They Beat Up Our Goalkeeper I Derby Days Hamburg – HSV v St Pauli

They Beat Up Our Goalkeeper I Derby Days Hamburg – HSV v St Pauli

in a big rebellious city besides some big and rebellious clubs we meet very rarely but when they do don’t get along [Applause] it’s fabulous Hamburg the first ever in the second division [Applause] [Music] sitting on the everywhere in northern Germany Hamburg is quite simply a beast of a city it’s the most international City is the most outward looking city and at the same time a very powerful City the Munich is a very clean and conservative City here’s much more international people running around hamburgers Gritty hamburgers posh has got a bit of everything it can swallow your whole it can be a very nice town – situated on the country’s biggest Porter to the epicentre of Germany’s trading commerce hammock and it’s porter indivisible the part Hamburg plays and import export everything common they shipped it is quite important it has been a part of the city for all over the centuries we have connections to all over the world ships coming in and people coming in that skyline sporting an eclectic mix of architecture it’s at the forefront of the country’s thriving cultural scene handbook to me is the most beautiful city of Germany it’s a real blend of your typical grittiness that you get with a port city but at the same time some really beautiful buildings from the time of unification Germany you have some beautiful old architecture you have some list architecture us the Ulster you have the North Sea it’s a lot of green and a lot of water we have more bridges than Venice in terms of culture Humber was very much at the forefront music has always been a huge part in Hamburg I mean just think about the Beatles The Beatles went there to have to pick you a breakthrough because there’s a rave scene hip-hop scene a proper pub rock a rock and roll scene the FFC musical scene is huge the red-light district for the music with a punk scene fashion and on the grounds and natural kind of rallying point for people for sort of alternative culture but to fully understand this city you need to grasp the spirit of the people who have adopted an open-minded liberal and most importantly rebellious attitude to accord as closest to their heart Hamburg was always one of the most rebellious the most free-spirited the most open of cities like the people here they don’t really like to get told what they they should be but is most people do what they believe they should do I think again it has to do something with the nature of being a port city where you always have that that mix of different ideas I’m Mogis I need a feather whatever Steiner fleeing whenever system g20 protest I mean this is a very left-wing area and to put a summit like that in the midst of this area is enough cause it’s a provocation to all the people that live here you really triggered something right now you do your notice right it was just kind of a rebellious nature rebellious spirit and when you combine these four elements of industry music culture and rebellious you get one hell of a jarppi especially when it hasn’t been played in seven years guns and expect your all across disciplines on tax as with that pack that Tigers own [Music] now a colossal city like Hamburg needs a club of colossal status to represent it and if you ask many around here where you find such a club well they’ll point north west and to the Tri colored diamonds Dee holder this is like the diamond everybody recognizes it and everybody knows what it is everybody knows the club that stands behind their hamburgers foul one of the bonafide a super powers of gem football with roots tracing all the way back to 1887 HSV or Harz foul so for hamburger sport fair iron which basically means hamburger Sports Club is one of the most storied most important most recognized clubs in the German game on a similar level with vibe of course you mentioned black but when it comes to its historic position nicknamed a dino which means the dinosaur in reference to the historical role in German football HSV have competed in conquer not just the biggest titles in this country but all of Europe seven times German champion three German cups we won the European Cup of Cup winners in 1977 and they won the European Cup in 1983 now I just these epic status was solidified by the team of the late 70s the late 80s who led Germany in the continent in football by the way they played 36 Marge’s without losing and they played some beautiful stuff as well Hamburg had emerged as the new team to challenge and for up for a few years break buy-ins dominance their science that early thirty 1980s team had absolute superstars Felix Magath played for Hamburg and Kevin Keegan the fact that keegan made that move at the height of his powers shows just how much money was already there certainly with hamburg they could basically pay more money to Liverpool management and surplice he was like the the pep guardiola of that time even their kid he thought she was was the first international brand that had a sponsorship and the bullet figure in Hamburg was was the club day they choose because Hamburg was the best club under the biggest club in Germany then is their fan base one of the biggest best and most virtuously active and loyal supporter groups in the country when we talk about about half hole where the most important thing and biceps the enormous the most positive thing they’re amazing from their amazing product the whole Center was five spark start really loud 57,000 really really passionate every game was what sold out there are only few teams in Germany with a loyal fan base as we have when they play wait they have five or six thousands people following them everywhere but perhaps more important than all of that was a valiant title that HSV and only HSV held as the soul found in Bundesliga member to have never spent time in the second division unmovable object in the first edition never to be relegated the only team to be there from the very outset much in glad Vipers year Dortmund even Bayern Munich had spent some time in the Bundesliga too but not the red shorts who only ever been in the first division they say new most title eager didn’t mean never never second-division this exclusive distinction was celebrated with their stadion or a digital clock that hung prominently in their home ground of the volksparkstadion which ticked up every second of their time since the beginning of the Bundesliga on the 24th of August 1963 everyone believed the clock will never stop in fact so significant was this title that a mini digital version of the clock had been mounted on the team bus for when the team went away it was a kind of motivation now whilst they always stayed up and support always was strong from their late 80s there was never much success at HSB until the late 2000 when they made two Europa League semi-finals in a row but found out both times from that mom and dad I really can’t it was disaster from then on the fortunes of HSV seriously turned and the status of this club went from proudly colossal to something embarrassingly chaotic I think it’s important to understand that this was not just a team doing badly by with Hamburg they had gone from being really one of the best clubs in Germany to being a regular laughingstock on the pitch the stats spoke for themselves the worst decade then in the history of the club whose points in the calendar year in 2015 second most goal difference in 2014 and you can describe the other words can see the league high record 48 goals from open play the keeper said I feel sorry for the fans who have to pay for this shoot it’s not just that they had a bad season or one or two bad seasons is that they were continually making mistakes on the pitch and then of course there was the buying treatment I mean they weren’t even games to us sort of kind of executions more 36 goals in six games 42 goals in seven games 50 goals in a game that was quite painful I think at times to watch eight nil 18 or 19 I know alone to listen both six one five nil eight mils with results like that after eight no they had to hire a psychologist to help the players deal with the defeat your defense probably needs some psychological help 53 on aggregate five note six mils doesn’t matter it brought into contrast just how far they had gone from being binds equals and betters to being a team they’re all on the really taken seriously but off the pitch was even worse with the coaching merry-go-around how many managers did you guys have in last ten years I can’t count them I don’t know I don’t know more than ten or more than 15 managers very something for for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and one season I think they changed three managers well before I don’t know where some only only for two weeks the play is fighting with fans van der Vaart and the players got attacked in the car parking eggs ladders even one player who cried after that the play is fighting with players they had evil Alisa bitch and Michael good Gorge find each other in training the management fighting with security board member Hans Ulrich clover got in a fight with the security guard he believed he was a board member and demanded ID and he refused to show it did you try to punch the security guard and then of course who could forget backpack gate on the backpack gate that’s the best the backpack gate like like you call it is that stupid that I that I refused to believe every single but P technoboy was a sport erect I think at the time lost his rucksack go into a park sit on a bench loses backpack if the rucksack was full of secret documents contracts know this kind of stuff so it was a kind of a treasure trove and somebody else finds that and instead of going to the police she phones the number you get when you when you google house 12 and you get into the service center and some guy in the service centers here who are you she said I’ve got a I’ve got a bag full of papers saying household on it and it looks like like contract and of course the guy in the service center says here whatever you want and finished it and hung out yes didn’t believer the next step she’s doing instead of phoning the police saying hello off on somebody else’s backpack she falls over the newspaper saying hello I’ve got an interesting backpack for you at the newspapers of course were given a copy and it was just kind of symptomatic of Hamburg just being so gaffe prone ages V became famous for having a scandal every fortnight and the Hamburg media just lapped it up the Homburg media to me is a word scan done with illegal and kind of just a headline generating machines being used for the wrong reason so no matter how bad like seriously bad it got HSV somehow always managed to avoid relegation as I think I once wrote is so bad they can’t even go down in the 2012 season was by amazingly five points it was a bad season what’s not really the 2014 season it took a playoff that was really yeah the 2015 season it took another playoff it was one of the better season in club’s history in the 2017 season they survived by a point here for fucksake that was horribly one that good monks without winning a game they lost for 4th division team in the cup but no matter how dire the situation God they somehow somehow always managed to attain their Bundesliga status there was this belief that simply because of our history and of our background we will not go down nothing sum this up more than the 2015 season where ages V once again ended up third bottom meaning they had to go into a two-legged play-off to survive in the first division that there were water canons and hundreds of policemen and stewards why because they they expected when Humbert goes down for the very first time people could go mad a lot of people were prepared on the roofs was flares and everything’s so lucky and the ref the Rebbe gave them the free-kick in the in the very last minute to keep us in the league outside the box Marcelo D has lined up I just he put it toppings unbelievable and then this girl I went home directly by bicycle so unfair that they still stayed up at that moment I thought okay they it is true they can never be relegated to the second act right ears because they didn’t get get down in the second division I think you somehow believed that yeah it however bad it will get they will somehow find a way of staying up until the 2017-2018 season after ten games I think it was clear that ham Brooke has no chance to stay in the Bundesliga once again it was another horrid season and once again HSV spent most of the time in the relegation zone defense of the banner in the stadium and it said when before the clock stops we will chase you through the city but this was HSV and I won three out of four go into the last game and if they set up this time it would have been the greatest ever survival campaign in the history of the Bundesliga I thought there will be saved at the end again yeah go into the final game they had to beat visitors much and glad back and already relegated cologne had to beat Wolfsburg huge support you know in the streets the bus was being welcomed when you survived 2014 when it survived 2015 and one year supply 2017 hundreds and thousands of people waving flags and everyone really got behind the team I just redid their part taking the lead 2-1 everyone believed that they have still a chance but we move sperg ahead 3-1 the volksparkstadion realized the impossible might just be possible especially invited the whistling in the woods when you’re afraid of something he’s throwing smoke bombs and threatening players making out as if kind of unforgivable disgrace this is just a few ultras within the ultras but there was also special thing when when the supporters knew that it is over the whole stadium started singing is over in that moment they were going down but I think it had a kind of cathartic effect there were for once relegated and then to add insult to injury the travelling fans from watching glad back released their own tifo in the away end it was a study in or just like HS fees but this one counted down from the hour then the minutes and the seconds HS we had left in the Bundesliga before they joined every other team and experienced in the second division we are the last dinosaur who survived and at the end we’ve been shot dead that’s it and it’s down here in the second division that HSV will meet the other side of the city smack bang in the middle of town wherever you see the skull and crossbones whysa Poli really what a question a supporters like oh my god they stand for something that really is is quite bigger than than football if you’ve no more questions cause we are the answer it’s symbolic it’s probably fair to say there is no second division club more respected more revered more well-known than that of FC st. pauli we have famous we are we have the street you know they’re very political left-wing who’s the very we are damn pony more than a club FC Barcelona may say it but these guys live it we are not just in the popular you have to go there to to understand just how different the spirit is compared to normal football club and identity club we are representative of a certain community or politics to best understand this club is to not focus on the pitch but offer towards their stands their fan clubs and most importantly their neighborhood what is Hamburg and Germany’s most alternative neighborhood a thriving century fur leftist intellectuals artists in a working-class and home to the famous or some might say infamous reverb on the river – the red-light district of Hamburg but it is kind of a mythological place in germ popular culture that stands for liberalism and being sinful and anti-capitalist squatting punk as well and kind of doing all the things you wouldn’t do at home now with the ideas come to rise of punk culture mean innocent poly district it’s driving more than ever and the people they start flocking at a local Stadium in the area the million four hundred and fifty visions everything powers squatters a lot of people from their alternative music scene political scene so there’s a football club around the corner let’s go there for Sunday afternoon beer and then it started we don’t want any precious symbols around we want cheaper tickets for unemployed people we want this we want that an emblem that was becoming a filing symbol of the club stupid a loser doc Magoo’s a punk rock guy a squatter board a pirate flag there before going to match and the story goes that that’s the start of it all and then crowd once belly reaching the thousands double then triple remember the 90s this million for stadium is even week in week out with a fan base that has turned the club into a beacon of the mall principles of the neighborhood and city we organize the information and money you know to for therapists for people suffered mental health problems when there was a refugee so-called crisis in homework we have the refugees part of the drink is almost natural that they would discover the club and the club would then become almost a vehicle for all these ideas your message into racism a message of anti-discrimination and other things and the some Polly movement is only growing figure to today nowadays it’s always sold out with thirty sold some Polly stay comfortably in the second division and what’s four HSV fans that might be their idea of hell well for some Polly fans for the most part they don’t really mind for them it’s the help for us it’s oh it’s a hope in fact in the last decade and a half some Polly Polly played in the first division once the 2010-2011 season where things didn’t really go that well I think it was like 12 games that we went without a win finishing dead bottom they were relegated here at home to an eight one loss however if you speak to some Pollack fans about that season yeah definitely was that Derby victory of course but was on the pitch often notable results it’s what happened off the pitch that was really interesting the night before the Derby got canceled because of the rain because because of I having rain here but that was when already everybody who’s reeperbahn so what you have to know about a rape of and so it’s divided one part is the part of the of the Hamburg fans and another part is for the San Paulo fan Hamburg supporters tried to get into the support area there were some incidents in the Suites was running part of lively very lightly this Impala goalkeeper was attacked Oh for fuck’s sake that idiot what the tackle of the goalkeeper no the goalkeeper big the guy who picked the Hamburg flag after they warmed the thing is the Division shown between these two teams last time I met was about as tense anything you see in Derby football there are guys who don’t drink astro because Astra is related to some poorly but Somali supporters won’t drink cold spin but the two teams only meet walked twice a decade and only had a robbery since the eighties it really begs the question where does this hatred come from did they always hate each other these people oh no no and in the beginning of the in the beginning of the early 80s when Hamburg played on Saturday and some poorly played on Sunday that a lot of Hamburg supporters came to to their stadium to support their team on Sunday afternoon how 30 years later we then beaten up each other’s goalkeepers and where did this come from it is it starts with when-when-when st. Pauli broaden the politics football has never been there political at Hamburg killed on the right wing club so what does it matter yeah exactly but they they they told everybody we are right-wing club they have had problems with right-wing groups the beginning of the 80s inside the house foul stadium there was a very prominent right-wing faction of course there were big problems but they were not just a hamburg’s ground it was everywhere in Germany right when I left we’re in the middle and so support is much on the left wing we have a political view on most of the things around four point I already don’t get why why you have to support some holy when you’re against fascism because I want to go to football without fascist bastard next next to me to be against fascism this is what normal people are and then you don’t need a football club to express that I didn’t choose but even if I had to choose I would choose some holy because also with the political view it’s very important for me football to me is fighting for titles and winning titles do you think something annoys I just fear as well is that some poly have become kind of this world famous liberal club and have taken over the kind of the hearts and minds of global football fans instead of HSV who would probably cut their own rich history yeah thing is probably right to say that hamburgers Wow as a club with something as fasten supposes are concerned a little bit annoyed oh you using some Paulie is as to me just just a cliche they have fan shops everywhere in the city so they are not as different as you think they are not many clubs in the world who run two club shops within a distance of less than a kilometer but what do you call that and that is making money well if you look at what the club does with the money that he earns and where the money goes to you take a look at some holy merchandise and you have a political statement all right before the Darby he’s so palpable the rivalry on every block you can feel it we’ve never experienced anything like this I mean tonight the plan was to film with fans and ask them about the Derby but who have been told by police and supporters alike that’s not happening not in the bars not even on the streets it’s the entire Reeperbahn and some Polly district has been shut down and cameras completely off-limits to the point even last night we’ll just in dinner in a restaurant and will pour out interrogate it and told you cannot film here you need to leave we did we respect that of course but it’s it’s just crazy to think that’s been like this all week in fact it’s been like this since the style of the season in August when supposedly the HSV fans basically shut down some poly music gig that was going on in the HSV area then the HSV fans released a banner at one of their first second division games it said satisfy our last 100 verse 100 it’s important to spawn so actually made another banner the next game happy hour 50 verse 100 since Harley fans finally did respond to that instead saying a thousand beers and a thousand joints that will satisfy our last some poly also had another response when they ambushed some HSV supporters making the choreography for the Derby and put a couple of our agency fans in hospital then there’s everything else the effigies that HSV fans made the purged stickers that have been put around this train stations with the Derby date and then of course there’s the marches as the supposed to try to get into each other’s neighborhoods I would supposed to be only the police stop massive trouble happening and no we do get it seven years in the making with this kind of tension this kind of rubbery it’s what makes Darby’s great but where’s the line it begs the question when these fixtures have this much of an effect on a city what’s too far and even ask the media what role do we play in my time here in Hamburg I’ve found myself questioning at what point are we celebrating and documenting the effects these pictures have on the city and at what point are we stoking the tensions and fanning the flames and even though all the police I mean are they the ones who have stopped these events and getting worse or or is there mass presence perhaps creating more tension we don’t want to sensationalize we don’t want to say things are happening when they’re not but we just don’t know because basically everything’s on lockdown you just hope that in a city known for combusting when they’re angry things at least stay there a little bit calm that the football and the celebrations are the best of these fans can come out I think every policeman in not just the city but maybe Germany is here today if the sun’s out have the streets are empty that might be because it’s Sunday and the church or whatever but I think there’s a different reason going on everyone it’s occupied with the match we’ve been told some polio marching in big numbers to the train station then station to the stadium in another March there’s a Chester V there coming down here and if you see the police presence it’s you unbelievable I cannot stress out many police and authorities in here cop cars in undercover cars with dogs on bikes in water truck everywhere you look is seeds of seeds right well go to the volksparkstadion will meant to film the h3 archers march from the station to the stadium but the police are basically let out there due to our cameras are not much or why but you can understand why there is so much press up to wait almost but another thing that’s really notable is just how big HSB is when you’re around this many fans this is a proper powerhouse there may be in the second doesn’t happen you really can feel how just how much history there is the amount of retro kids all the way back in in the 70s those iconic pink ones these amazing denim jackets they were in Germany ditched with patches that are over years old this really is a club human history support and culture I thought one of the most important parts of our culture is this library it is this time only get one every decade but now it mean so much computer [Music] [Music] [Music] well for a derby that affected a city like this for a week actually since the beginning of this season I think we can say that was lots a bit of an anti-climax part as we always say it’s about more than on the pitch and no more so than in Hamburg I’m gonna be honest copper nineties always wanted to do this Darby we didn’t really care the division because we knew that the story behind it is so fascinating there really isn’t a rivalry with this kind of complex narrative which was poor small verse big ambition first activism it brings up and celebrates that narrative what should a football club be about what the answer is I think it’s personal but whether it’s on the pitch or off the pitch the two clubs of hamburg’s define Nesi [Music]

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  1. "Beautiful buildings from the time of german unification" – "Gr眉nderzeit Haus" basically all payed for by french war reparations.

  2. Could you make a derby days video about Vfb Stuttgart and Karlsruhe, they face each other this year again

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  4. I remember being Manager for St. Pauli in FIFA 10. I knew nothing about the club and anyway it was my second year so I received a 2 star club.
    The club was total BS (No Offense). I had never won a match by simulation. I lost to Bayern by 6-0 in DFB pokal.

  5. Pls do one episode of Derby Days about Kaiserslautern vs Mannheim, they're playing in the 3rd division in Germany, have a strong hatred towards each other and haven't met in a long time, until this season

  6. I'm from Hamburg and I support the HSV !
    Great video ! Shows perfectly what this match and rivalry is about (even though I sometimes wish it would be a bit less polemical sometimes) !

    NUR DER HSV !!!

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  8. St Pauli is a hipster club. You HAVE to be left wing. You HAVE to be punk. You HAVE to be this & that etc…. Total conformity. HSV = Come one come all. Anyone & everyone is allowed.

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