To Make a Journey, Don’t Change Directions | Sadhguru

To Make a Journey, Don’t Change Directions | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: Whatever you wish to do, you must
bring yourself to moment of joy and clarity within yourself, at that moment what you decide,
even if you die, you must go by that. Whenever your emotions go up and down, your
mind says many things, that’s not important. It says one thing today, one thing in the
morning, one thing in the evening. It says one thing today and another thing
tomorrow, that’s of no consequence. In the moment of clarity, when I’m saying
joy, because when you are happy, you are not compulsive. When you’re very happy and clear, at that
time, if you look at things and see that yes this is what is more sensible for me, just
do that, it doesn’t matter if it feels like hell. It doesn’t matter, you go through hell for
ten years, it doesn’t matter, you just do that because that’s where your well-being
is. When you are in different states of compulsiveness,
if you make decisions as to which way to turn, you will be endlessly lost. It is not about what you’re doing, it is
just that you are doing it in an unwavering way. Every day you are off and on, off and on,
it doesn’t happen. You’re just unwavering, you’ve become
one pointed, it doesn’t matter what it is. If you want to be a butcher, be a butcher
in an unwavering way, it will open up. Just not wavering for a moment. What you have decided in a moment of clarity
and joy¸ just sticking onto it, without wavering a little bit. Nobody can deny it to you. Every day when your thoughts and emotions
fly this way and that way, you keep changing your mind, changing your mind, changing your
mind, you will go in circles, endlessly in circles Because, one who changes direction too often,
obviously he is not interested in going anywhere, isn’t it? You know this is,,, the world is round so
which direction you go it doesn’t matter, as long as you go without changing direction,
you will make the journey, isn’t it? You will complete the journey, isn’t it? If you change your direction, it will put
you into an endless state of being lost, always lost. So
you want to be there, be there, no problem. You want to be here, be here. Don’t go on changing your mind every day¸
morning one way, evening another way, you’re a torture to yourself and everybody around
you. One who is constantly changing their mind
is a torture to himself and to everyone around. Isn’t it so? In the… right now you’re thinking tomorrow
morning, I am going to do my yoga. Tomorrow morning when the dong (imitates the
gong) at 5 o’clock in the morning. I hear it every day; I don’t know how many
of you hear it (Laughs). The moment it goes dong… maybe we should
beat a drum. Then your body says to hell with this yoga,
all I want to (Gestures) (Few laugh)… it keeps changing, its priorities keep changing
and changing and changing. There is another way to live
where the biggest joys that you have known in your life the greatest pleasures that
you have known in your life, will look like, you know… will look like ant’s pleasure. This being is capable of that. When it… When it comes to body and mind, we’re all
differently capable; no two bodies are equally capable no two minds are equally capable. But when it comes to this being, every being
is equally capable of containing the very existence within himself. Scientists are saying it’s ever expanding,
how to contain it, that’s the whole beauty of it That which is endless, that which is eternal,
that which is boundless and that which is always expanding. That can be contained in this being. About that – no two beings are differently
capable, every being is equally capable. It doesn’t happen because you keep changing
direction. Wherever you find a little niche which is
comfortable, you try to settle down there. These… this so called getting civilized
has become a huge detriment for spiritual process Not essentially but I would like to say this… (Laughs) because if, if you were a nomad… You know nomad means what? That means… that means you are not mad (Laughter). So who is not a nomad? One who is mad (Laughs). One who is mad settles down, one who is not
mad, moves on and on and on, doesn’t settle down anywhere. The moment we stop being nomadic, we got into
a certain kind of madness of safety and security. Whether it’s physical, psychological or
emotional, we’re always looking for that niche, where we can settle down and sleep,
and once you find a niche and it gets too sweet and comfortable, then you don’t have
the courage to step out and once again make the journey. So if all you are looking for a picnic…
is a picnic, then it’s ok. You know it feels like that. When we… if you want to try to climb the
seventh hill, you climb a certain distance where your knees will be creaking and your
breath with be looking like a, you know a steam locomotive, passshh, pussshh, passshh,
pussshh it’s going. Then you look around and the bamboo, the beautiful
rocks, the bamboo around you and everything is so wonderful. The valley is so beautiful. What is the purpose of taking one more step;
this is wonderful, this is it. Your mind tells you, ‘this is it.’ It’s… I’m not questioning the beauty of the place;
I am not questioning the pleasure of being there. But right now, this argument has come, this
new level of logic has come in you, simply because your lungs are working like a steam
engine and your legs are creaking like an unoiled bullock cart. So new logic will come, do you see every time,
for different situations that you get into, different states of comfort or discomfort
you get into, you develop a new logic, have you noticed this with yourself? Like they say, when you’re a student, everybody’s
a communist, the moment you come out of your education and get yourself a job, you become
a socialist. The moment you get married you become a capitalist
(Laughter). According to your new situations, different
levels of comfort or discomfort, new levels of logic will come. The world has come to a point where the Maoists
have become capitalist, that’s it (Laughs). That is it, you know? So it keeps happening, that’s why in a certain
moment of clarity and joy, when you are there, you look at something, what you see is your
well-being, you stick to that. Tomorrow it looks like horror to you, it doesn’t
matter, you stick to it, it feels like hell, you stick to it. That’s well-being. If you keep shifting, nothing happens.

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  1. Even if you know you are going to die, you still stick to it!! This crack opens all the fears that one can have not to follow one's own heart!!

  2. Though We Always Feel And Do NAMASHKAR To Respected And BeLoved SADAGURU, We Have To Learn To Love Over Self And Our Life, Because He is Exactly Educating To Do So. We And World-The Whole Universe is Not Beyond The Concern of Him.

  3. How can I praise u for this wise speech, everything seem pretty logical but when we are not clear which way to go, we make mistakes and we go in circles as he says….

  4. For me personnaly, one of the most important speech.I have never though about taking direction in a moment of joy and inner clarity.It makes all sense, thank you !

  5. Really i was struggling with this kind of problem…but now i got a clarity…
    Thank u sadhguru…
    U saved me from my mental torture…
    Im very grateful to u…

  6. I'm so thankful to has listened to sadhguru teaching about young and true and knowing Yousef inside & out it was amazing I wanna listen and learn more thanks

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