The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity 2014 (3:35)

it’s like you’re around men who are just
on fire for Christ they’re on fire for learning about the faith they’re on
fire for like spreading the good news and that just you know it’s an
environment that’s unlike any other this community and this vocation is truly rewarding I mean we’re able to
poor our self out as a gift for the people we need a living vibrant faith and having had my formation here the
school of divinity I feel that I can be an instrument with my
archdiocese well I like to think that the best of all come from Saint Paul we
have a wonderful seminary here its been growing its dynamic its strong
and success breeds success when people see young people excited about bringing the
Word of God to the brothers and sisters more
will come its a great place to see all the boats rise
not just priestly vocations which are obviously
essential but also lay vocation and together praying for one another working with one
another honoring each other in a unique vocation that
creates incredible community of learners we have strong leadership with the professors in the priests to be our our mentors and it’s very inspiring to
watch them teach not only teach but live what they believe and believe what
they teach this is the fantastic education it really is you know we cover things
like what is the human person we cover ethics cover metaphysics we cover catholic morality all these
presuppositions to theology every course that I have had over two years of being at the school of
divinity has been a really positive experience in
that each time a course comes to an end I think why couldn’t we have another week the
atmosphere in the classroom is usually very intimate very conducive to
learning lots the greatest discussion that happens
also outside the classroom the atmosphere is really awesome here the guys are really
well-rounded and I went to Notre Dame for undergrad which is a very strong pride and tradition of the school and I feel
the same atmosphere here too which is really encouraging because to be leaders in the church we have to
be servants and shepherds for the people especially
those like Pope Francis is talking about on the fray I am the happiest 24-year-old there is I yeah I’m so blessed and I actually
went to a wedding one of my good friends was married and he a lot of my friends were saying I
want to join the seminary cause you’re so happy you’re always smiling and and just loving life well I really owe so much of my priestly identity and formation to the experiences I had at The Saint Paul Seminary
to those young men who are discerning the priesthood of answering the
call that god his placed within their hearts first and foremost I would say it that they
should pray you’ve got 10 minutes of the day
ultimately if it’s a call from the Lord it’s not good to put him on call

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