The Truth About 90s Cartoons And “LGBT Brainwashing” | Jack Saint

The Truth About 90s Cartoons And “LGBT Brainwashing” | Jack Saint

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  1. Howdy, folks. Thanks for joining me on this nostalgic tour of 90s programming. Here's hoping this comments section continues to be a productive one – I've left on left/dislikes this time, will disable them if it distracts too much from actual conversation. Remember to share this video on Reddit, Twitter, Discords, etc if you enjoy it – the algorithm hates me so it would be really appreciated! As always, love you all and stay safe.


  2. As a "memelord", I never thought of "traps" as gay. Most of the time, they were straight, and I thought they were cool and sometimes really well done. It's just the internet being the internet at the end of the day.

  3. Hay, man. I wanted to congratulate you because you talked about the topic in a very responsible way (and a funny one too), and I liked the video. Sometimes is difficult for me to find LBGT+ people that talk this issues in a responsible manner, so… well, thanks.

  4. Me: These pictures that I drew represent my assexulity!

    Popular artist: Can you shut up!? I have gay characters but you don't see me constantly go on about them!

    Plus you TOTALLY traced that art from someone else, for your "assexual" character.

    Me: I didn't! I just wanted to show my Pride….

    Real thing that happened on a Discord sever. Practically no one gave a fuck, cause they lovey their popular fandom artists.

  5. "Warning, sensitive material"

    Pfffft!!! If it's anything like other videos I'll be fi- 0:05

    I think I got an ulcer from that, thank you Jack

  6. It amazes me to think that people panicked over this shit, i am a pansexual, non-binary person and as a child watching these shows didn't even realise that James from team rocket was supposed to be gay, and the constant jokes at the expense of openly gay characters and trans/GNC characters made me hate myself when I started to realise that I wasn't actually straight or cis
    What's even worse is that my self hatred made me homophobic and transphobic to people around me who managed to feel comfortable openly expressing their own identity
    But yeah 90's tv TOOOTALLY turned me gay
    Edit: spelling

  7. I love how all these companies are putting communist anti-corporate propoganda in their shows and ads, really appreciate their support!

  8. Tbh, when people like this youtuber talk, i finaly get why the LGBTQ+ Use Ally as the word for straight people that are as much working for us as the others, i get it. still dislike it, i would prefer somenthing else, since it's the word Ally. but i get it

  9. So for a long time, due to issues with my own sexuality, the topic of anything LGBT was a MASSIVE anxiety trigger for me. Like I was raised by really accepting parents, I was liberal as fuck and had tons of gay friends who I accepted – yet I was so angry that I was LGBT myself and never wanted to admit it, or really even face it. There was a lot of weird mental gymnastics around how I accepted it in others but not myself, and that really does play into the ideas and reinforced beliefs surrounding LGBT+ folk throughout pop culture as I grew up. Main reason I'm saying this though, is because it's taken like 3-4 years of therapy to control that anxiety for me to even watch media containing LGBT characters, let alone topics specifically about it without a giant gut-punching stomach ache. So this has been in my recommended a long time, but I've only just now watched it. I never once believed in "LGBT brainwashing", but I was acutely aware of it being essentially a punchline. Being something that is different and ultimately something to be ashamed of. Which is why I'd go out of my way to make others feel like they shouldn't be ashamed themselves, whilst being frustrated with myself for not being normal in just this fucking one thing for once. Was hyper-aware of accusations against my sexuality and anything that could code me as such, and make people question my sexuality, so as a result I would overconpensate as to not give people the satisfaction of being proved right that I was in fact different in a way most people seemed to mock.

    I mean, I am queer all flying-fuck, so you can imagine how godamn difficult that was. Not something I'm scared to admit anymore though, I'm actually proud of it and relish in the fact it makes homophobes uncomfortable for me to be shameless about it. The tables gets to be turned on them that my lifeftyle offends them so much. I don't remember a gay agenda in any form of media growing up, but I'm perfectly happy to foster one now. As society is centred solidly around heteronormative lifestyles, straight people really take for granted just how much their sexuality impacts their daily life and their hobbies and interests. This is absolutely about how some queer people supposedly "make their entire sexuality their personality" and it's always frustrating as that usually just translates to "LGBT person allows their sexuality to openly impact their life as much as it would to a straight person."

    Everything in relation to relationships, dating, love interests in characters, movie and TV all revolve around their identity. The countless power-couple heading virtually any movie or media on the front page never gets criticism for shoving their heterosexual relationship down everyone's godamn throat. The promiscuous character in a TV show is never called out for the fact they're obsessed with reminding everyone that they are straight, they like sex with the opposite sex and they do it all the time. That's never their criticism, just their promiscuity rather than their sexual partner preference; it's never called into question. The amount of straight males that wear obnoxious shirts saying shit like "Female Body Inspector" or depicting how being married to a woman = game over, or any other trashy alusions to their sexuality. They're criticised for objectifying women and being downright just unfunny, but not for the fact they're constantly making everyone around them aware that they're straight. But Godamn if you wear a pride badge visibly, let alone a pride t-shirt. Being visibly LGBT in any way is viewed differently as being visibly heterosexual, and that is fucking annoying. For straight people, it's literally the default, it's what's expected and there's no attention drawn to it. But when it's LGBT+, it's specifically singling it out as being different, as being completely detached from the norm from everyone else, and it's like there's a counter as to just how much you can get away bringing that difference up in polite company. You get to be proud to be different and vocal that you're still just as part as society as everyone else, but the rest of society doesn't really care much about the lifestyle that your difference brings, so could you please quietly keep it down and stop making everyone else participate in it. It's like everyone gets annoyed when there's too many vegan options at a buffet. Most will admit to the importance of there being an option, but it's not allowed to feel like it's anything more than a minority, otherwise it's cutting into what they can have and enjoy.

  10. There is an episode of “Whatever Happened to Robit Jones” about a genderless robot figuring out what bathroom they want to use. I can’t say whether it’s positive or negative but it exists.

  11. I remember the yuyu hakusho being a bit unsettling when I first saw it. Like the main character became OK with beating a woman after groping her to find out she had a dick

  12. "he's purple the gay pride color."
    ….the 'gay pride colors' as you call them are literally all the colors of the rainbow, so…

  13. Honestly, this kind of represenration has set me back in finding out who I ak sexuality wise. Kids shows depicted homosexuality as a joke, making my child brain think odd things. I was always aware of gay people existing, but it didn't connect in my head that they had actual romantic attraction towards one another like straight couples, just that they wanted to kiss one another. Because of this false representation it took me WAY longer than it should have to figure out my own feelings which really sucks.

  14. Lloyd in Space was amazing!!! i don't, unfortunately, remember this particular episode. May have helped me realize i'm trans way sooner. This was a great video and you ruined nothing for me, all these shows are pretty great even with their problems.

    Also, i had no idea you were cis-het. You're clearly a great ally. Thanks!

  15. It's so damn sad Dumbledore wasn't made actually gay in the new film. It would have added real depth to the entire thing. Instead he can't fight Grindelwald because "oh they made a curse thing" that's it! >:(

  16. I could careless I don't want tokening people I feel like characters like jon is good but think he could been used more than a one line piece it also we knew smithers was gay by one of the tree house of horror

  17. This… was a reach. The claim that the ambiguous gay trope caused people to think of gayness as a choice instead of a trait and causing kids to say "that's gay." There's really no evidence for that assertion.

  18. The biggest issue I see with this entire idea of representation and normalizing in literature is the idea that an artist is obligated to fix perceived real-world problems through their art. Sometimes people just want to write a good story without setting out to take on problems with the way your average joe views LGBT people.

  19. can we have a conversation about the stereotype of the 'gay baddie 'that seemed to be common in cartoons ? e.g. him red guy ursulla from the little mermaid (i include her because it's stated she's based on the drag queen divine)

  20. I never got the hatred towards gay or transgender people porble because a lot of people in the 90s and early 2000 treated my mental illness as disease that could be cacht or kids seen that I went to class for kids with special needs so they avoid me. I was bullied treated like I was stupid and over heard people saying to parents they feel so sorry for them. But the main people who did not do that to me was parents with special needs kids or who had kids under the age of 9, people that where all ready grand parents close friends of the family or relatives of my family, my mental health doctor and people that where gay transgender or just odd. But thier where not that many people around besides family friends and my relatives.

  21. the sort of media "representation" that existed in the 2000s (I was born in 1999) meant that even after I started to realise I was bi (at 16) I doubted myself as other than liking musicals (which I had never thought of as a "gay thing" due to my (pretty homophobic)parents liking them) I had never fitted any of the stereotypes of queer behavior, I was shy and nerdy rather than flamboyant and artistic.
    Also despite the law against "gay propaganda" in schools having been repealed when I was literally an infant (I'm Scottish so Section 28 was axed in 2000) I received literally no education on queer topics in school (or that much sex/relationship ed at all) and despite my first crush (when I was 9) being on a boy I didn't recognise it due to also liking girls and not knowing that bisexuality existed, most of my education on this came from my big sister (who is a trans lesbian) and from a really kind teacher who helped me dismantle the homophobia that had been drummed into me by my parents (coincidently that teacher was straight and also roughly my parents age so the whole "its a generational thing is a really kind of stupid excuse)

    (sorry for the length of the comment)

  22. This is a very well put together video it really is but you really mean to look me in the eye tell me you think Double D is more homosexual than Jimmy, the ultimate ambiguous gay of Ed Edd n Eddy

  23. I know this is months after the fact but I do like the courage the cowardly dog episode with the mask. Mainly cus I feel it deals with two issues and is not just a throw away episode seeing as almost all the episodes are that way.

  24. My name is Yoshikage Kira. I'm 33 years old. My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink. I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn't lose to anyone.

  25. i hate that excuse, "i don't mind it, just don't shove it in my face." you clearly do mind it if you think that a character being themselves is the writers "shoving it in your face."

  26. the worst part about the LGBT representation struggle is, of course, there are so few pieces of media with us in it. and the ones that do exist, are usually poorly handled, or just ABOUT the queer identity. and thus, when we say, "hey! this is my story. the main character is a dragonslayer. he's also transgender." it's seen as 'unnecessary' or obnoxious. we kind of just want characters to be more varied. i dont really want to watch another movie about alan's transition into alanette played by an a-list cis woman. i just want spiderman to be shown wearing a binder and have it never be a major plot point -cuz being queer isnt really what our lives are about.

  27. I also love how conservatives think kids would be able to pick up on all this symbolism when they can barely even read yet. As if any 7 year old would know what a triangle meant in the worldview of some adult weirdo.

  28. I always thought Dr. Girlfriend from the Venture Brothers and HIM from the Power Puff Girls were transgender characters.

  29. Has anyone else noticed that EVERY group in society claims they're the minority and their enemy is the majority and the government / media is on their enemies side? All conflicts: LGBT versus Christian's, Israeli vs Palestinians, Trump supporters vs anti Trumls. Anti gay people talk about the world being run by a "gay marxists agenda" and the LGBT community talks about their rights being trampled on everywhere. I know real discrimination happens and its wrong, but this idea of "Absolute oppression" is just bizarre The truth is, some things in life will side with you and some things will not whoever the hell you are and whichever group you belong to and that's just life.

  30. THE OBJECTIVE NATURE OF TRUTH. What does God say in His word? Homosexual desire is not what God originally intended. This is not to say that homosexual desire is the only thing that God did not originally intend. All of our desires have been distorted by sin. But God, through apostle Paul, does describe both lesbian and male homosexual behaviour as “unnatural.” Some have argued this refers to what is natural to the people themselves, so that what is in view is heterosexual people engaging in homosexual activity and thereby going against their “natural” orientation. According to this view, Paul is not condemning all homosexual behaviour, but only that which goes against the person’s own sexual inclinations. But this view cannot be supported by the passage itself. The words for “natural” and “against nature” refer not to our subjective experience of what feels natural to us, but to the fixed way of things in creation. The nature that Paul says homosexual behaviour contradicts is God’s purpose for us, revealed in creation and reiterated throughout Scripture. Everything that goes against God's design and will for humans needs repentance. God says we should seek Him while He may be found which means there will be a time when He can no longer be found. So if we ask when to repent, there's no better time than now.

  31. Wait I need to watch the space show where they make the Quirky alien the protagonist instead of the boring human. Why isn't it more common?

  32. "Thay tham" is grammatically incorrect. it's plural. we should use object pronouns instead bikos it's gender nurtureal & singular.

  33. I don’t want this stuff in cartoons. Because I don’t want to have to think of sexual stuff in my shows! It’s too broad and creates stereotypes that says that boys have to like boy stuff or their gay.
    I don’t care what people in the real world are doing with their sexual stuff, it’s not my business. So stop making it my business!

  34. WTF was the point of the Teletubbies?? Bcuz they didn't TEL you nothing throughout the whole stupid show other than "UHOOOH😜!!

  35. Not only did Lloyd in space handle it well, THEY EXPLICITLY REPRESENTED NON-BINARY/GENERFLUID PEOPLE!!!
    I'm non-binary and find it so fucking hard to get proper representation without being called an "attack helicopter".
    Who knew that Lloyd In Space was so woke?!?!
    I STAN ZOYT!!!! <3

    PS: to all the people wondering how to be an ally, Jack Saint is a good example <3 <3

  36. To be fair with the Word of Gay with regards to Harley Quinn, it's a little different than the other examples because she didn't just only appear in the cartoon and then years later was declared to be bi without having appeared in anything else in that time, it's that she continued to appear in the comics and was declared bi unilaterally and her bisexuality was actually represented in the comics as ongoing fiction.

  37. hagrid IS trans and, Jesse and James are flawless LGBT icons, teaching children to fight anything they feel like with crime.. if only there were more gay-coded villains that used guillotines… but obviously, if you're gay, you are the sympathetic villain, and you Must destroy. It's empowering

  38. Canadian show Braceface (2002-2003) had a gay character named Dion. Dion's homosexuality was censored in my country, so I only learned about it like a year ago.

  39. I've been kind of semi-openly bi for a while now. I hesitate to say "openly", because it's not really something I've built my identity around, and I don't publicize it, but I don't make it a secret, either. It's kinda amusing how many times I've mentioned a past boyfriend or something and been told, "Wow, you don't look gay at all," as though that's some kind of compliment. Like looking gay is a bad thing, and it's fine to be gay, as long as you're not obvious about it. And that's as someone who likes both the normal, socially acceptable gender and the weird, perverted one.

  40. If 90s cartoons were as gay as as the "moral guardians " claimed I wouldn't have spent the last 10 years sleeping with men.

  41. I cried during the section on Zoit.
    In a good way.
    I guess it's just because of the lack of nonbinary representation in general, that seeing it on a kids' show, seeing it as normal, seeing a character proudly claim their non-gender identity, was heartbreaking for me.
    I wish I'd seen this show as a kid.

  42. this is maybe a bit obscure but i remember one more show from the early 00s that had a trans(??? more like literally genderfluid but whatever) doubling as fake-out gay representation. i'm talking about the anime (french anime tho) adaptation of valerian and laureline! the show's heavily flawed but was my childhood fave explicitly because of this one episode!

    there was a character whose species changed their sex while they went through puberty and they already knew their "final" sex was female so they wanted to spend their last "boy days" having fun before they had to become a princes on their home planet. valerian gets hired to transport them to their home planet before the transformation occurs but he fails because they crash on some trash filled planet.

  43. ahaha, fun fact! the school at 10:34 , aka the "east high" that was used in the high school musical movies, is a real school in my state of utah! imagine seeing your towns local high school in a random video about lgbt rep.

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