The Miracle That Led This Latter-Day Saint Couple to Adopt 6 Foster Siblings

The Miracle That Led This Latter-Day Saint Couple to Adopt 6 Foster Siblings

We’ve been married for three years in
August. Five years in August. Oh shoot! Take that out, take that out. Three
years we’ve had our kids. Five years is how long we’ve been—how long have we been parents? Five years? We have six kids, six children. So we had actually met in the Young
Single Adult ward in Arizona State. There was magical fireworks and galore.
He said he thinks he was glowing. Then we started hanging out dating at the time.
And then decided that it was time for us to get married about a year later. We first talked about kids probably right away. I was older when we started dating
and got married than him. When we got married, I was 27 and he was 22. So I was like, “If we want a big family, like, we got to start right away.” I was suffering from
cysts and severe, severe pelvic pain. I was in the hospital eight or nine times
within the first year and a half we were married. My biggest fear was possibly
losing her. I think the hardest part was just, you know, as a like a priesthood holder, you always want to, you know, “Let’s give you a blessing.” You know, maybe
that’ll help. And then, sometimes, you give the blessing and it’s something that you
feel is strong enough. And then, you know, a couple hours later after you give a
blessing, then you’re just wondering if the blessing was ever heard. And, you know,
there’re times where, you know, as a husband, two o’clock in the morning you turn over
and you you know just hearing your wife cry. You know, and she would turn over to
me and just apologize. You know, just like, “I’m sorry I can’t give you children.” And uh, you know, “It’s my fault that we can’t
have kids.” Yeah, how do you respond to that? When we weren’t getting pregnant and had
started fertility treatments and still weren’t getting pregnant, I went to my
husband and said, “Why don’t, why don’t we adopt first? Maybe there’re kids out here
that need us more than ours do right now.” So I said, “Well, let’s just pray about it.”
So we prayed about it. We went to the temple. And a week after we got the
answer that we would adopt, his brother called and said, you know, “Hey, we have
three kids that need a home, desperately. Call your wife and talk to her.” He called
me and I said, “Okay, you know, all right.” Like, “Let’s do, let’s do it,” you know. And
called his brother back to let him know and his brother said, “Sorry bro, there’s
actually six.” That right there is not a coincidence. You know, the day that we got
the answer that we needed to adopt, literally a week later, they called and
said, “We have these kids,” and they’re these kids. So, we’ve been a family for
three and a half years. We–the official adoption date was in April, April 3rd of
this year. And we had some court involvement with some kids so official,
official was July 10th of 2018. I think knowing that there was a foster child praying the same time, yeah,
same time. I think God knew that, I don’t know if there’re prayers that are ever
interconnected with each other, if that’s how it works, but He knew that there was
a child in Ogden who was praying the same time, the exact same time, the year
of 2013-2014, praying for a family that would give her the same love that we
wanted to give a child and to know that God was, you know, His hand was it that all the way, was extremely humbling. They came to me, when we were down in Ogden, and they said, “We have a potential family that is willing to take all six of you.” And that’s how I knew that Heavenly Father really was listening to me and really was answering our prayers. But here we are, three the half years
later, we’re adopted. Sorry guys. It was probably a couple months after we had taken them in is when I was upstairs just getting ready, we were getting ready for church, actually. And I was just buttoning up my shirt and about to put on my tie, and I heard one of my
kids yell, you know, “Hey, Dad, can you help me?” And I just remember, just as I was putting on my–I was just like, “Um.” I turned to my wife and was like, “Did you just hear that?” and she said, “No.” And I hurried and buttoned up my shirt, put my tie on, and I ran downstairs. I was like, “Hey, what did you
say?” He’s like, “Oh, I said hey Dad, can you come help me?” I still can
remember that day it was just so chaotic in the house that was so mad because my
kids weren’t getting ready fast enough for us to get to church, but time stood still
that day when I heard my name called, “Dad.” And then, and then, Ash was being
called, “Mom.” And that was a day I told my wife I could care less about
anything else. I could care less about the years of football that I’d played. I could
care about the awesome things that I’ve done in my life. That day was the day I was
like, “I’m a dad,” you know? And he recognizes then I had that title. Trust in God’s timing. That was my— Oh, we did not like that saying. That is not
something I was very happy about because I wanted it now and then and, you know.
But to definitely trust in God’s timing because we wanted children. We wanted to
be a family. And at the time, I was so mad that I wasn’t getting it and not
understanding why, I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing. But now, I have
six. You know, I have my big family. You can’t tell me that there’s, there’s,
you know, that there isn’t a God that provides that kind of— Who’s listening— Yeah, who is aware and had it all mapped out for us.

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  1. I remember seeing their story on Twitter . . . thank you for bringing us more . . . God bless the Moli family! ♥

  2. I love the Lord that you have living in you. The words you had an issue with I'm just learning in my walk. Praise the Lord. God is good all the time stay bless. Thank you for sharing your testimony.

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