The Secret Name of Jesus

This is not a trick. It is not an exaggeration. The Bible says that Jesus has a name that no one knows. I am going to tell you that name, and you probably think that me saying it here will spoil the secret. I will add that this name has been in the Bible for almost 2,000 years. Between that and me telling you now, it should end the secret. But I don’t think it will end like that. It never has in the past. You will listen, and then FORGET the name. The secret will be protected… supernaturally. Almost no one knows it; yet it appears in millions of Bibles. I will back up. If I talked to the people in a hundred different churches, gave them each a piece of paper and a pen, and asked them to say what I am talking about when I tell them the secret name, I would not be surprised if not one person in all of those churches, says that it is the name of Jesus. That would prove how well the churches have protected this secret for centuries, and how well they will continue to do that. You probably think I am talking about something complicated, like another Hebrew name for Jesus that no one has ever heard, or a name that I have inventedr, like Ronald McDonald or some other name. But I will not do either. The name for Jesus that no one knows, is clear and simple. I will point to it in the Bible, and you will agree when you see it: It is very clear and yet almost no one knows it. Most church experts will agree with me, although they, too, gave the wrong answer. Now hear this: The same versos that say Jesus has a secret name, go on to say exactly what that name is. It is like saying, “A B C D E will open this lock, but no one can open it.” You will now forget those letters. I am saying that the name is not buried in the genealogies or in some other boring part of the Bible. It is like a great magic trick. God puts the name in every Bible on earth, where you can easily see it, He knows you will read it. He says the name for Jesus is secret, and then He says that you will immediately forget it. But why will you forget it? Because all over the world there is a spiritual campaign to stop people from hearing it or telling it. I prayed seriously about the consequences for me if I tell you this. You whom I hope are my friends. Just using this name correctly can get me locked out of many churches. Are you ready for it? Shall I read it out? Play the drum. It is in The Revelation 19, verses 11 to 13. “Heaven opened, and I saw a white horse. The man on it is called ‘faithful’ and ‘true’.” No, that is not the name. It is just means that people say Jesus is faithful and true. We say he gives us truth, but still we hide His name. You will see. “He judges the world fairly, and makes war on evil. His eyes are like a fire, and he wears many crowns.” This shows us he is Jesus. We know that Jesus is very fair, and he is extremely powerful. He will judge the whole world. Most churches say that. But still we try to rob Him of the authority that his true name represents. Here it comes: “He had a name that no one, except him, knew. “He wore a robe that was covered in blood. “And His name…” Wait for it. “is called…” Here it is. “the Word of God.” Do you see it? Was I exaggerating? If I had asked you, without talk about names, “What is the Word of God?” Would you have said, “Jesus’ secret name”? No. Of course not. The phrase “Word of God” is used in churches everywhere, every week. But it is almost never used… to refer to Jesus, the real owner of the name. So what ARE they talking about when they say it? And why do they use it that way? For your information, the Bible never says it is the Word of God. The Bible did not exist when this verse or any other verse in it was written. The Bible was put together by big church organisations, many years after the books were written. Some writings went in, some were left out. A few were accepted by some and not by others. The Bible is a wonderful book. I thank God that we have it today. In Bible times there was a lot of interest in the holy writings of the Old Testament. But the term “Word of God”, even in the Old Testament, before Jesus was born, was for God’s Voice in any way He wanted to talk to us. God talked through writings in the Old Testament. But the New Testament says the Old Testament was not perfect. It says we have a better Word now. This better Word is called a star that is born in our hearts. Who is this star? The Bible says that the first five books of the Old Testament came through Moses, but love and truth, ultimate truth, perfect truth, infallible truth, the true Word of God, came through Jesus. The New Testament tells us who the voice of God is. It tells people who only had the Old Testament up to that time, who the Word of God is. Read it in the first chapter of John’s gospel: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Can you say “Bible” for “Word” in that verse? Try it: “In the beginning was the Bible. The Bible was with God, and the Bible was God.” It is rude to use the name of God for a book. It is a great book. The writers in it were clearly inspired. But it is still a book. The Word of God, however, created the universe. Read on: “All things were made by the Bible. Nothing was made without the Bible.” No, no, no! Of course not. The Bible did not make everything. The Bible itself was made, with help from God, but also with help from people. They wrote it, and voted on what to leave in and what to leave out. So why do people call it the Word of God? More to the point, why do not call Jesus the Word of God? Listen closely. You will see that they want to make every word in that book equal to what Jesus, the true Word of God, said through His teachings. When people believe that what Jesus said is in no better than anything else in that book, then they can use almost anything to argue against what Jesus said. And that is what they do. John says, “The Word became a Man and lived with us. “We saw His glory, the glory of God’s Son. He came to those he had made, “and they would not listen. “But if anyone WILL listen, He will make them part of God’s family.” John was clearly talking about Jesus. The verse from The Revelation is not the only one. John, too, says Jesus is the Word of God. But who is listening? Who is receiving Jesus, by obeying Him and teaching what He taught? People in churches everywhere say “Lord, Lord”. They say Jesus is their Saviour. But if you say he is the Word of God, they frown. They think it gives Jesus too much power. So have they really received Him? No! When you see that Jesus is the Word of God, it takes power from these religious leaders. They use the Apostle Paul, or Solomon, or Moses, or anyone else in this big book, to preach things that have nothing to do with what Jesus said. They say these teachings are as good as anything that Jesus said. They write fat books about Jewish festivals or about the Jewish temple. They tell women to obey men, teach about discipline and forgiveness, argue against homosexuality, tattoos, and horoscopes. Say not to smoke, drink, or use rude words. But the teachings of Jesus? They never have time for them. When I say this, people argue, “If you take away the Bible, “how will I know right from wrong? “The Bible is how we know what God wants. First, I am not taking away the Bible. I love the Bible. Second, people do NOT use it to know right from wrong. They use it to deceive people. They make every word in the whole Bible, including lists of names, population numbers, and rules about women having long hair, equal to anything Jesus said. The book has hundreds of chapters, covering thousands of years. How many of us can hope to understand all 66 of the books in the Bible? 62 of those books, not counting the four gospels, have been used to pull people away from the teachings of Jesus in those gospels. People who say the Bible is perfect argue more than anyone else about what is right and what is wrong. They do it more than those who do not say the Bible is perfect. Believing that the Bible is perfect does not make it easier to find truth. All of the “perfect Bible” teachers close their minds to some parts of it, or they change it to make it fit their own teachings. Both sides on any teaching quote verses from the Bible, And both sides argue against the verses quoted by the other side. They all say they preach the Word of God, and others do not. There is nothing they agree on. Just a very big book that they can use to prove almost anything. People will argue against what I am saying in this video. But what we need is to get people back to what Jesus taught, so we can serve him. That is my goal. Jesus is God’s greatest gift to the human race. But the perfect Bible teaching makes him no better than anything else in the Bible. The truth is worse than that. If anyone in the Bible contradicts what Jesus taught, the churches go with the other person. They say Jesus was wrong. I will show you. Jesus said, “Call no man Father”. Paul said that Timothy was like a spiritual son to him. What do we do? We call spiritual leaders “Father”. Why? Because Paul did. This is just one of many tricks they do to silence Jesus. I say that we have two choices: One: Make Jesus true, and everyone else a liar. In other words, it doesn’t matter what Paul says, if it contradicts what Jesus taught. The other choice is to say we do not understand what the other Bible writer was saying. The writings of the apostles and the prophets are the foundation, but Jesus is the Cornerstone. Not Paul, not Moses, not Solomon, or Peter. Jesus said He would be pushed aside by religious leaders when his teachings embarrass them. Is that not what has happened? And what makes it okay, is the teaching that Paul, Moses, Solomon, Peter, Amos, Ruth, King David, all of them are equal to Jesus. That is how we can fight wars in the name of Christianity. The Son of God said to love our enemies, but people in the Old Testament murdered their enemies. So, who takes the back seat? Jesus, of course. Go through all that Jesus taught, and see how true this rule is. On everything they say, “Balance what He said with what other Bible writers say”. Each time, Jesus loses. Even with things like love, Jesus said “Love people as I have loved you.” How did He love us? He left everything. He spent His life loving people, and then He died a horrible death for us. His first followers understood. They too died for him and others. But is that the love you see in the church today? No way! There are smiles and little donations, always telling others about it, when Jesus said to do it secretly. But in the end, we are each alone. The love is shallow. In most churches today, it is just a meeting. Please understand. I believe the Bible. If it says it is inspired, I believe it. If it says that it is useful for teaching, I believe it. And if it says that Jesus is the Word of God, I believe that too. The Bible never says that every word in it is perfect. But some very hard religious people will take one unclear verse to support anything they want to teach. They hammer and twist it, over and over, until everyone gives up and agrees with them. They have done it with the Bible in many churches, where no one calls it the Bible anymore. “I will read from the Word of God this morning.” “Open the Word of God to Zephaniah 2.” “Listen to what the Word of God has to say.” “There it is, in the Word of God.” I am not exaggerating, am I? But all that hammering does not make it true. It is NOT the Word of God. JESUS is the Word of God. That is what the Bible itself says. If you believe the Bible, you must agree that what I have been saying is what the Bible teaches. But who wants the truth? If we judged everything in the Bible by the teachings of Jesus, We would see the truth about all the doctrines coming from hundreds of thousands of preachers each week. Just distractions from what Jesus said. God’s judgment is coming. We need to question man-made traditions. Jesus said, “In the last days, my words will judge you.” We are living in the last days. Please listen to the Word of God before his words grind you to powder. Will you take time to read the things that Jesus said, and test yourself on them? Please watch other videos on this channel. If you have not subscribed already, please do that now. Click on that little bell so we can tell you when new videos are released. Act now, before it is too late. Thank you.

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