The Kalyug has Begun Accelerating

The Kalyug has Begun Accelerating

[music] “It is My special characteristic to free any person who surrenders completely to Me, worships Me faithfully, remembers Me, and meditates on Me constantly.”
– Sai Baba Pujya Dharamdas Baba, an enlightened mystic, speaks about the Kalyug and how it has started to intensify its hold on mankind. Kalyug is in progress. I have heard people
say that after 20 years Kalyug will end
and Satyug will begin. That is incorrect. We are in Kalyug and it is progressing.
Initially it was at a nascent stage, in the cradle! It was asleep in the cradle.
Now Kalyug has emerged from the cradle. It is like a toddler who has started running. My dear ones, Kalyug’s age is 4,32,000 years. Kalyug began after Lord Krishna left earth and went to Vaikunth, the celestial abode of the Gods. 5,000 years ago… add to that another couple of hundred years, so that is the present age of Kalyug, 5,200 or 5,300 years. Deduct 5,200 from 4,32,000. You will realize
that Kalyug is still very young, It is like a baby that has left its cradle and now
it is a toddler who is running about. The child runs and latches on to someone’s
shoulder or neck for support. I feel that right now, Kalyug has
caught humans by the throat. Some people like you are safe from its clutches, but Kaliyug has jumped up and has
got most people in a stranglehold. And it is going to grow even more. In Kalyug, people are seen visiting temples
all the time, it seems that
their devotion to God has increased. Temples are crowded like never before,
Tirupathi Balaji, Shirdi Sai Baba, Ma Vaishno Devi, Dwarika, Shreenathji… Places of pilgrimage like these
are thronged by worshippers. It appears that people’s faith
and devotion have increased. Yes, it does seem as though
their Bhakti has increased. But people mainly go to temple and cry.
They place their demands before God. “Please bless us, we have been married
for a while, but we still don’t have children.” “Our child has grown up,
please bless him, get him married.” “I am still unmarried.” “Do this for me, do that for me, give me success,
money, a house, a car, happiness, etc.” There are large crowds placing
a list of their demands before God. All we need is to surrender to God, and
to have love and devotion towards Him. We only need God, His blessings and grace,
and nothing else. Do you see such devotion in people? Just ask people why they
have come to the temple. They will say they have come to pray to God,
out of love and devotion to Him. “However, please share the real
purpose of visiting the temple.” “Our son got married five years ago,
the couple still don’t have a child. I had placed a Mannat (prayed for a boon), I will visit
this temple and my son will be blessed with a son. That is why I have come here.” Everyone will give you similar reasons. How many people will you find who say that
they have come to God in order to attain God, that they have come to God out of love for God,
how many people will say that? [music] “I am the Mother – the origin of all beings, the harmony of the three Gunas,
the propeller of all senses, the Creator, Preserver and the Destroyer.”
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  2. Baba mujpar kirpa kizaoye

  3. Very nice video….Just be conscious always that all is illusion..and one has to pass it with namsmaran…Om sai…Sai already has given us the gist n way to pass this kalyug safely

  4. Ohm sairam.I had two tragical incidents involving two people doing cheating of deep trust I had in them sir.I realized by the grace of Sainath,it is my past births sins which made me fall into such traps.Yes only God can save humans ,world from worst kali yug.Many who are cheated realize that only after long time….It will be shocking to recollect their minds stayed inert at that time when being cheated.

  5. This calculation of Kalyug has been proven wrong by many eminent yogis and mystics. Kalyug was over a long time ago, check out the work of Sri Yukteshwar (Guru of Paramahansa Yogananda "Autobiography of a Yogi") and Sadhguru even has a very good video on it where he explains how these cycles are calculated.

  6. I read some material and know that Shirdi Sai in his last few years telling Nana Chandorkar that he had no peace and no rest in Shirdi all the time as many many people coming to him asking for this and that which actually he was unable to give. He felt very fed up and foretold that he would leave soon. Nowadays I feel the spiritual situation in Shirdi is deteriorating rather than uplifting by my last trip in Shirdi. Many many devotees coming but they are not respected as a pilgrimage but they would be scolded to leave and do not stay for long even they just sit quietly as the manners of the guards doing. The Sai leelas magazine becomes totally materialistic without any spiritual level Shirdi Sai earliest devotees kept. Some so called masters recreate fake stories of Shirdi Sai by their own imaginations by publishing books telling people that they know the stories thro their meditation which was so disgusting for me when I have studied Shirdi Sai more and more. I just wanted to throw away the book I bought by fake imagination and do not want to keep it. Shirdi Sai turned into very ugly idols here and there. Shirdi Sai never tells people to love this world to ask for diamond and watch but now the real Shirdi Sai is getting lost. People invented their own version. Prophet Muhammad tells us that Dajjal (fake prophet) will come to this world to lead people into falsehood and only love the material world. Dajjal is a great giant represents a group of people not only a single one. That trend of falsehood is prevalent now.

  7. श्री युक्तेश्वर गिरि के अनुसार जो युगो का जो लघुचक्र है जो कि 25 हजार वर्षो का होता है. जिसका विवरण अपनी किताब Holy Science दिया है. जिसमें बताया है कि अब समय द्वापर युग का प्रारंभ हो गया है.

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