The Local Next Door: Harlem with Tay Tiwoni

The Local Next Door: Harlem with Tay Tiwoni

(knocking) – Hey!
– [Interviewer] Hey Tay. – How are you?
– [Interviewer] Good, how are you?
– Ready to go see Harlem? – [Interviewer] I’m ready.
– Let’s do it. (old school hip-hop music) – [Interviewer] How long
have you lived in Harlem? – All my life, a whole 21 years. (laughing) – [Interviewer] So what
keeps you looking so young? – Having a 16-year-old, a wife, and being one of the biggest
real estate agents in Harlem. – [Interviewer] What’s
changed the most here since you were a kid? – There’s a ton of new developments and restaurant rows are
popping up all over the place. (bell chimes) – [Interviewer] What
makes Harlem so unique? – Open skies, there are
no skyscrapers in Harlem so you get direct sunlight. – [Interviewer] What makes it so diverse? – You have people that have been here for generations, like myself. And Harlem is a college
town, you have City College as well as Columbia University. – [Interviewer] How is the area evolving? – With the Columbia
University expansion plan as well as the Marriott Project, the neighborhood is
changing at a rapid pace. – [Interviewer] If you had a day to relax, how would you spend it? – I’d go see Hamilton. Alexander Hamilton used to live here. His house was across the street and they moved it over
to St. Nicholas Park. – [Interviewer] Speaking of
moving and transportation, how do you get around here? – Private chopper but
if it’s not available, I take the ABCD Line. – [Interviewer] So
you’re a man on the move. I hope there’s a lot of places that keep you caffeinated around here. – Absolutely, you have Sugar
Hill Cafe, Caffe Latte, as well as The Chipped Cup. – [Interviewer] What activities did you do in the neighborhood as a kid? – Basketball and football. – [Interviewer] Did you
play any instruments? – Yes, I played the
piano and flute at HSA, also known as Harlem School of the Arts. – [Interviewer] What’s some
local lingo that I need to know? – Okay what people don’t know is Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard
is also known as 7th Avenue; Frederick Douglass Boulevard
is also known as 8th Avenue; and Malcolm X Boulevard is Lenox Avenue. And if you don’t know, now you know. – [Interviewer] What are you favorite restaurants in the area? – Mama Sushi’s for the salmon roll or Harlem Public for the burgers,
a great Columbia hangout. – [Interviewer] Where do you
go for a calorie splurge? – If I’m doing a daily double, Oso’s for margaritas
then Fumo’s for pizza. Matter of fact, let’s go. – [Interviewer] What are three words to describe your neighborhood? – Historic, friendly, and diverse. – [Interviewer] What’s
your favorite part about doing real estate in Harlem? – The brownstones and townhouses. – [Interviewer] Is that why
they call you Townhouse Tay? – Absolutely. – [Interviewer] What’s
your favorite townhouse? – My house, Billy Holiday
used to live there. – [Interviewer] What’s your
neighborhood most iconic for? – For jazz. – [Interviewer] If you had to
pick one jazz song to sing, what would it be? ♪ God bless the child ♪ ♪ That’s got his own ♪ – [Interviewer] This is gorgeous. I had no idea Harlem had this view. – Not only does Harlem have amazing views, we also have several
parks in the neighborhood. And right now we’re at
Riverbank State Park where you can do ice
skating, hockey, volleyball, gymnastics, indoor, outdoor
swimming, just to name a few. – [Interviewer] Geez
Tay, do you ever relax? – I actually do relax once in awhile. And I do go to Sofrito’s
and it’s right behind you. – [Interviewer] Wow,
this place is awesome. – I come here all the
time for their empanadas and to enjoy the view. – [Interviewer] It does seem like a great place to wind down. – As well as drink up. Cheers to Harlem. – [Interviewer] Cheers. (old school hip-hop music) (beep) If you had a day to relax,
how would you spend it? – I’d go see Hamilton. (laughing)

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  1. I love Harlem, and any family and friends that visited I brought them with me to Harlem; Sylvia's, Apollo, Lenox Lounge – just down on Lenox past Starbuck's there was a beautiful set of brownstones to the right, I loved it. It's trendy and beautiful today, and whereas I didn't have enough money then, I would chose Harlem among 3 neighborhoods top. By the way, I played Frederick Douglass in elementary school, and as a guest of the Moroccan National Cinema, I played Colin Powell in a short part. I'm not a movie actor, but I did it for them "accent" — and Malcolm X and I, hey well …. KUDOS to your success Tay! Great Harlem Representation… and I love Billie Holiday too — damn I sang that God Bless the Child, my first song in the chorus in jr. high. hahaha – Thanks! (suggestion: You're My Thrill – Holiday)

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