The Saint Germain Deception

The Saint Germain Deception

who is Saint Germain? and why is he
important to the events happening today Saint Germain is considered to be an
ascended master by many occult groups before his ascension he incarnated many
times or lived many lives throughout history these incarnations have been
documented by his followers in theosophy the new age, Freemasonry, the order of the Golden Dawn, the Rosicrucians, and the Knights of
Columbus, for centuries he is considered to be the true sovereign grand master of
both Freemasonry and the Knights of Columbus
some of Saint Germain’s alleged incarnations include the high priest of
Atlantis, Thoth, Hermes Trismegistus, King Solomon, Plato, Merlin the magician,
Christopher Columbus, and Francis Bacon to name a few the idea of random
incarnations or reincarnation cannot explain why he was so many
influential characters a better explanation for his many lives is that
he is a powerful entity most likely Gadreel and he uses what’s called
overshadowing or channeling to take control and guide humans at various
points of their lives to influence the events of history I discussed Gadreel
my last video who is Lucifer? he is Lucifer I showed you the Lucifer’s name
is written in the first Book of Enoch “and this is the one that showed all the
deadly blows to the sons of men and he led astray Eve” since Lucifer is not a
name but a title the angel associated with being the Light Bearer or the giver
of knowledge or enlightenment is called Gadreel that information along with
the names of the other fallen angels as well as countless other important
historical events has been withheld from us by the dark occultists throughout
history who wanted us to remain ignorant knowing that Lucifer’s name is Gadreel will be important as I discussed the history of Saint Germain and his many
incarnations Saint Germain’s followers claim that he was Hermes an Egyptian
sage who was synonymous with the god Thoth Hermes is credited with creating
alchemy and developing a system of metaphysical beliefs that are known
today as Hermeticism which is the basis of most modern right hand path magic
before he was considered a god he was the greatest Egyptian philosopher and
the founder of ancient Egyptian mystery schools he received his wisdom while in a meditative trance and wrote over 40
books including the Emerald tablets it is in the Emerald
tablets of Thoth or Hermes connects himself to Atlantis claiming that he was
the high priest there to the Egyptians Hermes knowledge was so great that they
saw him as a communicator with the gods and eventually inducting him into the
Egyptian pantheon of gods another book he allegedly wrote the book
of Thoth was written in Egyptian hieroglyphs and described the key to
immortality through a process of awakening certain areas of the brain
similar to the practices of Buddhist monks alchemy taught by Thoth is an
ancient path of spiritual purification and transformation the expansion of
consciousness and the development of insight and intuition through images and
symbols during medieval and renaissance times alchemy spread through the Western
world and was further developed by Kabbalists, Rosicrucians and astrologers
and other occultists it functioned on two levels mundane and spiritual on a
mundane level alchemists sought to find a process to convert base metals such as
lead into gold on a spiritual level alchemists worked to purify themselves
by eliminating the base material of the self and achieving gold of enlightenment
Hermeticism teaches that energetic evolution or transmuted the body into a
light body is the true meaning and purpose of life in my opinion this is
like saying that you save yourself through your own works now I’m gonna try
to show you that the New Age movement fulfills a need in a world that has
rejected Jesus but seeks to fill the spiritual void left behind and before
you turn this off let me just say that if you were a victim of religious abuse
through the church or your family and I’m sorry these organizations and
beliefs are usually contradictory with the actual Living Word of God if you
reject God based on the actions of men that’s like saying that you’ll never eat
vegetables again because you hate vegans instead of being angry at God become
angry at the people who twisted and abused the truth for their own need for
control or used it as a form of punishment I’m going to be addressing
this exact issue in a future video if you are in the new age or in the occult
please continue watching this video because I made it to try and give you a different perspective and a different way to think
about this whole thing so back to Hermeticism the Hermetic Order of the
Golden Dawn is a system of magic practiced by adepts and interestingly it
is also an organization within the Illuminati through traditional
initiation and spiritual practices of hermetic astrology magic and alchemy it
promises to give you the concrete tools to achieve the solar ascension many
people today believe that there will be a solar flash and the ones who have
chosen to ascend will become light bodies at that time if you watch my
other videos the Prophetic Protocols of Q you’ll know that cue is following
the protocols of the illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn which correlate to Saint
Germain’s plan for humanity most secret societies beliefs and rituals can be
traced back to the Egyptian mystery schools or to Babylon the most powerful
of these mystery schools was known as the Royal School of the Master Craftsmen
at Karnak or as the Great White Brotherhood it’s called the white
brotherhood because of the white robes that they wore and also the type of
magic they practiced as well as the white powder they made known to the
Mesopotamians as Shem-an-na the high ward fire stone the elixir of life
philosopher’s stone or white bread to the Egyptians after his time as Hermes
it’s claimed the Saint Germain was King Solomon the son of King David of Israel
King Solomon was the author of the Goetia and the keys of Solomon
he was rich apostate followed many gods and was one of the greatest alchemists
he knew how to trap spirits into seals and use them for his own purposes he is
revered by the Freemasons and he was indeed one of the most influential
humans in the history of magic and secret knowledge it’s no wonder then
that the goal of Freemasonry is to rebuild Solomon’s Temple which they know
is actually within rather than being a temple itself you are at the temple
after his time of Solomon it’s claimed that Saint Germain was Plato, Merlin the
magician, and Christopher Columbus, who discovered America Saint Germain
incarnated again through Sir Francis Bacon bacon wrote under various pen
names one of which being Shakespeare Bacon was King James’s Lord Chancellor a
master of alchemy in the occult and is considered to be the father of deductive
reasoning Bacon’s book the New Atlantis predicted
a place where freedom and peace would reign on
Masonic order without despotic rulers it would be the place with the heritage of
the house of Solomon could prosper under a Golden Age of science and logic bacon
is also credited for providing ideas for the Great Seal of the United States in
1611 the Bible was translated from English to Latin when the final draft
was given to King James he gave it to Francis Bacon to revise and edit it
think about that the King James Bible was handed to Francis Bacon who was most
likely guided by Gadreel or Lucifer in 1626 Francis Bacon faked his own death
and went to the Rakosi mansion in Transylvania where he continued his work
in alchemy Theosophists claimed that on May 1st of 1684 he mastered the
alchemical secrets and transmuted his mortal body into an immortal body
Francis Bacon chose to join the Great White Brotherhood of Light a group of
ascendant masters now ascended Bacon chose to work with humanity to help them
all ascend New Age theology says that as an ascended master he was allowed to
return to a human body in order to teach others how to overcome the laws of the
physical universe and usher in the golden age of humanity it is said that
when he reincarnated after his ascension he was adopted into the Royal House of
Francis Rakoczi II of Transylvania when he grew up he chose
the Latin name Sanctus Germanus or Saint Germain meaning holy brother we
all know that Gadreel likes his Latin names so now we have a partial genealogy
of the ascended master and into Saint Germain he was Hermes, or Thoth,
King Solomon, Christopher Columbus, Francis Bacon, and finally the Count of
Saint Germain the Count of Saint Germain was known as
the wonder man of Europe and Asia he was a diplomat an alchemist
he spoke every language he could remove flaws from jewels and it said that he had
an elixir of life that preserved his health and youthfulness
no one knew exactly where he came from or how old he was it is said that he was
seen for over 200 years if you’d like a more complete history of Saint Germain I
suggest watching the video Chang Is On the Horizon I’ll leave a link to that in
the description Saint Germain worked closely with the Rosicrucians Fraters
Lucis and the Freemasons he also started the secret society known as the Knights
and brothers of Asia who studied Rosicrucian and hermetic science in 1727
Saint Germain developed secret money-making techniques that he shared
with European royalty and bankers instead of sharing the
with humanity the banker squandered it for themselves so in 1729 Saint Germain
created the world trust he specified that the world trust would be released
by the year 2000 and that was not an easy task and is also the subject of my
next video in the 1770s his followers say the Saint Germain worked behind the
scenes with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin
preparing the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence Saint Germain reformed the Freemasons and the Rosicrucians secret societies are you
noticing a pattern here? nobility, alchemy secret societies Saint. Germain was rumored to have died in 1784 but there were no witnesses and no record of such and no
one knows where he was buried ten years later he was sighted in Paris
during the French Revolution Voltaire once said “the count of Saint Germain is a
man who was never born who will never die and who knows
everything.” an effort was made in the 1800’s to eliminate Saint Germain’s name
from modern Freemasonry and Masonic literature when the Freemasons were
taken over by a darker faction that was more interested in creating despotic
rulers than in helping people send the new darker faction of Freemasons
followed the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion which are the complete
opposite of the teachings of Saint Germain despite their attempts to erase Saint
Germain’s name from all of their lodges the letter G still features prominently
in Freemasonry most recognizable symbol the square encompass Mason’s gives
several answers when asked with the G stands for God the Great Architect of
the universe the generative principle wouldn’t it be interesting if the G
stood for Germain or ultimately Gadreel because the name Gadreel
literally means Builder of God or Mason of God to me the G could very well stand
for the hidden name of God their God Gadreel speaking of Freemasonry the Jewish
year 5776 started on yom teruah which was September 13th of 2015 now this is a
very important year for Freemasonry which has its own calendar and to
Mason’s 5776 is known as Anno Lucis or the year of light this
was indeed the year that Saint Germain regained control over the Freemasons and
began to wage a war on the Cabal that darker faction that took over for so
many years now in the Bible the Cabal can be found in Revelation 13 as the
first beast in America during the Obama administration the Antichrist spirit of Belial could be
found everywhere as we lived in a constant state of heightened fear there
was a fear of a military coup, cern, of Jade helm, of mass shootings, and
guillotine filled FEMA camps, apocalyptic doomsday scenarios we started to notice
a different kind of shift in 2015 when the Supreme Court ruled on same-sex
marriage when loved one now the world literally shifted in that same season
when be possibly prophetic Nepal earthquake in April killed over 7,000
people just like the earthquake
in revelation 11 says 2015 was also the beginning of what the Cabal called
weather warfare this time in history was the beginning of the transition between
the first beast of Revelation the Cabal to the second beast of Revelation the
Alliance we’ve been experiencing revelation 13:10 or the transition
between the two beasts ever since and now we are ready to see the second beast
the Alliance the false prophet take over completely in 1790 Saint Germain
prophesied to his Austrian friend about “exactly in 85 years will people set eyes
on me again.” 85 years from that date brings us to 1875 it just so happens
that in 1875 Helena Blavatsky founded the Theosophical School in New York City
Helena Blavatsky said that Saint Germain was one of her ascended masters of
wisdom Theosophy would introduce the idea that man’s true liberation can come
from the soul within his higher self and that each individual was indeed a part
of God itself Blavatsky’s works revealed the existence of the Great White
Brotherhood of Light and its hidden hand in moving the course of events
throughout history in the late 1800s Blavatsky gave a clue as to who she
followed when she published a magazine called Lucifer the idea of Christ
Consciousness is very popular today thanks to celebrity Cabalists like
Deepak Chopra (notice the red shoes) and has its roots in Theosophy achieving Christ Consciousness is essentially the same thing as enlightenment it claims that you were
created by God and for that same reason you are God now well any philosophical
idea can sound good don’t get caught up in the wordplay anyone could argue the
exact opposite for example if God created you then you
are artificial the way I a computer programmer would create a character that
character I create is not exist outside of its own game I am still God and they
are not even though I God created them not to mention the Christ Consciousness
sounds suspiciously familiar as it says in Genesis 3:5 then your eyes shall be
opened and ye shall be as gods it’s important to make this connection we
know that Gadreel was in the garden when he uttered this first lie promising Eve
that she would be like a god through enlightenment now we see that the same
lie has stayed the same for centuries and has been peddled throughout time by
the same character Gadreel who was Thoth Hermes King Solomon Francis Bacon
Christopher Columbus and Saint Germain regardless of the name the entity known
as Gadreel the serpent that old dragon Lucifer has constantly been guiding us
into believing the same lie in the early 1900’s the basis of the I AM movement was given to the founder Guy Ballard by channeling ascended master Saint Germain he taught guy about the great creative word or I am the I am presence is said
to be in each person and represents a point of contact with divine reality the
I AM movement was also instructed to preserve the idea of america a
revolutionary experiment in freedom also known as the great Masonic experiment in
the 1950s Saint Germain again used another messenger Geraldine Innocente to form
the Bridge to Freedom Movement through this movement Saint Germain revealed more about the structure of the Great Brotherhood of Light its continued
governance of world affairs and presented its future plans to bring in
the new era in 1958 Saint Germain used another messenger Mark Prophet and formed the Summit Lighthouse Movement together with his wife Elizabeth Claire Prophet
they formed the church Universal and Triumphant a church dedicated to Saint
Germain Theosophy and the I AM presence
Elizabeth Clare Prophet describes the ascended masters Saint Germain as the
violet flame the Chohan of the seventh ray and the sponsor of the United States
this is why America is so important at this time in history remember Saint
Germain was overshadowing Christopher Columbus who is credited with
discovering America in reality he didn’t discover anything he destroyed a nation
and its people from Hermes on it is said that Saint Germain tried to
liberate humanity from the tyrannical rulers and raise human thinking and
logic his followers say that the whole earth is subject to his will as he now
takes his place as the teacher for the new Aquarian age this quote from
Elizabeth Clare Prophet explains exactly what’s happening today with the
emergence of Q and Trump eliminating the deep state she says at the helm of this
momentous purging of Earth’s dark forces is the great and holy master Sanctus
Germanus again appearing at this particular flashpoint as he did in the
past history to guide and protect us at the threshold of the new age Trump’s
sole mission is indeed the same as the one attributed to Saint Germain to get
rid of the dark Cabal or drain the swamp so in conclusion this new age
movement based on ancient secret knowledge is just a religion for people
who are not religious not only as most of the world embraced
the new age the world has also fallen for the deception of the new worldwide
religion love this new mindset instructs humanity to love everyone because we are
all one and to send love and light this translates to avoidance of personal
responsibility and avoidance of accountability of actions when
everything is permissible what is the point in modifying your behavior
unconditional love corrects instructs and condemns that which is not true or
safe truth is love and sometimes love hurts I know some people are not gonna
like what I have to say because it makes people uncomfortable but I’m trying to
present you with information you can arm yourself with to speak the truth to
people around you in your own life the hidden knowledge within the occult is
very ego driven and that it somehow has more value because it is hidden and
takes a bit of work to find when it’s really just a watered down or twisted
version of truth but because it is hidden there is a certain value placed
on its information after all value is created in scarcity but that’s the thing
as history will show the information found in the ancient world that’s been
rebranded into the new age is not scarce it saturated our entire world for
centuries what is extremely scarce is the truth
some say that God did not want mankind to be wise like him yet a major source
of their power on earth is by doing just that withholding knowledge from mankind
whether it be through and education, initiation or through positions
of power the uninitiated or somehow less than and unworthy of information it
isn’t until the initial control his lower self or base instincts that he is
worthy of learning philosophical principles again this is contrary to
everything God and Jesus did His information was open to all people in
all places how is it then that God is cruel for withholding information but
when Lucifer does it it is not cruel? It is not logical or wise to believe that
Lucifer is the god of wisdom enlightenment and knowledge john 8:44
says he was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the
truth because there was no truth found in him of course God told Eve that as she
ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil that she would surely die
Lucifer told her that if she ate from the tree she would be like a god Eve
believed him and ultimately she died so which one of them told the truth? and
then there are some who believe that they are God so you are God why are you
taking orders from other people ? or from other gods like the ascended masters? why
are you making the rules even worse why are you subject to a plan or an agenda
instead of making the plan yourself? you’re a god and yet you’re still
learning? you mean you’re not all-knowing Jesus teaches about this exact ideology
in Matthew 24 verses 4-5 when he says take heed that no man deceive you
for many shall come in my name saying I am Christ and shall deceive many in
verse 23 He says then If any man shall say unto you lo here is Christ or there
believe in not for there shall arise false Christ’s and false prophets and
shall show great signs and wonders in so much that if it were possible they
deceive the very elect not only his Christ consciousness deceived the New
Agers but even the elect or those who identify as Christians have been
deceived by Trump and Q who have somehow managed to cancel the
tribulation now if you believe yourself to be God like such as the case with
Christ consciousness how is it been the events that are unfolding have been
prophesized for centuries correlating with the last hour of the last days when
the false prophet beast system has full control? you’re in control
yet we’re marching full-speed into a monetary reset begun by none other than
Saint Germain and his world trust? again our collective consciousness has not
raised to a level of consciousness needed to achieve heaven on earth rather
we have chosen at a higher level to reject the truth and that is why we are
about to witness the most debated misunderstood and feared event in human
history I’m talking about the mark of the beast in my next video I’m going to
tie up how all of this relates to the last prophecy to be fulfilled before
Jesus’s return I should say Jesus is physical return and what Saint Germain, the
New Age, King Solomon, Q, Trump, and gold have to do with it and most importantly
what you need to know and what you need to do about it thank you guys for
watching this video as always if you have any questions please feel free to
comment below I’ll see you in the next video sure I believe in myself why wouldn’t I? Jesus coming back everywhere and nothing can stop it it’s a consciousness that lives in your mind

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  42. Some years ago Leonard Nimoy, that famous Kabballist, did a show on St Germain. He sure never went into this aspect of his identity. These people always manage to obscure more than they reveal. It was less than two months ago that I heard the name Gadrael, God for short. However, hearing this show, I am beginning to suspect that the Rolling Stones song Sympathy for the Devil (little god) was really about St Germain, how he always showed up when there was turmoil. I have a suspicion that Mr. Germain will soon be seen again.

  43. You sure do your homework girl! God bless you for diligently researching and spreading information. You are changing lives

  44. Hi, I recently subscribed to your channel after watching some of your other videos. I used to go to church and considered myself a christian, but I strayed away over a decade ago. Been going through my own personal struggles and battles over the years. If you could say a prayer for me, I'd really appreciate it. Keep doing what you're doing, God bless you.

  45. Sooo, is it possible that the Jesus Character In iPetGoat2 is St. Germaine?? Is the entire IPG2 video about the destruction of the dark cabal(1st Beast) and the birth of the โ€œlight bearersโ€, Illuminati(2nd Beast/False Prophet System)? Maybe thatโ€™s why nobody has really been able to decode it. They havenโ€™t looked at it from this perspective. Just a thought…May God Have Mercy On Us All as the birth pangs continue!

  46. Half joking…is Keanu Reaves St. Germaine or another fallen watcher…ha. In all seriousness, thank you for your work!

  47. "'In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. I don't know what else to say….

  48. Any belief in St. Germain is a satanic cult in disguise. I'm an individual, age 67, who first encountered the fallen angel at age 13, but did not realize it at the time. My life is a very long story of spiritual suffering. After I passed the Bar Exam in 1981, the fallen angel made itself known in a very real way. It started talking though my body. I'm a rational, non-delusional, person who worked in banking, and to some extent law, for many years. I can assure you that fallen angels are real and they invented the "I AM/Christ-self" belief system. I know people who are trapped in these beliefs, who know quite well what is behind it and are scared to death to speak the truth because the fallen angels will punish them severely for speaking the truth.

    Christ warned that a time would come in which false Christs would rise up and deceive "even the elect." He warned to "fear the one who can throw you into hell." meaning the evil one. I've lived through that hell in my life. Only faith, over many years, helped me. I was destined to encounter and fight this evil. The fallen angel can take your body, possess it and deprive you of sleep through jolting, impose intense bodily pains and make your skin feel as if it's on fire (it's painful!), among other miseries I've encountered over many years. It can take your mind so that you can't think. It can put unending voices in your head to torture you. It takes much faith to overcome the powers that it can claim over your body. It claims POWER, which is why the St. Germain students are told to say "you have no power." These angels have always claimed power, which is why they were evicted from what we call heaven. These angels knew God made them but did not quite know God as we are taught or they would not have thought that they could get away with their repulsive sense of greatness that persecuted others, even in heaven.

    I could write a book about my life and fight with the evil one. I know what they do. They are very, very deceptive and are behind the appearances of Mary at Fatima and other places. They brought the Mercy Devotion to the Catholic Church I was raised Catholic, but the church has made many mistakes. I learned this though warfare. We're not entitled to miracles. But, God will not desert us in the face of the evil one. It may take much endurance and perseverance in faith to defeat the fallen angel. For me, it took YEARS. My constant prayers were never answered. The devil demanded them. But, my faith and combat with a fallen angel were answered, and one day, after years of battle, God silenced the fallen angel. It still fights me, and I suffer at times, but its powers have been greatly neutralized through God's will. God wants our commitment to God's truth if the evil one arrives. That truth is in the word of God, the true Christ, and nowhere else.

    If you want to read about the lies of :St. Germain" (satan), I've written more extensively about it in my Amazon reviews of books such as The Magic Presence and Unveiled Mysteries, and others. My name is Don and my reviews are easy to find. Believe me, the fallen angel is real. I'm not some troll looking for attention. I know the agony that that these spiritual beings can impose. As I've said, I know people who are trapped in the occultism of "St. Germain." They'd betray their own mothers and children. It's not just mental. It's physical bondage through occupation. You'd have to experience it to understand. It takes much faith and suffering to overcome it. The St. Germain material is very dangerous. It's the ultimate belief in Lucifer and satanism. But, as I've said, there are other deceptions and the Catholic Church, which I admire greatly for it's efforts to be good and charitable, has made many mistakes that the evil furthers. You never pray to the created. The bread does not turn into God to be worshiped. You never worship objects – not ever. I know this because the devil led me back there through a false miracle and never let up in its insistence that I "be holy." It demanded that I be holy, pray often and it used the bread against me in more ways than one. After YEARS of warfare over its brand of enslaving "holiness" and finally reaching understanding, it had to stop its persecution. It's a FALSE Christ, as was revealed by the true Christ. If you stay with the undiluted teachings of Christ, you will be on the right track and prevail over the evil one if it confronts you – but it just might take much time and a strong commitment to God's truth. There's suffering on this earth.

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