To-Go Plate | Eric Thomas – Spiritual Development Series – Episode 1

To-Go Plate | Eric Thomas – Spiritual Development Series – Episode 1

And listen to me very closely, oh, I’m sorry, listen to me very closely I’m not I love my mother, but I’m not giving my mother control over my life. My mom got control of her life She don’t get to have control somebody missed what I said we bout to go to the word Make sure you catch this sheep. My mom don’t have the right To tell me what to do with my life. My mom trained me and I’m on my own now Are you hear what I’m saying? so number two you got to get this the only way you’re going to get to where God would have you to go is to have Control because God is giving you the freedom of choice and he ain’t gonna make you do nothing So number two, I need you to take the control back so you can get what God has for you now Here’s the third thing we’re gonna get to the message that God told me to tell you God told me to tell you to stop Making plates for people who just trying to take it to go write that down No, God told me to tell you stop making for poopoo for folks that just wanted to go plate He told me to tell you that there’s somebody in the room your life is screwed up Because you’re making food for people who just wanted to go plate You I’m come on you be it your life you you are a great person good person you phenomenal You got it going on you making all these great meals and it’s a whole bunch of people coming your house and they got it To go container and they listen to me very closely my grandma taught me when I was young My grandma had 14 kids who all had kids And my grandma said I will cut you You can’t eat as much food as you want at the house What if I swear one of y’all look Joker’s take so much this house. Are you getting the business in front of your mama in? Front of you because I used to whip day, but I’m whipping your blood too with a switch Don’t take no food on my house You can eat as much as you want when you hear but do not pack a plate and most of y’all running with people who? When you fix food, they come to your house and take it to go play. They don’t bring nothing They not trying to help you all in your life to do is take take take take take take take And you wondering why your life messed up because you takers You didn’t made a whole spray and they just coming in They can’t even say they don’t had a decency to say hi, and thank you You so ignorant don’t you just so geeked to had him coming again So on so came to my house I’m so glad they came over Listen to me I promise you there’s some other folks who cook in or who would bring at least something to drink and Some cups that would love to come to your house You ain’t got to put up with that mess and so on 2019 guys Let me tell you your life won’t go to a whole new level if you just get rid of folks from bringing in to go containers You already know who they are too soon. As I said it you already do who he likes to see they’ll never breed night You didn’t even notice it first history came in the atmosphere then all of a sudden you was like, you’re right They never they are always taken And I tell my babies all the time it ain’t nothing wrong with helping but you can’t help when you ain’t got nothing you got to have some first before you can help somebody I Couldn’t do this if I was broke the plane tickets cost money the hotel I’m staying at in Buckhead cause money I Couldn’t do this if I was broke I couldn’t be a blessing if you if I was broke and most of y’all are you broke and you trying to bless somebody? When you broke You ain’t that desperate for company You can’t be that desperate to have somebody at your house And he keep eating at your house we’re going to stay at her house I’m just trying to help somebody he’s coming to get a plate for he coming to get a play from your house But he’s sleeping at her house. She coming to get a plate from your house, but she’s sleeping at his house Ain’t nothing wrong getting to play pool, but you won’t have to you had to stay People had that least stay he’s upset. I’m just trying to make I’m trying to put it in yo, so you can understand And so God is blessing you but the love resources you got you’re giving them away And so what you gonna have to learn how to do is you have to learn to bring people in your life? Where it’s mutual you got a bunch of parasites in your life And what parent sites do is suck up everything and then they move on once they kill you They move on to the next painting went to yo listen to me most of you in this room the people you call them friends and you close to you’re gonna die ain’t even gonna Show up to your funeral They won’t even be there You ain’t close as you thought you our work and how you know is when they bring it to go. It’s 120 90 Well, you see folks coming in with to go boys. You’re like, ah X you watch them come with that just lock the door like I’m good on that Cuz you can’t go you can’t go to McDonald’s with it to go container So three things before we get started you want to make sure you you you own it right? Give me the first one Go to stop doing what go ahead. Take ownership of your life is yours. Don’t nobody else know nobody. Oh you nothing I’m keeping it. Well, honey, like I don’t mean that bad but like I don’t I’m doing it somebody tacky. Where you at I’m ministering. I Can’t answer your call right now. I Don’t talk to you for a month like you got two types of friends. You got one group You’ll talk to them for a month cause you grind it and they like already crying you got the other group I ain’t why he ain’t God me My watch you ain’t calling you dad what’s going on we didn’t used to you a taker At no point that you pray. He ain’t called me in a week He must be refreshed Lord bless his refreshment like you sure won’t if we coup You sure want me to get you a hundred percent so I can have some to give you you’re trying to take the good? 20% I got I got 20 left you let me get that too So I need to take full ownership of your life I need you to stop blaming Here’s the deal even if they did it to you you let them You gave him permission to do it It’s some stuff my my son. Hit me up and I was talking to his mom and his mom is like yo It’s some stuff that people just don’t even call me on I’ve ruined my wife like don’t know if I ever called me for a ride. I Got wonder why they don’t she like they only feel comfortable calling me from the ride. I Can’t you scoop me and take me to that I need a ride to the bus station she’s like, I don’t never get them kind of cause Because nothing about me saying I’m giving you a ride to the bus ain’t nothin only to say that He will never look at me like I get a ride from her. I Like a ball $200 from her you don’t never get that look when you see Dede that you can get $200 I’m talking to somebody you like why they keep calling me because some moan you say call you Some moan you say I want to be abused Someone you say you get brought look or what My wife will say if you got 200 from me and you never call me again. That’s your last that’s it Me and you cool if it cost $200 to get rid of you for the rest of your life He’d go to 200, but don’t ever call me again. Try to get my 200 back So some of you in this room You’re giving people permission to abuse you to talk to you like that And you need to put up a new sign saying we under construction 2019. It’s a brand new here. Just put under construction Don’t call me with that no more Y’all ready Come on, y’all ready? Come on, y’all ready? Where’s God now? You wait, let me see the calendars again. Let’s start getting ready. God I’m about to blow your mind here right there. Put that there. Yeah, Oh hallelujah put that right there. Yeah. All right So so so God gave me this for you John 21 3 through 9. God God put this in my spirit for you. Amen He loves you so much He loves you so much and you think you going through it God going through it with you living like that He’s so hurt He didn’t create you to be broke. He’s so hurt. You own your third relationship. He’s so hurt He like when you I need you to get this together you saw hurt You don’t you’ve not experienced marital bliss and you’ve been married for a grip got so hurt He was like, I want to bless, you know, go read it for yourself He said that I want to bless you that you shouldn’t be borrowing. You should be lending He said you shouldn’t be born from nobody You should be linen. He said nobody should be ruling over you. You should be ruling many nations No credit score you embarrassed by Joe Craig goddess. You think you heard God heard? You think you hurt? I’m gonna being the father of my son was a high school. He wasn’t as mature as he is now I remember a high school. He was like dad. He told me he’s gonna give me this kind of car I’m like I want to get you that kind of car Don’t you know as a dad if you had that kind of car and you dressed a certain way You know how that would make me look They’re like I’m taking care of my business You going to high school and that kind of whip you got that kind of clothes you getting those kind of great you bring honor To me, but unfortunately in high school he wasn’t as mature as he is now, and it was certain things I couldn’t give him and I was hurt Because I have it and when you have it you want to give it to your babies? But you can’t give it to your babies just because they’re your babies Cuz you’re killing oh You missed what I just said if they arrogant If they prideful if they can’t say thank you. You were killing whatever gift you give them. They will be good for nothing And I’m preparing my son not to be happy with me I’m preparing to be a good husband I don’t want his wife calling my house. I want that to be taken care of. I Want to by calling my house. Come on Eid prayer I want the in-laws calling me like thank you for how you raised your son Thank you so much and taking care of my dish exactly what I wanted from my daughter So don’t you know that God has an abundance he bad he can’t bless you because of your little broke poverty mindset Okay, I thought I was going to get stuff if it lasts at least I thought gonna come to what continent get some amens That’s alright though. Just say ouch. No, you can’t say a man say ouch Amen so the Word of God says I’m going out to fish Simon told them and they said we’ll go with you so They went out and got in the boat, but that night they caught nothing Hallelujah, praise guy man. He took people would even didn’t catch nice. I told you in 2019 You better be careful who you hanging out with I? Can catch nothing by myself. I Was like keeping it 100 I can get nothing by mysel need no help to catch nothing These jokers didn’t volunteered to go Hey, man, be careful. Nathan volunteered will go They never said they was gonna do not know Will go Come on, be careful that you’re not hanging with people that will just go we help be careful that you hanging with people that will execute I Know I’m by myself. Thank you. I got a look scuffle a man sitting here Don’t you go fishing with nobody that can’t help you catch. Nothing. He can’t catch nothing They can’t catch nothing this or whatever look food. I did for the catch day to make that Whatever resources I had when I went out to catch them resources go. I’m looking at them they looking at me be check many of you are in the position you’re in because who you hanging with and if you can’t catch nothing go hang out with people who can catch some and just tell them I can’t I can’t guess nothing but I’ll carry your stuff though Just be real don’t go with them acting like you can get something For it there they gonna be disappointed and they gonna cut you So just keep it 100. Look my last 10 friends couldn’t catch now. I can’t catch nothing I want to learn how to catch something. What can I do? Did I carry something? Can I push the boat out and then jump in the Jocasta’s is gonna I just want to help I won’t even say nothing I’ll be quiet It’s a man watch this praise God early in the morning Jesus stood on the shore But the disciples did not realize that it was Jesus Come on, you got to write this stuff down got to write this stuff down So number one when you go out don’t go out with people who can’t execute no more than 2019 if you’re going out and it’s not a Party, if it’s not Fellowship if it’s not friendship If you have a bill that needs to get paid then go with somebody that can help you make it happen Now if you wanted to have a potluck you could do that on your own But don’t when it comes to handling your business don’t go don’t take friends. I Want to help somebody and 20:19. Stop taking your friend. Don’t take your man cuz that’s your man If it’s your man, you could meet him later on in the evening He ain’t got to go out and work with you Just to hear your man, if he can’t you leave him at home. Let him watch the kids. Oh You missed what I just said. I know you love him and he does right by you, but don’t mean he can make money So you leave him at home tell wash the clothes or something Cook something like it back I don’t know what to do yet when I get back when you do business do business with people who do business Are you in what I’m saying when it’s business do when you’re trying to catch fish? Don’t take your little homies take people who can catch fish

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  1. I love your stuff and you have motivated me for years. But, I don't agree on this completely. Maybe I'm a different audience. Isn't the Savior the perfect example? He gave to all. How do we know who do we give to and who we don't? #ethiphoppreacher


  3. When you do business !! Do business with ppl who Do business!!!๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ

  4. This is one of the dope this spiritual keynotes I've ever heard him speak he finally open up that other side of him.. Blessings

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  6. Hi. The videos are great! ty 4 sharing ET!

    The audio is SUPER LOUD on the intros and the ending, but in your speeches it is a little low.
    Hope you guys can fix that. Almost had a heart attack when it ended.

    Thanks and keep helping us bro.

    Mad props from Brazil o/

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  8. WOW ROLL TIDE๐Ÿ‘‘โœ”โœ”โœ”โœ”โœ”๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ“–๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ“–๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ‘ฃ๐Ÿ‘ฃ๐Ÿ‘ฃ๐Ÿ™Œ

  9. ๐Ÿ’ช๐ŸพBreath of Fresh Air๐Ÿ’ฏ #iWAAOG …everything ๐Ÿ‘needed 2hear๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ.. ThankYou Mr.Thomas๐Ÿงธ.

  10. Jesus asks us to give out of what we donโ€™t have. He tells many parables that show us that it is not out of what we have that we give, but rather what we donโ€™t have. He also commands his disciples to take nothing or very little with them on their journey. This mans message is worldly

    And the passage that he preached from is one that is supposed to point to the risen, incomparable Jesus. The disciples were back to their mundane but needed occupation, and Jesus comes to them in a way that reminds them of a previous encounter.

    They said โ€œweโ€™ll goโ€ because they actually were hungry and ready to help. Why assume that they were just โ€œalong for the rideโ€? They were professional fishermen. Itโ€™s a leap to say that they were lazy โ€œfake friendsโ€

    Peter, for sure still living in the shame of his failure, is enraptured by the unyielding love of Jesus. He throws himself at the love of Christ. Peter previously walked on the water and this time he leaves behind the catch of fish because Jesus is more valuable. This is also a throwback to Luke 5.

    I am not trolling. I am simply pointing out that this is an example of incorrect โ€œisoโ€-Jesus, proof-texting: taking the Word and isolating it from context to make it fit your message. The scripture is always about the intersection of manโ€™s failure and Jesusโ€™ love.

    I know this is just a portion of the message. Itโ€™s a ra-ra speech, not an actual preached sermon.

    I truly hope people are encouraged by this video, but also concerned that some will watch it and think that itโ€™s all about โ€œthemโ€. Itโ€™s all about Him!

  11. Every day I wake up and listen to this guy and even if it's the same video I learn something new. Thank you.

  12. I may have missed the message on this one. Dont get me wrong ET is my guy like i love his content been watching since 2013 and love it. But in this video its supposed to be about spiritual development. Nothing in this video helped me grow spiritually. This IMO is secular preaching. Like the scripture he was using wasnt about taking ppl who can catch or cant catch or whatever. It was about how Jesus ultimately supplied for his disciples if im not mistaken.

    Now i need spiritual growth. My relationship with God is NO where near where it used to be as to where it NEEDS to be.

    I just expected more from a spiritual side out of this video. IM NOT HATING ON ET!! SO LEAVE THE HATING COMMENTS TO YOURSELF. Im just saying i feel like this video was more about secularly growth (how to make your life with yourself better, as opposed to how to grow closer to Chist)… Anyway no hating. Just my opinion.

  13. This was what i needed today. I've been feeling used up with all the responsibilities and checking on everyone. No one checks on me. They just assume I'm handling it.

  14. Love this. All ET is doing is translating the Bible and it's truth into a more digestable format. Respect. It's useful to have this way of thinking. Every man is his own domain

  15. Great Men.. Bet on themselves… Surrounded By Great Leaders!

  16. Motivation works only when the hearers can comprehend it. IF Jane used you up spent all your money.Dont expect Pam to recoup

  17. Why didnโ€™t I listen to this sooner Eric!? Man my brother now I understand what you quoted about โ€œKGโ€ about how weโ€™re loosing

  18. Thank you so much I truly needed this at this moment, I just recently tried to commit suicide and have been in a very low place. I have been trying to get my life back I hate that I missed you here in Atlanta. Are you coming back?

  19. I told my brother in law about to stop leaving milk on the porch because the cats will keep showing up and leaving shit in the flower bed never saying thank you. Stop leaving milk on the porch and the cats will stop showing up. They might say fuck you first letting you know theyโ€™re ungrateful for you did but they will leave. The milk symbolizes money and the cats symbolize takers/users/fake friends. I hope he understood.



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