Todd White – Give Yourself To Him

Todd White – Give Yourself To Him

how many of you have never heard me before? Whoah,
so how do you know you are ready? alright we will see
I love you with all my heart I will not water down anything
I’m going to bring it I promise
i hated you all for a long time a long time
I was a drug addict for 22 years and I hated the church
I hated Christians they were all about themself
they were all about there churches on Sunday and Monday through Saturday lived like hell
till Sunday afternoon when they went to lunch they complained about dinner
I’m not being mean I’m being real so in my life I saw that and I couldn’t stand
that and it made me sick to my stomach
I didn’t want anything to do with it I hated church
I really did so lets just start with that,
that will be good first off let me just get started here
the gospel is not here to give you a better day
Jesus did not die to give you a better day he did not die for you to wake up this morning
say ” I hope today is better than yesterday”
but we’ve made it about that and we wonder where God is
I’m not rebuking anybody I hate the devil
I hate lies and I hate the false thing that a lot of people
have believed is God but is not God at all Jesus didn’t die to give you a better day
he died to give you a brand new life he died to give you a life that you didn’t
deserve to have and sometimes we got rights in the kingdom
and we think we’ve got rights and we think this is some kind of democracy
it’s not a democracy it’s a theocracy so we get saved
we come to church and we got rights and people hurt us
and they should not have done that we say well they are part of the church, they
shouldn’t of done that they should of known better
and there is so much attitude so many people get hurt by so many people
because the person who hurt them should of known better
and it’s true they should of but you should of known better than to get
hurt by what they should of known not to do so either way both of you are wrong
come on man! we shouldn’t get hurt by other people
we should be free In the gospel, Jesus didn’t just pay a price
to get you to heaven if that was the true, you would of just prayed
a prayer and disappeared he left you here
he left us here for what? a lot you are not going to like what I have
to say and I love you so much
if you get done before I do, bless you but I want you to see your created value
you need to look in the mirror and like what you see
so many people are unhappy with their life because things are not happening their way
things are not going the way they want them to
the day isn’t as good as it is supposed to be
and then you go to bed at night and you hug the pillow god at night
and you thank God that the day is over but you have to leave the same pillow god
in the morning when you get up and you start out again on the wrong side
of the bed what is the wrong side of the bed? what is that? Jesus isn’t here to meet all your needs
the gospel is here is here so that we can become like Christ
Jesus says to become like him It’s not all about us it’s all about him
when you are all about him, he’s all about you
and if God is for you who cares about who is against you
ahhh, so good listen, the gospel set you free from you
but if you are still getting hurt by everybody you are not free
where the spirit of the Lord, there is liberty and where he’s not there’s bondage
and pain and hurt and problems and attitude with other people
that’s bondage that’s demonic that’s not Jesus. People are not your problem, you are. If you’ve got one, two, three people
it’s them, it’s them, it’s them, It’s not them, it’s you! I’m so free from me, I’m free from you. There’s nothing you can do to hurt me, I love
you! listen you can’t even kill me because I’m
never going to die. I’m not, I’m not concerned about that
Jesus loved me When I gave my life I pushed everything to
the center. I said I’m all in
the problem is that we’re not all in we’ve held back on God we’ve said you can
have this much, I’ll keep this. and we think that we’ve got our own thing
you’ve got your own thing? you’ll be destroyed
and God forbid you get hurt by the church and all of a sudden you establish these home
groups at the cost of the reality body of Christ
people get hurt and they have their home groups because they get hurt by the church
and all of a sudden they establish wound licking clubs to lick each others wounds
and we don’t want to be a part of the body because the hurt us
get over yourself it’s time we wake up to the reality of the
gospel the truth man! people are dying and going to hell
do you care? It’s not just about a building you are supposed
to be the church everywhere you go you are supposed to bring
Jesus but if it’s all about you
you’ll never be able to step out you will commit your praise of men here,
cuss at you wife at lunch, because she went to the wrong restaurant
It’s the truth man some of you are mad at me right
get over you dude I love you so much
but I’m not here to make you happy I promise
I’m here to put a Holy Ghost defibrillator on your heart
boom! so that we can wake up
so that the world wants what we have it’s time that we burn with a fire
a fire of God inside of us a consuming fire
man, if you’re on fire and you go into the fire
do you know that nothing changes but if you’re not on fire and you get put
in the trial, you’ll wonder where God is
the trial is not God trying to teach you a lesson
the trials are the devil trying to shipwreck your faith,
trying to knock you out of the ballpark a trial is a great place to manifest the king
when you squeeze an orange what kind of juice comes out? orange juice
by squeezing an apple into a cup what kind of juice do you get?
if I squeeze an orange into a cup and you watch me do it and you drank it and it was
apple juice what would you think?
that was twisted it should be equally strange that when a Christian
gets squeezed everything but Jesus comes out but if you’ve incorporated Jesus into your
life to get a better day and what he can do for you
you are deceived, you are in trouble
it’ll be all about you when God doesn’t show up you’ll switch
this isn’t a 30 day money back guarantee this isn’t a been there done that got the
t-shirt you can’t afford to hold back from him
all God is asking you for is something you were never created you to be in the first
place because God did not create you for you
he created you for him and all he is asking you for is everything
you are he doesn’t want some of you he wants all of
you this isn’t Jesus Christ incorporated
if I incorporate Jesus into my life I’m a target for the devil to stomp on
to squeeze Jesus out of me see the devil can’t get come up into heave
and dethrone God he can’t
he cant, he already tried it but he’s trying to dethrone God,
to Jesus from the soul of man he is trying to tip the soul of man inside
he is attacking and he is constantly barraging your mind
so that you can never think like God come on!
it says be not conformed by the world but be transformed but be transformed by the renewing
of your mind so that you can approve what God’s will is
What is God’s will? Jesus Christ is the will of God
he was the walking talking manifested will of God
and all creation is groaning for you to manifest your father
all creation is groaning for the sons of God to be made manifest
what does that mean a son and a daughter is just like their father
all creation is groaning they are waiting for you to jump up and say
here is my God here is what he looks like
you look in the mirror and your suppose to with an unveiled face,
behold the glory of the Lord the Lord is a spirit
and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty
and we all with unveiled face beholding as in a mirror of the Lord
we behold that we look and why in the mirror?
because it’s the picture of identity it’s the picture of who God has called us
to be you’re not supposed to do things for God
you’re supposed to be right with God and your doing comes out of a place of being
you don’t have to do anything to make him happy
he is happy because believe the simplicity of the gospel
but the devil wants to corrupt your mind and take you away
from the simplicity that is in the Christ everything that I am sharing is totally scripturally
sound there will be no way for anybody to shake
it because my father taught me and I’ve sought him in the secret place
and I did not seek him in secret place so that I could preach a good sermon
I open my Bible and I say father make me become what this says
and my father who is in secret he sees me in secret, crying out
you don’t see it but me, I’m on my knees on a constant basis
I live there I live there because that’s where it’s at
that’s where it’s at it’s on your knees in your bible looking at
the word and saying God my life doesn’t line up with this but
it’s supposed to make me become what this word says God
that’s where it’s at that’s where it’s at
you are supposed to be a conduit for God to flow through
life giving water is supposed to flow our from your belly
rivers of life giving water you are not supposed to be a lake
you are supposed to be river how do you keep a hose from getting dirt in
the end when you trow it in a mud puddle you turn it on
nothing gets inside of that hose you can’t make this thing dirty
Jesus has cleaned me he has washed me so clean
I’m so free from me that I’m free from you Oh it’s just amazing
it’s the only way to live in the gospel some of you are looking at me like I’m crazy
I am I’m crazy in love with Jesus man
nobody can take this from me see none of you all approached me in my life
when I was twisted as twisted can be everybody was afraid of me
see I grew up in a boys home my mom and dad got divorced when I was eleven
and a half years and they but me in a place called the masonic
homes so for about five and a half years the masons
raised me my mom wasn’t a Christian my dad wasn’t a
Christian matter of a fact my mom and dad wasn’t ready
for me when I was born they weren’t saying “we are going to have
a son, this is going to be amazing” a lot of kids just happen
it’s not like parents are like let plan this no it just happens
and all of a sudden like get the deal with what you’ve got
but if your soul isn’t right as the mom it’s really hard for you to deal with your child
your soul we’re talking about your spirit your soul
and your body your soul is you mind, will and emotions
your thinking your suki your thinking
so my mom wasn’t ready so when I was born it happened
man! there were 80 million chance of me going up
a birth canal 80 million!
we should talk about this 80 million!
plus or minus some and I’m the last one
everybody else is fighting to get to the egg, get to the egg, get to the egg!
hammers, jack hammers, saws trying to get in there
and I’m the last one and when I pull up to the egg,
everybody goes, whoosh, like the red sea and then without a tool,
whoosh, right in and everybody’s like who let him by
but from inside the egg a voice says, my voice sorry guys I was predestined before the foundation
of the world but we don’t start our lives that way
we think we’ve got problems we think we’re always going to be twisted
we tell people they’re always going to be rejected because their mom didn’t want them
what are we thinking! why would we lower the gospel down to natural
circumstance at the cost of truth that sets people free
my father knew about me before the foundation of the world
that’s a long time God had me in mind before my dad ever though
that my mom was pretty why would I let that stuff twist me up man
but I didn’t know so at 11 and 1/2 years I’m in this home
I get out of them a full on drug addict at 12 years old
I get out of that home I get out I join the military
to straighten my life out the marines were looking for a few good men
and I figured you know what my step dad dared me
said to me “you could never be a man” said I’ll show you
so I went to boot camp and it was intense but I had an authority problem
so they weren’t going to tell me well you try that at Piris island and tell
me how that works for you so I came out 73 pounds lighter
because the starved me and PT’ed me to death but I was a machine,
you couldn’t touch this and then when I came home everything good
everybody was like “wow you’ve changed, we’re so proud of you”
then I went back to base and started party, started to drink and get all partied out
and I was like I want to go home and they said “no”
so I said i’m going anyway see ya and I went AWOL un-athorized absents they call it
any marines in here so I want out to Colorado and hid in the mountains,
living the dream and then I got arrested
dream is over and I got shipped back,
I got extradited across America put in the brig down at the military prison
I was in there for about 8 months I got out and I’m like man I want out, let
me out they no so I said see ya!
and I went again and I went out and hid in the same mountains
and about a year later I get shipped back across
put in jail sipped back across America in shackles again
in a orange jump suit second time across the United Stated
put in the birg and about 8 month later they said “good bye”
they gave me a bad conduct discharge, which is know as a big chicken dinner
now that stuff labels you and that stuff marks you
so now I’m marked that’s very hard to get jobs
you think how are you going to get it man what are you going to do
well you going to lie to get jobs so I did
so job after job after job after job I lied on a constant basis
and a couple of years later I end up meeting this girl on a blind date
we move in together she’s my girl I pursed her
and then we had a child about a year and a half later
and then I was just going to be done I threatened to kill myself,
I was suicidal she said I’m leaving you
I told her if you leave me I’ll kill you and whoever your with
and I meant it and it happens everyday and I though that
so I know where that mind set comes from it comes from hell
it’s the biggest tragedy on the planet that people would want to kill themselves
take away a life that doesn’t belong to them and I was jealous and full of rage
and I wanted to kill me girl because she was the only thing had in my life
you weren’t going to take my baby from me so she stayed with me out of pity for me
for 9 years 7 and 1/2 year old daughter
all she knew was her daddy is a liar, a their, kills, steals and destroys
that’s all she knows sounds like the nature of the enemy in John
10:10 that’s what the thief does
and that’s the very nature that I had taken on
now when we get saved something ought to change about your nature
we ought not be bi-polar Christians I’m not being mean
you give to much room to the carnal mind when it’s supposed to be dead
we give to much room to the flesh which is supposed to be crucified
see the problem is we hold on to the us and that is where our flesh still has a voice
we don’t give up we don’t surrender
we don’t push all our chips to the center of the table
we just hold back some for ourselves it’ll kill you
and your life will be worse and worse and worse
and you’re a target for hell and he will come to steal, kill and destroy
he will haunt you and taunt you and your sleep will be taken away
all kinds of horrible things your family won’t want Jesus
because they don’t see the Jesus you serve because you’ve incorporated him
and they don’t want to hear you preach they want to see your walk
I promise man! it’s real
it is real, everything I’m saying is real it’s my testimony
it’s powerful it’ll set you free too
come on man, testimonies mean do it again God
you did it in them do it in me do it in my son do it my uncle
do it in my father do it in my aunt Do it in them, do it in them! I am not afraid
I talk to people everyday of my life, everywhere I go,
elevators, hotels, malls grocery stores, doctors office, no matter where I go I bring it
because I’m not alive for me and you shouldn’t be alive for you anymore
if you are alive for you, you have rights and all of a sudden you blame people and you’ll
be like they deserve this well if you want what you deserve, go to hell
you think about it you think that grace means you deserve heaven
sorry heaven went bankrupt to get you back
that’s amazing Jesus paid with dear blood
the blood of God was paid so that he could set you free from you
so that you could be free form being a sinner and come into being a saint
that’s God said but sin, sin was the issue
but God saw something under that of sin that has great value to the father
or else Jesus wouldn’t have paid such a high price for you
something underneath of that sin see the blood of Jesus doesn’t just forgive
it he removes it
removing it and forgiving it are two different things
they are one and the some but we’ve preached it as just forgiveness without removal
regret produce death but godly sorrow leads to repentance
when you see the power of the blood of Jesus when we believe the song
“what can wash away my sin, nothing but the blood of Jesus
What can make me whole again, nothing but the blood of Jesus
Oh precious is the flow, that me makes me white as snow,
no other fount I know, nothing but the blood of Jesus”
what if we believed that 100% what if we were washed not just externally
but internally as well what if it was about inner strengthening in
our inner man what if it was about closing the door,
open our Bible that we don’t understand and saying God don’t get it please reveal
this to me and your father in secret goes
Awe, awesome Holy Spirit give it to them
what if is your portion but we’ve put it on someone else
and we come on Sunday to hear a pastor try to take us to somewhere that he is not supposed
to what if we’ve come to church on Sunday to
hear a lesson because we can’t open our bible and get into intimacy with out father
and we come on Sunday and try to get entertained and then we leave and we wonder why our feel
different on Monday the Bible is meant for you to grow in Christ
we’re supposed to be renewed in the spirit of our mind
we’re supposed to not be conformed but be transformed by the renewing of our mind
we’re supposed to know and be able to walk out the perfect will of God in every circumstance
and you’re not supposed to be unwise but are to know the will of the Lord
in every circumstance at every time you are not supposed to allow unanswered prayers
to determine the will of God Jesus Christ is the will
if you can picture it in his life, it is the will of God period
because Jesus only did what the father said to do and only said what the father to say
that didn’t mean that Jesus Christ was a robot it was called relationship
and how can we function like Christ if we have no relationship
and how can we confess to have relationship when we really don’t have one
relationship isn’t just Sunday relationship isn’t praying twice a day
relationship is the love of the Father, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
and communion, the communion with the great Holy Ghost
this is what “free from yourself looks like Oh man, listen I get in the Bible
I read it all the time It’s my best friend
the Bible is the first that this guy could understand
I never read a book before ever
I could never read because I couldn’t it
I couldn’t remember anything the Bible is the first book I could understand
Because it’s not meant for your brain it’s meant for your heart
Because your heart can take you places where your brain can’t fit
our brain is jammed at the door trying to get in
but our heart is there saying “come on would you hurry up brain,
follow me” it’s with the heart one believes
it’s not with the brain It’s good
Jesus I love you all
might not seem like it but I do I’m just free from me dude
I’m not afraid I’m just not
I talk to the biggest most angriest most meanest looking people everywhere I go
I do ask my wife
she would tell you everywhere I go
hey man what
Jesus loves you so much, dude Oh I promise
what are you going to do hit me? you cannot take away what you never gave me
listen I have been accepted in the beloved how can you take away what you never gave
me how can you reject this
you can’t because I love you and love never fails
how can you take this away the only way you could was if I was afraid
and love, perfect love cast out all fear so what are you going to do
how are you going to take it from me I am in so many situations with so many angry
people with mad people I walk into the middle of gangs and preach
the gospel why? cause I’m free from me
what are you going to do kill me? you’re just going to usher me into the presence
to live is Christ and to live is gain see we’ve just got to get this man
it’s called surrender it’s called surrender
it’s called all in it’s not holding onto yourself
because yourself will kill you he who seeks to save his life will loose it
but he who looses life for my sake will find it
want to find you life? then loose yours
just give up and say you know what God? I just ask you to put that defibrillator on
me “boom”
and thump your heart, it’ll be like matrix
you’ll wake up you’ll sit up our of there like “what’s going
on?” and you’ll realize “oh my God why?”
it doesn’t matter why now run!
“yeah but all my life” so what , run!
“yeah but all my life” So what, run!
what are you going to look back to come on it’s all dead
just run “yeah but I was in the church for 30 years
I have so much to unlearn” Well I’ve got good news for you
your brain is not meant to unlearn you cannot unlearn
yay! I’ll take that crutch out of your life forever
“yeah but you don’t understand, you came in this way
man I grew in the church I have a lot to unlearn”
I hear that excuse all the time I hear it all the time!
it’s not an excuse it’s not going to be valid
you are going to stand before God one day say “God I grew up in the church, you know”
come on! Oh God maybe if my wife would be a little
different maybe I be able to Oh God my kids!
maybe if you straighten out my kids No
you’re going to stand before God, get on your face and cry for a long, long
time Because his mercy is amazing
but you will not have any excuses when you stand before him
none of them will be valid you ought to get rid of them now
really! every excuse just throw it out
none of it is valid ” you don’t understand how they treat me”
it’s you “yeah but you don’t understand what they do
to me” it’s you
“You don’t know my boss” it’s you
” you don’t understand, my boss is a jerk” It’s you
your boss needs Jesus “yeah but he says he’s a Christian”
Are you? Come on man I just don’t want to hear that
stuff we’ve got so many excuses
none of them are valid some of you are really mad at me
I love you See I’m just not afraid
I do not fear man if you fear man you can’t fear God
You can think what you want you can say what you want
now you fear man because you want to look good in front of man
you want look good and impressing in front of man
as long as they are ok with how you look and present yourself
you’ve got to be a fool for Jesus that doesn’t mean be immature
that just means that my dad is an amazing dad and he is for me
if you are against me is doesn’t matter he is for me
I will not compromise a pulpit position for the sake of tickling your ears
because people heap up for themselves teachers and these are those days
where people have itching ears tell us the new thing God’s saying
He’s still saying the same thing the original things
“behold I will do a new thing” and you are that new thing
you are! You’re the new thing
the best thing ever and we’ve got the best dad ever
” well you don’t understand my dad was” well do you understand who you dad is?
mhhh yeah, let me finish my testimony
so I’m in the life with my girlfriend destroying everything
daughter destroying everything
in 9 years I have 30 jobs that I can count I quit or get fired by everyone out
always have an excuse with this I didn’t make enough money
well my boss was this well this is that
and this is that and this is that
I don’t have Christians in my family I don’t have all that stuff
I come from a line of heathens listen people are like ” well there are generational
curses” well yeah there is
in the old testament there’s generational curse
but one person that lives a life of righteousness it leads to a thousand generation
I’m going with that one so listen I’m the first one of my family to
know God the firs one
that means a thousand generation after me are going to blessed
because of my life lived in obedience to righteousness I’m going with that
you can’t take it away from me I believe I can see it I can have it
and I see Jesus I look in the mirror and I see Jesus staring
back at me he lives in me
it’s Christ in me the hope of glory so when I look in a mirror behold with an
unveiled face veil removed
I look in the mirror and behold the glory of the Lord
he lives in me he likes to live here he set it up this way I didn’t just choose
it one day I think I’m going to seek the Lord today
no, no ,no It’s different none of you came in that way
you think you might have but no one comes to the father unless through the son
but nobody comes unless the father draws him you didn’t come up with the idea
open your Bible one day “I think I’m going to seek God”
nope, there’s a time when Jesus is like Woah! and he picks it
and it’s good today id the day now is the time
it’s now “yeah but when is it?”
now but if I said it was now then well it’s now
again now
“Yeah but now is now” ” yeah but what about
yeah but Now
it’s everyday present now, now ,now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now. everyday all day
everyday you guys ok? alright
so I’m with my girl and we’re together we’re together for 9 years
7 and 1/2 year old kid I come home one night after a drug binge and
they are gone I’m hooked on crack, I’m hooked on lots of
stuff I come home and they’re gone and I’m like
that’s it man I’m done
I knew that she didn’t leave me for some other guy but I knew that I was the problem
I went and drove to a church I opened a phone on the way to the gun cabinet
I was going to shoot myself flipped it open and was like whatever
made a check at one of these 580 churches I drove to this church and this real smiley
happy guy comes to the door I needed to talk to somebody
he goes “come on in buddy” I’m serious
just like this “what is wrong with you dude”
“nothing, come on in” “actually it’s what’s right with me”
I’m like “mmm” and I’m telling him him all my junk
he’s like “ah man” everybody has got a story
he goes ” man, Jesus changed my story” “I didn’t come here to hear about Jesus”
“this is a church” I had no grid for Jesus in Church
I come in and he is talking to me he’s sharing with me the gospel
and I’m like ” man why would someone, I’m like well who would want it”
he’s like “since you don’t want your life why don’t you give it up, why don’t you give
it away?” I’m go “who would want my life, man?” “why would someone that died 2000 years ago
want my life?” and he shared the gospel and there was something
about him I saw something in this man’s eyes that I’d
never seen before see the Bible says
the Bible says ” don’t lay up for yourselves treasures on earth where moth and rust destroy”
there’s our problem a lot of times all of a sudden when we can’t pay our bills
and we can’t do this and can’t do that all of a sudden where our treasure our heart
is so our heart is here in lack
and in a place of “why not me? why not now? why? God why? Why my life? why this, why that
Why God you don’t care about. Why?”
but it say “lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven where moth and rust can’t destroy
and thieves can’t break in and steal” he say where you treasure is there will you
hear be also he says you cannot sever both God and mammon
it’s what he says and he says the eye, the eye is the lame of
the body and if your eye is single your whole body
is full of light but if the light that is in you is darkness
if your eye is not single that word single means one voyage
if your eye is single if it’s one voyage one path one focus
gospel, Jesus if your eye is not single, darkness is in
you and how great is that darkness we have the capacity to house our father
but if it’s all about us and our needs being me we’ll miss our father
Jesus didn’t say “pray this prayer and get to heaven”
he said pray this prayer and bring heaven into you so that heaven can flow through you
you are to be a representative his kingdom come his will be done
I heard pastor singing about it his kingdom, his will be done on earth as
it is in heaven we’re supposed to be in a place where we’ve
given ourselves to him not just to get there
so that he could get here Jesus paid a price to reposes that which is
lost what was lost? our identity
see in the garden we took on the very nature of the enemy of God
our nature needs to be changed you can’t afford to come into this thing and
incorporate Jesus into your life and your hand caused you to sin
see if your mind gets renewed your hand can’t tell your mind what to do
it doesn’t work that way “oh my gosh, what are you saying hand? oh you want that? Ok”
sorry, that’s not how it works your mind gets renewed it gets changed
the will of God comes in and Boom! you start to think with the mind that Jesus
paid a price for you to have 1 Corinthians 2 is so powerful it talks about
the wisdom of man and the wisdom of God it talks about the carnal mind is at war against
God, nothing is revealed to the carnal mind
Spirit, and God’s Spirit communicates with our spirit
when we are born again we get a new spirit brand new regenerate spirit
our spirit becomes one with his Spirit and communion happens
the communion with the Holy Ghost our spirit and his Spirit commune together
the love of the father the love of the father is amazing
it’s the perfect love of God that casts our fear
but if we don’t understand that we are perfectly loved
you’ll think that what you have to do to attain it
and that will be your problem trying to do to attain the love of God
the love of God has been poured our in our hearts by the Holy Spirit
while we were yet a sinner Christ died for us
the pastors, apostles, prophets, teachers all the five fold gift
they are to equip the saints not the sinners equip the saints for the work of ministry
God changes your identity he takes you from darkness and puts you into
light you were lost and now you get found
you were completely blind you couldn’t see at all and then you see
it’s the gospel it’s the perfect gospel
there is no in between the gray area is a very very scary place to
be come on Jesus says that because you’re warm
I will spit you out that’s not good
he says I wish that you were either cold cold is better than warm
I really had problems I said “God I don’t get it”
like cold is better than warm he said ” Todd let me explain what all three
are” I said “alright, because Lord if fell like
I am on fire” He said ‘you are but you were freezing but
then I took you and set you on fire and you’ve never spent any time other then
on fire” I said “yeah but would you like cold rather
that warm, at least people that are warm know about you”
He said “no, people that are warm are a damage to people around them”
they have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof
I’m not just talking about miracles I’m talking about the power of the gospel
because the reality of the grace of God that doesn’t lead to the complete transformation
is demonic grace demonic grace doesn’t lead to transformation
but you can say it is grace and still heal the sick
that’s the devil see grace that doesn’t lead to complete to
transformation is demonic grace empowers us to walk out what truth call
us to grace isn’t twisted, it’s amazing
grace is the divine inspiration of God upon the heart,
with his outward reflection of himself upon our lives
so that everywhere we go we are a blazing a blazing word made flesh
see Jesus was the word made but God wants our flesh to become the very
word we say we know you are to be a living epistle known and read
by all men so everywhere you walk people walk
people look at you and say ” woah what is that?”
it’s the word that’s not twisted, that’s amazing
look the Pharisees knew it all guys they knew the whole thing
they memorized the Torah they memorized it all
they knew it all you ask them a question they can quote it
verbatim chapter after chapter after chapter they knew
it all they knew it all
Jesus didn’t tell you to memorize it he told you to become it
listen he didn’t say just memorize the word he said become it
if you can’t walk it out and put feet to the word
it hasn’t done anything for you real grace empowers up to walk out what real
truth calls us to the miraculous is the by produce of son-ship
it’s just what happen when sons show up and daughters show up that know their father
everywhere it’s not just about a church service, man
Man, I walked down the hotel hall way today I’m coming up from the gym
actually prayed for two different women down there that work in the gym at the hotel
and Jesus healed them both now listen I’m just working out
I’m not like trying to find people people are around
I’m just outward focused I do not have a basket on my head, church
basket headed Christianity is illegal in the kingdom
what are we thinking if it’s just about your church service on
Sunday there’s a lot of people going to hell
my question is do you care about anybody other than yourself because that’s selfishness
it’s not evangelism you don’t have to have the office of an evangelist
to tell someone the good news be in an elevator when the door shuts
find out where your faith is start talking about the King
I do it everyday people laugh at me
then I talk to them more I get locked in steel tubes at 35 thousand
feet with hundreds of people and Jesus rocks airplanes
what are we afraid of? it’s the truth
I walk up to my room I’m walking down the hallway and there is
a house keeper there I said “hey you”
she is in the little room with the towel I said ” you speak English”
she said “yes” “what’s your name”
“Miss Gracia” I went “ah I love Grace”
so I’m talking to her telling her how amazing God is
and I had a word about her back and I said ” honey your back is messed up really bad”
and she goes “ohh, I’m in terrible pain” I said ” Oh my gosh” I said ” can I pray for
you” she says “please”
prayed for her and she burst into sweat like just sweating profusely
and she started to wobble and I said “check it”
Jesus completely healed her in the closet listen this is a constant constant thing
everyday all day it never shuts down
everywhere I go it’s not my fault see he said to live this way
see I just believe all I am is normal
listen peculiar but normal look people are like
sometimes they say “Todd your our of your mind”
No,no,no no I’m our of yours I’m not our of mine
I have the mind of Christ see that’s what the Bible say I’m supposed
to live by with the mind of Christ
it’s in 1 Corinthians 2 it says his thoughts are higher than my thoughts
and his ways are higher than my ways who could know but we have the mind of Christ
that’s a big deal that doen’t mean I’m claiming to be God
but I’m a son and I’m just like my Father he loves me
you guys are going to get to heaven and be surprised when you see Jesus with dreads
some of you are like ” no, no,no, no!” some of you all think he’s like this pale
complication bright white Caucasian
you’re going to be surprised either way he’s Jesus
Jesus so I said “oh my gosh, I need you to stay
right here I need to do something, will you wait here?”
she said “Ok” so I ran down to the room
my wife is just getting out of the shower I go “come out into the hallway”
She goes honey ” I’m not even dressed” I said ” God just spoke to my heart
I need to bless this house keeper where is your check book at?” I went to the pocket book
and I didn’t going tell her what I was going to write her
but I did I wrote her a check for $200
why? because my money is not mine
listen why, why do we give why
because God so loved the world that he gave why do we go to restaurants and tip our waitresses
because it’s really bad to go there and rip them off
you know what’s really bad? to go there and punch out what’s 10% on your phone
figure it out you know what we do
every time I go out to eat, I will not go out to eat unless I can double my bill with
a tip it will make you not go out to eat as much
but it will also change the culture of your community
and you will take the spirit and rip off off the,
listen we need to take the spirit of ugly off the bride
and how you do that is being radically generous and I’m not saying that for an offering
I’m saying that so you can be one because you are supposed to be a living sacrifice
holy and acceptable before God offer your body as a living sacrifice holy
and acceptable pleasing to God which is your only reasonable service
your only service and don’t be conformed to the world
but be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you approve what is and what
is not God’s will every second of the day and in every situation
you’re not supposed to be unwise you are supposed to know
you are supposed to have the will of God nailed down in your heart
because Jesus was nailed down on a cross and paid a price for you to know the manifest
will of God It’s powerful
it is so I incorporated Jesus into my life at church
when I met that guy I was like “Fine whatever”
“if he wants this life he can have it, whatever man, in Jesus name”
really so I went home and I called my daughter
because she had left and gone to her mom’s house
I called my daughter I said “you need to tell mommy that daddy found God”
she said ” what is he like?” I said ” I don’t know but I saw him in somebody
today” Because I saw it in that man’s eyes
because his eyes, the lamp of his body I could see Jesus in there
when people look at you what do they see when they look in your eyes
do they see lack? do they see loss? do they see life that has pottered them and
squezed them do they see that in you? or do they see Christ
and him crucified? listen I’m not preaching some strange word
I’m preaching the gospel, man this is the truth
the gospel doesn’t say deny the devil, pick up your cross and follow him
it says deny yourself selfishness
self-centered self-seeking
envy the earthly wisdom it’s both sensual and demonic
and that’s what it is it’s self seeking and full of envy
everything not a little bit everything evil is in that place man
and when your eye is not single all of a sudden that stuff is in you
and you are wonder when your big break is going to be
what if Jesus is your big break what if we don’t see the big cross
and what if Christ and him crucified isn’t enough?
just like the Israelites that went around the wilderness and the manna came down everyday
everyday in front of their tent there was a pile of food
a pile of bread every day
and instead of rejoicing over it they complained about it
and they are in the wilderness because they complain
they loathed the worthless bread and the bread was Christ
don’t say that Jesus isn’t enough man don’t think that you need something else to
bring you there because there is nothing else
don’t think that that worthless bread Jesus was the bread that came down from heave
he is the living bread and unless you eat his flesh and drink his
blood you have no part in him
what does that mean that means that your life is fully
fully given to him that means that you abide in him and he in
you you abide in there
and that God is the gardener come on man!
this is the gospel wake up church
wake up arise and shine
your light is come awake you who sleep and Christ will give you
life he will give you
it’s an amazing gospel so that night they came home
I told my girlfriend I said “man, I’m telling you things are going to change”
she said “you hypocrite, I hate you” why? because I destroyed her life for 9 years
now I bring this God thing in there’s no religion in there
they don’t even have, none of her family
“I’m telling you things are going to change” I put my daughter to bed
‘honey this is amazing” she said ” daddy I”m so glad everything is
changed” I said “everything is changed, I saw God in
a man today” that night I’m out on a crack binge
first night second night again
calling in the morning “man I did it again” “well Todd the reason you are doing it is
because you don’t understand who God says you are”
bang, and he hit it again, keep on pounding truth into my soul
and I’m like man! and again I fell again
and again I fell again and again I fell again
5 and 1/2 months of doing that stuff man 5 and1/2 moths later I go out one night and
I’m like man! and my girlfriend and my daughter follow me
out into town and I’m at a pay phone calling my dealer he’s
not there I turn around there they are behind my car
man! my daughter ” daddy you promised you’d never
do it again” I said ” I know” and I didn’t want to
see I was in a place of Romans 7 I didn’t want to and I was doing it
I was in a place of under the law because I didn’t understand what grace was
I was in a place where I incorporated Jesus in to appease people at the cost of truth
but I had no idea what the truth was I saw it in a man but I couldn’t get it and
I needed it so that night I said “I”m sorry”
and I got in the car and I lost them and when down the street to my city
I went down there and I picked some kid out of Pennsylvania
picked up some kid from New York City I got him on the street corner
I said ” what of you got on you” and I got this lump of drugs in my hand
I said ” you have the right to remain silent anything say will be used against you”
and man, I didn’t have any money and needed to get mine
I’d ripped off lots of people but this time it was different
I had big lump of drugs I had a quarter ounce of cocaine crack in
my hand ripping off this kid from New York
“I knew you were a cop, I knew it” I said ” get out of the car and put your hands
on the hood” and as soon as he got out I hit the gas to
get away and he unloaded a 9mm at me from 10 feet away
Boom! boom! boom! boom! and a voice shook my vehicle
and it said ” I took those bullets for you are you ready to live for me yet?” see that’s what real grace is
that’s grace because I should be dead now what good would it be for me to live for
myself anymore I’m not just playing a game up here
I”m not just popping off I read my Bible I know it and take you to
it but it’s sitting on the stage and I live in it
I had no idea and that voice echoed in my brain
and you know what I did I still smoked all that crack that night
and every hit I took that voice ” I took those bullets for you, are you ready
to live for me yet?” I couldn’t get high and it was frustrating
it was killing me I went home that night I pulled into my driveway
I look around my car, shined a flash light and not one bullet in my car
Oh my God, 10 feet away I don’t care who you are
a little 5 year old can hit you with a 9mm at least hit your vehicle
unloaded a clip! a 9mm Boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!
boom! I said that’s it I’m done”
done the voice won’t go away either
and it’s bothering me because it’s inside of my head
and I go to the door and my girlfriend is up
and my daughter is there “I hate you, get out of my life”
” daddy” 3 days later I went to a place called teen
challenge a bed opened up
I went to Teen Challenge I went and I gave up
my girlfriend hated me my daughter was sad
I was a poor excuse for a father man I didn’t know how to be a father
my dad only knew about fathering because he just tried to let life father me when I was
a little kid he didn’t know any better
Vietnam really messed him up and all that stuff
none of that stuff is my father’s fault, none of that is my mother’s fault man
it’s time we own responsibility, and take responsibility
listen all of us were pottered by the wrong god, man
all of us were squeezed and molded by the enemy of this world,
Satan the father of lies and I went into this place called Teen Challenge
and I couldn’t read I had no idea how to read my daughter is sad
my girlfriend is glad I’m gone the sherrif is at my house in 3 days because all the twisted stuff I had, all the
debt now it’s coming upon her
wham and I’m up at Teen Challenge
2 months into this thin the Bible starts opening up to me
the first book ever and I had these 3 encounters 3 night in a
row with Jesus and the 3rd night
I’m in a valley each encounter and he says “do not fear I’ll never leave
you nor forsake you” for 2 nights
the third night same dream I open my Bible go down to the prayer room
open up my Bible it opened to Psalms 23 all three days by it’s
self when I flipped it went right there
though I walk through the valley of he shadow of death
I’m like oh my gosh the third day he said “go home”
so I’m in a program that I entered for a year I’m 2 month into this thing
now that’s 2 months in and I quit everything in my life before
something inside of me was completely changed I mean completely changed
and Dan came up and picked me up that guy I met in the church
the guy that was telling me about Jesus the guy that was working with me telling the
truth came out and picked me up
he took me home I had to get home
I had to tell me daughter how sorry I was because for the first time in my life I realized
I was a father listen to me
I had no idea how to be a father before and for the first time in my life I realized
what it is to be a father and I get home and she comes running across
the porch she goes “daddy!”
and I held her, I held her and I said “honey I’m so sorry”
“for what daddy?” “for all the stuff I’ve done and all the times
I’ve been away all the stuff” she goes ” daddy what are you talking about? your home”
I’m like “no, daddy is not home! daddy’s out but he’s not home,
but I want to tell you what I”m going to do, I’m going to support you
I’m going to provide for you I’m going to get a job,
it’s going to be amazing” “daddy I’m just glad you’re home”
I said “honey I’m not home” then mom comes out
I hurt her so bad I ruined her life
she comes out and I said “I’m so sorry” she says ” I know you are, I gave my life
to Jesus” Oh listen! I said ” I cannot live here,
there’s no way I can live here” she goes ” I know we need to get married”
I look at Dan ” this is crazy man we need to plan this”
he goes ” you’re not planning anything” he said ” we’ll do in on Sunday in between
first and second service” so this here is my wife
that was 10 years ago people said dude “well we’ll see where you
are in 10 years” well here I am
I preach the gospel all over the world and I watch Jesus touch people everywhere
because he’s amazing all I do is believe
I’m just normal that’s it I really am normal
but I’m going to ask you right now you came into this service and you have not
surrendered, you have not given yourself to God
get up here right now get up here right now
if you’re here and you’ve incorporated him and you haven’t surrendered
I need you up here don’t sit in your seat and wait come right
now come right now
come on! Don’t wait
down there just hold on right here come on
come on I’m proud of you man
Dude so proud of you come on
if you’re out there and you’ve just incorporated Jesus in
it’s time you give up it’s go time
let’s do this come on
come on Jesus
come on there’s more I need you up here
stop holding out on Jesus I’m looking around I see some warriors that
are here some warriors
I challenge you to surrender I challenge you to give everything up right
now to push it to the center of the table
come on there’s more of you and I know you’re out there
and if that’s you I need you up here right now
Jesus wants to set your life ablaze come on man
come on Jesus
come on don’t hold back
give it all to him lets do this come on lets run together
the church, were in our final lap man don’t be afraid
don’t be afraid come on
if you’re tiered of being in fear and you’ve made this gospel all about you
I need you up here right now I need you up here right now
come on this is not Jesus incorporated this is surrendered
this is on fire this is the Lord
let’s do this Jesus Jesus….
my King Oh lord I give you everything
Oh Jesus my Lord, my God
My Lord, my God I’m not holding on to me anymore
Holy Jesus I’m giving everything to you
everything to you everything to you Jesus
everything to you Jesus
Holy Lord, my God there is still people that need to be up here
I’m not trying to pull teeth If you heart is telling you up here
come up here just push everything to the center
listen I’m so sorry that you got hurt by Christianity and you’ve seen hypocrites
that doesn’t mean you have to be one that doesn’t mean you have to be one
God is looking for people that would not want to be a hypocrite
but would be ready to go full on for God full on full in
everything in it’s about all in
everything in let’s do this
we’re on our final lap let’s run this race
come on Jesus
Holy Lord God Holy Jesus
my King of kings my Lord of lords
my everything Jesus Jesus
Jesus Holy Lord God
Jesus Jesus you are good
my Jesus Jesus
Jesus man I’m glad I want helping you with baptism
because I hold people down till the bubbles stop
because we bring them up a brand new man for real
Jesus Jesus
so proud of you all come on
I just want to hug you man you’re a warrior man
I love you man I love you man
so proud of you dude so proud of you
Jesus will rock the world Jesus
love you man Jesus
thank you God Jesus name
love you man proud of you man
you’re a warrior man you’re fearless
you a warrior come on man time to crush hell for a living
love you man Yeah oh man
devil just hates this Oh you to man come here dude
come here you I want to hug all of you
I love you all so good
Oh so good Jesus
love you awesome
listen to me devil hates this
I feel like I feel like David in the cave of Adullam
where all these broken contrite people come up in there
and they left mighty warriors man mighty warriors
warriors with the sword stuck to his hand kill all those people
not that we’re going to kill people but we’re going to use the word of the Lord
to slay devils all day long the worse thing we can do is go to bed with
no blood on our sword man come on
do all of you all know what you’re doing you’re saying all in
all in because you aren’t a half way guy
you’re either in or out you can’t do it man
your 100% on or not that’s good
Jesus love that some of you are like whaa
come on alright so let’s do this
ready? everyone of you all ready? love it
I’m so proud of you all see some of you all didn’t come out there
but you all are sitting, said I can do it from right here
shame kept you there there’s no shame in the gospel
sorry buddy no guilt no shame no condemnation
that’s the devil’s game that is not Jesus guilt shame and condemnation are from hell
Jesus is a professional past wiper outer he wiped out my and it’s as if I’ve never
sinned and I live and look in the mirror and love
what I see are you ready? here’s what we’re going to do
we’re going to pray and there is people I think I need to send
you to there things up here
people, somebody is going to help me because the worst thing you can do is say
yes to God and then not allow yourself to be plugged
into a family you don’t want to do that
so what happens is you get hurt by church or something happens in life
and you’re like I don’t want anything to do with that
no no no we’re not supposed to go to a church to find
love we’re supposed to become it and plug in
all we do is bring what we’ve got to the table and we say I’m just here to serve
and I just want to partner that’s it ok?
so I don’t want anyway to go away to just run away after this
because we’re going to pray for the sick too but I want you guys
listen you need to plug in be a part of something
alright? Jesus
there’s people out there man there’s people in gangs that need you talk
to them man I know you know what I’m saying
yep, good alright everybody with me right now
what we’re say is we’re pushing everything to the center I’m all in period
we’re not going to hold anything back are you ready?
so all you all pray with me out here pray with me in case, just in case your out
there and you didn’t come up here if I don’t see your lips moving I’ll think
that you should be up here everybody say this with me
Lord God I believe
that what Jesus did is enough for me
you paid for my sin on Calvary
so that I did not have to pay for it I could believe
that Jesus who knew no sin
became sin for me
so that I could become the righteousness of God
that is in Christ Jesus today
I give my life
to you all of it
for of all of you in the name of Jesus
today I am
a child of the living God
in Jesus name amen
Jesus Jesus alright
he’s doing information, information swap
this is good pastor
am I ok? it’s ok to pray for the sick real quick? Ok
they told me 12:15 I looked at the clock and I’m like
Oh Jesus mercy, grace
listen sharp shooters are in place I know that
hopefully they hit one of my dreads with and with a bullet
no this is most powerful powerful time but I know that God,
I know that Jesus is the healer so I won’t pray for the sick right now
alright so if you’ve got any kind of sickness or disease
in your body put your hand up right now
alright Jesus is good
he is I want everybody
around somebody with their hand up I just want you to put your hand on them please
just help me out we’re going to body of Christ minister
see it’s Christ in us the hope of glory so it’s never about just Christ in Todd
or Christ in the pastor it’s about Christ in us
it’s about us being a mobile church see we don’t just come to church we are the
church Jesus did not heal the sick as God
Jesus healed the sick as a man with perfect relationship with God
filled with the Holy Spirit that’s not taking away divinity
Jesus was fully God and fully man but he laid apart his divinity and humbled
himself as a bond servant and he grew up as a man so he could fulfill
the covenant for us to come to be one with God
but Jesus did what he did as a man filled with God
he was God incarnate it was Jesus Christ
the Holy Spirit flowing through him doing everything through him
so when we pray the same Holy Spirit
Romans 8:11 says the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead
dwells in us that means when we pray
the Holy Spirit in and through us is the one that does the healing
it’s no us at all but we are conduits that carry the Kingdom
the Kingdom of God is not meat and drink but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy
Spirit the kingdom is in the Holy Spirit
so right now put your hand on somebody just going to pray right now
Father I thank you in the name of Jesus right now
we command sickness and disease to leave right now
in Jesus’ name every bit
father I thank you for necks being loosed right now in the name of Jesus
I thank you for backs being completely healed father thank you in Jesus’ name
every disk be made whole right now sciatic nerve pain go
bulging disk go herniate disk go
in Jesus’ name father I thank you for brand new shoulders
rotator cuffs be healed in Jesus’ name right now
God thank you for every joint in the body arthritis we command you get out in Jesus’
name right now
every joint be loosed in Jesus’ name in Jesus’ name brand new knees
brand new wrists in Jesus’ name brand new hips
in Jesus’ name brand new God we thank you in the name of Jesus
people that, married couples that could not have children
we command those wombs to be open in Jesus’ name
babies babies babies in Jesus’ name married couples conceive in Jesus’ name
God we thank you heart conditions be healed right now
in Jesus’ name brand new lungs
any kind of asthmatic condition any kind of lung cancer
anything having to do with breathing God I thank you for brand new lungs
I feel like somebody has a lung that is closed right now
who is that? there is a lung, somebody’s lung that’s not
working I think it’s the left lung
is there anybody in here that that’s them come on
Jesus’ name left lung open right now in Jesus’ name right now
Open Jesus’ name brand new
right now in Jesus’ name
I want somebody right here to put her hand on her
just put your hand on her shoulder right there it’s good
I don’t have to touch you so good
Jesus I thank you for a brand new lung right now
is it closed or is it gone did they remove it?
no it’s just closed pain right now
Jesus’ name left lung be healed now in Jesus’ name
every bit of pain get out in Jesus’ name right now
let her go Jesus’ name
don’t let her hit the floor Jesus’ name God I thank you
wholeness God brand new right now
freedom in Jesus’ name Jesus’ name
ankles, joints, knees, necks, shoulders, hips I want everybody around here right now
that had some kind of pain in any of those areas
just check right now to see God is amazing just check
you don’t have to have heat or cold it doesn’t matter just check and see
I promise I’ve watched Jesus do so many things
if it’s gone wave your had at me right now come on
Jesus is wonderful wonderful
father we thank you in the name of Jesus God brand new
God I thank you every terminal disease every disease
in Jesus’ name cancer we curse you and command you get out
in Jesus name God we thank you in the name of Jesus
complete wholeness God right now
Jesus’ name Jesus’ name
digestive disease in the name of Jesus we command you go
acid reflux, ulcers, peptic ulcers in the name of Jesus
every digestive disease, every problem even irritable bowel syndrome
in the name of Jesus be healed
Father we thank you for complete wholeness God
sickle cell, anemia in the name of Jesus get out
in Jesus name right now
in Jesus name God thank you wholeness God
chronic migraines, who are you? you get migraines all the time
there’s more there’s probably 10 people in the name of Jesus
migraines we command you get out right now in Jesus’ name
go never return
in Jesus’ name in Jesus’ name
ok in the name of Jesus
pinched nerve pinched nerves in the neck
there’s an pinched nerve who else has a pinched nerve in their neck
causing you numbness in your hand? Father we thank you in the name of Jesus
right now find a hand that’s up right now
we’re just going to pray right now each hand that’s up right now I need people
to go around them this is pinched nerves in the neck
in the name of Jesus we command it to go right now
Jesus name brand new
necks be loosed nerves be loosed in Jesus’ name
ok alright
a lady came up to me and brought a phone and she has her sister on here
Laura has a 90 percent blind eye? ok
alright awesome if you have seeing problems
if you have a blind eye is there anybody here that has a blind eye
ok right there
ok you too
ok alright
listen here’s what we’re going to do stretch your hand toward this phone right
now and every blind eye in this place
Father we thank you right now in the name of Jesus God
in the name of Jesus we command this eye to open right now
eye open in Jesus’ name in Jesus’ name
right now eyes we command you see in Jesus’ name
in Jesus name brand new Jesus’ name
brand new eyes we command you see in the name of Jesus
God thank you for Laura
in Jesus’ name brand new vision return
every eye every blind eye opened in Jesus name
Jesus’ name Jesus’ name
brand new vision God in Jesus’ name
if there is improvement in anybody’s eye i want you to wave your hand at me so we can
see what’s going on Jesus’ name
Jesus’ name right now improvement God
eyes see in Jesus’ name talk to her
In the name of Jesus God brand new eyes
a brand new eye for Laura in Jesus’ name
father we thank you in the name of Jesus God where is she? bring her up? Is there change? she’s trembling
come on more Jesus’ more open her eye Jesus’ name eye open right now
Holy Spirit touch her eye in Jesus’ name every eye in this place
shake it God Jesus’ name
see in Jesus’ name see in Jesus’ name
see in Jesus’ name see in Jesus’ name
Jesus’ name Jesus’ name
Jesus’ name Jesus’ name
Is there change? Jesus
Ok so can she see better? Jesus name
Jesus name Yes she see better
in the name of Jesus God more
more God Jesus’ name
more in the name of Jesus God
more for Laura more for Laura
stretch your hands out right now come on guys lets join faith
in Jesus name we command these eyes open in Jesus’ name
brand new eyes Jesus’ name vision be restored in Jesus name
Jesus name every effect from the stroke
be healed in Jesus name we command it to go
Jesus’ name let her eyes be opened to read the word God
in Jesus’ name every effect in Jesus name
in Jesus’ name brand new brand new
Jesus’ name Jesus’ name
Jesus’ name any change right there? no
someone put your hand over there come on
eyes in the name of Jesus in Jesus’ name brand new vision
God I thank yoiu in Jesus’ name brand new vision God in Jesus name
brand new in Jesus name In Jesus’ name
in Jesus’ name more for Laura God
in Jesus’ name God thank you for every eye in this place
in the name of Jesus’ God brand new
Jesus’ name Jesus’ name
Jesus’ name Father I thank you for hearing loss right
now being healed in Jesus’ name
ears open right now in Jesus’ name
if that’s you and you have hearing loss put your hand up
come on Jesus’ name all over the building
come on guys put your hand on somebody right here
she needs ears open lets do this
ears open in Jesus’ name brand new
amen she took her contact out
and her eye feels hot right now Yeah!
come on! Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus
Father thank you in Jesus’ name every ear open right now in the name of Jesus,
God thank you Father for complete wholeness God
right now God I thank you for hearing open right now
every ear open in Jesus name
brand new ears God ears to hear
God thank you in the Spirit but in the nature
in the natural she’s reading
yes! Jesus
Jesus Yay
Jesus ears pop open right now in the name of Jesus
we command you open in Jesus name
right now if someone’s hearing is changing I need you
to wave your hand at me I need to wave your hand at me so I can see what is going on
if it is getting better in your ear right now I want to see your hand up
is it changing? right now
is it changing? it’s getting better
awesome who else? there is change right now happening
you can feel something happening in your ear? awesome
Father I thank you in Jesus’ name ears open right now
in the name of Jesus right now brand new ears God
in Jesus’ name right now
Jesus’ name ears open
in Jesus’ name in Jesus’ name
alright everyone put their hand on someone beside you
everyone in the place here’s what we’re going to do
we’re going to pray for the person on our left and right
we just going to command every bit of sickness and every bit of disease
to get out of their body right now everybody in here
are you ready? everybody on account of three
what we’re going to do we command in the name of Jesus
we command every bit of sickness every bit of disease to get gone right now
in Jesus’ name in Jesus’ name
are you ready? one, two, three
speak to it Jesus’ name
Jesus’ name Jesus’ name
brand new Jesus’ name
Jesus’ name Jesus’ name
brand new Jesus’ name
brand new Jesus’ name
Jesus’ name brand new Jesus Jesus Jesus thank you
thank you father in the name of Jesus every bit of sickness
every bit of disease get out of these houses in the name of Jesus right now
every bit Jesus’ name right now every bit of sickness every bit of disease
get out addiction I command you leave these houses
now in Jesus’ name every bit of addiction I command you get out
in Jesus name alcohol addiction drug addiction, addiction
to pain medication in Jesus name addiction to pornography get out of these
house in the name of Jesus right now Jesus name every mind be clear
every pornographic image be gone in Jesus’ name
in Jesus’ name right now be healed in Jesus’ name
alright everybody in the house to check right now,
anything in your body that you can check physically I want everybody to check all over the house
right now if it’s gone wave both hands in the air right
now medication come on
Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus
pastor Hey guys thanks for watching the video
we came up with a website it’s called Lifestyle Christianity
we have our newsletter that’s going to go out
you can sign up for our e-mail list we also have testimonies on there
event schedule all that stuff
it’ll be amazing we want to empower a generation to walk out
Christianity as a lifestyle so we can all walk with the power of God on
a constant basis It’s going to be awesome so come on over
bless you thanks for watching

46 Replies to “Todd White – Give Yourself To Him”

  1. Todd,
    thankyou for your obedience to the Holy Spirit and honesty. My spirit has been yearning for good food and you have supplied. Thankyou for your service.

    Lord, thankyou for rising up your remnants. We are here.

  2. I just love you brother! You talk like I think! Bless you and your family! ! See you on the flip side brother! I died at 34 and met my Daddy! He is so amazing! We have such similar stories! I was an addict forever but confessed to be a Christian since 17. Toying with my Heavenly Father for years! His mercy is so great! Keep on Keeping on Brother!

  3. Good Day bro.

    Todd dude you give me so such inspiration, i must say that i received such great word from our prophet group in south Africa Johannesburg that one day i will be with you on stage and preach the Gospel to the masses. I got saved 45 days ago and i must say it's been such a life changing thing, everyday i try to live like Jesus.

    I'm growing to much in the Holy spirit, getting people closer to Jesus and plating seeds in there hearts.

    I had a dream that i walked up to and and gave you a huge hug man and saying i love you bro and it was at a conference.

    the way Jesus changed my life is outstanding.
    I love sharing my testimony to people and the fact that each testimony you share of your life, each day it adds things to the present haha it relates to so many people and the way people sees the light in my life is such a huge sonic boom of Jesus in my life.

    Bless you man and i love you bro.


  5. I sing at Bonita Valley Community Church in bonita ca.. your preaching and testimony have made a serious impact on my life…
    what can we do to get you to visit our church?

  6. glory to God that was beautiful seeing all those people give their life to God! And Even the people that already new God up their that was beautiful to! They want more of God more taste of the Holy Spirit! 🙏💞💕💞💕💞😍

  7. This was absolutely stunning!!! Glory to God. Todd White, you are an inspiration! God bless you and your beautiful family!

  8. todd white bless you in Jesus Name! as I was listening to this sermon I had a back pain in my lower middle of the back. As prayer began for healing the pain was gone in Jesus Name!! Glory to God The Most High, God is truly REAL and AMAZING.

  9. This was an amazing video. So many things said were for me. I have Epstein Barr virus. It has attacked my thyroid. I was having a hard time breathing all day but during the healings going on here it went away! I am so thankful that Jesus found me. He has been so good to me. He delivered me from a meth addiction, He washed me with His precious Blood & took it all away. I lost everything & everybody I loved to it. I lost a wonderful 31 year marriage to it. But He is restoring & giving back everything that was stolen from me! I have nothing but I have everything! I can't live without Jesus. He is my everything. I thank God for you. You gave me a whole new meaning to "Jesus loves you"!

  10. I believe that Jesus Christ has completely healed and delivered me from every sickness in my body and my system. Thank you Jesus. Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.
    God bless Todd white and his family.

  11. I've seen christians more crushed by life more than Hindus here in Nepal. There is no peace in peoples mind, people go church but really don't understand the finished work of christ on cross. Christians need to understand the truth and not to be deceived by satan to understand the truth in the word from Bible. Todd you made it so simple and clear. Bless you bro. Deepak from Nepal.

  12. wow that is so good!! I feel completely changed!! I'm going to go out and be an influence in my world!! thank you Jesus!!!

  13. I just noticed this about him, and it really has no importance, but I'm relatively sure he hits the gym hard and tans 🙂 Never seen a teacher/ preacher who tans.
    He has said so much that has sparked something beautiful with in me.

  14. Absolutely radical. Wow, I'm speechless. I've been exactly like Todd was. "Gave myself to him" but didn't really. Please pray for me to give myself to him 100% this time. Jesus is so great! 🙂

  15. I praise God for you Todd i felt God cry in me this morning because He wants to reconcile the world back to Himself and He loves us so much… to where i get it now its not about me its all about God and what He wants ….. this is a powerful word Stay up Brother

  16. I love what you are doing, Todd!!! I am trying within my human body to use what you teach to help me teach – using LOVE to see God manifest in others is the only way we won't CONFORM, but TRANSFORM.

  17. I have never heard anybody preach with such sincerity and conviction as Tod White! He truly has the Ruah ha Qodesh in him. I love how he lives his life as Yahshua wants us to, not just memorizing passages but acting upon them . and sharing genuine love as Yahshua does and did. Love you Todd. Bless you and your family brother you are an inspiration to me! 😇🙏❤️🤗

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