“The Passion of Saint Tibulus” | Father Ted | Series 1 Episode 3 | Dead Parrot

“The Passion of Saint Tibulus” | Father Ted | Series 1 Episode 3 | Dead Parrot

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  1. Myy gf really looveees this film. Weeee found full movieeee here => https://twitter.com/d8e738c8c9691384e/status/858504156587343872

  2. Yoou ccan waaatch Fаaather TTТed heere https://twitter.com/dbda66efd17db8380/status/872997928037531648

  3. It's not really their fault though. That's just how human psychology works. someone should tell the bishop that his idea was bullocks

  4. The writers really did a good job on this, touching on the ongoing confusion as to why the country is spelled Philippines and its citizens are called Filipinos. P and F, F and P.

  5. The part that always makes me lose it:"There's you, There's Forest Gump" and then Jack giving the thumbs up. Friggin' hysterical.

  6. "You don't have an area, unless it's some kind of a play area, with sandcastles, and buckets, and spades."

    Delivered with such venom, class.

  7. Many of us who've just discovered this older series are surprised—and like me, delighted—at its courage in presenting the dark underbelly of the church. It may be done comically, but it speaks volumes about much of the hypocrisy that still exists within it. Even after the housekeeper and other townspeople do their fawning shtick in front of the priests, they often show how little the clerical hierarchy really means to them….and it doesn't even mean anything to the priests! Terrific series!

  8. The result of Ted and Dougal protesting is exactly what happened with the Life of Brian. Religion protesting only made people interested in it. It was banned in Norway so Norwegians went to Sweden to see it. Swedes started using that as an advertisement.

    And would Satanic Verses be so famous if a bunch of religious zealots hadn't made such a fuss about it? Religions don't know what's good for them.

  9. My father got me watching this at a young age and ever since then I find this one of the best shows 8 ever watched

  10. 23:40 They didn't make an explicit gag out of it, but you can really tell that Dougal hasn't got the slightest clue that Ted is talking about blackmailing. Classic Dougal xD

  11. 15:23 At first I was like, "Oh sure, go for the low-hanging fruit when making fun of Catholics and their ridiculously sensitive cornholes, getting all sore in the bum over a fil[u]m", and then I saw the sign and thought "Did they pull a Simpsons and predict the Dogma protests?"

  12. Why on Earth would you give a PRIEST a fertility idol? It's a violation of their vow of celibacy and the 1st Commandment!

  13. A very apt comment about how as soon as a party start protesting against any form of entertainment they do nothing but help raise more interest and awareness of said piece of entertainment than if they'd said nothing at all.

  14. St Tibullus didn't exist except in this show but there are T-shirts jokingly petitioning against the movie they were told to picket against and there is a Wikipedia page devoted to this episode

  15. If the catholic church says somebody is a saint then they probably aren't. That cult don't know what a real saint is. It IS satans counterfeit church.

  16. Why is the arrogant bully Bishop blaming them when it was HIS idea that he ordered them to follow, that had backfired? Typical arrogant people always blaming others for the mess they pushed them into

  17. As an American Catholic I can't say I find this to be an uproariously funny show, but neither am I so thin skinned as to find it objectionable. Having watched the 1st and 2nd shows in the 1st series I did see a few things I could sort of relate to, having grown up in a small town in America. But I have to admit I also don't see what makes this show such a huge hit in the UK. Shouldn't you find the writing to be funny? To me, the actor playing Father Ted seems to be pretty good…better than the material, I am not quite sure though.

  18. “Is it a type of nudey thing, Father? “

    You wouldn’t believe the amount of nudity, Jim.

    “You see the lad Father or just the top half?” 😂😂

  19. The translation of father Fernandez is hilarious and itself alone is better fun than most of tv series nowadays.

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