The Saint of Dry Creek

The Saint of Dry Creek

Patrick Haggerty: I’m riding to
school with my oldest brother, and on the way to school,
I’m putting glitter all over my face. And my brother said, “What in
the hell are you doing?” I said, “I’m putting on my costume.” He
said, “Well, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that.” So
he dropped me off at the school, and he called my dad up, and
he said, “Dad, I think you better get up there.
This is not gonna look good.” So my dad drove
up to the high school. And he had his farmer jeans
on and they had cow crap on them, and he had
his clodhopper boots on. And when I saw him
coming, I ducked around the hall and hid from him. And it wasn’t because of
what I was wearing, it was because of what he was wearing. So, the assembly goes well,
and I climb in the car and I’m riding home with my father. And my father says to me, “I
was walking down the hall this morning, and I saw a kid that
looked a lot like you ducking around the hall
to avoid his dad. But I know it wasn’t you, cause
you would never do that to your dad.” And I squirmed in my seat,
and I finally busted out and I said, “Well dad, did you
have to wear your cow-crap jeans to my assembly?” Robin Bolland: (laughs) Patrick Haggerty: And he said,
“Look, everybody knows I’m a dairy farmer.
This is who I am.” And he looked me
square in the eye. And then he said,
“Now, how bout you? When you’re a full-grown
man, who are you gonna go out with at night?” And I said, “I don’t know.” And
he said, “I think you do know, and it’s not going to be that
McLaughlin girl that’s been making goo-goo eyes at you,
but you won’t even pick up the damn telephone. Now, I’m gonna tell you
something today, and you might not know what to think of it
now, but you’re gonna remember when you’re an adult. Don’t sneak. Because if you sneak, like you
did today, it means you think you’re doing the wrong thing. And if you run around spending
your whole life thinking that you’re doing the
wrong thing, then you’ll ruin your immortal soul.” And out of all the things a
father in 1959 could have told his gay son, my father
tells me to be proud of myself and not sneak. My reaction at the time was to
get out in the hay field and pretend like I was as much
of a man as I could be. And I remember flipping
50-pound bales three feet up into the air going,
“I’m not a queer. What’s he talking about?” Robin Bolland: (laughs) Patrick Haggerty: But
he knew where I was headed. And he, he knew that making
me feel bad about it in any way was the wrong thing to do. I had the patron saint of
dads for sissies, and no, I didn’t know at the time,
but I know it now.

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  1. It isn't because of what your wearing. It's because of what your dad is wearing?? Dude you should be worrying about what YOU'RE WEARING!

  2. This is great life advice from a hard working and understanding father figure

  3. Why is this fagot shit in my recommendations homosexuality isn’t progressive anymore tbh you guys act like being gay is the next step in human evolution when in reality it’s taking 2-3 steps back

  4. 00:14:
    Growing up as an homosexual boy… in the 1950's.
    Man, this must have been tough to cope with, to say the least.

  5. Homosexuality is a snare of the devil, I'm not hateful towards homosexuals, my cousin and his husband are gay, of course, and well I'm good friends with them, but I warn people about life after death, for a man who sleeps with a man, there is no life after death, and the same for a woman who sleeps with a woman

  6. So.. he found out he was gay because he liked wearing glitter and makeup? That's ridiculous, the only difference between a gay man and a straight man is whether he likes penises other than his own.

  7. If you liked this video you should really listen to Lavender Country!!! It's the first gay country album ever produced, and the lead artist behind recording it was none other than Patrick Haggerty (AKA the guy in the video). It came out in the early 70s, and all of the songs on the record relate to being LGBT in some way or other. A lot of the lyrics are hopeful and positive, but some do cover the tragic struggles of being gay in that era. It's so heartfelt, sweet, and honest, i cry like a baby every time i hear it. This video gives such a nice glimpse into the backstory behind it too, i honestly feel like the whole album sounds better after you get a little idea of what Haggerty's life was like back then. Seriously, check it out!!

  8. Your father had an integrity that most men can never achieve. Anyone who can stand for their child's happiness in a time where they themselves would be scorned for condoning it has more integrity than I can quantify.

  9. Touching advice from a farmer to his gay son in 1959 that's applicable to everyone

  10. Love everyone for exactly who they truly are and if you are a believer like me – EXACTLY AS GOD MADE THEM! To ask them to be anyone besides who they were born as is an insult to God and only leads to pain. We live during a resurgence of hateful ideology unfortunately but I also see the majority pushing back on that even harder. Love always wins!

  11. My uncle is gay and his father accepted him for who he was. What he told me when I asked him what it was like when he found out his son was gay was so illuminating. He told everyone in every country knows that people in their community are lgbtq, it’s never a surprise that they exist only that you love one personally. It’s arrogant to believe that they don’t have a place in your world because they are a part of every culture and those cultures who reject them suffer for it.

  12. WOW! You don't get that from regular dad's today! And that was 7 years before I was born. Amazing!

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