The Messed Up Part Of Saints Row IV No One Ever Talks About

The Messed Up Part Of Saints Row IV No One Ever Talks About

Ever since Grand Theft Auto III hit consoles
with its “Rampage” missions, open world games have allowed players to go wild with massive
amounts of chaos. In more recent installments, though, GTA has
mostly moved on to things like realistic driving physics, constant nagging from your family,
and a truly loathsome, er, complicated cast of psychopaths. The Saints Row franchise, on the other hand,
took wanton chaos to the next level. In those games, wholesale destruction isn’t
optional, it’s the entire point, and you’re rewarded handsomely with every explosion. It’s an incredible amount of over-the-top
fun… right up until the pretty messed up moment where the game calls you out for being
the greatest monster in human history. In the original Saints Row, you start off
as the newest recruit to a street gang. By the third game in the series, the Saints
are world-famous criminal celebrities dealing with taking over a new city, containing the
occasional zombie outbreak, and maybe even fighting off a floating aircraft carrier. And when the fourth game opens up, you’ve
been elected President of the United States of America. Believe it or not, it only gets wilder from
there. After a brief opening where you have the option
of either curing cancer or ending world hunger, Earth is attacked by an alien warlord named
Zinyak, who abducts you and drops your crew into a virtual reality simulation designed
to keep you contained. When you escape and break out, however, your
attempts to start a galactic rebellion hit a snag when Zinyak makes a pretty compelling
argument about how the human race would probably be better off without you. For the first time in the entire over-the-top
saga, you’re asked to think about the consequences of your actions, and tally up the number of
innocent NPCs that you’ve blown up, run over, and otherwise taken out in your mission
of criminal conquest. And if you’ve played the Saints Row games
before — or GTA, or Mafia, or any other open-world crime simulator — you already
know that the answer is a lot. It’s certainly something to think about, especially
when Zinyak gives you the choice of sacrificing yourself to ensure that he spares the rest
of the human race, or to continue with the game and guarantee the destruction of Earth. The trick? If you choose the noble sacrifice, you get
an instant game over, and the knowledge that Zinyak lied and destroyed the planet and everyone
on it anyway. No matter what you do, Earth is destroyed,
and the only thing you can do is think about whether you or Zinyak caused the most suffering. For a game where Zinyak’s other major moral
challenge is covering Biz Markie, that thing gets dark. “You say he’s just a friend! And you say he’s just a friend!” Thanks for watching! Click the SVG icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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100 Replies to “The Messed Up Part Of Saints Row IV No One Ever Talks About”

  1. Causing mayhem in an open world action game… is causing mayhem in the game world? WOAH, I TOTALLY DIDNT KNOW THAT UNTIL SR4 SAID I WAS DOING ALL THOSE THINGS.

  2. This is hardly the first time in the series this point was addressed. The explosion on the boat of the first SR was Julius' attempt to have the player character killed because they and the Saints were turning into the very gangs he wanted to have abolished. By the epilogue of the second game when the player character confronts Julius, he calls them a sociopath, the PC calls him a pussy, a killer with a conscience, and shoots him dead. They didn't wait until the 4th game to point out that the boss was a sociopathic megalomaniac.

  3. What you need to remember is no matter how wacky it is, Saints Row as a series is the prequel to Red Faction, which is basically communist propaganda.

  4. The reason I did it was because its a video game and its not real. Guilt tripping me for killing imaginary people isnt going to be very effective.

  5. I don't feel bad for the npcs I mow down because I know how programming works. Those civilians exist just to walk the pavement where the player is present. The moment the player is out of the area, they are destroyed by the game engine to free up resources to create other npcs to walk the pavements at wherever the player's new position is. They have no family. No friends. No connections at all to the world except their pre-determined path on that pavement. That is no way to live. I set them free. I saved them. They don't call the gang 'Saints' for nothing.

  6. What about the massive plot hole where Zinyak kidnaps Gat even though in SR3 Phillipe Loren specifically states that he has seen and has Gat's dead body. If Loren was just lying, then how did he know Gat didn't just escape? He can't have made the assumption he was dead without seeing the body.

  7. I literally use npc's in gta to run sticky bombs to players hiding around the corner, knock em down throw a sticky bomb on the npc's back, shoot the ground so they run the other way towards the target. Try this if you like Fireworks.

  8. i tougth thor is the winner becouse he's the god of thunder and win fighting the hulk in thor ragnorok

  9. After doing a little bit of research I have determined that ending world hunger will save approximately 3 million lives of children as apposed to finding a cure for cancer which will effectively only save the lives of children with incurable cancers which clocks in at roughly 20-25 thousand lives. Cancer can wait, hunger cannot.

  10. Really good upload! Enjoyed it very much with a big BUT (with one 't', obviously..): You sound/make really professional videos so I even subscribed. That's why please.. PLEASE pull up the game graphics in the games you screen-capture! Thank you <3

  11. Are you kidding me? Again? "No one talks about this… except the very game we're talking about…" Also, which is more evil, killing dozens, potentially hundreds of people, or billions? Yeah, I'm siding with the guy who cures cancer.

  12. Ok whoahoahoahoa. In the first 30seconds mostly everything about gta was wrong… just look at gta online… it is turning into carbon copy of saints row!

  13. This is such a biased video. It practically bashes gta and then makes saints row sound like it’s all that. Saints row was awesome when it had a realistic perspective. After playing saints row three I gave up on the franchise. Same shit with call of duty. After black ops 2, I stopped call of duty.

  14. I think I'm the only player who didn't cause mass mayhem, sriv was so funny because zinyak just straight up accuses me of stuff that I never did

  15. I mean Zinyak wiped out the whole earth while you as the main character make people suffer so either way Zinyak is doing everyone a favor

  16. They didn't even get to the point like whats the worst part that nobody talks about because if it were that bad people would talk about it

  17. I didn't get SR1 because it wasn't available on PS3. SR2 I still replay to this day, with its larger (than Steelport) world, more activities, engaging storyline that went from dramatic for certain gangs (the Brotherhood) to over the top for others (Sons of Samedi and Ronin) along with cutscene replay and more customization. The biggest knock against it is at times the controls are a bit stiff with driving. Also, the random song (Take on Me) where the player (badly) sings along. It's equal parts hard and lighthearted when it needs to be and still remains the high mark of the series.

  18. what is the point ?
    are u telling me killing NPC is bad ? -_-
    i can`t sleep without killing nazim 3 times

  19. I like how you say we don't know much of this game but your not elected president in Saints Row 4, but instead after the prologue you fall into the white house suggesting that the saints have personally taken over the white house.

  20. My problem is probally that 4 really kills the need to have guns, that is also why they made most weapon are so wacky.

  21. i remember when i ripped zinyak's head off but he somehow put his head back on and is still terrorising people

  22. When zinyak blames me for that
    me:meh I downloaded a mod with babies in it then a mod where you could eat babies in fallout 3

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