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  1. please pray for my ears they keep making popping sounds more like pressure that make me dizzy. Sounds are loud and it has been like this for a few months now.

  2. does Ez:38-39 king of Gog looks to be a middle-east communist/atheist leader who is following the Chinese communism experiment with Dragon's(china) help in Middleeast after Ps83 war – to revive the  lost pride of the middle east like Hitler did in Germany!

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  4. If Psalms83 war is going to happen before Ez38-39 war, then it looks like Mohammadism is going to see a shift to non-religious national pride movement similar to Chinese communist revolt to overthrow Qing Dynasty after they lost war with Japan. Else it will be something similar to Nazism where Germany to regain its lost pride approved Hitler’s polytheistic atheism making a pact with UFO’s/Witchcraft.
    Evan Daniel said that this assyrian leader will disregards the God of his father, and will make a strange new God of wepons.

  5. Solomon's Temple is on the Temple Mount and David's which was inside Jerusalem, not north of it is just as important and I heard that Israel said they could have the Temple Mount last week so it could come to pass that they build theirs on the land of David's where the river Gihon flowed through the property as stated in the Bible, a better piece of land. They just like to fight but not necessary. TY, Perry.

  6. Pastor Stone, there is a fourth Apocalyptic Faith, you need to know about and its indelible link to Abrahamic Faiths. Please let me know how to contact you to explain better. please email me hsourcebible at gmail.

  7. I agree with Perry on many points, there is one point that I can say that we can agree to disagree. I heard from a Jewish Major in the Israeli army that there is no way that the anti Christ can be muslim. The Jewish people would never accept him as the messiah. That is a point that makes sense to me. His belief is that the anti christ would come from the European area. It makes no difference to us anyway, we should be called home before he is revealed. I believe Perry is on point when he states that our president is helping setup the groundwork for these things to take place. This comment is made 14 months after the original broadcast. Many things have progressed, and it is all lining up.

  8. No sunni muslim believe ISIS is in Imam Mahdi team. In fact only syiah believe that, well that because ISIS is their enemy.

  9. Thank you for taking the blinders off my eyes so that I can see and hear the truth thru the Word of God which does not lie. Bless you!!!

  10. I have always wondered what happens after Jesus Reigns for the Thousand Years with us he only says a thousand years then what? I've always been curious about that don't know why just curious I guess

  11. I've studied Islamic Eschatology, as well as Biblical Eschatology. Islamic Eschatology is Christian biblical eschatology flipped upside down:
    Muslim's savior or "Messiah" is the Al-Mahdi (The Guided One); Sometimes referred by Shi'a Muslims as The Zahib A-Zamman or Al-Mahdi Muntadhar (Lord of the Age, Awaited Savior); The Khalifa: The Caliph of the "Revived Islamic Empire: The "Pope" of the Muslims.
    Muslims are also waiting for the coming of : Isa Al-Maseeh: The Muslim Jesus of the Qur'an.
    Muslim's "Antichrist" is called: The Ad-Dajjal (The Liar, Deceiver), who will arrive in the world scene at the end of the age to fight against their "savior" and his sidekick, Isa (The Muslim Jesus).
    Now, pay attention very closely. Muslims have read the book of Revelation as well and they believe that the "conqueror on the white horse, who holds the bow and wears the crown" of revelation 6:1 (the opening of the 1st seal by the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Lamb of God, is their "Al-Mahdi/Khalifa" who will inaugurate the coming revived Islamic Caliphate with a "7 year peace pact with Israel" (Which is also an Islamic eschatological belief and teaching); Now, this 7 year peace pact by the biblical Antichrist is prophesied in Daniel 9:27.
    According to biblical eschatology, in the prophecies of the Old Testament prophets, this fierce, end time world ruler (the Antichrist) will emerge from the Middle East (he is referred as "The Assyrian", the "Prince of Tyre", "The little horn", "King of the North", "Gog of Magog", which is in present day Turkey/Assyria). He will be Islamic because all of the nations which the LORD has pronounced judgment upon in the OT prophetic books in the "Day of the LORD's Wrath" are ALL Muslim nations that surround Israel. The 110-nation confederacy which the Antichrist will lead are all Muslim nations.
    The book of Revelation reveals 2 beasts which will arise in the time of the great world tribulation that will end the time of the gentiles ruling the earth. They will be empowered with the authority of the satanic dragon himself. Revelation 13 reveals the beast from the sea, who fits the prophesied "Antichrist" / the 4th Beast of Daniel 7:19; 8:24. This beast is the Al-Mahdi/savior who the Muslims are waiting for to rule the Islamic Caliphate revived. To Christians, he is the lawless one, the Antichrist of 2 Thessalonians 2:7-12 to be revealed on the world scene. The 2nd beast is of the earth (Revelation 13:11). He will support the 1st beast and deceive the unbelieving world into worshiping the 1st beast by erecting an image of the beast and receiving the "mark of the beast". This 2nd beast fits the profile of the Muslim Jesus who is called Isa Al-Maseeh (he is in the Qur'an). The Muslims believe that this "Jesus" will descend from heaven where their god, Allah resides, at the end of the age, and he will declare to be a Muslim who will deny Christianity, burn all the crosses, persecute with the 1st beast all Jews and Christians worldwide and force them to become Muslims of die by beheading (the mark of the beast, Image of the beast). the beheaded saints are located in Revelation 20:4. These 2 beasts will be filled with demons and with the dragon behind them as their puppet master are a satanic trinity, if you will (Revelation 16:13). Their nemesis is the Ad-Dajjal, who they believe will appear at that time to rescue the Jews and Christians and fight the 2 beasts (Which will take place in Meggido, in northern Israel called Armageddon in Revelation 16:16). This Ad-Dajjal fits the profile of our Messiah and savior Jesus the Christ, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS (Revelation 19"11-21). This is so fascinating and exciting for eschatological students of the bible, because it's all coming together as our LORD God Almighty prophesied thousands of years ago, right before our very eyes. Islam is the beast of the end of this age. MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF ALL HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH of Revelation 16:19 and Revelation 17 and 18 is an Islamic city that is an abomination in God's eyes, because of it's great idolatry, sorcery, deception. It could be Mecca because Mecca is the "MOTHER", (where Islam began) of the false religion of Islam, which has over 1.7 billion followers and counting. It's a mega spiritually filthy, but earthly wealthy and powerful city located in the desert (wilderness), that fits a Muslim city in the Middle East. They are all doomed to destruction! Praise the name of the LORD and KING Jesus Christ forevermore! The Amen (Revelation 3:14).

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