The Originals 4×13 Promo “The Feast of All Sinners” (HD) Season 4 Episode 13 Promo Season Finale

The Originals 4×13 Promo “The Feast of All Sinners” (HD) Season 4 Episode 13 Promo Season Finale

You want to put The Hollow into one of my
siblings? One ain’t gonna cut it,
I’m gonna need four of ’em. So the evil is separated for all time? Can never see each other again. That is the only way that
we’re going to beat The Hollow. Well if it’ll save my little girl, then
we will make it so. The Originals Season 4 finale,
next Friday at 8/7c on The CW.

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  1. I am pretty sure they wont actually go through with this plan since there is a next season as they surely gotta know people will tune out if a show called The Originals does not have The Originals in them

  2. Dude what happend to the originals? I want badass klaus from season 1 and 2 now we are getting a worst season 5 teenage hope i hate you stupid julie pec!!!!!!!

  3. First of all I didn't knew that Julie pec was directing this show no wonder she f** up tvd no wonder she is messing up this show too I liked it when all of the siblings were fighting this together and now they want to separate them…. ??? No

  4. r u kidding me don't u dare end the always and forever they need 2 stay together that's like the main point of the series and keep hope as a child y do u want her a teenager so fast God really

  5. No, Klaus will still be with hope and Haley. But he can never see elijah, Rebecca, or freya again. They all would have to live separate lives never to see each other again.

  6. did anyone think it's possible they need 4 Michaelson's and specifically rebekah elijah klaus and KOL.. cause freya cant be one she will die someday.. im pretty sure this means kol will come back and be one of the four,.

  7. Can we please band together to get this show cancelled before the next season starts filming and just fucks it up even more?

  8. To be honest I don't give a fuck really because at this point especially this season I stopped caring about the Mikaelsons. Elijah is ass, Klaus has improved, but still going through the motions, Rebekah isn't adding anything new, and Freya has the worst relationship on this show. I don't really feel a big loss because the writers have done everything to make me not give a fuck.

  9. Elijah and Rebekah became weaker and weaker from seasons to seasons, that's sad even Kol is so weak wow.


  11. it's an interesting twist okay but I don't know I'm just fucking worried that Julie fucking plec is going ruin this show in season 5 I don't know is it a good idea for us to see a teenage hope I don't know man season 1 2 3 amazing season 4 has been pretty good sucks that we only have 13 episodes I just don't want Julie to fucking ruin it like she did with the Vampire Diaries

  12. If Hope become a teenager her relationship with Klaus will not be the same… I think they didn't spend so much time together,that I thought… I wish to see more Klaus and Hope,more Klaus saying "my little girl" … I thought season 4 will be about just Klaus and Hope… I was wrong

  13. Before last episode and this preview, I was adamant that they'd never kill off Hayley. But now I'm starting to wonder if they will. Rather than separating the family and having Hayley raise Hope – as they did last finale, maybe they'll have Hayley make a sacrifice for her daughter and she'll die or be otherwise incapacitated. Then The Original family can stay together and raise Hope as a team. Hayley has never been a fan favorite. She originally served as a link between the Original family and the wolves but if you notice, they never showed the wolves this season or focused on them, with the exception of their origins backstory. They also ended her ship with Elijah and Carina has made it clear that she doesn't advocate for Klayley. So now her ships are also gone. Hayley's first priority has always been Hope's safety so she'd die to protect her. Hope goes away to school according to Julie Plec and it's obvious Klaus would never want to send Hope away. So maybe they send her to Mystic Falls to honor Hayley's desire to keep Hope away from all the bloodshed of New Orleans. If you recall, she told Rebekah exactly that in their conversation. Furthermore, Phoebe never promotes The Originals on her social media. She also has been filming a new tv miniseries, Safe Harbour. Perhaps she's branching out and finding other projects because her time at The Originals has come to an end? Then again, though fan reception to her has been rather negative, Hayley has been part of The Originals since day one (day zero, even. since they always knew she'd be a part of the show even before production). So I still have a hard time imagining her dead. Guess we'll find out next week!

  14. If the story from tvd and the actors interfere with the actors and story from To I am gonna lose my mind! This will be all your fault Julie Plec !

  15. I love this idea it's knew plus if they do a time jump it can be a 2 month's and they won't be separated if rebekah kol Elijah Klaus rebekah will be with marcel kol with davina Klaus with hope but hayley visiting a lot to see hope and Elijah with hayley and they can oovoo for a family reunion 😂😂😂

  16. This has been a good season. I don’t care about what everyone else says because they’re just butt hurt because things aren’t going perfect like they want. Perfection doesn’t make a good drama show

  17. First of all greetings to all the DONKEYS and IMBECILES who say that the ratings of the show has gone down… Go check sites like imdb and others… The 1st episode OS season 4 got one of the highest ratings in the history of the TV show… Secondly what I really don't understand is what we're you guys hoping in this season…. Of course there will be a twist plot at some point. Btw the vampire diaries had become a SHIT hole serial after season 5

  18. but everyones forgetting about what hayley said last episode
    "i knwo what i have to do i just have to be strong enough to do it"

    i think hayleys gonna sacrifice herself

  19. Second of all if you guys don't like the show anymore stop watching it. I am also reading in some Donkey's comments that DC shows are the best. Guess what buddy they were and probably show like arrow and legends of tomorrow are but the flash has gone to hell. LITERALLY hell. Even arrow does not have a bright future after that explosive season 5 finale

  20. I actually think the show will be better with a teenage Hope. Whilst I love the little actress that has been playing her, there is only so much range she has as an actress. A lot of this show is horror, romance and violence, and they probably want a more mature actress so they can expand on Hope's storyline. Also, and just my personal opinion and I'm not at all sure if this is true, but an actress Hope's age can only work so many hours, right? So it must be hard to keep her front and centre with little time to film.

  21. Fuck you right in the arse you will destroy the show with loosinf the original characters and the hollow actress is even worse then danielle camphell

  22. So not only was season 4 short, but now Julie is gonna take over. FUCK this bitch, she's gonna ruin the hell out of the show.

  23. im thinking season 5 is the transition to that stupid spin off julie wants to do about caroline and rics school. i dont give a shit about their school or the magical kids learning to control their magic. she gonna do it by dragging klaus hayley and hope into mystic falls to go to that damn school. and klaus and caroline will end up together because fan service. Caroline doesn't belong in the originals. TVD had a completely different tone than TO has. Caroline's a fine character but she just doesn't fit with a story about klaus and his siblings which ive enjoyed immensely. Julie can pitch ideas, but she shouldn't be allowed to actually run these episodes. she's an absolute disaster

  24. everyone saying they're upset about splitting up the family while im sitting here thinking that solves all their problems. things only go to chaos when they're around each other and now they can all go about living the life they want. apart from freya i suppose whose wanted a family for centuries. im sure haley and hope can commute between elijah and klaus so elijah and haley can still have their chance at a relationship.

  25. I don't think Freya counts as an Original…. it will most likely be Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah and Marcel …. Freya is a witch she's not an Original

  26. As long as i am seeing some original kick ass i am cool with the idea, Rebekah going wild like she did in S3, the Hollow using Klaus's jealousy and Freya's fear, Elijah's sins etc. Do more fighting scenes pls. #Team #Rebakah.

  27. What the fuck bullshit solution is that? It's called The Originals for a reason. They're meant to be together, always and forever.
    You have Esther and Dahlia, 2 extremely powerful and knowledgeable witches and yet you don't turn to them? Dahlia has wide knowledge of dark magic… It's high time the writers bring them back and Let Freya link or channel them… You brought back Esther numerous times for silly reasons. How about bringing her back to save her grand daughter. I'm sure Esther, Dahlia and Freya would give them much more of a fighting chance.

    BTW, why are the writers making Vincent look stronger than Freya? She's a first born witch, and whether or not she's linked to Dahlia's spell, she should be the most powerful witch, behind Hope.

    Season started well and idk where it's headed…

  28. Is anyone else hoping that the piece of the hollow they gain boost their abilities and power tenfold…so they can beat marcel to the ground?..

  29. TVD at least lasted 4 seasons before it started to suck, The Originals has sucked since S3 (barring it had a few good moments). They've really ruined this show!

  30. Please kill Hayley off! Then again we all know they cant kill anybody off without bringing them back smh, Cami will probably be back next season :/

  31. I'm so don't with originals. They are supposed to have a happy ending. What the hell is this? Why don't they just put the hollow into Kol's body.

  32. The hell is this ????!!!! this not the vampire dairies you fool!!!!! shouldn't break always and forever just like that !!!! from beginning in TVD they appearance are always and forever then you make own slots for the originals.. !! the producer/writer too smart to being stupid or what? ? GRRRRRR!!!! stupid .. digging up about history .. 1000 2000 3000 years ago end up to be teens fantasy series? fool!! really frustrated with this show… Klaus please.. just kill the writer and this stupid producer Noi need seasons 5 you guys just kill them all… !!

  33. U guys need to chill!!! We're getting another season & if the rumors bout another time jump & a spin off series is true then we need to give it a chance.
    I agree the season was a little rocky but they had to in order to put more for the next season. And don't go hating on Summer, she's an incredible actress & played Hope very well & if she's not gonna be in the show any more cuz of the time jump thing well yeah I'll miss her but I think that she may somehow knew that due to not say anything bout season 5.
    And if we're gonna get a teenage Hope we must give that actress a chance like we did for Summer.
    So instead of complaining just watch it & give it a chance cuz they've made another season cuz of our support & if they're trying to do a spin off then we must do the same. Cuz if we keep picking out on everything then u can't blame the writers or the actors for making u miserable, you all will be that on your own! 😤😆

  34. people jumping to conclusions in the comments is gold. y'all really think cw will let one of their highest rated shows to get rid of their main cast?

  35. Bad season bad season finale please writers do it something good in 5. season. And I think they
    spent elijah in this season

  36. For fudge sake Julie….look, I'm not gonna call writers dumb cause they decided to make the story sad. That's how writing works, not everything is supposed to be pink and fluffy, it's meant to have ups and down but after the pseudo feminism crap, Micheal leaving and Julie coming back on full force. I'm worried the current mentality in the office is gonna turn this thing into some watered down version of TVD but instead of teenage romance, you've got two parents and a teenage daughter (I heard next season hope will be a teenager).

    Don't get me wrong, I look forward to seeing how Hayley and Klaus raise hope but this show was a story about the Mikealson family and their fight against the evil around them and within themselves…please don't ruin this Julie!

  37. Why does it have to be Freya, Klaus, Kol and Rebecca? Can't Kol fill in for Freya, since he wants to be away from his siblings anyways?

  38. I see the show but I dont like Elaija, Klaus, Freya, her girfriend, josh or no one of them because all of the are always the same "Always and forever" shit and family and all that. I like Kol beacause he at least goes away to do his things and isnt always around like a fly. But in the end everithyn is the same: If you are a Mikaelson you gonna live because the other caracters doesnt care at all. Whatever caracter who isnt a Mikaelson ends dead doesnt matter the good or bad they had been. The only ones I liked weres Bastiana, Celeste (maybe a little) and Davina. The hollow rock but she is so serius, would be greater if she were more pshyco, more fun, if she ve smilled a little and dance in the fire… But the point this show gets bored is about the villans. They allways have to be ancient. Silas (2000 years) sther and mikael (1000 years) Thalia, the ancestors. Sure in the next season we will see a great evil 4000 years old and again and agan and agan and agan, Is allways the same and the same. Its not a critic just an observation, nothing more, dont cry

  39. i pray season 5 will have no dead spirit or some immortal beig from thousands of years ago resurrected and cause chaos to new orleans. sick and tired with this shit cycle. no creativity huh?

  40. Wait. Season finale? I thought the originals had 22+ episodes each season?!
    Oh don't tell me it's ending like VD? 🙁

  41. WELL EXCUSE MY EXCITEMENT FOR SEASON 5 LOL my body is ready for teen hope doing witch stuff with caroline daughters OMG

  42. Isn't hope still technically a vampire? Can't they just kill her and she'll come back as a vampire, and in the moment the energy of her death is released, they can use that to seal the hollow.

  43. Why do all of you idiots think that 4 of them are dying…..they are splitting the hallow into 4 pieces that must be separated like voldermorts horcruxs…if those 4 pieces come within each other the hallow will be strong enough to return….like seriously 4 main character deaths……are you people fucking idiots.

  44. Guys chill the fuck out lol i'mean y'all make it seem like the Mikaelsons have never been apart before. They'll back again. Besides, I can't wait to see a teenage Hope. Hopefully they'll put her at the Salvatore Boarding School with Josie and Lizzy, become friends and learn new magic and spells.

  45. Damn, I dislike Klaus so much. All this bravado and tough talk, but deep down he is just a dumb vamp with illusion of grandeur. He is outsmarted and outmaneuvered all the time and still talks like he is king. Most of the time he is overacted as well. The season wasn't bad though, mostly because of Vincent and Marcel. I guess a season of 13 episodes is much more watchable than the past seasons which went on forever.

  46. Fuck the writers. The show feels like it's being written by Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde, every fucking week the episodes contradict something from a past episode. Their are laws in The Vampire Diaries/The Originals universe and the writers don't seem to understand that you can't break the law one episode and then say the law will be applied the next episode. This whole season is wrong.

  47. Lol! Reading all the comments and reactions here proves that the story affects all of you… It means, that the twist and turns of the plot was really good and that the end of the Always and Forever made all your brain cells boiling… Now, let's watch the last episode of this season what will it become… Shall we? 🙂

  48. noo noo I can't believe they're coming for always and forever now thats what make Mikealson who they are I'm gonna lose my shit if anything happened to them they can't be separated for god sakes

  49. I get Klaus is trying to be good for his daughter but please no.. I need depraved Klaus. his character was really boring this season. Nothing unpredictable about him like before.

  50. Why not create a new immortality spell by channeling the power of the ancestors but without the strength and speed and place it on four random people criminals perhaps then put that evil witch inside all four of them then drain the four of them and throw each one in separate parts of the ocean, sorted!


  52. Season Finale?!?!?!?!?! OH NOOOOOOOOOO 😭😭😭😭😭
    Why? All the good shows are ending or cutting short except Shadowhunters 😢

  53. If this shit continues it will be #seriesfinale very soon. Here is a list of reasons why this show is on a slippery slope to shitland
    1. Julie Plec

  54. I like when Hope and Klaus are together so hopefully they're not separated even as the Hollow. Heck, I wouldn't want any of the Mikaelsons to be separated. I find Hayley's reaction to Elijah's dark side a bit dramatic. I feel like we've been through this same story line between them before. At this point, she should already know how the Milkaelsons role and what they are willing to do for family. And I get it, you don't want her growing in an environment where you're always playing defense but Hope is granddaughter to the witch that created vampires so with that comes power and power attracts enemies. Also, the witches saw this coming when she was pregnant…so don't make a stupid decision Hayley!

  55. I personally liked this season I got Kolvina which is my favourite couple and the separation twist is a cool idea in my opinion it's not like it will last though so people shouldn't get too worked up about it. Also teenage Hope will be interesting probably a lot more powerful. Also I don't think Klaus will leave her since he just has to be separated from his siblings right so he and Hayley can leave with Hope I'm assuming.

  56. That moment when you realize that Rebekah is the only Mikaelson who has a remaining sireline and with the first sire (Aurora) still alive.

  57. I can't believe this is the last episode the season just started they usually have at least 23 episodes per season. They could of done way more. I just hope it comes back on they dropped the vampire diaries hopefully they don't drop the originals one of my favorite shows.

  58. OK I’m just going to say this this is probably the dumbest solution to a major problem. This is putting a Band-Aid on a gaping wound. The whole low is going to find her way back and plus she still has a lot of followers out there so this is not over. Plus correct me if I’m wrong but I think prayer is the only one who can actually see hole where out putting her in danger.I really hope so because hopes only real difference is to embrace her magic and she’s going to need Freya to do so because I don’t know if anyone at that school understands old magic. They just want the children to grow up happy and not hate themselves but there is a serious pissed off older which out there who will find a way to get out and when she does she’s coming for hope. I do hope that this isn’t the final season be because I know Freya is going to figure a way around this stupid spell that at least Vincent got what he always wanted. He wanted to destroy this family and a list like he has at least four in the moment.

  59. this is bulls**t i'm not happy with season 5 being about just hope ! i want the whole family
    are they dumping the siblings or what ?

  60. The one thing that I hate about this show is that Julie turned Originals in bunch of weaklings. I mean, I remember when they showed in TVD, they were someone to be afraid of…Now, they are joke….

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