The Kardashian Kids Are The Cutest! | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

The Kardashian Kids Are The Cutest! | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

How cute is this if it was a real it is real how do you know at night it doesn’t come to life at night it does i know farting ok You know, we’re girls right we don’t do farting we do unicorn farting Did you guys know that a real mermaid is coming tonight and she’s gonna swim with us Maybe we could even swim with her too and go night swimming. Would that be fun? yes Turn around show mommy cheesie say cheesie cheesie Let’s get some Sun you got to get a little color look up close your eyes and look up We were looking at the stars in the moon and I was saying that there’s the North Star and I said look There’s the North Star and she goes and a P star Mason star, and I said no There’s only a North Star P. Doesn’t have a star. Why are you putting chapstick all over you? Mason! Why are you screwing with me? My butt is numb literally mase come on why would he only do it to me cuz look at your butt Do you want auntie Kourtney to share some with you? yeah skews me I’m very hungry. Wait. There’s a marshmallow she’s gonna eat that marshmallow. It looks like a leopard wait a second its a marshmallow and I was so hungry just for a marshmallow Mason got engaged he did. He literally tells me every day I got engaged and then he’s like I got her number so you can talk to her mom and she can come over But he gave her a ring this ring of mine that I said he can give her It says love like it’s a gold ring that says love. That’s so funny. I super glued my hand to your foot I can’t get off I Can’t you know, what I could get off is when you tell me that you love me I love you How much? all the way the moon and back Are you serious? Yes, what are you doing? Give me a little kiss. Show me the face You’re so cute, how come you’re so cute show me the face your mama used to do that? Yeah You want some pizza Come on Mase – you like it? It’s so good. Right, right Reign is it good. This is not giving gluten-free a good name Oh my gawd Do you guys say we take a long three-hour nap Who wants some night quill ? mee, mee ,mee You want this say Koko Say Koko, you said it already today? Okay have one taste so you see how good it is he at? No more. Oh You understand that do you want this say my name? Oh ooo and if I give you a little sprinkles you like that Say Koko say Koko Can you tell sister to say my name? I think I can’t do it. you can’t. Can you just tell her to say my name Cuz she’s not listening to me . mamma. U want some . Hmm. you want some? I see you’re eating my yoghurt I’m hanging out the kids. I’m feeding your child Do you think I’m not eating my food? Are you saying stop eating my food? Yeah Our kids are gonna be traumatized forever I I hear you buddy I know the feeling. He’s a Disick I get it. Are you wearing a dress? No, it’s just that your sisters know it’s a tunic Its Mason’s You don’t think that’s a little girly for you, oh, that’s very cute for your sister Wow. Yeah. Take it off I want to see your abs of steel P Let me have a hug first cuz I haven’t even had one yet. That’s it. No You want a hug ? P you’re not gonna give me a hug even though North distorts their panic kids like my daughter. That’s not your daughter Who is who is my daughter? me Now my daughter better get over here and give me a hug I’ll meet you in the middle K I’m waiting. I Did a wood table I ain’t gonna go home Okay, I got it and I’m just gonna do 20 tails, alright you’re okay Okay Are you okay Reign ? Yayyyyyyyyyyy Just deal with it, Okay . kay in the morning Go skiing you’re gonna do a little bit more. Yeah breakfast Then get ready Did you hear that hold on say that again say that again my mommy she said you’re my mommy That’s your mommy north what’s your name Bubz Bubz! What’s your other name? West! West? Mommy’s name is West. Yes. And what else is mommy’s name? Kim? Where’s your dad? Mommy. yah. Where’s my dad? He is at home resting with Sainty at home resting with Sainty Thank you It’s called blue jam cafe think we went there when they first opened a long time ago No, you were out of my tummy you were probably I have tiny feet. Yeah you had tiny feet Nails are kind of a beige color like a …. Beige? Looks like green And it is like a green to – I was gonna say green also you’re so good with color are you gonna be aartist No. What are you gonna be when you’re big? A bunny. A bunny? That’s much better I like bunnies I love bunny so much No I love bunnies. No I love bunnies Mase, you know we used to say that to you all the time shake your head and then we would say say yeah Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah but– I was like when your boo brought you home in the hospital I had no idea how to treat a kid like you gave money to Freddie Yeah, I should have put you in the garbage lady poof all over the place

100 Replies to “The Kardashian Kids Are The Cutest! | Keeping Up With The Kardashians”

  1. Just asking is Kim the one on her phone the whole vid well not the whole vid about half of it no hate just asking

  2. Omg i didn’t even realize that when i started the video there Was a ad and it Was about the Kardashians and it Was called hayu😂

  3. Mason giving his girlfriend a gold ring at the age of like 5 . When I was five I would give my boyfriend a ring I made out of paper 😂

  4. l think it was kinda mean when kim said that P doesn't have a star infront of kourtney 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  5. 5:55 made me mad. Like a boy couldn’t wear a dress? Like, seriously. “Abs off steal”. Teaching young men to not be “girly” and to be “manly”. Just wrong.

  6. kim’s reaction being called mommy by one of kourt’s kids is me when my little cousins tell me im theyre favorite cousin

  7. I don’t have kids but I appreciate that the girls talk with the kids in complete sentences and go slow. Does that make sense?

  8. @ 07:06 I used to be able to relate to Reign. My mom used to give me hairstyles for school and that’s how I’d react because of how so tight my mom did my hair. It hurt too lol

  9. i love how kourtney talks to her kids likegrownups like normal human beings and not making weird noises and voices!

  10. To be honest Kardashian kids are not the cutest every single kid on the planet is cute just saying my mind

  11. they look like a normal family😂😂😂😂😂😂 fuck I was thinking that they don't act like a normal family.
    The one that's not normal is me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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