The Truth About 90s Cartoons And “LGBT Brainwashing” | Jack Saint

The Truth About 90s Cartoons And “LGBT Brainwashing” | Jack Saint

NOBULLSHIT: “We’re normal, sane, rational people trying to tell you that this is wrong!” “A vast homosexual influence in popular shows.” “Considering be dramatic influx of homosexual themes in modern television, It should come as no surprise that there might appear gay subtexts in a few TV shows… even shows designed for children!” “…further evidence that the creators of this series Intended for the character to be a gay role model has surfaced.” “He’s PURPLE, the gay pride color, and his antenna is shaped like a triangle the gay pride symbol!” “These Subtle depictions are no doubt intentional and parents are warned to be alert to these elements of the series.” “Parents alert! tinky-winky comes out of the closet!” Hello, I’m Mr. Saint I’m here to answer one very simple question What is love? And what does it look like? Well, so it goes that after suffering a childhood in the ’90s and early 2000’s, the apparent peak of liberal Marxist homosexual propaganda, We’re left with a veritable slew of family programs with forced LGBTQ diversity which of course explains why the world is now being flooded with the gays and transgenders and Communists… right? I mean, that’s what we heard all through that period, that the liberal culture war had gone too far, that TV was being crammed full of this kind of dangerous pandering nonsense. All this in mind, it stands to reason if I’m looking through my childhood programming of that ’90s/2000s period of Dexter’s Lab, Johnny Bravo, Sponge Bob, Recess, and Yvon of the Yukon, they’ll have plenty of examples of this overt positive LGBTQ representations have to worm my way through. Why, I’ll hardly be able to fit it all in The punchline is that, in spending the last week or so coming through this period in which my small Impressionable child’s mind was being corrupted by the influence of liberal media, it’s actually painfully difficult to find any examples of this stuff. For the apparent victory of the left in that period of the culture war, Gay and transgender issues are basically just punch lines in near all every example I could find looking into the subject YUSUKE: “It turns out our missus is a mister!” It’s like a bloke kissing another bloke and oh, that’s so gross And that’s the joke or it’s about dressing as a woman and then blokes find him attractive and oh, that’s so gross and that’s the joke. Is that what we’ve been confusing for genuine positive representation all this time? Can’t imagine how that kind of mix-up would affect people’s mindsets in the present day “Are traps gay?” But hey I figured since it seems to be a foregone conclusion For so many that leftist children’s media dominance is a massive factor in our modern political struggles, It’d be worth a deeper look and I was able to identify 3 distinct categories worth looking at if we really want to answer the question: Where was all this stuff that apparently brainwashed me? So while it’s hard to find specific examples of network rules blocking the depiction of gay/lesbian/bisexual/ trans/queer people in children’s media in this era, the colloquial phrase “getting past the censors” was still pervasive throughout the period And usually covered the more broad area of inoffense For indeed, The Liberals may have won the culture war of the ’90s and early 2000s, but maybe not so much in the sense of pushing socially liberal views down our throats and More in the sense that they wanted to cause as few people to be upset by anything as possible It’s not the conservative vanguard that brought about stuff like the Comics Code Authority which from the ’50s to the ’90s specifically prevented any “sexual perversion” from being shown in comics That means gay people Instead, it’s the liberal capitalist mindset of yeah, you can kind of do what you want to do but if in might upset parents, upset the bottom line feel free to quietly quash anything that might be remotely controversial like putting in black people or gay people or Kirby holding a chainsaw And thus we get the vast majority of quote-unquote gay representation through this: the ambiguous gay “Oh! Don’t you look precious!” And yes, it’s pretty much exclusively going to be gay we’re dealing with here But what about trans stuff? Yeah, I’m just still looking. So what is the ambiguous gay? well, simply put it’s any time a character is written in the show in such a way that they seem gay Be it through a stereotypically camp demeanor, SILVER SPOONER: “So, let the feast begin!” A preference for “girl things”, and the implication that maybe they’re a little more interested in playing for “the home team” Crucially, however, it’s never actually said or shown that they’re gay. The red guy and cow and chicken, the… RED GUY: “Soon to be King and Queen of cheese.” Certainly seem to be playing on some classic archetypes Eugene from Hey Arnold sure does love ponies, unicorns, ballet, and musicals Carl from Johnny Bravo really seems to love pretending to be Johnny’s wife and feeling up the goods But, no, none of these characters are ever explicitly given a same-sex romantic partner Nor declare themselves to really be what the writers are implying Time Squad featured a full episode in which Larry 3000, the effeminate robotic sidekick of team captain Todd Russell, gets awful jealous on seeing the leader hit off with an old lover “Don’t touch me! “Tonight you’re sleeping on the sofa!” Yet despite a few wink nods None of this really goes beyond jokes at Larry’s expense and future episodes continue to treat this relationship as a couple of love/hate bros It’s the kind of side-eye acknowledgment that usually at least manages to get angry parents off the network’s back although, hey spongebob was repeatedly protested as a kind of gay and docked relation for his apparent sissy demeanor and he’s like an asexual sponge. In any case, you hopefully see what I’m getting at here. If you saw a gay kid on a kids show in the ’90s and 2000s Doubtless it was going to be at best the kind of gay you could just play off as being different far from the flood of diversity feared, It was just lads like DD in Ed, Edd, and Eddy blowing kisses and writing Valentine’s cards for his best pals the Eds But haha, it’s just a joke, and we’ll give them an implied female love interest later on anyway And everyone’s radar was going off for this one Now it’s not unheard of for characters written like this to eventually transcend this trope, but it’s always with caveats Ren and Stimpy transitioned from “wink nod haha gay joke” to an actual couple but only specifically in their adult-oriented special and Steven Universe got a whole lot more overtly gay with its main cast over time But you know that was like two years ago And also got edited out in some countries Now what’s wrong with the ambiguous gay seems like the best of both worlds ay? you get some pseudo gay representation but parents feel less like they’re having an agenda forced down their throats Well firstly, no, It doesn’t really stop the barrage of complaints about gay kid indoctrination “And this has to do with making anyone who’s opposed to homoerotic behavior into a bad guy “The same way that Hollywood makes bad guys. “I think a good illustration of this is Star Wars at Luke Skywalker is a sniveling lousy hero. “He’s a constant complainer. “I mean, it’s just he’s a crybaby. “Hollywood though. What did they do? How did they make you cheer for Luke Skywalker? “Well, the opening scene of Darth Vader is him like force choking some guy to death for making a mistake. “So by default, “Luke is the hero and no matter how bad the other guy is “Vilify every representation of “Anyone of anybody “Who disagrees with homosexual behavior.” As I said even explicitly asexual characters got a litany of concerned calls whenever they behaved in a way deemed “off” In terms of typical heteronorm behavior Remember the framework of this video that somehow this era was still seen as one of a liberal attack on sex and gender But the main problem is the for the most part being a punchline does not good representation make And the performance of queerness being played off this way almost exclusively for over a decade Isn’t really the kind of positive message You might want to send to queer kids looking for something to make them feel less abnormal In fact, quite to the contrary, the framing of behavior like this as innately comical or weird perpetuates just the opposite for youngsters Reaffirming the playground notion of “gay behaviour” as something to be mocked and derided It’s quite literally programming these kids to associate this group of people with this behavior and that behavior with, as I say, a punch line Now the LGBTQ+ community has traditionally done a fantastic job co-opting these kinds of characters throwing their energy and flamboyance into something impowering even if it comes from a place of mockery But this doesn’t quite melt away the inherent issues of this being the only way this group got to be presented to young audiences for long periods of time “Weirdo” Lindsay Ellis did a good video about this by the way Reframing gay from being something internal to simply a behavior also helps push that whole “it’s just a choice” thing and I can’t help notice that it was this exact period that phrases like “That’s gay” “Stop acting gay” Were being fired back and forth all through youth groups at the time The ambiguous gay in essence cultivates an idea of gay as a performance, Not simply, well, having romantic interest in people of the same sex And while again the performance is something that can be reclaimed could even be used to create a unifying empowering group identity “A flame that lights the night. A flame that shatters the darkness” It’s observable the harm it can do to queer kids when this is pretty much all they get Well, except for that one other thing. “Hey you know Hagrid?” “Uh, yeah?” “He’s actually transgender” This lady, this man, this fellow, this wizard, This talking alien robot What do they all have in common? Yes, that’s right, they’re all flaming homosexuals The word of gay is and other means of getting past those pesky parents as ingenious as it is Completely missing the point of why representation matters Again, the priority here is making sure that in watching these shows These kids are made to feel less like “others” in society and more a part of it. As over time we’ve learned that queerness isn’t just a choice you could discourage people away from The game instead is to acknowledge in media that these groups are a fact of society We do need to live amongst each other and that doesn’t need to be an antagonistic relationship If the ambiguous gay isn’t the solution Pigeonholing gays to a single aesthetic punchline while still being too overt for parents “Judy Garland! Where?” Then how about this? The character doesn’t necessarily act “too gay” and we still won’t say they’re gay in the story itself But we will say, off the record, that they are secretly gay Most famous example of this is probably Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter novels A character author J K Rowling had supposedly planned from the start to be homosexual But apparently due to an archaic rule in UK law blocking novels with gay characters from being in school libraries How’s that for the liberal culture war Sort of let that one slip by until after the books had been published This is actually a surprisingly common tactic Paul Dini, co-creator of the Batman character Harley Quinn, has long been open about the character being bisexual Despite that never being made overt in the animated series And Jem creator Kristy Marx stating several of the characters had been planned to have a gay reveal down the line I think her recent reboot fixes this I’m not sure Now you can kind of see where they’re coming from here. It almost seems kind of progressive, right? Look at that, turns out gay people are just people after all It’s not about “acting gay”, you might not even know they’re gay if they don’t specifically say so and I’m sure it’s certainly more appealing to the kind of people that Say “I don’t hate gay people. I just don’t want them shoved in my face” so the question arrives: what part of a character explicitly having romantic preference is “shoving it in your face?” Is it shoving it in your face when a TV show shows a boy having a crush on a girl? Eric Taxxon did a good video about this by the way The principle of “just don’t shove it in my face” relies on the presumption that being gay is abnormal not just in terms of being statistically rare but being qualitatively different from being straight Simply put, nobody says foreigners are being shoved in their face When a German kid shows up in Bart Simpson’s classroom Even though that’s easily as rare as a gay kid showing up Now, if that kid is explicitly a Muslim or a Mexican immigrant well Then some people start to take issue and is for the same reason people get upset when a character is stated to be gay Because they’re not uncomfortable with featuring gays as statistical minorities They don’t want it to be normalized and that’s why the word of gay isn’t really enough because it normalizes nothing Having a character who’s gay/bi/pan or whatever else only by the word of the creators is Fundamentally the same as just having them be straight. You’re portraying queerness is something to be hidden something That doesn’t get to be in the open like a normal romantic preference It’s still “othered” just in a less overt way than with the “gay as punchline” Now as with the ambiguous gay, I don’t necessarily think every example of this is negative and I do see the positives in having non explicit portrayals of sexuality But it again isn’t a replacement for actual representation Whether it be gays, lesbians, transgender people, or anything else you can’t normalize something unless you directly acknowledge it What about trans stuff? If a gay falls in the woods and no one’s there to hear it When shows of this era did decide to really push the boat out and directly acknowledge the gay epidemic It was usually through what we might call the “issue episode” “Well let’s see. Tuesday is leather night “So it’s probably some sort of shoe outlet.” Of the three types of representation I’ve gone into it’s probably the most helpful Like it does directly acknowledge the existence of queer people, but it still comes with it a fair few problems “No, Mark’s gay.” This was also easily the rarest to encounter as a young ’90s lad, so to really discuss it I have to push more into the territory of stuff that wasn’t technically for kids But you probably watched as a kid anyway. Case in point, the Simpsons. “Listen carefully. John is a ho “mo (right) “sexual” This episode, “Homer Phobia,” is symbolic of most of the benefits and problems of the queer issue episode The show starts with Bart accidentally busting the gas line forcing the family to pinch some pennies together to pay for a replacement They head to a collectible store Hoping to sell off some of Marge’s old family heirlooms and there they meet John John is a fun charismatic employee of the store and him and Homer hit it off immediately Until, shock horror, it turns out John is a “fruit” Homer who apparently is homophobic Homer, who apparently is homophobic, thereby declares John is no longer welcome in the house And the rest of the episode is about Homer dealing with his own Irrational fears of gay people as well as realizing John isn’t so bad after all The episode is actually more about Homer dealing with his own fragile sense of masculinity rather than about gay people Which incidentally is how most of these queer issue episodes go Hey, did you know the gay guy in this episode was played by Dan Castellaneta, the same person who does the voice for Homer? I don’t really have a point here, I just thought it was a funny coincidence Now good points to the angle adopted by episodes like this one: In directly confronting the issue of homophobia, it’s a lot harder to ignore the positive message The show is trying to communicate and if you are a queer kid watching then you know This is a message of acceptance for you. And you’re not just a punchline This does also parents a lot more riled up of course, but that’s why it’s mostly exclusive to more adult-oriented shows Disadvantages, well the framework of the issue episode in itself presents some problems because it essentially compartmentalizes queer people Putting them in this box in which they can be dealt with and quickly discarded John never appeared in The Simpsons episode prior to this one and had only a couple background cameos following it His existence is essentially compartmentalized within the framing of an episode about gay people Not just acknowledging him as a gay person But having him be defined entirely by that and while it’s hardly rare for Simpson’s side characters to be Defined by singular character traits, in John’s case his quirk means he’ll never really get to be integrated into this town Despite in-universe living there John’s is a walking PSA that the Simpsons is okay with openly gay people… in small amounts. It’s kind of a weird meta joke moment when halfway into this episode John has an awkward encounter with the other Simpsons gay, Smithers. A character granted a place as an uncontroversial mainstay of the cast by his sexual ambiguity at the time And don’t you Simpsons casuals tell me him being gay was already explicit The writers specifically said that he was a “Burns-sexual” Until showing him to be gay in season 22 episode 11 and they’re not actually having him come out the closet until season 27 nearly 20 years after this episode Sheesh And so it goes that gay people in these shows are essentially treated like, I don’t know, drug PSAs “Yes I can! I’m so excited! I”m so excited” They show up There’s a pithy platitude about acceptance and togetherness and then they’re put back in the box like a particularly garish Christmas decoration As we move forward we do start to finally see more mainstream examples of openly gay primary cast members in shows most famously Jack from Will & Grace and Ellen from Ellen But they’re rare to find and at this point we’re moving well outside of the kids show focus and also Shows I’ve actually watched So yea, it’s time It’s time for me to address that question that’s been playing on your minds the entire time the thing that’s made you go Why does he keep saying LGBTQ+ when he’s only talking about gay stuff? It’s finally time to reveal, in all my research, was there ever a real explicit Positive mainstream kid’s show episode about transgender people? …Kinda? “And who are we to deny him surgery that will make him feel better about himself?” *DOLPHIN NOISES* No, no fuckin God no I don’t expect most of you to remember much from this early 2000s Disney Channel show by Recess creator Joe Ansolabehere and Paul Germain a modestly successful show that ran for four seasons before an abrupt cancellation Their previous show kind of stole the thunder and yeah, it was also a great show, but Man, this is a good show Bunch of weird, cool alien species They opted to make one of those weird aliens the main character instead of just the boring human They seemed to basically live on a commune guided by a strong female ship captain mom and it’s got fair few good moral lessons More people should talk about Lloyd in Space while we’re at it talk more about Fillmore! too What was I saying? All right Lloyd in Space is the first good example of gender issues Handling kids television in my childhood and maybe the reason why I somewhat understood gender fluidity from a fairly young age So while most episodes of Lloyd in Space deal with the titular Lloyd and his three friends getting in various hijinks and drama aboard their space station home, Season 2 episode 9, Neither Boy Nor Girl, is a pretty special case Lloyd and company are enjoying lunch time and a new rock CD when they get into a spat with their girl classmate counterparts over musical tastes Girls are listening to a (way better) song, but they fight about it Which is better anyway and decides to call in an impartial observer New exchange student Zoid Zoid, on being asked, is indecisive recognizing the emotional vulnerability of the girl’s song and the raw power of the boy’s and then leaving Then, this happens: “Aha! See? He like our music better” “He? What are you talking about? Zoid isn’t a boy” “And she liked our music better” “Whoa whoa wait one second. Not a boy? What, you think he’s a girl?” “Well isn’t it obvious?” Things sort of develop from there with the boys and the girls Tailing Zoid to see if they can note down anything to determine their gender all to no avail They give up and decide to just buy Zoid a big gulp and check which bathroom they go into Turns out Zoid don’t work that way and they spill the beans that they just need to answer the gender question Zoid laughs and reveals “That? I thought you know? I’m neither!” It turns out Zoid’s race’s culture doesn’t have an assigned gender They get to choose whatever they want to be once they hit puberty and Zoid’s birthday isn’t until the following week While Zoid is completely indifferent to the apparent gravity of this choice it weighs heavily on the minds of the boys and girls They each decide they want -nay, need- to win Zoid over to their respective genders With a series of increasingly arbitrary, stereotypical gendered activities Eventually enough is enough and Zoid confronts the groups over trying to manipulate them like this Zoid storms off and Lloyd and company try to make up for it by getting Zoid an apology gift Still not quite getting the point They gives Zoid some “girl gifts” to show that they don’t want to pressure them to be a boy if they don’t want While the girls make the exact same fumble and gets Zoid some.. “boy stuff” Zoid steps away and educate some shitlords “Pushing me and pulling me back and forth ‘Be a boy!’ ‘Be a girl!’ Well I’ve had it!” “We were only trying to help you make the right decision” “The right decision for you maybe, but what about me? “It’ll be the toughest decision of my life, but it’s my decision, not yours “And if you guys really are my friends, it shouldn’t matter to you if I’m a girl or a boy “Because either way I’ll still be me “See ya tomorrow” Zoid leaves and a day later, it’s finally time to decide what they want to be After all the dramatic build-up, Zoid finally reveals: “I’ve decided I’m not telling” “What?! But why not?” “Because it’s none of your business” So there we have it a 2002 Disney Channel kids show managed to get a full 20 minutes on gender politics and fluidity It’s not only genuinely the only good example of this stuff really openly being discussed But he actually holds up better than you’d think for the time At least a basic introduction to the notion of gender as something other than a fixed predetermined role It was pretty valuable to me as a kid who had never personally dealt with any of these kinds of issues before And the episode firmly takes Zoid’s side, doesn’t present them as unstable, Confused, or misguided like issues of gender would continue to be shown in popular media and they’re not a punchline They’re just a regular likeable kid and in fact It’s the obsession with the gender binary shown by Lloyd and company that’s made out to be the problem here Now is it perfect? Fuck no This shit’s two decades old and comes from a Disney Channel show It unequivocally associates particular activities as inherently male or female coded Zoid doesn’t even particularly humor the notion of something that exists outside of man and woman and It has just the same problem as The Simpsons episode in that Zoid pops up as an issue to be confronted and never turns Up again to my knowledge Yet still as a stepping stone as a first glimpse at a whole range of Discussion that I wouldn’t have really find myself involved in again until my late teens It was a pretty valuable thing for me to stumble upon It doesn’t even directly deal with transgender issues specifically Zoid doesn’t transition but is only shown as fluid, but it still Presented me as an 8 year old with that initial knowledge that helped me fill in the gaps when I was suddenly forced to deal With it as I grew older Fuck if my family was really equipped to discuss that stuff or if the school system was going to touch that topic of a ten-foot pole And remembering this, not only because there isn’t really any talk of it online, is what first inspired me to make this video because Look, man, you can call it “liberal brainwashing”. You can call it pandering or shoving politics into kids shows indoctrination or whatever else But I’ve hopefully demonstrated pretty definitively that No, this was not a period of some flood of positive of LGBT youth representation It was actually in many ways just As misguided as the previous decade or so in how it handled any of this stuff for young people But what was there, what did manage to directly acknowledge these issues, was actually pretty valuable Look, I’m not pinning everything or parents here. Most of them were barely educated on this stuff themselves School boards were hesitant to address more than they absolutely had to and were biting a bullet even doing that Now I don’t think media by any stretch should be a replacement for real education on a subject But the fact is so many kids were lost during this period and at least getting these concepts really Openly introduced to them in some of their early popular media may have helped some of these kids out there feel a little less alone A little less utterly confused about themselves and those around them The fact is, for me, I’m a straight cisgender dude. I’ve done a lot of soul-searching I think I’m comfortable being sure about that so I know that in my heart I will never truly understand many of these struggles And if I wasn’t explicitly educated about it one way or another I was never even going to begin to “get it”. Now class, I actually was working class, very, so I feel like that’s an experience I can speak to you personally But for sexuality, for gender, for that I rely on what I’m told and why I consume and I’m here to say: No, I didn’t gain this basic understanding through some seedy queer children indoctrination I got it in spite of anything even beginning to resemble that almost exclusively Because what ever imagined flood of representation apparently swept across the ’90s and 2000’s, I must have missed it And apparently I’m not alone because none of the people around my age I asked had many examples beyond those I’ve discussed either And the fact that we’re only just starting to get there now after decades of increased understanding about these topics and the reality that they can’t just be these boogeyman problems we can hide from kids That’s pretty depressing The fact that Dumbledore in the new fantastic beasts film is still not going to be explicitly gay for one reason or another Or the fact that it’s only now we’re getting an on straight main cast member in a Disney movie That’s not the best But I guess at least this stuff is happening Now at least now we’re getting stuff like Adventure Time and Steven universe and Summer Camp Island There’s showing this stuff to not be this shameful thing that needs to be hidden or treated like a punch line I guess it’s encouraging to see us step in the right direction Just Let’s not start acting as if this was always the case as it becomes more of a norm, right? because when we were kids This was our “propaganda” Heya! Thanks again to all of you for watching. I hope you got something out of that of course as usual I’d love to read your reactions and responses in the comment section below or directly over on my Twitter Incidentally, that’s also where I post updates for videos, so follow me to keep, uh, updated! If you enjoy the video hit ‘Subscribe’ to see more as it comes out uh Hit the bell button to actually see when it comes out and throw me a buck or two on Patreon if you want to keep this channel going I also accept Ko-fi for one-time donations Although that money will be spent on eggnog not coffee As far as patrons go Holy shit We’ve got a lot of names this time I’d like to thank Alba, Alex Wennberg, bira’yurr, Jordan Hoxsie, Kristen Roers, Michael Q Warnock, Peter Coffin, quefqwiefy wergt, and Vrisha Jhriress, with a massive massive MASSIVE Extra thanks to E. V. Roske, Le Tyr, and Nichtschwert For your support, I can’t thank you all enough Other than that, same as always, love you all and stay safe

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  2. As a "memelord", I never thought of "traps" as gay. Most of the time, they were straight, and I thought they were cool and sometimes really well done. It's just the internet being the internet at the end of the day.

  3. Hay, man. I wanted to congratulate you because you talked about the topic in a very responsible way (and a funny one too), and I liked the video. Sometimes is difficult for me to find LBGT+ people that talk this issues in a responsible manner, so… well, thanks.

  4. Me: These pictures that I drew represent my assexulity!

    Popular artist: Can you shut up!? I have gay characters but you don't see me constantly go on about them!

    Plus you TOTALLY traced that art from someone else, for your "assexual" character.

    Me: I didn't! I just wanted to show my Pride….

    Real thing that happened on a Discord sever. Practically no one gave a fuck, cause they lovey their popular fandom artists.

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  6. It amazes me to think that people panicked over this shit, i am a pansexual, non-binary person and as a child watching these shows didn't even realise that James from team rocket was supposed to be gay, and the constant jokes at the expense of openly gay characters and trans/GNC characters made me hate myself when I started to realise that I wasn't actually straight or cis
    What's even worse is that my self hatred made me homophobic and transphobic to people around me who managed to feel comfortable openly expressing their own identity
    But yeah 90's tv TOOOTALLY turned me gay
    Edit: spelling

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  9. So for a long time, due to issues with my own sexuality, the topic of anything LGBT was a MASSIVE anxiety trigger for me. Like I was raised by really accepting parents, I was liberal as fuck and had tons of gay friends who I accepted – yet I was so angry that I was LGBT myself and never wanted to admit it, or really even face it. There was a lot of weird mental gymnastics around how I accepted it in others but not myself, and that really does play into the ideas and reinforced beliefs surrounding LGBT+ folk throughout pop culture as I grew up. Main reason I'm saying this though, is because it's taken like 3-4 years of therapy to control that anxiety for me to even watch media containing LGBT characters, let alone topics specifically about it without a giant gut-punching stomach ache. So this has been in my recommended a long time, but I've only just now watched it. I never once believed in "LGBT brainwashing", but I was acutely aware of it being essentially a punchline. Being something that is different and ultimately something to be ashamed of. Which is why I'd go out of my way to make others feel like they shouldn't be ashamed themselves, whilst being frustrated with myself for not being normal in just this fucking one thing for once. Was hyper-aware of accusations against my sexuality and anything that could code me as such, and make people question my sexuality, so as a result I would overconpensate as to not give people the satisfaction of being proved right that I was in fact different in a way most people seemed to mock.

    I mean, I am queer all flying-fuck, so you can imagine how godamn difficult that was. Not something I'm scared to admit anymore though, I'm actually proud of it and relish in the fact it makes homophobes uncomfortable for me to be shameless about it. The tables gets to be turned on them that my lifeftyle offends them so much. I don't remember a gay agenda in any form of media growing up, but I'm perfectly happy to foster one now. As society is centred solidly around heteronormative lifestyles, straight people really take for granted just how much their sexuality impacts their daily life and their hobbies and interests. This is absolutely about how some queer people supposedly "make their entire sexuality their personality" and it's always frustrating as that usually just translates to "LGBT person allows their sexuality to openly impact their life as much as it would to a straight person."

    Everything in relation to relationships, dating, love interests in characters, movie and TV all revolve around their identity. The countless power-couple heading virtually any movie or media on the front page never gets criticism for shoving their heterosexual relationship down everyone's godamn throat. The promiscuous character in a TV show is never called out for the fact they're obsessed with reminding everyone that they are straight, they like sex with the opposite sex and they do it all the time. That's never their criticism, just their promiscuity rather than their sexual partner preference; it's never called into question. The amount of straight males that wear obnoxious shirts saying shit like "Female Body Inspector" or depicting how being married to a woman = game over, or any other trashy alusions to their sexuality. They're criticised for objectifying women and being downright just unfunny, but not for the fact they're constantly making everyone around them aware that they're straight. But Godamn if you wear a pride badge visibly, let alone a pride t-shirt. Being visibly LGBT in any way is viewed differently as being visibly heterosexual, and that is fucking annoying. For straight people, it's literally the default, it's what's expected and there's no attention drawn to it. But when it's LGBT+, it's specifically singling it out as being different, as being completely detached from the norm from everyone else, and it's like there's a counter as to just how much you can get away bringing that difference up in polite company. You get to be proud to be different and vocal that you're still just as part as society as everyone else, but the rest of society doesn't really care much about the lifestyle that your difference brings, so could you please quietly keep it down and stop making everyone else participate in it. It's like everyone gets annoyed when there's too many vegan options at a buffet. Most will admit to the importance of there being an option, but it's not allowed to feel like it's anything more than a minority, otherwise it's cutting into what they can have and enjoy.

  10. There is an episode of “Whatever Happened to Robit Jones” about a genderless robot figuring out what bathroom they want to use. I can’t say whether it’s positive or negative but it exists.

  11. I remember the yuyu hakusho being a bit unsettling when I first saw it. Like the main character became OK with beating a woman after groping her to find out she had a dick

  12. "he's purple the gay pride color."
    ….the 'gay pride colors' as you call them are literally all the colors of the rainbow, so…

  13. Honestly, this kind of represenration has set me back in finding out who I ak sexuality wise. Kids shows depicted homosexuality as a joke, making my child brain think odd things. I was always aware of gay people existing, but it didn't connect in my head that they had actual romantic attraction towards one another like straight couples, just that they wanted to kiss one another. Because of this false representation it took me WAY longer than it should have to figure out my own feelings which really sucks.

  14. Lloyd in Space was amazing!!! i don't, unfortunately, remember this particular episode. May have helped me realize i'm trans way sooner. This was a great video and you ruined nothing for me, all these shows are pretty great even with their problems.

    Also, i had no idea you were cis-het. You're clearly a great ally. Thanks!

  15. It's so damn sad Dumbledore wasn't made actually gay in the new film. It would have added real depth to the entire thing. Instead he can't fight Grindelwald because "oh they made a curse thing" that's it! >:(

  16. I could careless I don't want tokening people I feel like characters like jon is good but think he could been used more than a one line piece it also we knew smithers was gay by one of the tree house of horror

  17. This… was a reach. The claim that the ambiguous gay trope caused people to think of gayness as a choice instead of a trait and causing kids to say "that's gay." There's really no evidence for that assertion.

  18. The biggest issue I see with this entire idea of representation and normalizing in literature is the idea that an artist is obligated to fix perceived real-world problems through their art. Sometimes people just want to write a good story without setting out to take on problems with the way your average joe views LGBT people.

  19. can we have a conversation about the stereotype of the 'gay baddie 'that seemed to be common in cartoons ? e.g. him red guy ursulla from the little mermaid (i include her because it's stated she's based on the drag queen divine)

  20. I never got the hatred towards gay or transgender people porble because a lot of people in the 90s and early 2000 treated my mental illness as disease that could be cacht or kids seen that I went to class for kids with special needs so they avoid me. I was bullied treated like I was stupid and over heard people saying to parents they feel so sorry for them. But the main people who did not do that to me was parents with special needs kids or who had kids under the age of 9, people that where all ready grand parents close friends of the family or relatives of my family, my mental health doctor and people that where gay transgender or just odd. But thier where not that many people around besides family friends and my relatives.

  21. the sort of media "representation" that existed in the 2000s (I was born in 1999) meant that even after I started to realise I was bi (at 16) I doubted myself as other than liking musicals (which I had never thought of as a "gay thing" due to my (pretty homophobic)parents liking them) I had never fitted any of the stereotypes of queer behavior, I was shy and nerdy rather than flamboyant and artistic.
    Also despite the law against "gay propaganda" in schools having been repealed when I was literally an infant (I'm Scottish so Section 28 was axed in 2000) I received literally no education on queer topics in school (or that much sex/relationship ed at all) and despite my first crush (when I was 9) being on a boy I didn't recognise it due to also liking girls and not knowing that bisexuality existed, most of my education on this came from my big sister (who is a trans lesbian) and from a really kind teacher who helped me dismantle the homophobia that had been drummed into me by my parents (coincidently that teacher was straight and also roughly my parents age so the whole "its a generational thing is a really kind of stupid excuse)

    (sorry for the length of the comment)

  22. This is a very well put together video it really is but you really mean to look me in the eye tell me you think Double D is more homosexual than Jimmy, the ultimate ambiguous gay of Ed Edd n Eddy

  23. I know this is months after the fact but I do like the courage the cowardly dog episode with the mask. Mainly cus I feel it deals with two issues and is not just a throw away episode seeing as almost all the episodes are that way.

  24. My name is Yoshikage Kira. I'm 33 years old. My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink. I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn't lose to anyone.

  25. i hate that excuse, "i don't mind it, just don't shove it in my face." you clearly do mind it if you think that a character being themselves is the writers "shoving it in your face."

  26. the worst part about the LGBT representation struggle is, of course, there are so few pieces of media with us in it. and the ones that do exist, are usually poorly handled, or just ABOUT the queer identity. and thus, when we say, "hey! this is my story. the main character is a dragonslayer. he's also transgender." it's seen as 'unnecessary' or obnoxious. we kind of just want characters to be more varied. i dont really want to watch another movie about alan's transition into alanette played by an a-list cis woman. i just want spiderman to be shown wearing a binder and have it never be a major plot point -cuz being queer isnt really what our lives are about.

  27. I also love how conservatives think kids would be able to pick up on all this symbolism when they can barely even read yet. As if any 7 year old would know what a triangle meant in the worldview of some adult weirdo.

  28. I always thought Dr. Girlfriend from the Venture Brothers and HIM from the Power Puff Girls were transgender characters.

  29. Has anyone else noticed that EVERY group in society claims they're the minority and their enemy is the majority and the government / media is on their enemies side? All conflicts: LGBT versus Christian's, Israeli vs Palestinians, Trump supporters vs anti Trumls. Anti gay people talk about the world being run by a "gay marxists agenda" and the LGBT community talks about their rights being trampled on everywhere. I know real discrimination happens and its wrong, but this idea of "Absolute oppression" is just bizarre The truth is, some things in life will side with you and some things will not whoever the hell you are and whichever group you belong to and that's just life.

  30. THE OBJECTIVE NATURE OF TRUTH. What does God say in His word? Homosexual desire is not what God originally intended. This is not to say that homosexual desire is the only thing that God did not originally intend. All of our desires have been distorted by sin. But God, through apostle Paul, does describe both lesbian and male homosexual behaviour as “unnatural.” Some have argued this refers to what is natural to the people themselves, so that what is in view is heterosexual people engaging in homosexual activity and thereby going against their “natural” orientation. According to this view, Paul is not condemning all homosexual behaviour, but only that which goes against the person’s own sexual inclinations. But this view cannot be supported by the passage itself. The words for “natural” and “against nature” refer not to our subjective experience of what feels natural to us, but to the fixed way of things in creation. The nature that Paul says homosexual behaviour contradicts is God’s purpose for us, revealed in creation and reiterated throughout Scripture. Everything that goes against God's design and will for humans needs repentance. God says we should seek Him while He may be found which means there will be a time when He can no longer be found. So if we ask when to repent, there's no better time than now.

  31. Wait I need to watch the space show where they make the Quirky alien the protagonist instead of the boring human. Why isn't it more common?

  32. "Thay tham" is grammatically incorrect. it's plural. we should use object pronouns instead bikos it's gender nurtureal & singular.

  33. I don’t want this stuff in cartoons. Because I don’t want to have to think of sexual stuff in my shows! It’s too broad and creates stereotypes that says that boys have to like boy stuff or their gay.
    I don’t care what people in the real world are doing with their sexual stuff, it’s not my business. So stop making it my business!

  34. WTF was the point of the Teletubbies?? Bcuz they didn't TEL you nothing throughout the whole stupid show other than "UHOOOH😜!!

  35. Not only did Lloyd in space handle it well, THEY EXPLICITLY REPRESENTED NON-BINARY/GENERFLUID PEOPLE!!!
    I'm non-binary and find it so fucking hard to get proper representation without being called an "attack helicopter".
    Who knew that Lloyd In Space was so woke?!?!
    I STAN ZOYT!!!! <3

    PS: to all the people wondering how to be an ally, Jack Saint is a good example <3 <3

  36. To be fair with the Word of Gay with regards to Harley Quinn, it's a little different than the other examples because she didn't just only appear in the cartoon and then years later was declared to be bi without having appeared in anything else in that time, it's that she continued to appear in the comics and was declared bi unilaterally and her bisexuality was actually represented in the comics as ongoing fiction.

  37. hagrid IS trans and, Jesse and James are flawless LGBT icons, teaching children to fight anything they feel like with crime.. if only there were more gay-coded villains that used guillotines… but obviously, if you're gay, you are the sympathetic villain, and you Must destroy. It's empowering

  38. Canadian show Braceface (2002-2003) had a gay character named Dion. Dion's homosexuality was censored in my country, so I only learned about it like a year ago.

  39. I've been kind of semi-openly bi for a while now. I hesitate to say "openly", because it's not really something I've built my identity around, and I don't publicize it, but I don't make it a secret, either. It's kinda amusing how many times I've mentioned a past boyfriend or something and been told, "Wow, you don't look gay at all," as though that's some kind of compliment. Like looking gay is a bad thing, and it's fine to be gay, as long as you're not obvious about it. And that's as someone who likes both the normal, socially acceptable gender and the weird, perverted one.

  40. If 90s cartoons were as gay as as the "moral guardians " claimed I wouldn't have spent the last 10 years sleeping with men.

  41. I cried during the section on Zoit.
    In a good way.
    I guess it's just because of the lack of nonbinary representation in general, that seeing it on a kids' show, seeing it as normal, seeing a character proudly claim their non-gender identity, was heartbreaking for me.
    I wish I'd seen this show as a kid.

  42. this is maybe a bit obscure but i remember one more show from the early 00s that had a trans(??? more like literally genderfluid but whatever) doubling as fake-out gay representation. i'm talking about the anime (french anime tho) adaptation of valerian and laureline! the show's heavily flawed but was my childhood fave explicitly because of this one episode!

    there was a character whose species changed their sex while they went through puberty and they already knew their "final" sex was female so they wanted to spend their last "boy days" having fun before they had to become a princes on their home planet. valerian gets hired to transport them to their home planet before the transformation occurs but he fails because they crash on some trash filled planet.

  43. ahaha, fun fact! the school at 10:34 , aka the "east high" that was used in the high school musical movies, is a real school in my state of utah! imagine seeing your towns local high school in a random video about lgbt rep.

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