The Unruly Mystic™ : Saint Hildegard of Bingen Trailer

The Unruly Mystic™ : Saint Hildegard of Bingen Trailer

To recover the mystic in everybody is to wake a culture and a religion up. Carl Jung says only the mystic brings what was creative to religion itself so if you’re gonna renew Christianity or a new
religion of any kind I think everyone agree it needed today we got to
put mysticism forward. (Filmmaker) you don’t know me not yet I’m the filmmaker here I was traveling through Europe after a summer art program in
Italy it was 1983 all I had was a few dollars, a sketchbook and a journal. Compared to my college hometown of
Boulder Colorado, Spain was awakening after decades of Franco’s repressive
rule as I wandered in Barcelona’s Las Ramblas alleyways where a young Pablo
Picasso once lived I felt a seductive promise of whirling around me like the
Greek muses enticing me to cross their threshold to truly acknowledge the
creative force within me but what future ordeals lay ahead what if I just kept
moving and refused to acknowledge their call my body and mind felt disconnected,
more questions than answers popped up: did my existence matter? did I have a
spiritual purpose? how would I make a living after college with a degree in
fine arts? Everything simmered in that summer heat, a panic attack of sorts which I later learned was consistent with an
existential crisis. while I would like to say that I walked into a church and was comforted by Saint Hildegard of Bingen who is the subject of this film that
occurrence wouldn’t happen until years later. I discovered the revolutionary
call-to-action I had previously heard was a woman from the 12th century a
saint whose influences and music medicine art and theology are still
being felt today. She had called to me like she has called
to the people you’re about to meet Saint Hildegard of Bingen was an unruly and
revolutionary mystic whose spirit still lives within each of us ready to awaken
to our own potential.

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  1. Hi Michael, this looks really interesting. Congratulations! When and how will viewers in Ireland be able to see this film? 
    Wishing you every success!

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