The Ugly Duckling, Mark Zuckerberg, and You

– What’s up y’all, I’m Leslie, this is my friend James. Should I call you my friend James? Is that weird? Nope, cool. – No, that’s really disrespectful. – Stop. Tom is down again. – We’re co-workers. – What’s up y’all, I’m Leslie. This is James. (laughing) Leave it. All right, I’m about to do this for real. – Come on, you do it. You do you, and I’m a do me. Aha Aha, flip the switch, Namaste. – All month long we’ve been talking about origin stories of unlikely influencers, and what that can teach us about our own personal identities. – So, our friend, Gavin Espinoza, he’s a Switch Pastor, he’s gonna tell us the
story of Mark Zuckerberg who created Facebook. He’s the owner of
Instagram and What’s App. – I did cheesy things. I can feel myself doin’ it,
I don’t know how to stop. – While I was talking? And we’re gonna get to learn about, through that story, how we too, can have influence. So, without further ado, lets go to Gavin Espinoza. (audience clapping) What’s goin on Switch? My name’s Gavin Espinoza, and I’m one of the Switch Pastors. Last week, you heard and incredible message about identity or you learned that it’s not about who you are, but whose you are. We also taught what it means to
seek, dwell and tell, and we’re actually gonna
continue down that path tonight. Now, what we’re going to do is gonna be a little bit different ’cause I’m a big fan of literature, and I want to expand your thinking, so we’re gonna take look
at a deeply profound intellectually challenging steeply moving piece of literature called “The Ugly Duckling.” (audience clapping) Come on. Come on, you weren’t ready for that were you? Like, didn’t know where I was goin. So, we are gonna start off by reading just a little bit of this, but we’re not just gonna read it, we’re gonna have some fun with it. You guys ready to have some fun with it? (audience screaming and clapping) (yelling) No, we are going to have some fun with this. Whoo! Come on! Come on! Thank you Jesus! It was a warm summers day, and the mama duck, wiggled excitedly on her nest she could hear a tapping noise. Tap, tap, tap tap. Whoo! Quick, quick quick quick, the mama duck, she called
to the other ducks, “Come over here, something is about to happen. It’s about to happen. It’s about to happen” And then you know, one by one, them eggs hatched. You heard a cheep, a cheep cheep, a cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep, and out came the little duckies, but there was one egg, one egg that was bigger
than all the other eggs. Whoo, and when it decided to hatch, you heard the loudest, the grossest, the nastiest crack you ever did hear and out popped this huge gray ugly duckling. Everybody say, “Awww.” (audience says awww) Say, “Awww.” (audience says awww) Cause out came this ugly duckling and all the other farm animals like, “What’s wrong? He’s so gray. He’s so clumsy. He’s so big.” And they all looked at the ugly duck, but he felt sad. There’s little tears, with this ugly duck. He said, “Nobody wants me. Nobody wants me.” So he swam away. He went looking to all the other animals. He waddles sadly across the meadow, leaving the farm and his family far behind them, and up he came. He came to the river where he saw some geese. They were diving for
food, and he asked them, “Have you seen the other ducks like me?” And they said, “No. No, no. You are the strangest duckling I ever did see.” So then, our ugly little duckling talked to more animals, and again and again they said, “No. But you sure are an ugly duckling.” So he decided he was gonna go and hide all by himself. The seasons passed. Fall came and the leaves
turned gold and one evening, I said, one evening, as the sun was setting, the ugly duckling saw a flock
of beautiful white birds, and they were flying gracefully. I said gracefully across the sky, and he said, “I wish I looked like them.” And, oh they came around that warm spring. Sunshine arrived and the ugly duckling peered out of his hiding place a graceful swan, paddled on by. (audience clapping) He was afraid though. He was afraid because he had
been teased his whole life cause he was just an ugly duckling, but when that swan saw him, she said, “Why are you hiding? I said why are you hiding? Come and join the rest of us. You are not an ugly duck, you are a swaaaaaaan.” Whooo! Whooo! And all God’s people said Amen. (audience yells Amen) I said, Amen (audience yells Amen) Amen, Amen, Amen. And that, is the story of “The Ugly Duckling.” (audience yelling and clapping) In all seriousness, we can have a little bit of fun at church, that’s okay. You know that right? It’s totally cool to have some fun, but the story of “The Ugly Duckling” I love it. I feel like you do too, cause there’s some points
in all of out lives where we so agree with the feeling that that duck had, of not belonging, of going from one place or
another and trying to fit in with all these other people. But the problem was, our ugly duckling had no idea who he was. It was his identity that
he didn’t know about. So let’s talk about identity. What is identity? Well, it’s how you see yourself. It’s how you define yourself as. An identity is important because how you define yourself as, ultimately determines what you do and how you live. What you do and how you live. So I have a question for you. Where do you find the best version of who you are supposed to be. Uh, real quick, I was in high school, and I always had a job. Always, I was just one of those people that I needed to work, I need to have money I need to do things. So, my senior year, shout out to all the seniors, my senior year I actually
worked for my uncle at car dealership, a large car dealership in Texas, and I did anything and everything, like, go and mop the shop floor and clean up all the oil spills. Go and organize this closet. Go take this nice, old lady who’s getting her car fixed, go and take her home because her car is gonna
take a while to be fixed. All these things, and one day my uncle said, “Hey, boss,
you’re not gonna stay here. You’re gonna go over to this
warehouse down the road.” So we go to warehouse down the road. Luckily for me, I was gonna get to mop an entire warehouse. As I get there and they open the doors and we go in, it’s not just any warehouse. The owner of the car dealership had a collection of over 100 cars in this huge warehouse where he stored them. I’m talking about nice cars, cool cars classic cars, old cars, and there was even a
real DeLorean in there in like perfect condition. As I’m in there, I’m
mopping, go around the cars a little bit under the cars, making sure I’m not bumping anything, and it starts to hit me and my imagination starts to go like, “Man, it would be so fun, to drive this somewhere.” And I thought about it. It would be a lot of fun, but these cars are just sitting here,
like they’re in a museum to be looked at. You see when those cars
were actually created, they were designed with a purpose. Their purpose, some of
them was to go fast. Some of them was to go really really fast and to look super cool, and others were to just
get you from one place to another place safely
regardless when those cars were created. They were not built to just stand in a museum collecting dust. Hello? You were not built to just look the part. You were not built just
to look like a follower of Christ, look like
someone who goes to church, but you were built for something more and the creator of the cars knew that, and your creator knows that as well. You know, how many of you know Mark Zuckerberg? Mark Zuckerberg? Yep, hands goin up. You should. He’s the guy who created Facebook, okay? And he was 19 years old, it was in 2004, in his college dorm. What you need to know, is as a middle schooler, Mark Zuckerberg got
into designing programs, creating video games
even at an age when all of his friends were playing video games, he was already building them. There’s a lesson right there. You wanna be good at something? Start when you’re young. He started designing things at that age so when it was time to be in college, and he created Facebook,
it was a huge success. Within the first year,
there’s over one million people using Facebook. Other large companies
started to take notice. Real notice. In fact, within the first two years of
Facebook being in existence he was offered anywhere from $10 million to $1 billion dollars to sell Facebook. I don’t know about you, but being a 19 and 20 year old owning something worth that
much sounds like a really good deal to sell and make that money. But what’s different between you and I and Mark Zuckerberg, is he created Facebook. He saw the vision from what it could be. He didn’t see it just in
its first two years in existence and say, “You know
what? That’s pretty good. That’s good enough. I’m
gonna go ahead and sell.” He said, “No, we can do more
with it. It can grow bigger.” And today, Facebook has
a market capitalization worth over $500 b-b-billion dollars. You see? That’s the difference. When you start to know, as the creator, what your creation can do, you
are not gonna sell it short. And let me tell you something, you have a creator who knows
exactly what you can do and he is not going to sell you short, because there is more in- side of you. Where do you find your identity? You find it from your creator. I love the story of David, in The Old Testament, for a lot of reasons. One, outside of Jesus, he is my favorite hero in the entire Bible. ‘Cause David, even as a young man, things didn’t go his way, right? He was just the youngest
of seven brothers, and one day a prophet came to his family’s house. God told him, “The next
king of the country is gonna be found in the house of Jesse.” So he shows up to the house. He says, “Jesse, one of your sons is gonna be the next king. I need you
to bring them in front of me.” Guess what? David’s dad, brings his six older brothers in front of the prophet, but leaves David out in front of the
fields tending the sheep. Guess what? Even in that moment, his dad thought, “All these other ones are good enough, but maybe David, he shouldn’t
even be considered.” But sure enough, God spoke to the prophet and said, “No, no. No.
My man is out there.” Okay, good, so his anointed king, next king of the country, great. His country goes off to war. How many of you know Goliath? The story of David and Goliath? Yeah. This guy right here, he knows the story of David and Goliath. You got the giant, all right? Their country is at war, and you have this giant out
there taunting the whole nation saying, “Come out and fight me. One of your wars. I’ll take any of you down.” The whole army of Israel
is looking at this giant Goliath and his army, and their terrified. He’s standing there, towering over them and David comes up to
the battlefield as what? As a delivery boy from his father to deliver supplies to his brothers. They see him, “David,
what are you doing here? You’re so annoying. You
are just a little brother. You are just our delivery
boy. You don’t belong here.” David heard this his whole life. So then he goes and tells the king, “You know what? I’m gonna fight him. I’ll fight him.” The king looks at him and
he’s like, this David, he’s just a musician. He’s just a kid. This guy is a huge
battle hardened warrior. You can’t do it. And David says, “I know
what you guys are saying about me.” Hello, he hears what other
people are saying about him. It doesn’t matter what
people are saying about you, because David knew that
there was someone bigger than everyone. That was
his God, who says other things about him, so he says,
“I’m not scared of this giant. I will fight him today.” He steps up in front of the giant. The giant’s there looking at him. The giant says, “Whoa, who am I? Am I a dog that you would come at me with a stick?” He looks at David and
says, “Bro, do you even lift? Why are you here?” David takes up that stone and that sling, and he takes down the giant
and he conquers the giant. When everyone else said
he couldn’t, he said, “I know who I am ’cause my God is with me.” Your God is with you. (audience applauding) You would think after this moment, of conquering Goliath that
everything would be easy for him. This huge victory, he listened to God, he
follows God, but no. In fact it even got harder
for David after that. ‘Cause as a young man, he
was running from cave to cave because, the king of
the country labeled him as a traitor, and David
was fearing for his life and said much pain and anguish, but he didn’t give up, because he knew exactly who he was supposed to be, because he knew the creator. He spent time with God. God spoke to him regularly and David knew the sound of God’s voice. He spent time in worship, he spent time getting
to know who this God was so that when he faced
all these challenges. When you and I face challenges, when you feel like you
can’t go any further and you just want to give up, you don’t have to listen
to what everyone else is saying about you,
because just like David, you have the ability to
know exactly what God is saying about you. You have the ability to
get into the you version Bible app. You have the ability to spend time in worship every single day. The only one keeping you from
spending time with the creator is you, so you can do something about it today Switch. Know your identity. Learn it from the creator. That’s where we find that
our identity comes from. You’ll learn it from
spending time with him. As you go through your
Switch groups tonight, you’re gonna talk about it. You’re gonna talk about
how you can continue to spend time with God, how you can continue to
learn his voice so that you can become all that
God has called you to be, because you are not an ugly duckling. You are not just created to look pretty as Christian like a car in a museum. You were created to do good things. You are not like Facebook
in its early realm. Our God says he has a plan for you, and he has a good work, and he who began a good work in you will carry it on into completion until the day of Christ Jesus. (audience applauding) Just like David knew
that he was gonna face challenge after challenge, after challenge, life was not easy, but he did so many good things for God because he knew God’s voice. He knew his creator, and he did what he said. He knew what God said about him. So Switch, tonight find your identity, by knowing what the
creator says about you. Here’s what he says. Here’s a few things right here. You might feel like you don’t belong. You might feel like you can’t do it. You might feel like, do you even matter? Are you important? Let me tell you something, God says you’re his child. You might feel like,
you’re not good enough. You might feel like
you’re not smart enough. You can’t do all these
things that God has put inside your heart. You might feel like you
can’t accomplish anything, because you’re just not
as good as your brother, or your sister, but that guy on my team has so much time and I don’t have the time that they have. Maybe if I had their
time then I could do it. No, no, no. God says you are my masterpiece. God says, that you were bought with the price and you belong to him. You might say, “You know what, I’ve got all these thoughts inside my head that I’m struggling with anxiety, that I’m struggling with fear. God says that he’s not
giving you a spirit of fear, but a power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Our creator says some incredible
things about you Switch, but you could live your whole life not knowing what those things are if you don’t get to know him and his word. So that’s your challenge tonight. You want to know your identity? Know the creator. That’s where the best vision
of your life comes from. Not form you, but from he who created you. – You’re not an ugly duckling. You’re not a car that was
meant to collect dust. You were created to have
influence and impact the world. So what truth do you
need to be reminded of? – Yeah, and the cool thing
is that Gavin shared some of those incredible truths
that can help remind you of who you really are and the value that you bring to the world. So make sure you follow
LC Switch on Instagram where you can find a picture that you can take a screen shot of to have as your phone background to be reminded of those truths every single day. – Yep. Thanks for hanging out with us. We’ll see you next time.

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