The Spiritual Significance of the Equinox | Sadhguru

The Spiritual Significance of the Equinox | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: Today is the equinox All of you know what it means in terms of the celestial equator. That is an imaginary line drawn above the earth’s equator which is also an imaginary line dividing this planet into northern and southern hemispheres or that point where the magnetic field of the northern pole and the southern pole alter in different ways. the different fields of energy, how they behave in the northern hemisphere and just crossing over the equator, how they behave, is entirely different. So on this day this celestial equator is in perfect alignment with the sun. That means all the influences upon the planet are at an equilibrium. The significance of equinox for the human being is on this day the masculine and the feminine is it an even keel. In the yogic tradition this day is seen as a day when one has the best possibility of transcending the limitations and the compulsions of one’s physical longings. Transcending the lustful compulsions within the human body, the possibility of that is at its best on this day. Shiva sat as an ardhanari. That is, he was half woman and half man because both are even today. this is the day when women are on equal keel with the male . Other days I mean they’re dominant It’s a level playing field within our own system and whether socially, economically or otherwise the only thing that we can provide is a level-playing field for everybody. You cannot make people equal, it’s never going to work but you can provide an equal opportunity. An equal opportunity simply means a level-playing field. Traditionally it is considered as a day that is free of prejudice. Why it is considered as a day that is free of prejudice prejudice is prejudice essentially arises in our minds because we are overly identified with something. We’re here coming down to a very basic aspect of being masculine or feminine. If you’re too identified with being masculine you will have a masculine prejudice; if you’re too identified being feminine you will have a feminine prejudice. So equinox is a day to bring balance to this, to not be identified with this or that, not even being a man or a woman, not even being human or another creature just to sit here and throb.

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  1. Nice presentation. I agree. Now, I understand why some people say angels don't have a gender. It's all in this combining aspect to become genderless in perception. But more than anything else there is a lion and a river symbolic add ons that leave much more to the imagination that speaks of more to come.

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