The Religion Of Libertarianism

The Religion Of Libertarianism

“Should someone have to have a government-issued license to drive a car?” “HELL NO.” “What’s next, requiring a license to make toast in your own damn toaster? “A license to drive, you know, I’d like to see some competency exhibited by people before they drive.” [boos] While they’re often looked at as just a fringe group of political wackjobs who think that the road to Stalinism is paved with drivers’ licenses, the truth is their ideology is much more influential and dangerous than you probably realize. Because libertarianism isn’t so much a political philosophy as it is a religious ideology where the lord and savior is pure, unadulterated capitalism. Invisible hand of the free market, take the wheel! [tires squealing and car crash] American libertarianism is the idea that government is evil and needs to be dismantled. Libertarians don’t see society as a collective, they instead champion radical individualism. They see the free market as a force for absolute good, and government as solely a corrupting force. One of the primary ways they express these beliefs is by shrieking about taxes constantly. “Taxation is theft.” “Taxation, quite frankly, is theft. Or armed robbery or extortion.” Yup. Taxes are just like robbery, except instead of taking your television away, they take your trash away. Which … is nice. It’s nice. Sure, paying taxes doesn’t feel good, but once you factor in all the bridges and schools and firefighters and roads and whatnot, it does seem like kind of a fair trade. But don’t you dare mention roads to libertarians: “Ah, the old ‘who will build the roads.’ Roads, roads, roads. Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” [cheers] Hehehe! No seriously. We need roads. Libertarians have an almost cult-like adherence to the idea that government is bad and the “free market” is God … I mean good … I mean God. “The free market can solve the problems of the environment.” “When it comes to healthcare, what we we need is a real free-market approach to healthcare.” “The Thanksgiving feast came because they had private property rights and they had free markets and that’s how we will take care of the poor.” And lo, the burning bush said unto Moses, “Don’t worry about paying taxes, my dude, for the invisible hand of the free market will take care of everything!” And yea, the bush soon became a forest fire and burned down Moses’s village because there were no taxes and thus no firefighters.” So what would a completely free-market approach to healthcare look like according to Gary Johnson, who was ultimately selected as the Libertarian nominee for president? “We would have health insurance to cover ourselves for catastrophic injury and illness, and we would pay as you go in a system that was very, very affordable. We would have Stitches R Us, we would have Gallbladders R Us we would have, uh, X-Rays R Us.” Gallbladders R Us? “Hey are you tired of those leaky gallbladders that you have to swap out every six months like a common windshield wiper? At Gallbladders R Us, we guarantee a leak-free bladder for only $19.99. That’s right, I said $19.99, I must be crazy! People are like, wow, I didn’t even know gallbladders could be that cheap! But they can be because they’re made out of plastic. We also got dogs! OK, but what about poor people or old people who can’t afford organs from Gallbladders R Us? How would libertarians help them? “How many people in here, and I actually do want a show of hands, love grandmas? How many of you would donate money to feed grandmas? I do not see a single person that did not raise their hand. That’s how you fund Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.” And as for Grandpas … f*ck ’em. There’s a kind of charming, faith-based optimism when it comes to the way that libertarians view private enterprise and human nature. Scary and delusional, but charming. Just listen to libertarian candidate John McAfee’s reasoning when explaining why we don’t need government-funded social programs … because we can [singing] rely on each other: “None of us are going to pass a child drowning in a river, even if we’re dressed in a tuxedo, heading to our wedding. Libertarianism is not heartlessness, it’s the opening of the heart to your neighbor.” Aww. Speaking of neighbors, true story, John McAfee was wanted by police in Belize in connection with the murder of his neighbor. So. Mm, he’s sweet. The idea that we don’t need laws because people will do the right thing anyway, or that we don’t need taxes because people will fund important things anyway or the idea that we don’t need regulations because companies will be ethical anyway – none of that is borne out by any statistics, historical precedent or any other evidence of any kind. It’s the same kind of faith-based thinking as “Santa is real” or “Ted Cruz is human” and not just someone wearing a Batboy mask that got melted in a microwave. While libertarians might be anti-driver’s license, anti-Medicare and anti-public roads, the flip side of being so rigidly anti-government is that they also end up being anti-NSA, anti-interventionist and anti-drug laws, which appeals to people on the other side of the political spectrum. In fact, the common elevator pitch for libertarianism is that, while fiscally conservative, they’re also “socially liberal.” “I believe in a world where gay married couples can protect their marijuana fields with fully automatic machine guns, baby! [cheers] Aw yeah.” Yayyy! Wait, why do we need machine guns if weed is legal? Oh, the world’s more dangerous? The libertarian world is more dangerous. It’s more dangerous. But the socially liberal side of libertarianism is less about a belief in civil rights being law and more that civil rights are less important than property rights. Listen to libertarian darling Senator Rand Paul explain his thoughts on the 1964 Civil Rights Act. “I like the Civil Rights Act in the sense that it ended discrimination in all public domains and I’m all in favor of that.” REPORTER: “But?” RAND PAUL: [laughs] “You had to ask me the but. I don’t like the idea of telling private business owners – I abhor racism, I think it’s a bad business decision to ever exclude anybody from your restaurant, BUT at the same time I do believe in private ownership.” Wow. “I abhor racism BUT” That should definitely be the new libertarian slogan. Libertarianism: “I abhor racism … but.” And this isn’t just Rand Paul. Libertarians often deflect on questions of civil rights. MODERATOR: “Mr. McAfee, would you have voted in favor of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, had you been in the Senate?” “As many of you know, my wife is black, and having spent three-and-a-half years living 24 hours a day with her, I can assure you that legislation in no way ended discrimination.” “Certainly not in my home. I have my own whites-only bathroom. She’s not allowed!!!!!!” So it’s clear that libertarianism represents the furthest right-wing fringe of economic conservatism. They’re basically like the Stalinists of the right. They’re like that “tankie” Facebook friend you have that keeps sending you those Mao Tse Tung memes. The only difference is that, unlike your one lonely tankie friend, there are millions of libertarians. In fact, 1 out of 10 Americans identifies as a libertarian. Think about that. If 1 out of 10 Americans described themselves as believers of the Juche religion of North Korea, the U.S. would declare a state of emergency. But no, these people are fine, because they don’t worship Kim Jong-un, they worship Kim Jong-Ayn … Rand. Kim Jong Ayn – they worship Ayn Rand. The joke is good. It’s a good pun. So how did such a fringe political ideology gain so much ground in America? Well, not shockingly, it turns out that libertarianism is very popular with the very rich, specifically among the political donor class. There’s Peter Thiel, the Silicon Valley billionaire and Trump supporter. There’s Richard Mellon Scaife, the libertarian billionaire who, along with Thiel and the Koch brothers, helped to fund the anti-taxation party, the Tea Party. You remember them … the guys who swept into power in 2010 and made John McCain look appealing. And of course there’s the Koch brothers, both lifelong libertarians. Before they became the Statler and Waldorf of our political puppet show, David Koch was actually the Libertarian candidate for vice president in 1980. They’ve spent decades using their money to drastically lower personal and corporate taxes, cut social services for the needy and end government oversight of industry – especially environmental regulation. Oh, and of course donating like crazy to Republicans. And all that could in part explain why Republican presidential candidates now sound just as unhinged as libertarians. First, let’s listen to libertarians running for president: “We would abolish the federal Department of Education.” “So you would have no EPA? You would have no Environmental Protection Agency?” “Definitely have no EPA, absolutely.” “Let’s abolish the IRS.” All right. And now let’s listen to some recent Republican candidates for president: “I believe we should abolish the federal Department of Education.” “I would abolish the Department of Education.” “We’d get rid of the IRS.” “I would abolish the Department of Energy, which has failed totally since the mid 1970s” “I’m going to cut – big, big – Department of Education.” “Yeah, me cut education big big!” While Trump has yet to actually abolish any departments, he *has* appointed Betsy DeVos, an anti-public-school billionaire, and Scott Pruitt, a climate-change denier who constantly sued the EPA as attorney general, to head them, which is essentially putting a time bomb in both departments. And while Republicans aren’t asking us to donate to some sort of voluntary grandma fund, Republican plans for social programs include work requirements for Medicaid, cutting Social Security and privatizing Medicare. Which is like meeting libertarians in the middle. Of the libertarian platform. Side note: Why does their logo look like a sewer lid? These libertarian free-market ideals are even catching on in liberal Silicon Valley. And that’s because many of the billionaires at the top of the food chain are self-described libertarians, like Thiel, or Elon Musk and former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. Libertarians have formed a symbiotic relationship with liberal tech companies because they offer capitalist solutions to problems that are largely caused by capitalism. “The model of the future is Uber. It’s Uber everything, it’s Uber accountant, it’s Uber doctor, it’s Uber electrician, it’s Uber plumber.” Uh, does anyone else think that sounds suspiciously similar to the Galbladders R Us plan? I’m pretty sure Gary Johnson just has one plan. The libertarian ideology has been pulling mainstream politics to the right for decades now. This belief that the free market is god is now so deeply embedded in our politics that liberals – who define themselves as being against racism, sexism and classism – now completely ignore the role of capitalism in creating racism, sexism and classism. When you ignore the effects of someone’s economic beliefs that lead to discriminatory practices because that person says they’re socially liberal, you end up looking at people like Rand Paul and going, “Eh, he’s basically Malcom X. I mean he’s fiscally conservative, but socially Malcom X.” And while libertarian ideology made the Democratic Party more corporatist, it’s made the Republican Party into Ayn Rand’s wet dream. Look, I’m not saying that the Republican Party has gone full libertarian, OK? So before someone from Reason Magazine sees this and has an “Um Actually” stroke, please just relax, take a breath, rub your copy of “Atlas Shrugged” and squeeze your Milton Friedman Dakimakura body pillow. America will never go full libertarian because going full libertarian isn’t really what libertarian billionaires are shooting for. Libertarian candidates talk a big game about individual freedoms like gay marriage and legalized drugs, but the libertarian donor class is happy to throw the social part of their platform under the bus to get their economic goals fulfilled. Listen, I don’t hate libertarians. Some of my best parents are libertarians. And I actually kind of respect their idealism and the stringency of their beliefs, you know, the same way I respect the idealism and stringency of the Branch Davidians or ISIS. But just like any fringe radical group, we probably should not let them so close to the reins of power. Hey everyone thanks for watching, my name’s Matt Lieb, follow me on Twitter. And subscribe right now to our YouTube page and follow us on Facebook. And you know what go in the comment section and please just get into endless arguments with the libertarians that will be trolling our page. It’s going to be disastrous. But you know what, it’s the free market, baby! Woooo!

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  1. Why people don't get it?

    Monopolism is bad. Not goverment intervention.
    Both goverment and corporates can act as total shitheads. It's the monopolization that destroys free trade then it becomes a Stalinist regime in garb of free trade.

  2. Libertarian conservatives believe in virtuous values and believes in charities communities, private institutions like families and advocacy organizations and limited government that only defends and polices nothing else

  3. Oh, boy. This is why I hate putting labels on what I believe, even if it aligns with a specific set of beliefs more than others. People just slap a sticker on you, and put you in the box they think you belong in. So much fun.

  4. Libertarianism, when you think you can combat corporatism with the very thing that gave birth to it, "free" market capitalism. Deregulation is the very thing that creates the monopoly that leads to a centralized power controlling society! Libertarian ideology is a bunch of dogs chasing their own tails.

    There is a reason most libertarians are younger than 25 years old, because that is how long it takes for the prefrontal cortex to fully develop, the part of the brain that's responsible for reasoning. Its an ideology for children and cognitively challenged adults. In other words, the majority of youtube users.

  5. It’s likely you consider these ‘dead white men’ part of the evil cis hetero patriarchy but the people that started the American government that built yuh roads were libertarians.

  6. "We should not let them close to the reigns of power" that about sums up this guy's view on freedom. Literally sounds like it was out of Fidel Castro's mouth.

  7. "Tech companies offer capitalist solutions to problems largely caused by capitalist"

    This has got to be the stupidest argument against capitalist tech companies and libertarians I have ever heard.

  8. Dishonestly straw manning Libertarian philosophy doesn't invalidate our arguments. The fact of the matter is that YOU EITHER BELIEVE IN INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM OR YOU DON'T. Libertarians believe in BOTH personal and economic freedom, just so long as this freedom doesn't violate the freedom and/or rights of others. Second, it didn't escape the viewers' attention the fact that you didn't explicate the political philosophy for which you advocate. How do you philosophically or rationally justify your wish to control and constrain others via governmental force? The fact is that you CAN'T. You see, both Democrats and Republicans REALLY don't care about individual rights or freedom. They both only believe in "freedom" to the extent that it happens to coincide with their own particular set of values. Forcing others to live in accordance only with what you personally believe whilst restricting all alternatives is not anywhere near a "free society". If tyranny seems less objectionable than the chaos of liberty, you definitely have some "control issues"!!!!

  9. Yup…your a moron. Which most definitely makes you a leftist.
    See how that works? 😒
    If you are going to debunk something..maybe know what you are talking about? And I thought Vox was full of shit 🤣

  10. The idea of libertarianism is that the government should not have as much authority over the people. The people should have self responsibility.

  11. You could go through all the fallacies in this video, but what's the point. He's not even trying. It's really tough to watch people so ignorant of what they're trying to criticize be so condescending.

    But of all the points that are just outright false, the one that gets me is this notion that the super wealthy and powerful are libertarian sympathetic, and that they make up the base. That's just a joke. Clearly not true…

  12. If we didn't have good roads, the private sector would in no time at all, come up with new innovative ways to strengthen the tires and suspension of vehicles. The government does nothing but hold us back.

  13. 11:00–11:13

    If nothing else, libertarians are quick to signal their virtue; evidenced by this board…

  14. Libertarians know that their utopia will never actually be tested and that as long as any government exists, they can use that as a scapegoat for any and all problems their nonsense ideals cause.

    Plus if they really believe that people naturally regulate themselves, history shows us that government is the ending point for that. Government's developed independently throughout the world. That's not a coincidence.

    If every government on earth completely disappeared tomorrow, it wouldn't be long before they were replaced. Hell, put a few million libertarians on a large island for a few generations and I guarantee that a tax reliant "government" would be there when we checked back in on them.

  15. “I have always found it quaint and rather touching that there is a
    movement [Libertarians] in the US that thinks Americans are not yet
    selfish enough.”

    ― Christopher Hitchens

  16. I even saw that debate. Gary Johnson was the only one not for the right to drive without a driver's license. I ended up voting for Jill Stein. I sure wasn't voting for Trump or Clinton. So many didn't vote at all because they didn't know this party was an option.

  17. If you get your news and history lessons from Islamic propaganda channels like AJ+ then you are a confused fool being indoctrinated into their far left agenda to divide America so they can influence future votes against American support for Israel so one day threw voting for far left candidates America would stop supporting Israel and when you divide Israel and America, Islam wins.

  18. Why do these people say they'd all be happy to donate to social causes, but yet they hate taxes of roughly the same amount? Also, those people dressed in tuxes who stop to save the drowning baby are not trained EMTs! They have no defibrillators, atropine, Narcan etc.

  19. I think that a lot of people commenting on this video are missing an important point. The main complaint seems to be that the criticism is not of actual libertarianism, but rather of the Libertarian party. Even if that's true, there's still a serious issue to be addressed. The Libertarian party is the brand of libertarianism that is going to affect peoples lives and so that's the brand that needs to be addressed.

  20. Many butthurt libertarians here. Yeah yeah not that simple, falls under a it's own spectrum blah blah, we know. Everyone accuses of this vid for being unaware, misrepresenting, strawmaning, fallacies rightwingers are notorious for yet none of you can give a fucking straight answer on what it actually is. Soooooooooo convenient.

    I took a test, and found out I fall under leftist libertarianism. Well according to some right-libertarians the left variety shouldn't even exist. WTF!? Who says?

  21. I've known a few libertarians, and they each say they are the only true libertarian, and that no main stream libertarian really represents they're views. From what i can tell they each pick and choose when to go full libertarian.

  22. You're an idiot, but I support your right to say these idiotic things. Did you know roads existed before the government started building them? Did you know firefighters existed before the government funded them? Did you know basically anything existed before the government did it in a terribly inefficient way?

    You have misconstrued everything about Libertarianism. Libertarians do not believe in a lawless society, that's Anarchy. Libertarians believe government and their laws should be restricted to protecting the individual's rights to life, liberty, and property. Anything else is beyond the government's scope. It's about individualism and self-ownership. Get your facts straight before you spew nonsense.

  23. Free Markets and Free Peoples.

    You really have to be a Leftist to not get that the initiation of VIOLENCE is NOT the answer to EVERYTHING.

    Statism is the Religion of the Secular Humanist.

    Newswoke would be a better name — although Newbroke is very true as there is nothing in this story that works.

  24. If freedom is the lack of boundaries between what you desire and what you are able to achieve, and freedom is more important than anything else — they shouldn't I conclude that I ought to have the right to dump motor oil in my ditch or bury anthrax-infested animal carcasses on my property? Or even offer low-cost storage for spent nuclear fuel rods, just dump'em naked into the ground? And that's before we get to the acts of the most heinous, disgusting criminals in recent years (and not so recent, too, for that matter).

  25. As someone who has had the misfortune of interacting with semi-well off liberatarians let me tell you this: They are the worst type of chud, the activist CHUDs.

  26. The funny thing is all the libertarians in the comments say you are misrepresenting it, but none of them cite any examples.
    BTW if libertarianism were a viable form of society, wouldn't there have been at least one country that tried it in all of history? And wouldn't that one country have been super successful and still be around?

  27. To the libertarians who complain and whine about how he didn’t make an argument, he made his points through the absurdity of the following clips showed, and if it goes over your head then you are probably part of the joke I mean argument.. XD

  28. You’re going to make me defend libertarians. I hate it when all sides are intellectually dishonest so I’m calling you out. Libertarians generally believe in some version on the non aggression principle meaning you don’t force your beliefs on me and I don’t force mine on you, the nap also allows for self defense and defense of property

  29. "Libertarianism" is mislabeled anarchocapitalism. There are more Libertarian Socialists than there are Authoritarian Capitalists.

  30. I've come full circle. In college I was a socialist before it was cool, then somehow grew more conservative, entertained libertarianism ideals; and now I'm back to heavily leaning socialist. Life is complicated, and I've seen it from many different spectrums. Libertarianism is the far right folks.

  31. While I identify myself as a Liberal, I have a massive problem with a lot of how Liberals now go about getting their points across.

    This video commits a lot of those problems. Specifically when that guy (Rand Paul? I think?) said what he said about racism. Whether you like the guy or not, what he said was perfectly fair. That's what Liberalism used to be – that you could be against racism but defend someone's right to say or do something regardless of if you agree with it or not. But instead, what this Liberal in the video has done, has literally shown you what Paul said about racism, then ACTUALLY take the whole thing out of context to fit his narrative. He literally just showed you how Liberals nowadays misconstrue what people sya just to fit their agenda.

    Liberals are not like this. These new Liberals and SJWs are nothing more than fucking fascists. They are a problem to their own agenda.

    These people are not Liberal. They see dangerous

  32. Why.

    Puh-lease!!!! Your content is awesome – you don't NEED this Millennial hepness or whatever the reason is you slant your camera 15-degrees off-vertical.

  33. Such a misrepresentation of libertarianism, this guy doesn’t know shit about anything.

    I could easily misrepresent his argue aswell.

  34. Pinkish purple theme. I can guess what his political views are. Lemme guess, Liberal? Guess I can't dare mention his agendas. Obviously a Libertarinism critic, because how else would he have a rainbowtopia while having any possible opposition.

  35. A religion Kind of like intersectionality where your beliefs are not to be debated. Where “hate speech” trumps free speech. If you question dogma be prepared to be cancelled. You are all the same. Far right, far left. You are literally the same type of people that managed to come up with different beliefs. Both have a hard time believing science. Both put their faith in an authoritative figure.

  36. I am a classical liberal/ minarchist and I do not believe the government needs to be abolished and I do not believe that the free market is perfect either. I think the free market is great and can and will solve most of our problems, but is still fallible and subject to corruption as well, this why I am not an anarcho-capitalist, as tempting as it may be. I do not "believe that the free market is my lord and savior." I became a libertarian on the basis of looking at history and looking at how those in authority have abused their power and gotten millions of innocent people tortured and killed, power corrupts, when a person has too much power in the government they usually become corrupt and oppress the people and their rights because they think they can get away with it. Authoritarianism, things like Socialism and Communism, could work if people were perfect, but no one is and ever will be. Also, I would encourage the people at Newsbroke to do a basic google search on the ideology of libertarianism, not only will you find there are many, many different types of libertarianism on the capitalist right, you will also discover that there are left-libertarians as well, who despise capitalism and the free market and outright embrace socialism. Judging all libertarians and the complex ideology of libertarianism, on the left, and on the right, simply based on the American Libertarian Party is not only unfair, it is quite ignorant.

  37. Wow I've just lost so much time watching this BS. and to think he uses a platform that is run by individuals and not the Godverment to spew his lopsided argument is just amazing. a testament as to how people can and actually are afraid of personal freedom.

  38. I wish they would take you away, as trash. Milton Friedman was a Libertarian, compared to him, you’re an amoeba. I love your thumbs up vs down contrast. You’re an obvious socialist/communist. Hope you get the same fate as Stalins people. Burn in hell moron.

  39. These libertarians are really a lunatic fringe. They are all whack jobs. I should have know it, the biggest libertarians are the very capitalist who have plundered resources, polluted the environment and exploited labor in the bad old days when life was nasty, brutish and short. No thank you, I like my government protecting me from these greedy, amoral monsters.

  40. Libertarians are like Christians who've never read the bible yet quote it left and right to justify their shitty beliefs

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