The St John Model By Landon Homes in Trailmark St Augustine

The St John Model By Landon Homes in Trailmark St Augustine

hey gang welcome back to Dwight’s new home tours here Sharon I do appreciate you tuning into for buyers only youtube channel and the playlist that we put together we love bringing you guys great information and give me a good education what’s going on here in st. Johns County today we’re on a trailmark where to landon homes home model it’s the st. John’s it’s a two-story three-bedroom two-and-a-half-bath 2568 square feet rear-entry garage very cool let’s go check it out ok very very nice architecture lap siding landing homes put together a great model with the st. John beautiful front porch look at that imagine sitting out here have a nice ice tea or lemonade on a sunny afternoon again we’re in trail mark or what western South but the western part of st. Johns County trailmark about 1,800 home community here we go into our den area very nice very good size double French doors beautiful nice entryway here as we come on thru the entryway of course we see our stairs to the second floor our kitchen area dining room area and gathering area very well appointed their test landon homes attention to detail is very good this one got a lot of woodwork around the windows awesome i love all the light coming into the st. John’s land and homes does a great job with their kitchens this is a gourmet kitchens got the double ovens upgraded upgraded refrigerators things of that nature crown molding on the cabinets very nice standing here in the kitchen looking out hanging out with folks while you’re entertaining you mad just imagine that ok so very very nice let’s go ahead and kind of go towards the back we have our powder bath here for guests right very nice coming back in here at our kind of our rear-entry from the garage our washer and dryer area washroom area its trailmark is a natural gas communities they don’t forget that goes to our rear entry standard two-car garage looking out of our back window here nice sitting in patio area very nice landon homes attention to detail is great hope nothing to show you here for good nice big pantry off the kitchen very nice big pantry off the kitchen landon homes attention to detail spectacular do a great job with lot of variation that our floor plans and in the same John here underneath the such the stairwell what great storage right beautiful coming back into the master suite very large well-appointed very good-sized room and the master bath four-star totalitarian to the left is that her thanks rubble thinks life’s nice long mirror here in this particular model soaking tub nice step in shower glass doors beautiful very nice tile work and a very large master closet like another small bedroom alright very cool we appreciate and I appreciate your looking in on for buyers only realty new home tours we try to do it from your perspective so you get a really great idea what the different builders are doing it again landon homes are doing a fantastic job here at trailmark go upstairs beautiful wood floors and you’re near it would that’s a beautiful-looking would go upstairs we enter into a loft area kinda cool gathering area for the kids maybe or another area for the family to gather upstairs okay we continue over to the right into a bedroom here with a nice good-sized bedroom very nice corner windows bring in tons of light nice small walk-in closet goes way back that’s actually pretty good side causes better not come across the loft area we have a river upstairs bathroom full bath double sinks shower and voluntary fully child very nice again when in the landon homes models st. John’s just 2568 square-foot home three-bedroom two-and-a-half-bath to car rear entry garage here and trail mark nice large reaching closet alright very cool they do a great job here so i just wanted to give you guys a little information we appreciate your looking in our new home tours we’d love to talk with you about anything you have any other information you need about st. Johns County st. Augustine things to do places to go people to see houses to look at we appreciate you guys tuning in let me get you one last look at the front of the house beautiful paper front again this is the st. Johns in trailmark by landon homes we have shared I do appreciate it and you guys have a fantastic day thank you

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  1. We don't say the price as prices can change. Here is the link to see this and all homes for sale in Trailmark.

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