Things “Spiritual” People Believe That Are Total BS: The HARSH TRUTH About Money & Spirituality!

Things “Spiritual” People Believe That Are Total BS: The HARSH TRUTH About Money & Spirituality!

– It’s only action. It’s only techniques. (audience laughing) Fucking powerful. I really want her to fill my void. Fuck my eyes motherfucker. (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) (upbeat music) – [Male Voice] Now you’re done! (upbeat music) (crowd cheering) (upbeat music) – What else so black and white
type thinking, it’s like, it’s either, it’s only
action, fuck the inner work. Or, it’s only inner work, fuck the, no, it’s both. Anyone who says it’s just
one, fuck that person. (audience mumbling) For real. And you’ll see it dude, you’ll
see it in their fucking eyes. Someone who’s like, it’s only action. It’s only techniques. It’s only money and results. Fuck inner work, fuck all that shit. Just get it done, results, whatever it takes. Look at their eyes and you’ll see the saddest
little beady, fucking eyes ever. They just look dead and sad inside. For real. Look at their eyes. Wanna see my eyes? Fuck my eyes mother fucker. (audience laughing) (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) No, here’s one. Really take it in. Look at my eyes now. Alright, fucking powerful, mm. (audience chuckling) Versus, prior to the scandal when I was really hooked
on that validation. I was looking at the camera, I was talking but I wasn’t really there. It gets smaller and smaller and smaller with beady, less occupied, less alive. Versus now. (audience laughing) Someone who’s only into
action, only techniques, and I have a lot of friends like that too. I surround myself with everyone. There’s something missing in ’em. And the more they kind of
get lost in that physical, like the physical. The more dead and sad
and frustrated and angry and just, bleh, they become inside. On the flip side, I also have friends who are only about the inner work. They’re like no dude, you just gotta focus on the internal man. Oh yeah, fuck all this
money, material shit. It’s all about internal. And there’s something missing in them too. It’s a little different. Someone who’s only in the physical, there’s a certain heaviness to them. It’s too heavy. Someone who’s only on the other
side is a little too light. It’s like ahh, like
they’re not really there. And there’s also that same
kind of deadness in them. You know? And you’ll see a lot, a lot, a lot of (laughs) of fucking YouTubers doing this where they’re like, with their little shitty camera and they’re little shitty apartment. They’re like, fuck money man. But you still sense, there’s
like a little bit of, they’re just not complete. For me it’s always like one foot in each. You gotta handle the internal. That’s what really comes first. But then, you’re fucking alive man. You’re here to take action and like fucking, be part of this world. Create this world. Have a foot in both. And both like, make you who you are. If I was only internal,
I’d be like, hey everyone. Only physical, (growls) versus, the nice balance of the two. You know? So, surround yourself by both. But remember, it is both. It’s not just one or the other. Focus on both and you’ll know
where there’s resistance. Like are you someone who’s been
too focused on the external? Focus on the internal a bit. If you’re someone who’s
only on the internal, focus on the external. And in terms of the external, again a lot of spiritual teachers, fuck making money. Fuck success. Fuck material, no. Make fucking money if you like to. Fucking be successful. However, what’s driving it. Is it you feeling incomplete
with a little hole inside of you trying to
fill that void inside. Trying to accumulate success like a fat kid eating food. What’s the (laughs) (man laughing)
You like? Or, (audience laughing) everyone pictured it? No that’s really like what we all do. We’re literally like, we’re literally like fucking again, I love fat… I used to be fat. I love fat people. I embrace everyone. But, it’s like there’s a this hunger inside of you, no matter what you eat. You’re just more, more. And the more you eat,
the hungrier you become. And we do this with everything. Food, internet, knowledge, success, money. We’re just accumulating for
the sake of accumulating. Think it like trying to enhance our ego. So that’s the drive, then you gotta change the
place it’s coming from. But if you detach yourself forth from it, and there’s no longer that void and you know this. You’re just naturally inspired to make money, travel,
do this cool things. Fucking awesome. Like, that’s why you’re alive to experience the fucking world. No one should tell you what
you can or can’t experience. But the key is what’s the
place it’s coming from. And that would also dictate if you’re able to experience it or not. Because until you actually come from it, you come at it from a place of abundance. You’ll not actually be able to experience it fully or enjoy it. Like say, you take a relationship, I really want her to fill my void. She is the solution to all of my problems. I used to think this way by the way. I thought like if I got like a model I see in magazines and shit, that this is old school now. It’s like a model on the
internet or on Instagram, ’cause magazines, who reads
a fucking magazine now? I was like if I got a girl like that, my life would be complete. I would never be unhappy again. I would never have to
worry about money again. Like that, that’s the key to life. That’s what I thought. But say I even got that girl, I’m not even viewing her
as a fucking human being. I’m not even enjoying her
as a fucking human being. She’s just a fucking
object to fill that void. She’s another burger
to a fat kid’s stomach. You know? And then of course, even if you get her, there’s also the fear of losing her. ‘Cause you know, you’ll go back to feeling like shit without her. You know, I even say this by the way, with different emotions. You haven’t truly felt an emotion until you come at it from
a place of abundance. ‘Cause what do we do? Yeah this pen’s good. There’s a, what you say, there’s the good emotions and the bad emotions. They’re the good and
bad, the label we place. What’s the good emotions? Enthusiastic, huh, happy, positive, engaged, excited. What’s the bad ones? Stressed, anxious, angry, afraid, okay? Now, we all are attached to this and we all resist this, okay? Now as you know, we live
in a world of duality where nothing is permanent. And you’re gonna experience both. You’re gonna be swung back and forth. Now most people, just
get swung back and forth and just live in this state of suffering where you feel it and
you’re like I feel good but, you don’t actually feel good and you don’t, because you know, there’s always that
fear of being swung back to the other side ’cause
a part of you knows you’re gonna go to the other side and you actually don’t even allow yourself to really feel it. ‘Cause if you allow yourself
to really feel good, what’s gonna happen
when you get swung back, it’ll affect you even more. So you take in a little bit and there’s always that dread. And we just kind of live in this state. Apathy, and this is very common, is when you’re like, you know what? Fuck all of this. Let’s just resist everything. Fuck feeling. If I don’t feel good, yeah I won’t feel good but
at least, I won’t feel bad. Let’s feel nothing. Yeah, it makes sense. If you’re just living your life like swung back and forth. (babbling) you’re like, I’m out. Fuck it. That’s like playing a fucking video game and be like, all right fuck it, and just throwing the controller away and just giving up, okay? Enlightenment or abundance, is instead of resisting both or instead of being attached to one resisting the other one, you embrace it all. Okay this is old school like Buddhism. No attachments, no aversions. You embrace the good, you embrace the bad. You stop being attached to this. You stop resisting that. And when you embrace it all, now you can actually feel. We think enlightenment
or abundance is like, now I’m no longer feeling. No, you stop being attached
to different emotions and resisting others. And then you can actually
feel for the first time. You can actually allow this to take over. Even though you know the
other side’s gonna come. And then this won’t even
affect you as badly. ‘Cause the suffering comes
from your resistance to it. If I told you feeling bad was awesome. If you were conditioned from the moment you were born. Like, think about this, as an experiment. You can put your hand down or
you’ll wait quite some time, my little buddy. As an experiment, say
you take a baby right now and you teach the baby. Little boy, little girl,
little Zee, little Zur. Fear is the best emotion ever. I love it when I’m afraid. Anger is awesome. I love it when I’m angry. I love it when I’m sad. That’s the shit little guy,
little girl, little they. And then you say, ooh feeling
enthusiastic, fuck that. It’ll be the switch. And when they feel sad, there’s not the resistance to it. If someone told you,
it’s awesome to feel sad when you feel sad, you won’t
actually feel suffering. You’ll be like fuck yeah, I’m sad. If you were conditioned that way. If all the videos you saw your entire life are like sadness is the shit. (audience chuckling) You know? It’s our attachment and resistance. Then you actually feel. They you actually live. Then you can actually allow everything to just take over and bask in the world. We live in an uncertain world. Just turn on the news, what do you see? Chaos, terror, suffering. Things are changing so fast
that your head is spinning. You know the feeling being pulled in different directions by your friends, your
family, mainstream media, not knowing what to do or who to believe. Did you ever stop and ask yourself, how did your life get this way? – I feel so much shame
when it comes to being me. And now I don’t feel that shame anymore. – I had no way of being
able to deal with that pain and for the first time in my life, I finally feel an inner
stillness and peace in myself. – I didn’t even know what was happening. Like my hands would be shaking and it was just like me
being my authentic self. – Most of us live lives of escapism. Anything to cope with this feeling eating us up inside. Distracting ourselves
with dumb things on TV. Numbing ourselves with junk food, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. Is this the way life was meant to be? Or is there perhaps another way? – It’s been first time in over 10 years, ever since my dad died
that I actually felt like I did before. – I decided to take a stance for good, for love, for authenticity and I created a movement of people dedicated to raising the vibe. A movement dedicated to
doing something about this. And it’s called Transformation
Mastery Academy. – That was amazing just being able to finally find that, that good reason. – I really wanna thank each
and everyone one of you out of the bottom of my heart, thank you guys. – Now, I’m not some
fake guru promising you overnight results. What I promise you here
is a tribe of people to help support you and
guide you along this journey. In Transformation Mastery Academy, you’ll no longer be alone. You’ll no longer feel lost. You will be given the roadmap to true, permanent, personal transformation. Enough of with this fake
life of quiet desperation. Step into your truth and join the movement. (upbeat music fades)

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  2. So I dont understand when you feel genuinely depressed how do you cope with that. Accepting being angry or sad sucks how do enlightened people accept both sides? When they feel like shit and nothings working for them what is there thought process. I just tell myself everything will get better

  3. Harmonizing the yin and the yang. Inner and outer. I wonder how many people realize the significance of Julien's shirt and the symbol on it. The flower of life, all mathematical formula can be derived from it and it is the oldest symbol engraved by humans on the planet. Even the sphinx, one of the oldest known structures next to puma punku has it engraved on it.

  4. This was beautiful MR.Julien from RSD
    -“you are the eyes of the universe looking back at itself”

  5. Best of both worlds, although living in a dualistic state wouldn't the rich man be in a better position because he can choose spirituality whereas the spiritual man does not have the material wealth.

  6. Only thing that completes and fills that void is the love of god who gave his only son so that we may experience all his wisdom, glory and love .

  7. seculars rationalising their demonic passions, lust, greed, need for recognition etc. nothing new here, you didnt debunk anything but your own "spirituality".

  8. Julien I really have a problematic relationship with my parents and idk how much I can actually do about it. Idk if you're even reading this but here it goes… My parents have always been extremely demanding, from a young age (they're both PhD teachers). I always had to do everything right and when I didn't they blamed me for it. This made me adopt a mindset of self-excuse and dishonesty so they wouldn't be as mad with me. There came a breaking point when I was 15 and got the opportunity to do an exchange program in another country for a year. It was my mom's idea, they always treated me with trust and freedom. Problem is, I couldn't take any more of their constant judgment so I slacked off during this year, with drugs. I also really grew as a person and got a lot of experience with girls. When I came back I was very different and they didn't recognize me. A year passed and I matured even more (the shock from leaving the exchange was even harder). BUT, I kept using drugs on their back and I didn't feel free. So I decided to tell them… They freaked out and went into emergency mode*… They cut all my privacy and yell at me constantly, have zero trust in me and they supervise everything I do. The thing is, since I told them I stopped smoking and got a really healthy lifestyle, with gym, reading, meditation and personal boundaries. Also, I got into game! I feel *better than ever and I just wanna strive and take action! My anxiety has disappeared and I feel I'm finally free… Except for my logistics because of my parents. I have now less freedom than ever, they treat me as a 15-year-old, always suspecting of me, smelling my clothes, spying on my text messages, going throw my stuff… They can't see how good I am now because I broke their trust for so long. I'm really lost and don't know what to do. I feel this inner power wanting to come out but my circumstances are out of my control… I'm 18 and finishing high school now and I want to move out right after but my parents still control my money and they won't let me go nowhere. But I can't keep living under their judgment of everything I do. They don't understand my values, my purpose or my need to be free. They think their saving me but I feel trapped… All I have is hope in the future. Idk how you can help me but some words always feel good. Thank you 🙂

  9. Before I watch, and if you say money doesn’t matter, I’ll happily take all of your money, Julien! I really want to help you find your ‘true self’ 🙏🏼🙌🏼

  10. The comment about seeing the girl as an object to fill a void, an alternative to career success, food, and money etc. resonated so much with me

  11. I LOVE IT. Old school Buddhism is right, creating value from experience and changing poison to medicine. “Enjoy what there is to enjoy, suffer what there is to suffer, regard both as facts of life and continue chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo” – Nichiren Daishonin

  12. The BALANCE between the physical and the spiritual is KEY. But, then, there are so many VERSIONS of SPIRITUALITY. Will Father J explore the fake spiritual movements vs the real ones. Would he classify EURO-CENTRIST JESUSISM as a legitimate 'spiritual' experience and way of looking at things. Examples would include Trump's pastors who are known charlatans and perverts. Like Trump himself. Please, expound and enlighten!

  13. Epic video my man! I love this approach related to the osho's "zorba the buda" and how we can truly live our lives in both ways. The money has a meaning, also the spirituality, embrace them all, and become the new type of man that humanity never saw!

  14. great stuff,fighting my past traumas with the videos and trying to get my emotions straight as well, not easy thing to do but i wont give up. Thank you father J!!!!!!!

  15. Thanks Julien! Regarding the "hooked on validation" phase… Maybe a future topic: What is validation really, why does it run us so fully, and how do we overcome the need for it?
    I know it runs me but i dont quite know how to navigate out

  16. I think the more spiritual work you do and focus on the inside world, there rises an inclination to act, help and serve others, and so if you want to be successful and earn money by helping others then it's a win win, or even if you wanna help people for free, it's still a win win!

  17. im tired of low quality girls leaving me on read, and making me feel like I'm trash. It's time to know my worth, not be afraid, get to choose the high quality woman I want, be myself, give, love and be thankful.

  18. Hey Julian, love your content and the new direction. I wanted to ask if you could do a video on narcissism, it’s not covered that much by rsd. I realised recently that I have a lot of narcissistic traits. And during some deep self reflection I realised that it rooted from a “mild” trauma that I had when I was about 7/8. I say mild because I brushed it off my whole life as nothing, until I went deep into the feelings I felt at that time and realised that almost my entire personally is a product and a defence mechanism from that trauma. I ask this of you because I noticed that getting into rsd and pick up only strengthened these narcissistic traits. Although my results skyrocketed, I went deeper into the rabbit hole of this blasé, non reactive, couldn’t give a fuck persona, which was entirely false and actually distanced me for making strong meaningful connections.

  19. I did a little change yesterday and went to teh orange julius at the mall on my lunch break instead of the canteen at the bowling alley. Of course 5 min after my break I ended up skipping the rest of my shift at the hardware store to go eat nachos at the bowling alley and then smoke pot.

  20. This is part of Julien's Germany Live Tour at Frankfurt – was there & fully experienced it.
    Was awesome.
    Gotta internalize this.
    Repeating. Repeating. Repeating.
    For a very long time.
    For a very long time.
    For a very long time.
    For a very long time.
    For a very long time.
    For a very long time.
    For a very long time.

  21. I really appreciate the leading by example approach you are able to employ!! What a gear cranking invitation to have more freedom!! Well suited!! Thanks bruddah!!!☕☕

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  23. Watched your vid after 3 years, good knowledge and changed person. Talking some real sense about balance and acceptance. I hope you become more conscious so that you will give more and help more people.

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