The Spiritual Aspect of B2B Selling – Carew CEO Jeff Seeley

The Spiritual Aspect of B2B Selling  – Carew CEO Jeff Seeley

hi my name is Gerhard Gschwandtner and welcome to
selling power TV today we have the pleasure of meeting with Jeff Seeley
he is the CEO and owner of Carew International welcome Jeff
Gerhard it’s great to be here so is there room for spirituality in
leadership and in business well absolutely and let’s first define
spirituality not as a religious connotation and what really is
spirituality is and you’ve talked about it a lot when you get into your mindset
science in terms of where we are is spirituality allows people to free their
mind to really get to that peak performance level it it clears out the
crap so to speak of allowing people to feel included
it increases creativity it does so many different positive things and it’s that
feeling of one unit that helps it come together so it’s not about religion it’s
more about the feeling of togetherness process in lack of alienation and that’s
what really gets people excited about spirituality so in other words you if I
use the term correctly it to me what bubbles up is the word essence so if we
look at the essence of the enterprise or the essence of humanity is that what
you’re talking about it does and it also allows people to quiet their mind from
all the other things that are going on and the minute you get your mind quiet
it’s amazing what happens in the creativity side of things and it’s
different ways that people are expressed themselves in terms of business
creativity that’s what changes the performance right because I just
listened to a podcast from Louis Howe where he interviews a monk and he’s a
business guru now and he said the most important thing to learn is how to
breathe because that stays with you and no matter where you are so when you are
in here in our moment in the present moment
and you’re way off your breathing then you’re aware of everything else but the
moment you’re not aware of your breathing you’re not aware of anything
else what’s interesting because you think
back to it’s an 80s you know flick but you look at the Karate Kid yes what was
the first thing that the master taught him was to bring you know not Western
philosophy into it was Eastern philosophy of how you breathe breathe n
breathe out wax on wax off well we get so wrapped up in technology we get so
wrapped up in all these things the space in our mind that is occupied by that
creativity standpoint doesn’t shrink but it gets pressured so much by everything
that’s going around it the over stimulus of what happens whether it’s something
just taking those moments what’s the first thing we do and pick up our phone
it’s not we have a this crack addition to technology not this crack addiction
to I need to breathe or I need to be thinking about my world and what’s going
on around it not all the pressures of doing my job whatever that is whether
it’s a sales, marketing, engineering, whatever it is so what are you saying is
that a good leader is not living in the past
they’re not preoccupied with the future they’re in the present moment and lead based on
what the moment requires leaving in a moment and then also leading in a way
for how their team is going to consume their leadership so if you what that
means is effectively we and everything in how we interact now with each other
we choose how we consume that we chew we are it’s a user-driven format Amazon
Google all those things are user-driven formats and leadership has thinking
hierarchically of 1930s 1940s now it’s evolved a little bit but the reality is
it’s still a top-down as we talked about earlier so how do we now make our
leadership understand that people are going to consume it differently and we
have to then deliver it differently and for each person it’s different and one
of the things that we really have to do as a leader is crew is open the window
to individuals’ minds to stop the negative self-talk to stop all those
things to make them more successful help them be more successful yeah and
I want to bring in the leader that we have interviewed and done a cover story
Bill McDermott the CEO of SAP and his belief system is that everybody has
inner magic and it takes one to know one so if you believe that everybody is born
with something special that is a powerful leadership tool because then as
the leader you can affirm the gifts that other people bring to the job and the
next step of that is in how do you help them release it and Bill does a great
job as an aspirational and inspirational leader in terms of getting his
organization to do that and that’s really the key because it doesn’t get
into cascading everyone believes that because Bill has been talking about that
long before was a CEO right and that’s where great leadership really changes
the game managers can’t do that like this you know right now we look at it at
100 percent of the managers are in negative to uncertain position with
their organization because they are managers leaders are ones who get people
to quiet their mind to release that inner magic and that inner creativity
not only for themselves but then also for the organization and it becomes a
double win so what does Carew offer in terms of leadership training we actually
have something that we really spend a lot of time in is basically understanding
how to coach to high performance mindset and we get into how to understand and
help people motivate themselves everyone’s walking around again you know
my people aren’t motivated or I need somebody to come in and fix their
motivation and the reality is is people are not motivated because they’re not
we’re not accessing what motivates them and we’re not even asking them what
motivates them we’re just saying you need to be motivated or we think it’s
money or we think it’s time off or whatever it is the reality is we get
into how do you how do people how do you understand self motivation and how do
people become self-motivated the second thing is is how do we start coaching
people and developing people to let them be their very best a lot of times we
have this bad coaching model of we understand the problem we create an
action plan we create action steps and the next thing you know we would agree
on and then we talked to each other three
weeks from now and I say how’d that go and you think it went great and I’m
thinking man your performance hasn’t changed a bit
whereas in reality it really comes down to that collaboration of how do I help
you release that inner magic quoting Bill how do I help you release the inner
magic to be the very best you can be how can people learn more about Carew come on
out to and we’ve got a whole area on leadership and we’re actually
going to be releasing here a great study on the whole concept of spirituality and
motivation and how it all comes together and I think being the father of peak
performance mindset I think you’re gonna find that it really ties very closely
into what you what you’re doing and now we’ve kind of really got it frankly it’s
it’s truly a statistically valid we hired a whole bunch of akima ditions and
have them do the surveys and we’re really excited about where that’s going
and that’ll be released here in the next three weeks or so on our website gets
people to see it thank you Jeff thank you

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