The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only gospel
that turns sinners into saints, that makes them NEW, born again children of God. The power of the gospel is demonstrated in
a NEW CREATURE. A person who has believed and obeyed the gospel
is not a sinner any more, he does not sin. He hates sin and avoids it at all cost. Jesus came to take away the sins of the world. He takes away the guilt of sin for those who
believe in Him and therefor obey Him. He justifies them. The power of the gospel only saves those who
obey Him and REPENT of their sins, who have sorrow, regret and remorse over their sins
and plead Jesus to save them, forgive their past sins. Where there is no repentance and no sorrow
over sin, there is no salvation. Such a person stays in his sin and will die
in his sin. Jesus saves sinners who REPENT with godly
sorrow, turn from their evil ways, are baptized in water for the washing off of their sin,
and sin no more,  but live holy lives in obedience to Jesus. Without holiness no one will see the Lord. Have you been transformed by the power of
the gospel? Did you repent of your sin or are you still
a sinner on your way to hell? May Jesus bless you. Jesus Christ is alive and hell is real. I am here to introduce you to Jesus Christ
so that you can know Him, follow Him and have eternal life. Subscribe to my channel to learn more about
Jesus. May Jesus bless you.


  1. praise JESUS for one soul to explain the KINGDOM of GOD ! JESUS thank you !to hear prayers and answer them!!! dear JESUS you are GOD!

  2. AMEN! Yes I have been truly transformed my brother ❤️🙏🏼 All glory be to our wonderful King Jesus Christ 🔥🕊 I’am NOT a sinner anymore but I’am NOW a Saint..

  3. People would rather watch tv than read the gospels.
    They’d rather go to church than read the gospels.
    Sorrow for sin = is so crucial. I love seeing this in believers….
    Believers that I know aren’t sinners – but still find things to repent of. Beautiful !

  4. We are not perfect,when we are born again we don't find pleasure in sin,but it makes me sad how people think that you have to work TO BE SAVED.Its because we are saved MOST Christans want to live holy,but we cannot be perfect because Jesus paid the price for our sins and he was the only perfect human being on Earth,it's like you're saying that Jesus is not powerful enough to save you.The gospel is by you just trusting on the shed blood of Christ and that alone saves you.I am not telling you to live a sinful lifestyle because once we are saved if you don't go through the 🥛 of the word and grow in his grace,he punishes you but the good news is that no one can take you out of his hands.Please listen to the Lord and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ that he rosed from the dead on the third day and saved you please😢.I am telling you that the the truth about the willful sin is the sin of unbelief in Jesus Christ because the Hebrews were under the LAW,if you don't stop now you will go to hell,AGAIN I am not promoting sin🙅,I just want to help people to hear the truth into the kingdom of God in heaven😇.I 💖 my brothers and sisters,"My 🐑🐏 hear my voice,and I know them and they follow me".Amen🙏



    Евангелие Иисуса Христа – единственное Евангелие, которое превращает грешников в святых, которое делает их НОВЫМИ, рождёнными свыше детьми Божьими. Сила Евангелия демонстрируется в НОВОМ ТВОРЕНИИ. Человек, который поверил и повиновался Евангелию, больше не грешник, он не грешит. Он ненавидит грех и избегает его любой ценой.

    Иисус пришёл, чтобы забрать грехи мира. Он забирает вину греха у тех, кто верит в Него и, поэтому, повинуется Ему. Он оправдывает их.

    Сила Евангелия спасает только тех, кто повинуется Ему и КАЕТСЯ в своих грехах, кто скорбит, сожалеет и раскаивается в своих грехах, и умоляет Иисуса спасти его, простить его прошлые грехи.

    Там, где нет покаяния, нет и спасения. Такой человек остаётся в своём грехе и умрёт в своём грехе.

    Иисус спасает грешников, которые КАЮТСЯ с благочестивой печалью, отворачиваются от своих путей, крестятся в воде для омытия от своих грехов и больше не грешат, но живут свою жизнь в послушании Иисусу. Без святости никто не увидит Господа.

    Был ли ты преобразован силой Евангелия? Покаялся ли ты в своём грехе, или ты всё ещё – грешник на своём пути в ад?

    Да благословит тебя Иисус".



    El evangelio de Jesucristo es el único evangelio que convierte a los pecadores en santos, que los hace NUEVOS, renacidos hijos de Dios.

    El poder del evangelio se demuestra en una NUEVA CRIATURA. Una persona que ha creído y obedecido el evangelio ya no es un pecador, él no peca. Odia el pecado y lo evita a toda costa.

    Jesús vino a quitar el pecado del mundo. Él quita la culpa del pecado a aquellos que creen en Él y por lo tanto le obedecen. El los justifica.

    El poder del evangelio solo salva a aquellos que lo obedecen y se ARREPIENTEN de sus pecados, que sufren la pena, y remordimientos de haber pecado, y le piden a Jesús que los salve, que perdone sus pecados pasados.

    Donde no hay arrepentimiento ni dolor por el pecado, no hay salvación. Tal persona permanece en su pecado y morirá en su pecado.

    Jesús salva a los pecadores que se ARREPIENTEN con pena piadosa, se apartan de sus malos caminos, son bautizados en agua para lavar sus pecados y no vuelven a pecar, salva a los que viven vidas santas en obediencia a Jesús. Sin santidad nadie verá al Señor.

    ¿Has sido transformado por el poder del evangelio? ¿Te arrepentiste de tu pecado o sigues siendo un pecador de camino al infierno?

    Que Jesús te bendiga.


    Jesucristo está vivo y el infierno es real.

    Estoy aquí para darte a conocer a Jesucristo para que le conozcas, le sigas y tengas vida eterna.

    Subscríbete a mi canal para aprender más sobre Jesús.

    Que Jesús te bendiga.

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