The Oldest Building in Sofia: St George Rotunda Church (Rotonda)

The Oldest Building in Sofia: St George Rotunda Church (Rotonda)

If you find the National Assembly in Sofia you pretty easy find the presidency Right next to it. There is a tunnel Once you go through that tunnel you find yourself in front of st. George rotunda It’s considered to be them all this building in Sofia, but if you look around you’ll find Tall buildings all around her Why do you think that is during the communism Christianity wasn’t very popular here. They wanted people to believe in the leader not in God so they put some tricks like building tall buildings in front of the churches and around them or making the road to the churches more difficult even even the television was really restricted and in the religious periods like Easter or Christmas they put some TV channels that you would like to watch so you need to choose between Their watch TV that they will never see again, or should I go to the church? I hope you find these really curious. Thanks for watching subscribe to our channel, and I’ll see you in the next one Yeah

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  1. Президентството е било Министерство на електрификацията, Министерски съвет е бил Министерство на тежката промишленост, Партийният дом си е бил Партиен дом.

  2. LOVE YOUR SHIRT!!! we're big cyclists 😉 I was recently in a pretty bad bike accident which sent me to the emergency room but i'm all good now and ready for our europe trip! anyway, another great video! ~sara

  3. Hi Pavel… I'm back where I belong… on your YouTube channel 😎 Just one today… I've bugged you enough on IG!
    What a great church… you know how I love the red bricks! I always love the extra information that you include in the caption/info, too. I think the frescoes would be well worth seeing.. I've never been so far "south east" in Europe, so maybe it's time I considered it 🤨 I love the story of having to choose between the most wonderful, never-to-be-repeated TV programme, or church! That's so typically sneaky of those communist-era governments! That sounds like a choice your parents might have had to make. I hope those missed programmes are on youtube now, for them to catch up! Anyway, I'm off topic. Thanks for the clip: Sofia looks like a beautiful city… architecture from many different eras. Cheers, Michael.

  4. Currently in Bulgaria so I thought it would be a great opportunity to go though your Bulgaria videos again 👏

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