The Skin Saint’s Tips for Better Skin

The Skin Saint’s Tips for Better Skin

– If you’re in need of a
skin miracle, you’re in luck because Holly Cutler,
the Skin Saint is here, and she says she can get the
job done in just one hour. She’s also going to tell us
how she got that nickname. Holly, welcome, so nice to see you. (audience applause) – Thank you. Thank you for having me. It actually started 20 years
ago when I had cystic acne and it left me emotionally
and physically scarred. So I set out to rebuild my
skin from a cellular level and I feel like the results
that I was able to get with my skin are nothing
short of a miracle. And now I could help other
people at my skincare clinic that’s been multi award winning. It’s called FACE Skincare
Medical Wellness, it’s in Michigan. – Tell us about the trends
that you’re seeing in skincare right now, what’s hot, what’s new? – People are looking for treatments that are technology driven and be able to do it with no pain or no downtime. So with my celebrity
facial treatment we pull from 12 different technologies
from all around the world to be able to give them that look. – So what exactly do your celebrity facial treatments consist of? – We start with resurfacing
the skin and to increase cell metabolism, then
we go into oxygenating and hydrating the tissue
and after that I finish with LED lights that stimulate
collagen and elastin. Or I’ll incorporate my
new oxylight treatment which gives a visible lift to the skin with micro-currents and
ultrasound technology. – All great stuff, and
you’ve brought some before and after photos of some of your clients to give us an idea of what
kind of results you’re seeing. – Yeah, so you can see a
visible lift in their skin. Very tight, smooth, and
this isn’t just one hour. Bags are gone underneath the eyes. So if people are short on time, they really can see that affect– – Well Holly, I know that’s
a big issue with you being short on time. You’re a new mother, right? You’re busy, not a lot of time. – Yes, I have two children
and my husband is here today. (audience aww-ing) – Congratulations. So beyond just improving your looks, facials increase
circulation and blood flow, which keeps your skin
vibrant and youthful. Blood carries oxygen and
nutrients to your cells through out the body, including your skin. It also helps flush out the
waste like free radicals and debris that can cause acne just like Holly experienced herself. As well as wrinkles and discoloration. So, Holly, in a nutshell, what
is your skincare philosophy? – Well, I consider myself a skin coach. And just as you go to the
gym to work out your body, you need to work out your
skin with facial treatments. So people come to me with
their skincare goals, I set up a two to three
month bootcamp for them to rejuvenate their skin, and I also address their lifestyle choices as well as their home care products, which is the diet to your skin. – Great advice. And we say all the time, “Good
nutrition affects our skin “in a positive way.” You can check out more
of Holly’s skincare tips and client services on her
website at And Holly, you have something
for the audience, right? – I do. They’re my triple action resurfacing pads that you’ll see a visibly
smoother skin in just a few applications. – Thanks so much. (audience cheering) Thanks so much for coming Holly. Don’t go away, ’cause we’ll be right back.

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