus went about
doing good and healing all that were oppressed by the devil. Jesus did good too. So this guy is doing good. And he’s taking him to the inn. He drops him off at the inn. I’m sure the innkeeper is thinking, what are
you doing? See, that’s not in the story but I’m thinking
like, they don’t even associate. This doesn’t happen ever. But Jesus is like, this is what needs to happen
always! See this doesn’t happen ever, but it needs
to happen always! See, because we become hurt, and offended,
and rocked by people’s responses, and plagued by people’s answers, and we look at people
that are blind and we get offended and so hurt by people that don’t know anything else
but to hurt, because they’re hurting. And the gospel says if people are blind and
they’re walking around, lest they should see the light. Lest they should see the light of the gospel. Lest they should see us that carry the light! People are angry and they don’t know any better. How can they know better if we bow out and
walk away and don’t want to hang out with them? Come on, man. I’m just crying out from the rooftops, man,
that’s all. That’s what my life is. It’s stirring up people so they can finally
just get the junk off their fire. I can stoke their fire, move the logs around,
get that thing blazing again so you can get this thing on with Jesus. So we can all spend eternity together, man! Like, I don’t want people to go to hell, I
don’t want people to see that, I don’t want it! I’ve got relatives that know no Jesus, and
I cry out, mercy. Mercy, God, mercy. Please God. Please God. Help! God I ask you to touch their minds and touch
their hearts, God. Cause I want them to know you! Please, God, help me! Help me make a clear gospel, help me bring
a clear word to the church, God! This morning, God! This is the hardest day! It’s the hardest day, but the best day, cause
this is the day that Jesus rose from the grave. See, death couldn’t hold Him down. It couldn’t hold Him down! Man, if they knew there’d be a resurrection,
the devil would have never took Him out, but he did. He took Him out! And he thought he won cause he comes to steal,
kill and destroy! But Jesus had a better plan, and that better
plan was you! He had a plan, and that plan was you! You were His plan! You were! He saw you, you were the joy set before Him. He said, I’m going after the cross because
I know I’m the other side. In 2017, at Harvest Chapel, I see them, they
came to church, and they’re going to get to hear the truth of the glorious gospel. And the blinders are gonna come off. And the truth is gonna be trumpeted. And they’re gonna be able to see and their
hearts are gonna be open, and I’m gonna open their hearts, says God. To where it won’t just be about sitting down
at dinner. It’ll be about eating with the Lord every
day, and it’ll be about working unto God every day, it’ll be about Colossians 3:17. Whatever you do, whether in word or deed,
do it as unto the Lord and not for people. Don’t you dare do your job for a person. You do your job as unto the Lord, you get
possessed by God. Man, I told my foreman that we we’re gonna
be, I was gonna do a great job for him cause I wasn’t working for him, I was working for
Jesus. And he told me, Shut the blank up and get
away from me. The first day of work. He got in his truck, lit up a cigarette, turned
up the classic rock. I promise. He said, listen to Tony, he’ll help ya. Get away from me. And I have a guy that I talk to in my truck
and told him about Jesus, and he cussed me out. Told me, get the blank away from him. And I’m in the truck with the guys, I don’t
know if you remember it, the first day. I like, can I keep the light on cause I need
to read my bible? And Tony laughed, turned up the music, and
said, whatever. And Elwood scooted across the seat, says get
the blank away from me, and I think you were sitting in the front right seat. First day. That’s not gonna hurt me. Why? Cause I just lift my bible up to the headlights
and read it in the dark. No. And I had my hat on, and I painted it up and
had all kinds of good stuff on it. I smell like a sharpie pen. They said, throw your hat in the back, man. I’m like, it’s my helmet of salvation. I’m serious. It’s true. I had Colossians 3:17 on the front. Colossians 3:23. Cause I never did a job, a good job, I never
finished anything. And this job I was gonna do it as unto the
Lord, and I set Jesus up and told my foreman we were gonna be amazing, and I was gonna
work unto Jesus and not for him, and he got mad at me. And in two months, we were the number two
pipe crew. We were killing it. I mean killing it. Really, why? Not because I had wisdom. Cause when I first told my forman I was gonna
do a great job for him, he goes oh wow, finally they send me someone with experience. And I said, no, no, no, I’m not working for
you, I’m working for Jesus. And he freaked out. And in two months we’re the number two pipe
crew. We were second behind another one that was
like, that had been together as a team for seven years. No, that’s not boasting in Todd, it’s not,
we worked as a team. I got out of the trench and helped this man
named Elwood up top. And he would not thank me, he would cuss me
out every time I would cut a pipe, or carry something, and we all worked together, man. It was awesome! Awesome. I didn’t do it to get praise from people,
I did it because I already had praise from God. Because I praise Him. And if you live your life and don’t expect
to receive glory or honor from people, you will receive honor from God. That’s what it says in scripture. So I already have that, not that God was,
oh praise you Todd. No, He was honoring me because I was diligent
and faithful, and I would seek Him and go after Him with everything I was. So I’m on the road, praying for this guy,
and he’s gurgling, and the cop comes up and he’s screaming at me. I said I’m not going anywhere, man, do you
know who Jesus is? To the cop. And he looks at me, and he goes, what? I don’t have time for this. Well surely it’s his time. Surely it’s time for him to know that Jesus
is real, man. “Arrrggghhh”, and he walks away from me. I’m really serious. So many cops have walked away because they’ve
seen drunk drivers before. Drunk drivers have killed lots; they show
up on the scene. They get away with it. A lot of times drunk drivers aren’t even hurt,
they just, they hurt people, and all the sudden we carry that stuff inside of us. Do you understand that addiction is blind? That drug addiction and alcoholism, and addiction
to pornography, all of it. People are blind. They are. And how can they see when you just get mad
at a person, and say, hey, how many fingers do I have up? I promise it’s the same thing. See, we don’t think that way. We think, well they should know better. Or how about my son? Come here, let me have him. How about this guy? How about this little guy right here? How about, how about this guy, how about,
how about his mom? How about she’s addicted to heroin, for, for
twenty years? How about that? How about she’s shooting up and he’s inside
of her belly? And people are mad, why don’t you change? You think you’d know better; you’ve got a
baby in your belly. She can’t change because she’s got a baby
in her belly. But when that child was born, everything changed. No, that doesn’t happen. Maybe change cause of your own strength. You can’t kick heroin in your own strength. Heroin will kill you. So this little guy, born ten months ago addicted
to heroin, man. This little guy, right here. This guy. Ten months ago, born addicted to heroin, going
through withdrawal. What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to be mad person? Be mad at a person for being on heroin? No, she needs Jesus, man. She needs Jesus, not in theory. Theory doesn’t change him. Being an alcoholic, and say, well I know Jesus. No, that’s not, that’s not true. You don’t know Him. You know about Him, but you don’t know Him,
cause if you knew Him, He would come in and change you from the inside out. I promise you there’s hope. This little guy. Ain’t he amazing? His name’s Azaria. [Talking to Azaria] What do you think about
that? What do you think? Wanna say anything? Wanna say anything? Kelly, come here Kelly. I was gonna let you have the baby. This is my Aunt Kelly. I love you. See man, when the resurrection power of Jesus
comes, your life, what happens is, the spirit of adoption comes on your life. You realize that no matter how you grew up,
no matter who your dad was or your mom was, whether they were good or whether they were
bad. Whether they rejected you, whether they accepted
you, whether they beat you, whether you were molested, whether you were hurt, no matter
what. When the spirit of adoption comes in your
life, that when Jesus comes the resurrection power of Christ comes. He changes everything and you find out that
you’ve got an amazing Dad. Like He’s the best Dad ever. And when we got the call that we could adopt
our little boy, I was so excited. I’m like, oh my gosh, this is gonna be amazing. Yes! I don’t even know where I was, I was far away. You want to have a little boy? I’m like, yeah, do it! Let’s do it! My wife was on page, I’m on page, let do this. So we go down to see him, in the belly six
months. Lady shot up heroin for six months straight
and he’s inside of her belly. They were like, it’s a high risk pregnancy. Dude, I was as high risk as it gets. I was, as high risk as it gets. And if God can fix me, He can fix anything. He can fix anything. We went down and I saw the 3-D, which was
scary actually. The ultrasound, the 3D ultrasounds are scary. It is, when I… I think the other one’s better, when you just
see a heartbeat, and the baby, and… This one you see, like oh my gosh. But I was so excited, telling mom, the mom
of this baby how amazing she is, and, are you sure you want to do this? Because God has extreme value for you, and
you’re an amazing woman of God. And even though you don’t know it, I promise
you that God has plans for you, hopes to prosper you. He’s got more thoughts for you than outnumber
the grains of sand in the whole world, and every thought is for your welfare. He thinks you’re amazing. Yes, I don’t want this baby. I’m not ready for this right now. And I get it. So we’re in the life of this, of this mom. And then she delivers the baby on Father’s
day. Ha ha, hahahaha. Abba. Abba. And I’m so overwhelmed. It’s on Father’s day, and, and they bring
the baby from mom, and they bring him right over, she doesn’t want to hold the baby, and
I understand. They bring the baby right over to us and they
put him on my wife, and, and we all, and Destiny’s with us. And we hold the baby, and they put us skin
to skin with the baby. It’s like we gave birth to him, I don’t even
know how to explain it. It’s amazing. We’re so excited. And the nurses are there, oh Jesus loves you
so much, this is awesome. And I gotta go away, I gotta go away to a
conference. I’m supposed to go to Norway, and I can’t
stay there, so I gotta leave after the first day, and in two days, my son, our boy, is
going through such horrible withdrawal because he’s addicted to heroin, and he’s trembling
and shaking, and his heart is pounding, and… The doctor said he’s gotta go in there, his
insides are way worse than what you see on the outside. So once he goes in there he’s on lockdown
inside of this rehab. So I’m away, and he’s gotta be transferred,
and I can’t be there, cause I’m, I’m in the midst of the call. Of the call on my life, the call of God that
God said, Todd, you’re to be here, and we’ve been through so much that we can honor each
other and each other’s lead, my wife and I. And I get back, and they’re in rehab already,
they’re in the, the rehab in the hospital and I walk over and I’m like, oh my gosh. And I’ve gotta put a gown on, and I gotta
scrub up, and all that stuff. And I go in there, and I’m like, man, alright,
I feel like a doctor. I don’t look like a doctor in there, I look
like a patient. And I’m walking up to nurses telling ’em how
much Jesus loves them. How amazing they are. Cause why, cause they need hope. These cuddlers, these, these ladies that come
in just to hold these babies that are trembling and shaking, and screaming! Screaming because of mom that didn’t know
any better was hooked on heroin, hooked on methadone, whatever it was. They can’t get off, they’re stuck. Methadone wasn’t created to get people off;
it was created to keep people addicted for life. Suboxone, same stuff. Well no, that’s not true. No, it is true. If methadone people get off of methadone,
every clinic shuts down. And so they’re addicted, and they’re hurting,
and there the babies now are raging. And I come in and I’m like, hey, talking to
the nurse, hey Jesus loves you, honey. You’re amazing. God loves you! And she’s like, oh, okay, I’m good, alright. She walks out of the room. Her name’s Patty, she’s just frustrated. Frustrated because she’s in there with lots
of babies. Am I okay down here, you good? Thanks. I like that, it’s nice. It is. So she’s, so she’s in there with all these
babies, now she sees babies every time, and this, there’s a mom that’s in our room that
has a baby, that doesn’t understand because she’s blind. This is her second baby, and the first one
already went through, this is the second one she has to go through rehab with. Oh my gosh, so what’s the nurse gonna do? Be frustrated. Because, man, she should know better. No, she’s blind, and so is the nurse, she
can’t see either. Why? Cause she doesn’t know Jesus. People are like, what are you talking about,
everybody that doesn’t know Jesus is blind? Yes. See, if you don’t know Jesus you think that
when you die, you die, you’re blind. See, no, when you die it’s just the beginning
of eternity, it’s forever. See, you’re going somewhere. You’re going somewhere. People are like, well, maybe I’m gonna go
here, maybe I come back as a frog. No, you’re not. I promise. See, it’s different when you’ve met Him. See, I got shot at and went to Teen Challenge
and I met Him. I met Jesus. Like, and He took this life, this yukky life,
this twisted bag of junk, and He cleaned my house so that I can represent Him. He said, you know what, the world’s gonna
freak out when I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do in Todd. Because see, what I like to do is like to
take what the world calls foolish and silly and tragedy, I like to fill it with me, and
so the world still thinks it’s foolish, but their whole life has changed. Everything’s transformed, everything’s changed. Where they become the light of the world. A city on a hill, life that lights up his
own house. And nobody can argue with it because their
life has changed. Their words are changed. Their actions are changed. Their anger is changed. Their rage is gone. They’re walking in power; people’s blind eyes
are opening. People’s deaf ears, well I don’t believe that,
well I’ve seen it! This is powerful, amazing. So now I’m in a hospital with a bunch of sick
people, with a hospital gown on. And I’m about to freak out in there. Because I can’t contain this love that God’s
given me. So I’m walking around to rooms, hey, can I
pray for your baby, are you okay with that, I just want to pray for your baby. You good? Well, I don’t know. Let me tell you my testimony. I was a drug addict for twenty-two years,
and an atheist my whole life. And I share my testimony. And they look at me, say yeah, go ahead, pray
for my baby. Why? Cause I was a drug addict for twenty-two years,
I was lost. I was bound to addiction, man. Bound to pornography. Bound to alcohol. Bound to cocaine. Bound to weed. Bound to pain pills. Bound to it all! My whole life. And then Jesus went, pow, took it all out
and made me addicted to Him. That’s power, man. That’s the power of a transformed life. And I get to carry the gospel. So now I’m in there loving on these people,
loving on these women cause a lot of them are just women, they’re hurting, they’re broken,
they’re, they’re hurting. They need the gospel. So I’m praying for this lady that’s in our
room, she’s, she’s getting touched and overwhelmed, and Jackie’s been, Jackie has been in there
holding Azaria, witnessing to the girl in our room, just sharing hearts with this girl. And I come in, I’m like, hey! I’m just gonna clobber everybody with the
love of God. Remember when we had to go down there, we
had to go and get the, they had to give us, what was it, the, the baby seat class? And went down there, we walked down there
and got another one, man, broken. The guy, kid’s so angry at God, man. He’s so mad at God. I told him Jesus loves him, he goes, well
I ain’t into that. I said, cool, He still loves you man. Whether you’re into it or not, He’s into me. And the kid’s like, alright, just, I really
don’t want to talk about this. Alright, well we’re gonna take this class
together, it’s just me and you, and my wife, and your girl. So you’re sitting beside me and I don’t have
anything else to talk about. I promise. I didn’t have anything else to talk about
when we worked together. I talked about Jesus every day. All day. With Brad. All day. Everyone. Why? Cause I don’t anything else, still it’s thirteen
years and it’s still all day, every day. Nothing’s changed, it’s the same. People told me that you can’t run like this,
you can’t do that, you, you can’t run so fast. Dude, I am free from you and your statements. I am free from you telling me that I can’t
run after Jesus with all my heart. See I sold out, man, I pushed everything to
the center. See I’m not longer the issue. My lifetime subscription to issues was cancelled
when Jesus rose from the grave and that came into my life, and He cancelled my past. I don’t have any junk in my closet. I don’t have any regret. I don’t have any guilt. I don’t have any shame. All I have is Godfidence. I promise. I’m possessed with the truth. Some of you are looking at me like I’m out
of my mind. Okay. See, here’s what’s gonna happen, whether,
whether you’re here or whether you leave now. This will never go away from you. God will saturate you from the inside. I promise. And this will stick in you, and you will wake
up even in the middle of the night and say, oh my God, you’re real. I promise. Cause you can’t get out of this, I’ve already
prayed for you. I did. I said, God every word that’s speak today,
I’m asking you to make it real to people. Let it hit the heart. Let it pound the heart. Let it just pound the heart, God. Pound that rock. Chip away. Chip away. Cause I don’t want you to be separated from
God, that’s why. I, I want you to have relationship with the
living Savior. I want you to have relationship with the one
that’s alive. See, He’s not dead. My God’s not dead, He’s surely alive. He’s living on the inside, roaring like a
lion. It’s true. So I’m just in love with Jesus, having so
much fun at this place. This guy’s sitting beside me at this class,
and I say, man, I said, you know God loves you so much. He said, look man, I’m ain’t religious. I said, well me neither. I said, I understand. I said, when you were a little kid you had
people beat a bible on you. As a matter of fact, when you were a teenager
you had people beat a bible on you. And this lady’s trying to teach the class. I’m sorry. And then he’s still going. And the nurse knows cause she knows I’m possessed. Cause I’ve been praying for everyone. I mean like, it was, it was amazing. What an opportunity to be in a hospital. It’s like outreach every day, all day long. Every day. But your life is supposed to be outreach every
day, all day long. No matter where you go. Your workplace is supposed to be your pulpit. Not that you stand on the thing and preach
at people, I didn’t preach to anybody on the job. I didn’t preach at people. I just loved people. I did my job as unto the Lord. I would help when I could help. I would do what I could, not expecting a thank
you, I would just love people. I was possessed by Jesus. So I talk to this guy and he looks at me,
he says, look man I’m about done. That’s what he said. And I said, okay, I’ll chill. So we get to the end of the presentation,
I said alright. I said, so your wife’s in pain, dude. Well yeah, and then they put her on these
painkillers and then my baby’s addicted, so the doctor did this to my baby. And he’s so angry. He’s angry at God. He’s angry at everybody. Cause he’s angry at himself. And I said to him, I said, dude, I said, you
know what, I said your wife’s in pain, what was the doctor supposed to do? Well he should have known better. I said, alright, he should have. I said, now what’s wrong with your wife? And he told me his wife’s condition. She’s in such bad pain she has to be on pain
medicine, the doctors can’t figure out what it is. I said well my Jesus that you don’t believe
in, will heal your wife, will heal your girl. He looks at me and goes, come on man, I told
you I don’t believe in it. Okay, I say, don’t believe in it. Just stand there and don’t believe. Let me pray for your girl. He says, I don’t care what you do. And we pray for his, his girl, she stood up
and lost it. She goes, I don’t have any pain! He goes, what? Don’t blankin’ mess with me. It’s what he said. Cause he’s so used to her being in pain. Don’t mess with me. She’s like, I’m serious. I said, how about your back, bro? How about that? How about what happened to you a few years
ago in your back? He goes, what’s going on? I said, nothing man. I just, is it true? He said, yeah. I said, was it a car wreck? He said, there, there’s, I, I, I, I don’t
understand. I said, you don’t have to understand cause
this is way beyond your brain, man. I promise, it is, it’s not from the brain. See, to the natural man, to the carnal mind,
to the natural man, it’s in 1 Corinthians 2, I was reading it this morning, it’s so
powerful. It says, to the natural man it means nothing,
it’s, it is ludicrous, it is crazy, it’s foolishness, it is so weird. That’s why when you share with people that
don’t know Jesus and they persecute you, and they make fun of you, and this, it’s because
their minds are blind, they don’t see. Can I kiss him? This is my twenty-year old. Mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah. He’s got a watch. That’s right, that’s prophetic, take the time
outta here. Ahhh, sorry, hahahah. So I asked him and he said, well how can you
know it was a car wreck? What’s going on with you? I said, because God’s alive, bro. See what you think, is you think that you
know about God because of how you’ve had a bible beat on you when you were younger. But beatin’ a bible on you doesn’t get you
to change. No, it’s you surrendering and saying, Jesus,
I want everything you have for me. And he’s like, well there’s no way that you
can know that. Okay, okay, but is it true? Well yeah, but there’s no way you could know
that. He’s arguing, still about this worth. I said, let’s like not even talk about it
anymore. Let me just pray for your back. He’s like, whatever. I said, is that what you think about your
girl? You think it’s whatever that she has no pain
right now? I don’t know what to think. I said, well don’t think. I’m not kidding. It was great. Jackie’s there, right there with me. And I said to him, I said, okay, so here’s
what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna sit you down, cause see, your leg
is shorter because your back has been twisted. See he was in an accident when he was seventeen. His best friend was driving too fast, they
went overhill, ramped, flipped the car, his friend flipped out of the car and died. And he hurt his back so bad that he’s been
in constant pain for about seven years. And he can hardly even function. And no one knows about it because he’s tough. I said, so here your back’s all jacked up,
so look at your leg. Well, I know it’s short, you’re not telling
me anything. Okay, so I’m gonna pray for you and Jesus
is going to heal your back and then what are you gonna do? Well, it’s not true. Okay, then believe it’s not true, right now. I’m not kidding. Believe it’s not true right now. Tell me when you’re in the strongest form
of it’s not true. I’m really, I’m so serious, because his mind
isn’t bigger than my King. And his anger isn’t bigger than my King, he’s
not. And he goes, I said, are you ready? He goes, for what?! For your leg to grow and for your back to
get healed. He says, whatever. And his leg came out, and he stood up, and
his back was healed And here’s what he said, this is what he said. Nothing. And you know what I didn’t do? I didn’t capitalize on this thing and say,
see, I told you. It’s not about, that’s pride and arrogance. No, I was challenging him because he was challenging
in this place. But when God does it, all I am is the delivery
man. And you have to point to the one that paid
the price. You don’t rub it in and make it look like
you’re someone, cause really, if anybody thinks he’s something, he’s nothing. Cause remember this, some lady came up to
me, she goes, we [?] today at service. She came up because I think she, well she
did, she came to meetings that we did back at Fritztown, Dr. John’s, and…in the beginning. She goes, I, I remember I came, I came to
hear you and Dan when you were nothing. And you know what, you know what God spoke
to me? He said, that’s right, because nothing plus
Me equals everything. I promise you. That’s why it’s about Him. Cause nothing plus God equals everything. It’s really true. Cause it’s not about me. But it is about a surrender of life. Just because I get to travel and preach to
thousands of people doesn’t mean that I’m everything, cause I’m not. I’m just, I’m in love with Jesus. And I just want people to know Him. That’s it. The only thing special about me, is the spirit
of adoption hit my heart when I got saved and I just surrendered all, I just gave it
all. I didn’t hold anything back, I just said God
you can have it all. God, what do I get for this? All of you? For all of me? What kind of trade is that? Who makes out on that deal? Who makes out on that? It says that God has an inheritance in the
saints. It says that we have an inheritance in Him. But God has an inheritance in the saints. And here I am. God says that you were a sinner, and when
you get saved you become a saint. If you read your bible, He’ll talk about it
all the way through. It says that pastors, apostles, prophets,
teachers and evangelists. It says the five-fold gifting is for the equipping
of the saints for the works of ministry. It doesn’t say it’s for the equipping of the
sinners. The works of ministry doesn’t mean that you
have to go and get at a pulpit. It just means that you get possessed by God. God changes you from being a horrible sinner,
and He takes you into a place and He calls you a saint. And what that word saint means is a holy one
set apart. Consecrated, set apart to the master’s work. So when God does this for somebody He takes
your classification and takes you out of, Ephesians 5 says that you were once darkness. He doesn’t say you were a little dark, He
said you were darkness, complete darkness. He doesn’t say you were a little blind, He
says that you were completely blind. He doesn’t say you were a little dead, He
says you were dead in your transgressions. That’s what the gospel says. He says He takes us from dead and makes us
alive. He takes us from darkness and puts us into
light. He takes us from lost and puts us into found. He takes us from blind and makes us see. It would be horrible if you just incorporated
Jesus in, so that you can have a better day, cause your day will be destroyed. Cause if you just bring Him in to have a better
day, it’s only a moment until everything gets crushed around you. And the devil doesn’t stop, he keeps pounding,
and pounding, and pounding, and he wants to pound you like a hammer does a nail, down
and sink you down. And then when your nail comes up he sinks
you again, and that’s what the devil does. So it’s time to just give up and surrender,
cause that’s the only way it happens. I promise you. That’s it. Man, coming to church on Easter just for the
sake of appeasing your relatives, nah we gotta go with Aunt Susie. Gosh, but it’ll soon be lunch time. Hope it’s not one of them boring, long-winded
preachers. Definitely, like this is crazy, you brought
me into a cult. When I got saved, everybody thought I was
in a cult, man. Because there was such a transformation in
my life. I mean, I was completely gone. And then I got completely found. People are like, he’s in a cult, I don’t know
what’s going on, you’re crazy, just, just, just let it go through this phase. Well it’s thirteen years, so it’s just worse
than it ever was before. Because I’m more in love with Him than I’ve
ever been before. See, I found something worth dying for, cause
to live is Christ and to die is gain. See, one day when I leave this life I’m just
gonna go be right with Jesus. But right now I’m gonna spend every day with
Jesus here, every day! Every day! Every day. You know in the hospital, well we’re there
and I’m praying for different people, and I get in the elevator with this one guy. And I’m sitting there and I’m talking to him,
and his wife’s in the elevator, and it’s, we, they came out of the same rehab unit we
were in. They were going downstairs to the cafeteria,
we were going outside, they were going outside to smoke a cigarette. And I’m in the elevator I said, hey man, I
saw you in that room down there, I just wanted to say hi. Oh hey, what’s up? I go, man I gotta tell you that Jesus loves
you and he went, oh yeah, alright. They’re ashamed. They’re addicted. They’re hurting. And now their daughter is not doing well in
there. Really bad. So now it was all fun and games when you’re,
when you’re doing the drugs, but now you’ve given birth to a child that might not make
it. And they need hope. They don’t need someone to get ’em in a headlock,
and tell ’em, you submit to my Jesus, that’s not it. No, they need someone to come down, so what
did I do? They’re in the elevator, and they’re looking
down at the ground, and I get below ’em, and I said, hey man, listen to me. What? I said Jesus loves you, bro. Yeah, okay, looks away from me. I walk over I said, hey, look at me, man. And this is all in three floors. And he’s still not listening to me. So I walk with him out to the corner, while
they’re gonna go smoke a cigarette. And I shared my testimony with ’em. And I shared it because a testimony means,
do it again God. What you did in me, do in them. And the guy’s like, what, this is crazy man. Yeah, I said, well, Jesus is amazing, man. He’s like, alright man, he goes, hey I’ll
see ya later, okay? Like, like it’s too much right now. I’m like, alright. I walk inside, I go get a hundred dollars
from the ATM, I run back out to the corner, I said, hey, one more thing. He’s like, what? I said, here. What? I said, God loves you, man. Why would you do that, man? I said, cause who would I be to tell you about
Jesus then rip you off? If God so loved the world that He gave, why
wouldn’t I represent my King? He goes, what? Yeah man, here. No strings, bro. Love you. I’ll see you up in the unit then. Alright. Serious? Yep, serious. Oh, okay. So he gets another cigarette cause he’s totally
freaked out right now. Comes back up in the unit. That, the end of that day, my wife and I,
we saw ’em going down. I said, hey man, I said, where you guys staying
at? He said, well, we’re staying at a hotel up
the road, it’s about a mile away. I said, well, are you walking? They’re like, yeah, we have to walk. I said, no, I said, let us take you. Oh no, no, no, we couldn’t impose. No, no, no, I insist, bro. It’s not imposing, we’re driving right past
your hotel. He’s like, oh, oh alright, if you really want
to. I’m like, we really want to. We get to the car, they’re about to get in,
I said, hey, I said, one more thing, right before we do it. I said, you got pain in the right side of
your neck? Right here, and then it goes down into the
middle of your back. Yeah. And I said, your wife is really hurting on
her neck. He goes, dude, we can’t get into the car with
you. I, I, that’s what they said. I said, why? He goes, cause that, cause this is scary. I said, what’s scary about it? He goes, well there’s no way you know that
stuff. I said, unless God speaks and He’s real. He goes, okay. I said, well here’s how to find out. He goes, how? I said, let me pray for you. He goes, well whadda I got to do? I said, nothing, just stand there. So I prayed for him, my wife and I prayed
for him and his wife and both of them got healed. We get in the car, and they’re trembling,
in the car. We’re driving and I said, hey man, you know
how much Jesus loves you, bro? He goes, man I, I’m kinda overwhelmed, and
I don’t know what to say. Here’s what he did say, he said stop the car,
he got out of the car and he looks at me and he goes, hey, he goes, do you think Jesus
would do that for me, that he did for you? I said, bro, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Of course He will. He’s the best. He’s the one that cleans the inside of the
cup. He goes, I, I, I want your Jesus. I go, ahhaa. He goes, what do I do? I said, just stand there. I just shared the gospel with him. He gets saved, he gets baptized in the Holy
Ghost. What a great day. And he goes to the hotel, he goes, now what? I said, just… I’ll see ya tomorrow. He goes, okay. We’re in the room the next day, he comes by
the room, and he goes, hey. He’s got a coffee. Hey, I slept for the first time in years last
night, man. All the way through. What did you do to, what did you do to me? That’s what he said, what did you do to me? I said, nothing, it’s my Jesus, man. He loves you. My Father, your Father. My God, your God. Then, wow, I need to learn about this God. I said, well it’s easy cause now He lives
in you. He’ll help you. He’s like, awesome. He said, you gonna come down to the room and
pray for our baby again today? I said, every day, man. He goes, alright, man, I’ll be waiting. He goes down to the room, that nurse is in
the room. She’s looking at me like, oh my gosh, what’s
going on? I pray for her, and ankles, her ankles get
healed. Praying for this other girl that’s in our
room, she’s overwhelmed. Praying for babies. Walked around, laying hands on babies. I walked over across the hallway to another
lady, right across the hallway with a baby screaming, and she’s, the baby won’t stop
screaming. I walked over and I said, hey. She goes, I know who you are. Here’s what she said, I came to hear you at
church like three years ago. She goes, I’m sorry. I said, oh honey. Why you sorry? She goes, cause I did this. I said, stop, come here. God’s not mad at her. He doesn’t want to beat her. He wants to love the hell out of her. He wants the hellish thinking and the hellish
lifestyle to leave, He wants to love her so much that that hellish thinking and that hellish
lifestyle has to go. And His love comes in and He captures her
heart and He rescues her. And He says, come away with me. Come away with me. And He draws her in. She goes, I’m so sorry. I said, stop saying you’re sorry, come on,
let’s go pray for your baby. So we go lay hands on the baby, pray for the
baby, she stops crying. She goes, thank you. I go, He loves you. She goes, thank you. I’m like, He loves you. She’s goes, I know. I am so messed up, because this is my life. But it’s not just a life for Todd White, it’s
a life for anybody that would want it. This isn’t just for me! Stop resisting God! Stop fighting the gospel! Some of you have heard it your whole life
and have just never said yes. Some of you haven’t heard it ’till today,
and still haven’t said yes. What are you waiting for!? Why would you not want God who is love!? God is love! God so love the world that He gave, God’s
not a thief, He didn’t come to steal, kill and destroy, the devil comes to steal, kill
and destroy. Jesus came to give us life. Life and life more abundantly. He’s amazing! He’s outrageous! He wants to give you more than you can ask
or think. And it’s all according to the power of Him
that dwells in you. If you’d let him. God is good. We say it all the time, but we don’t know,
but He is. See, if you knew that God didn’t come to steal
from you, that God didn’t kill your relative, God didn’t take out your friend, God didn’t
take your baby, God didn’t cause you to get molested, God didn’t cause this to happen,
God didn’t cause this. No, He didn’t. He loves you. God gave, and we haven’t just surrendered
to His giving. See, because when you surrender to His giving,
then your life becomes living bread and everywhere you go, you give Him away everywhere you go. So we walk downstairs again to lunch the next
day, after praying for more babies, and I see this other guy, he’s got tattoos all over
his face, teardrops and everything. He’s got four teardrops right here, which
in that world means a body. Cause he’s in a gang, all that stuff. I say, I see the biggest scariest guy, I’m
like, hey, huh, I just… Why? Because that was me. What’s he gonna do, kill me? He can’t, I’m never gonna die, I’m just gonna
go be with Jesus. I’m serious. See, that’s why we can’t witness, cause we
fear death, we fear people being mad at us. I’d rather have somebody be mad at me here,
be upset at me here, than me see them in the goat line when I’m standing in front of Jesus. I said, hey man. What? I said, bro, I said, I see a knee brace on,
can I just pray for you? Alright. I pray for him, and he goes, what the blank
did you just do? I said, I just prayed for you, man. He goes, now what? I go, nothing, man. Jesus loves you. Alright. Looking at me, wondering what’s going on. He’s gotta come back. He’s going out to the corner to smoke a cigarette. What does God say? I want you to go to the ATM. I want you to withdraw a hundred dollars and
I want you to give it to him, and tell him that I’m not a thief. So I ran out to the road with a hundred dollars. He sees me coming. I’m serious. Cause he comes from that, he comes from a
wild world. I said to him, I said, hey, easy. I said, I just have something to give you. He goes, what? I said, let me see your hand. He opens his hand and I put a hundred dollars
in his hand. I said, Jesus loves you and He’s not a thief. He goes, what? He just started crying, he goes, what? What are you doing? I said, I’m just doing what God told me to
do. He told you, to do this? I said, yeah, cause you’re the apple of His
eye. Gang leaders don’t like to be called the apple
of His eye. They don’t
But it’s the truth. He looks at me and he goes, He really told
you to do this? I said, yeah, he goes… He goes, I’m here at the hospital cause my,
my grandpa had an aneurysm and he died yesterday. He said, and my whole family cut me off. I don’t have nobody. My girlfriend, er, or my wife and I are here,
and my whole family cut me off. I quit heroin eight months ago, I’m clean,
and I hurt so many people, and everybody turned their back on me. I said, well Jesus won’t turn His back on
you. He said, oh, just [?]
I said, can I give you a hug? He goes, yeah, man. Will you hug my wife and I and pray for us? I go, oh my God. The guy is overwhelmed, sobbing. He goes, man who are you!? I got my hospital gown on. I do, cause I’m just up in the unit. Lunchtime. I said, I’m just possessed with Jesus, bro. He goes, man, bro, I want this, man. I go, well He’ll have you if, if you want
Him. Oh God, I want Him. So Jesus just comes. Then I walk back, hey I gotta go, man, my
family’s in there, I gotta go, cause, cause Briley and Zoey and Destiny and mom, and,
Aza-, and not Azaria’s up in the unit, we’re all gonna eat lunch. So we’re walking, and this guy comes back
in, he goes, bro, you sure you want to give me this? I said, I’m sure. He goes, no one in my whole life ever, has
ever done anything like that for me. I said, well, that’s not okay, cause you’re
worth it. He goes, man. Briley goes, Daddy, he’s got a knee brace
on. My six-year old. I said, his knee is healed. She goes, is your knee better? I’m not kidding. He says, yes it is. Okay, Jesus loves you. He goes to walk out of the room, he goes to
walk out of the room, oh, out of the cafeteria and walk on the, in the back, and his wife
comes up. She goes, you know he’s got problems with
his hands? He’s got numbness, he can’t even feel his
fingers. I said, Briley, did you hear that? She goes, um-huh. She brings him back over, she sits him in
the chair, I promise. And Zoey and Briley, and me and Destiny and
mom, pray for this man’s hands. All Briley says is, owwie, get out. And all the numbness leaves, and his circulation
comes completely back and he could feel his fingers. And he starts crying, and the teardrops on
his face are replaced with real teardrops from his heart. All because, somebody stepped out in love. Somebody just said, I love you regardless. This guy got wiped out, rocked, overwhelmed. The nurses got overwhelmed. The day that we left, the one nurse that was
so resistant, so resistant. I even got called into the office by a head
nurse. I did. She called me into the office. She said, I need you to sit down. This is actually like a week before we left. She said, I need you to come sit down, I need
to talk to you, Mr. White. I go, okay. So I sit down, the head nurse looks at me. She goes, these women think that you’re Jesus
and you’re not. I said, you’re right, I am not Jesus. I’m not. She goes, that’s right. And I said, I know, I’m not Jesus. She goes, that’s right. I confirmed it three times. Why? I said to her, I’m not Jesus, however, I am
a Christian, and what a Christian means, a Christian, a Christian means a Christ-like
one. One that is a little Christ-like one. An anointed one, with the ability to anoint. See, Christ in us is what Jesus paid a price
for. He died for us on the tree. He went to hell for three days, and on this
day, He raised from the dead, cause death couldn’t hold Him down. And on the day of Pentecost, when the Holy
Ghost was poured out, the birthday of Christianity was born, which took fearful men that were
afraid and turned them into possessed men that had the gospel inside of them. Flowing through them every day. That’s amazing. So I looked at the lady and I said, I’m a
Christian, I said, are you? She said, I am. Let me tell you something about these miracles,
the devil can perform signs. And she just went after me, cause she’s been
taught. I just said this, I said, if I’m praying for
people in the name of Jesus and the devil is healing them, we’re both in trouble. We are in big trouble. If I say, in the name of Jesus be healed,
and the devil touches them, and heals them, we’re in trouble. We oughta all just pack our bags, dude. Done. She goes, well that’s right. And I said, I love Jesus. Can I share my testimony? And I shared my testimony with her, and she
goes, well I didn’t know all that. And I looked at her, and I said, can we just
pray together, we’re Christians, right? She goes, okay. So we held hands, and we’re praying together,
Father, I thank you in the name of Jesus, God, for this amazing, mighty woman of God. God, I thank you that she cares about these
women. She is watching over these women, she’s just
trying to protect them and keep them safe, and that’s your heart God, to protect and
to keep people safe. God, thank you that she actually is an imitator
of you. Father, I thank you so much for her heart
for these women. I thank you that she is like a mother hen,
and that is good. God, thank you for her protection. God, I thank you that in her protection, I
thank you that you would heal the left side of her neck and her trap [?].
Right now, that you would heal it, God, that you would touch her and that all the pain
would leave, in Jesus name. God, thank you, and I ask you to bless her,
bless her back. And I opened my eyes and she’s looking at
me like, this. She goes, how did you know about my neck? But I said, who did you tell? She said, nobody. I said, then there’d be no way for me to know
about that unless God knows everything about you. And the same God that I serve, and you serve,
speaks. Cause Jesus said, my sheep will hear and obey
my voice, and a stranger’s they won’t follow. I said, and all I did was obey my Shepherd’s
voice, and I’m a sheep. And I said, check it. She goes, well all the pain’s gone. I said, well what do you think of that? She goes, this is what she said, keep praying
for these mamas. I promise. I said, alright. I love you. She goes, I love you too, praise the Lord. You know, a half a week later she told me
that she’s going to start going to strip clubs, her and two other women from her church, and
no one wants to be okay with that at the church, so what do we do? If you have a heart to go and reach these
women, then do it. So a day later she calls me, she calls me
and she tells me that she’s outside of a strip club, the night before. She sees the manager inside, walking around. She calls him on the phone, from the parking
lot. She said, hello? He goes, yeah? She could see him talking to her. She goes, and I wasn’t scared because he was
on the other side of the wall. That’s what she said. I’m just a little church lady, and I have
a couple of other church ladies, we’re just little, here’s what she said, little old church
ladies. She’s probably about seventy-some. Little old church ladies, and we want to come
and, and feed your women. He goes, what? Yep, we want to feed ’em, we don’t wanna buy
food, we wanna home-cook meals for them. He goes, why? They said, cause we wanna feed ’em, that’s
what we do. He goes, okay. She goes, alright, I’ll call you back and
let you know when we’re gonna do it. The love of God, inside of somebody that won’t
bow, possessed her. Because if we endure, if we endure the suffering
for the sake of God’s elect, if we would just endure the hardship as a good soldier, if
we would just give our self completely to this, and serve the one and only true God,
people around you will be totally affected by the Christ that lives within you. This woman got possessed. Now she has a ministry to strippers. Crazy. The day we left, that nurse that couldn’t
stand me talking about Jesus, she walked us to the door. She says, now I have to walk you out, okay? I said, alright. So she walks us to the car, she has to watch
us put the car seat in, the legal stuff church, er, the legal stuff for hospital. So I put it in, I turn around, she loses it,
and she’s shaking. She goes, Todd White, Jackie White, you changed
my life. She’s trembling and crying. The whole time she didn’t say praise the Lord,
she didn’t say, I thank you, she didn’t say anything. But now we’re leaving. She goes, I wish you didn’t leave, I wish
you would stay, I wish you would. She’s such a sweet lady. And I said, oh, come here. We hugged her. She said, please tell me you’ll come back
and see us. Well, oh my gosh, well… She said, you guys are so amazing. I know Jesus is real, cause I watch you live. She said it. Dude. What a great, a great privilege for everyone. I’m closing with this. In, in 1 Peter 3:15, it says that when people
ask you about the hope that’s in you, the hope that’s in you. Jesus paid a price to put hope inside of you. He paid a price to place hope inside of you. Christ in us is the hope of glory. Listen, you cannot get to God out here. You have to have Him come in here. And from in here, you can worship God, and
serve God, and know God. You cannot, you cannot, do this thing white-knuckle
grip for life. You’ll be pounded and destroyed. You can’t. God must come in. And Jesus was talking to a Pharisee, and his
name was Nicodemus. and Nicodemus said this, nobody can do what you’re doing unless he’s
from God, we know that you’re a teacher come from God, cause nobody can do these things. And he was talking about the miracles, talking
about the things, water into wine, healed everyone, everywhere He went. Crazy ridiculous. So Pharisees, there were a group of Pharisees
that knew that Jesus was real. And this guy came by night because he didn’t
want to be seen by any of the other Pharisees. So he came in secret, and said we know that
you’re a teacher come from God. And Jesus said, I tell you the truth, nobody,
nobody can see the kingdom unless he’s born again. Nicodemus didn’t ask Jesus about that. He asked Him, and he made a statement, nobody
can do these things. He said, nobody can see. Jesus said, Jesus said, nobody can see, Nicodemus
says, no, nobody can do what you do, and Jesus says, no one can even see unless he’s born
again. And Nicodemus says, logically, how can I enter
into my mother’s womb a second time? How can somebody do this? This is crazy. And Jesus says, no, that which is born of
flesh is flesh, but that which is born of spirit is spirit. It’s not a cult, it’s called the gospel. There is no other way to do it. I don’t care where you go to church, I don’t
care how long you’ve been in church. Presbyterian, like Methodist, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you would have a personal,
intimate relationship with the living God where you can connect, spirit to spirit, one
with God. One with God, that’s where it’s at. You cannot function outside of this. You cannot. So here’s my, here’s my, here’s my question,
where are you with Jesus, and do you, and have you surrendered to Him? Have you given your life to God? Or do you wanna keep going and living for
you? Because if you have not surrendered, I would
tell you that this amazing resurrection Easter morning is a great day cause this is the day
when Jesus Christ rose from the dead. So here’s my question, are you ready to come
out of the tomb? Are you ready to raise? Are you ready to come out of your slumber? Are you ready to wake up? Are you ready to blaze and live for Jesus? Come on. Who in here would like to stop living for
themselves but live for the one that gave himself? I want ya up here. If you don’t know Jesus, come up here right
now. Come on. It’s Easter, it’s time. Come on. Please don’t wait. Please don’t wait. Awesome, bro, love you. Come on. Look if you don’t know, if you’re not… Okay, if you’re backslidden, and you’ve slid
away from God, and you want to slide home, please come up here right now. Please don’t wait any longer, please come
up here. Please don’t wait. I promise. Look, don’t leave here not right with Him. Get your heart right, get in place right now. Come on. I’m proud of you, bro. Come on, man. Welcome home, champion. Yes! Come on guys. What are you waiting for? Look, it’s amazing cause I’m looking out there,
and I see, look, I do. I see pride holding people back. I look out there and I see, I hear your thoughts,
I’m not going up there. Whatever, this is stupid. Find out how stupid it is, come up once and
see. Don’t let pride keep you away from Jesus. Mike, I want you to help me pray for people
up here, come on. Come on, Micah. Love you, bro. Stay right there, Micah. I want you to come around the back side, help
us pray for people, okay? Please. You alright? Is that all? That everybody would say, I’m full in. Hold on. Jesus, thank you. God I thank you. Thank you for. Jesus asking you to do it. Do what you did in me. Do what you’re doing in me, to everybody here. God thank you. Hey look at me. Yeah. Jesus. [Singing] Jesus, we surrender! [Singing] Here we are Lord, we give everything
to you. Jesus, Jesus. Jesus, just lift your hands, guys. [Singing] Here we are Lord, we give everything
to you. [Singing] So take this life you gave to me,
and use it for your glory. [Singing] So take this life you gave to me,
and use it for your glory. [Singing] So take this life you gave to me,
and use it for your glory. Come on, that’s really easy,
I want you guys to sing with me right now. It’s easy, come on. [Singing] Take this life you gave to me, and
use it for your glory. Come it’s real easy. You guys can do it, it’s real easy. Come on, ready? [Singing] Take this life you gave to me, and
use it for your glory. Come on, lift up our voice. Just sing it again. [Singing] Take this life you gave to me, and
use it for your glory. That’s it, come on. Just sing that. Same verse. Yeah. [Singing] Take this life you gave to me, and
use it for your glory. Come on, everybody. [Singing] Take this life you gave to me, and
use it for your glory. Come again, again, mean it with everything
you are. [Singing] Take this life you gave to me, and
use it for your glory. Ah, that’s beautiful, come on. All that you are, all that you are. [Singing] Take this life you gave to me, and
use it for your glory. Come on, everything you are. Come on, lift up your voice. Lift up your voice. [Singing] Take this life you gave to me, and
use it for your glory. Awesome. Come on, lift up your voice. Lift up your voice. [Singing] Take this life you gave to me, and
use it for your glory. Come on, again. Everything you are. Lift up your voice. [Audience Singing] Take this life you gave
to me… Come on. [Everyone singing] and use it for your glory. Come on, again, louder. Come on. [Audience Singing] Take this life you gave
to me… [Everyone singing] and use it for your glory. Again. All that you are. Lift your voice. [Audience Singing] Take this life you gave
to me, and use it for your glory. Saints, bring that in. Sing it, will ya? Sing that? Come on. [Audience Singing] Take this life you gave
to me, and use it for your glory. Again, cause that’s what it’s about! Use this life God! Come on!

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  1. Hey brother, I hope all is cool and fine with you. I am going to send an email of my story. I am in the process of writing a book about my experiences, suffering, sin, and when God shown me his grace by giving me a miracle that change my life. God Bless.

  2. Jesus take all of me. Help me live in surrender, do in me what you’ve done in Todd. Help me God I need you Holy Spirit!

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  4. Todd says alot of good things….but where I struggle with his "teaching/witness" is illustrated by his conversation with the mom (who… unless I missed something, doesn't know Jesus)…. where he says "You're an amazing woman of God"…"He thinks you are amazing…"

  5. I understand this so much I cry every day knowing my ex boyfriend isn't as close to God as I feel I am. My eyes were burning before we broke up because we lived in a lust filled relationship and that hurts me because I want us to be together again but without lust 🙁

  6. I'm at an absolute cross roads went from gangs and drugs to sharing the gospel in the streets people being saved and set free heald from everything tlk can emagine but now I am pretty much homeless sleeping on peoples floors I don't understand why this is happening

  7. Please pray for me, wife and kids. I have been a christian all my life but I feel like I need to fully committ myself to Jesus. I wanna walk like Jesus. I need him, I need to break these chains of addictions that bind me to live a life that Jesus had blessed me with. Please pray for us.

  8. 12:55 Why does that testimony sound so much like his other testimony about the biker that wrecked, broke his leg, and halted traffic?

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